Zootopia "Year in Film" TV Spot


  1. CheesyCream

    CheesyCream年 前

    I can’t wait for zootopia 4!

  2. Scott Parrillo

    Scott Parrillo2 年 前

    So best Disney since hunchback of Norte dame

  3. CesarTheKing

    CesarTheKing2 年 前

    Little did they know just how right they were- 2016 really HAS been the year of Zootopia!

  4. Neutro

    Neutro2 年 前

    It is true that you are making a Zootopia 2,

  5. Astronaut BrickStudios

    Astronaut BrickStudios2 年 前

    Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Zootopia has made more than one billion dollars worldwide. They are likely to release a sequel.

  6. Steel Penguin

    Steel Penguin2 年 前

    Meck San if wreck it Ralph 2 have success in 2019, probably Disney will release Zootopia 2

  7. pastel petals

    pastel petals2 年 前

    is there a Zootopia 2😓

  8. Triforce Matter

    Triforce Matter3 年 前

    This movie is amazing!

  9. Nikita A.

    Nikita A.3 年 前

    The best film in 20 years! I love it

  10. Triforce Matter

    Triforce Matter3 年 前


  11. Vaporeonn z

    Vaporeonn z3 年 前

    Zootopia is the best movie ever

  12. gg4life101 da boss

    gg4life101 da boss3 年 前


  13. Vaporeonn z

    Vaporeonn z3 年 前

    its bae

  14. Triforce Matter

    Triforce Matter3 年 前

    I agree

  15. Flippert

    Flippert3 年 前

    Mad yax furry road XD I see what you did there

  16. Peter Brauer

    Peter Brauer3 年 前

    The best Disney Movie after the Lion King

  17. William Pittman

    William Pittman3 年 前

    can wait for straight otter zootopia

  18. Steve Vargas

    Steve Vargas3 年 前

    I approve of this movies interpretations of bears

  19. Shabbycat

    Shabbycat3 年 前

    Watch where you're going, Fox. I see.

  20. Smile, I'm Gone

    Smile, I'm Gone3 年 前

    Yiff my ass

  21. Wan Andy

    Wan Andy3 年 前

    Funny that in a movie that encourages equality there's a TV-spot exclusively for the Oscars. :/

  22. Will Vasquez

    Will Vasquez3 年 前

    The only reason I want to see this is the guy at 0:19. Seriously, make him a main character in a sequel or give him his own series!

  23. Alexander Kruszewski

    Alexander Kruszewski3 年 前

    20 years ? Meaning Big hero 6, Tangled, taken, and such... all sucked compared to this ?

  24. FinalplayerRyu

    FinalplayerRyu3 年 前

    +Alexander Kruszewski No, that means that the person who made that statement like it better and that does under no means imply that the other ones suck, just that in that person opinion there are not as good as this one.

  25. Johanna martinez

    Johanna martinez3 年 前

    This movie will beat the shit out of frozen. And I hope tom from tom and Jerry kiss joy from inside out

  26. googamp32

    googamp323 年 前

    Let's not go overboard,. I'm sure that the movie is good and all, but considering that during the last 20 years, Disney animation gave us "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Hercules", "Mulan", "Tarzan", "Fantasia 2000", "The Emperor's New Groove", "Atlantis", "Lilo And Stitch", "Treasure Planet"... Some movies we don't need to mention, "The Princess and the Frog", "Tangled", "Winnie the Pooh", "Wreck-It Ralph", another movie we don't need to mention, and "Big Hero 6", I think we should expect it to be at least adequate before it comes out.

  27. Kyland719

    Kyland7193 年 前

    Will be good if the jokes are not gringy

  28. Rambles

    Rambles3 年 前

    I'm actually hyped for this.

  29. Mauro Navarro

    Mauro Navarro3 年 前

    Soviet flag? Wtf.

  30. FireLightning16

    FireLightning163 年 前

    The scene with the sloth laughing very slow had me dying!

  31. Denizerge

    Denizerge3 年 前

    where are the reptiles?

  32. IamTenzin

    IamTenzin3 年 前

    Lunch for the carnivores if they aren't too big.

  33. Viviana Kristel

    Viviana Kristel3 年 前

    I see the movie on Cinépolis, was so good!

  34. Gillbrere Malvo

    Gillbrere Malvo3 年 前

    PSA This movie is rated R and it contains Blood Strong Language and crude humor and sexual themes # please don't watch this if you can't stand animated filmz

  35. Dreama Winters

    Dreama Winters3 年 前


  36. Astronaut BrickStudios

    Astronaut BrickStudios3 年 前

    Half of the movies parodied were rated R, and the other half was PG-13. I am stunned.

  37. Astronaut BrickStudios

    Astronaut BrickStudios2 年 前

    +Andres Garcia Oh, I see now. Thanks.

  38. Andres Garcia

    Andres Garcia2 年 前

    actually there were 3 rated R and one rated PG-13

  39. Joseph Anderson

    Joseph Anderson3 年 前

    i am going to see. this movie

  40. Oxy Monastic

    Oxy Monastic3 年 前

    those furrys are going to have field day with this movie

  41. Oxy Monastic

    Oxy Monastic3 年 前

    +flamingpolearm 32 #Cringe

  42. Oxy Monastic

    Oxy Monastic3 年 前

    I fear for the kids watching this movie "shudders"

  43. The Suite Life of Cack and Zody

    The Suite Life of Cack and Zody3 年 前

    Mad Yax Furry Road. The predictions were true, I'm fucking done. Lemme go see if the bleach tastes good.

  44. Russdom

    Russdom3 年 前

    "The best film Disney animation has made in 20 years" So does it mean that mean your excluding the great classics like Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo and Stitch, Princess and the Frog, tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, And Big hero 6?😐

  45. Russdom

    Russdom3 年 前

    Not saying that Frozen was a classic Disney favorite, but you get the point.

  46. MotoboyFD

    MotoboyFD3 年 前

    i really hope you guys release Zootopia 2

  47. Infinite Possibilities

    Infinite Possibilities7 ヶ月 前

    gg4life101 da boss - They really should crossover because they’re both pretty good movies that take place in an animated anthropomorphic animal metropolis. I could just see Judy and Nick trying to stop Johnny’s Dad and his gang.

  48. Astronaut BrickStudios

    Astronaut BrickStudios2 年 前

    +gg4life101 da boss LOL

  49. Triforce Matter

    Triforce Matter3 年 前

    +gg4life101 da boss lol nope

  50. gg4life101 da boss

    gg4life101 da boss3 年 前

    They did but they're renaming it Sing

  51. Triforce Matter

    Triforce Matter3 年 前

    me too!

  52. MotoboyFD

    MotoboyFD3 年 前

    i guess im right because when zootopia release teaser i said to my parent: ' mom dad! we gotta see this movie, this is the best movie disney ever made!'

  53. dracoangelrojo

    dracoangelrojo3 年 前

    Zootopia is an amazing film and one of my favourites from the latest Disney's resurgence. In fact, I think it's with Big Hero 6, the best animated film they did in 10 years, but saying "the best one they did in 20 years"? Hello? The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan, Fantasia 2000, Atlantis The Lost Empire, Lilo and Stitch and Treasure Planet say hi.

  54. Keetz

    Keetz3 年 前


  55. sussi boo bear

    sussi boo bear3 年 前

    I don't get if it says it's in teacher the 4th of March but here in Sweden it had premier the 24th of February?

  56. Stabby Ktn

    Stabby Ktn3 年 前

    +sussi boo bear The film was released a month early in Europe, as movies often do. It releases in the US on March 4th.

  57. Eggy S.

    Eggy S.3 年 前

    I like how they parodied movies from 2015, just like The Angry Birds Movie.

  58. Anders Mostue

    Anders Mostue3 年 前

    "Best animation movie in 20 years" Does anyone hearing/ reading that fear the future of animation, movies and the like?

  59. Sam J.

    Sam J.3 年 前

    Man, this movie is coming so fast. I remember way back when we were barely getting the first concept art and I thought the release was so far away, now here it is already so close.

  60. 10RexTheWolf01

    10RexTheWolf013 年 前

    After this everyone is gonna be a furry LOL

  61. Nightmare Brawler

    Nightmare Brawler3 年 前

    Already watched the movie...

  62. Cristina F

    Cristina F3 年 前

    Who's seen the movie already? If you haven't you should definitely watch it when it comes out wherever you live.

  63. Mackie Gert

    Mackie Gert3 年 前

    Fuck Disney movies just another way for them to make money

  64. milalovesmunks

    milalovesmunks3 年 前

    that's amazing congralations you deserve it I hope they make more comedy films now instead of princesses

  65. Lazy Mads

    Lazy Mads3 年 前

    i need to see this movie now! i can't wait much longer! the wait is killing me!!!:(

  66. Nameless

    Nameless3 年 前

    Those spoof movie posters have me dying! lol

  67. Spikeout BS

    Spikeout BS3 年 前

    Trust me. The next one will be best Disney movie in 200 years.

  68. Rafaela Henrique

    Rafaela Henrique3 年 前

    Como assim, melhor filme de animação da Disney Animation Studios em 20 anos? Não era Frozen?

  69. Ashes On Wool

    Ashes On Wool3 年 前

    Best disney 20 years? Hell yea

  70. Nightpony inRface

    Nightpony inRface3 年 前

    Disney you forgot about, Star Wars the Furce Awakens

  71. Scribble Bee

    Scribble Bee3 年 前

    I'm waiting for broakbeak mountain

  72. Snake

    Snake3 年 前

    brokeback nick

  73. PC Ordoñez

    PC Ordoñez3 年 前

    Too bad there's only mammals in zootopia.

  74. Lucy McGraw-Pierson

    Lucy McGraw-Pierson3 年 前

    This is soooo funny

  75. aldrianyf

    aldrianyf3 年 前

    absolutely i love it

  76. Barajas Family

    Barajas Family3 年 前

    Judy sounds like Joy from Inside Out.

  77. toro0695

    toro06953 年 前

    can i just say one word "frozen"

  78. It's Sodium Chloride

    It's Sodium Chloride3 年 前

    How fuckin dare u

  79. ZRovas117

    ZRovas1173 年 前

    Amazing movie. Would so watch it again.

  80. ABZ7ZZ

    ABZ7ZZ3 年 前

    So how do we make the oscars racist in Zootopia ?

  81. Josef Andrews

    Josef Andrews3 年 前

    No, I'm pretty sure we gotta keep 'em excluded. If you're looking to keep it racist.

  82. ABZ7ZZ

    ABZ7ZZ3 年 前

    +Josef Andrews included

  83. Josef Andrews

    Josef Andrews3 年 前

    +Abdullah Alarjane Predators are excluded from the conversation?

  84. Lupin Remus

    Lupin Remus3 年 前

    Imax 3D??? It didn't release here in Imax last week!

  85. Lupin Remus

    Lupin Remus3 年 前

    Seen it already. It's the best Disney film I have seen ever. I will post a review here later that will be spoiler-free, unlike the one from IMDb that contains spoilers, though it has a warning.

  86. Lupin Remus

    Lupin Remus3 年 前

    +Brendan Garrabrant Thanks! It's actually 5:49PM in where I live and it starts at 6:25PM. Just bought the tickets and we'll get inside early (there are La-Z Boys seats inside).

  87. Brendan Garrabrant

    Brendan Garrabrant3 年 前

    @LEGOrebooted Well enjoy and greetings form the USA.

  88. Lupin Remus

    Lupin Remus3 年 前

    +Brendan Garrabrant I'm from the Philippines. Zootopia released in here last week, but I didn't get to see it,

  89. Brendan Garrabrant

    Brendan Garrabrant3 年 前

    @LEGOrebooted I hope you enjoy it. By the way, what country are you in?

  90. Sam McDonald

    Sam McDonald3 年 前

    Yeah , with Frozen having ticket sales over $1 billion worldwide that's going to be kind of tough to beat.

  91. Jarvell Rippley

    Jarvell Rippley3 年 前

    I can't wait to see this movie!