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In 1989, Clark Thiemann was excited to play his brand new NES game, LJN's Major League Baseball. But when he started playing, his favorite MLB superstars weren't in the game. So what did he do? He sued Nintendo, LJN, & Major League Baseball.
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  1. Gaming Historian

    Gaming Historian3 ヶ月 前

    Hey! I'm back! I'm finally all moved in and back to making videos. This is a short one, but I wanted to get something out as soon as I could. Still working on a few big videos as well. Enjoy!

  2. XxFire WorksxX

    XxFire WorksxXヶ月 前

    Dad would go: Oh well, play with what you were given

  3. C I A

    C I Aヶ月 前

    I still enjoyed it it’s just that it’s clickbait

  4. Nostalgia Rookie

    Nostalgia Rookieヶ月 前

    Egg With a classroom of Subscribers i really don’t get it You say the youtuber when i also say about him too not doing any kick on you but i really enjoy his video and especially the information that he give me since the first video Also I didn’t see any click bait in his video

  5. C I A

    C I Aヶ月 前

    Oh no sorry I wasn’t talking to you I was talking about to the youtuber😂

  6. Nostalgia Rookie

    Nostalgia Rookieヶ月 前

    Egg With a classroom of Subscribers i am the only one enjoy his video quality

  7. Brymal

    Brymal22 時間 前

    Me: This isn't what I wanted. My Dad: Life doesn't alwys give us what we want

  8. Matt Rockman

    Matt Rockman日 前

    The gameplay footage looks exactly like Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

  9. MinerBloxer64

    MinerBloxer64日 前

    Thumbnail. That’s all.

  10. Scrimmage

    Scrimmage2 日 前

    Just say it’s defective get a new one (in the shrink wrap) and take it back

  11. TVLubber Nintendo Edition

    TVLubber Nintendo Edition21 時間 前

    Doesn't work that way.

  12. Mitch Winters

    Mitch Winters3 日 前

    Comments from people who have unlimited info at there fingertips almost 30 years later. 1989: Minimum wage = $3.35 hour. $40 was a LOT for a game, All info you were going to get about the game was on that Box! No internet to check, sometimes you could buy a magazine! Depending on where you lived, & if the game was covered! I remember this case. It WAS very “questionable”. Nintendo: Each team was represented by its own FULL Roster... What would you think? I can tell you that EVERY kid & parent thought it meant a FULL Roster! Not numerical, not alphanumerical, ect... It was dirty!

  13. Tu Ut

    Tu Ut3 日 前

    Only in Merica! Sue first and use logic later. Only place people fail to apply "caveat emptor". No wonder some people will throw a rage fit because KFC ran out of chicken!

  14. Kromosios

    Kromosios3 日 前

    Remember. When you get a game, look at the logo of the developer team. If there's a rainbow, you're gonna get fucked. I'm proud of that stupid joke :')

  15. Gumball Ultimos 7 Capitulos Latino

    Gumball Ultimos 7 Capitulos Latino3 日 前


  16. freesf ftrefv

    freesf ftrefv3 日 前

    sounds like the story of the first Millennial spoiled brat child!

  17. Astermations •v•

    Astermations •v•4 日 前

    Bruh *I'm 9......I CAN SUE NENTENDO :D*

  18. Edson Rodriguez

    Edson Rodriguez4 日 前

    Ok that kid and dad are crazy people

  19. syteanric

    syteanric4 日 前

    Clark comes across as a spoiled brat and his dad an arse hole

  20. pokemon gamer

    pokemon gamer4 日 前


  21. Keep It up Bro

    Keep It up Bro4 日 前

    Rule number 1 of NES *Don't* *Trust* *LJN*

  22. john Doe

    john Doe4 日 前

    Sounds like avgn as a kid

  23. Nathan Anderson

    Nathan Anderson5 日 前

    Nice channel- you have a rare channnel that ACTUALLY gets to the point!

  24. Syldar

    Syldar5 日 前

    Well, it really was a waste of time watching this video. Clickbait title, « boys » suing Nintendo... lawsuit dismissed... cool story.

  25. Michael Comer

    Michael Comer5 日 前

    Well this was point less , thanks

  26. Heroheenie

    Heroheenie5 日 前

    Title: When A 9-Year-Old Sued Nintendo Video: When A 9 Year Old's Dad Tried To Sue Nintendo And Failed

  27. Luna Pyrope

    Luna Pyrope5 日 前

    “LJN” oh you know it’s gonna be bad before you even play it.

  28. Ibrahim TGD

    Ibrahim TGD6 日 前

    So don't mess with the 9 year old army! XD

  29. Ibrahim TGD

    Ibrahim TGD6 日 前


  30. M W S

    M W S6 日 前


  31. Arsene Lupin

    Arsene Lupin6 日 前

    i mean, i've had my fair share of being let down by shitty games but i'd never be petty enough to sue the company themselves :v (nor i would have the money to do so anyways)

  32. keisterroll

    keisterroll6 日 前

    what punitive damages?

  33. Your Trash

    Your Trash6 日 前

    Spoiled little shit

  34. libertystang

    libertystang6 日 前

    Me when I lose to a CPU in Smash Bros

  35. J H

    J H6 日 前

    The illustrations are wonderful!

  36. shellbell727

    shellbell7276 日 前

    Ljn means laughing jokin numbnuts

  37. Revelian1982

    Revelian19828 日 前

    The kid sounds like a chip off the old block..they're both cunts..

  38. Senn Lens🇲🇾

    Senn Lens🇲🇾8 日 前

    Next: kids who own JPgo will sue Google for not available advertised on their video on their JPgo channel because of COPPA thing.

  39. Jayden_Firez YT

    Jayden_Firez YT8 日 前

    Next episode of r/entitledparents EK sued Nintendo because the players name are not in the game

  40. jason9022

    jason90228 日 前

    More like his cocky rich daddy sued them. bet that dad is a real piece of shit

  41. pSaiko Red

    pSaiko Red8 日 前

    Ahh reminds me of the good ol’days. Worked one summer month to save money and bought a new game With it. I went home, popped that sucker in, and within 10 minutes realized I made a grave mistake. Mortal Kombat 4 sucked balls. Waste of 50 bucks lmao.

  42. erlejomo

    erlejomo8 日 前

    Fuck nintendo

  43. VoberZone

    VoberZone8 日 前

    Someone in 1989: Sue's Nintendo Nintendo 30 years later: right back at ya buckaroo

  44. Yogi Demis

    Yogi Demis8 日 前

    I was 10 years old in 89 and played little league baseball, I was stoked when this game was released and I ended up getting it. My friends and I spent hours playing each other on rainy days and had fun. It would get us amped up to get the crew together and get a game going down at the park when the rain stopped. Good times!!

  45. Miguel Lopez

    Miguel Lopez8 日 前

    9 year old: *plays fallout 76* Also nine year old: I’m GoNnA SuE tHiS gAmE

  46. Miguel Lopez

    Miguel Lopez8 日 前

    This comes to show that anybody can sue Nintendo for anything if they want

  47. GamerBoss 8489

    GamerBoss 84898 日 前

    It's funny, this 9 year old is still alive today as an adult. I wonder if he ever gets recignized