We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!

HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? On today's adventure, Nathan and I are off to the city of Palm Springs to stay at the new TACO BELL HOTEL!! 🌮 Come on our crazy journey of staying on opening night of THE BELL! We try secret food items that are exclusive to the hotel and meet the iconic chef who invented the Nacho Fries!
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  1. Midgley Howe

    Midgley Howe7 時間 前

    Jeffree is so good on camera

  2. Jiminie's jam

    Jiminie's jam8 時間 前

    For anyone outside of America: 107° Fahrenheit = about 41°C

  3. ali naqvi

    ali naqvi11 時間 前

    Is he transgender or gay?

  4. manisha kadam

    manisha kadam12 時間 前

    Sometimes I think that Nathan is in it for just the money and publicity or was he pre-rich...

  5. Jaime Ellen

    Jaime Ellen13 時間 前

    I swear Nate and Zac were blessed by genetics

  6. Teguh Jumena

    Teguh Jumena14 時間 前

    what's the name of nate's glases frame while he was at the pool?

  7. Ifie x.x

    Ifie x.x14 時間 前

    That same cloth and bag that dolan twins wore omg 😂

  8. kylez bro

    kylez bro15 時間 前

    zack can like....get it ...

  9. Andrea Martinez

    Andrea Martinez16 時間 前

    god bless you

  10. Somebody Anonymous

    Somebody Anonymous18 時間 前

    You should've asked them to bring back the breakfast crunch wrap :P That was like my favorite thing

  11. Libby Molloy

    Libby Molloy19 時間 前

    Jeffere? In San Bernardino? Am I alive?

  12. jv

    jv19 時間 前

    God, id suck the soul out of Nate

  13. Max Norris

    Max Norris20 時間 前




    I love how excited Jeffree gets about food 😂😂 because girl SAME

  15. Daisy Gutierrez

    Daisy Gutierrez21 時間 前

    when you showed San Bernardino i was ahhh bc i used to live there

  16. Sad Potato

    Sad Potato21 時間 前

    Nate looks like a carrot 🥕 (no hate!)

  17. Libby Miller

    Libby Miller22 時間 前

    What lip color/gloss did you use? It's gorgeous!

  18. Libby Miller

    Libby Miller23 時間 前

    You and Nate are couple goals! 🥰

  19. Crissy H

    Crissy H日 前

    If we were paid for the number of times he said OMGod, we would all be rich! lol

  20. Kari Prendergast

    Kari Prendergast日 前

    We were 5 to 10 minutes away

  21. Graycen Brandt

    Graycen Brandt日 前

    were going to the bell hotel today you guys are awesome

  22. Kari Prendergast

    Kari Prendergast日 前

    We’re about to go soon who I heard it’s awesome like you show who who you guys are really cool love you 👋🤙🏼

  23. Kari Prendergast

    Kari Prendergast日 前

    Sorry I messed up we’re about to go soon I heard it’s awesome like you guys do you have a cool channel

  24. irma sanchez

    irma sanchez日 前

    i dont judge

  25. irma sanchez

    irma sanchez日 前

    are you gay your kising a boy and your a boy

  26. Sariko

    Sariko21 時間 前

    Nathan is Jeffrey's boyfriend

  27. Makenzie’s Life

    Makenzie’s Life日 前

    Why does Nate look like an opmpa lopa (0:14)

  28. GrimReefer

    GrimReefer日 前

    He’s on drugs or it’s on drugs look at the face

  29. Kevin Wright

    Kevin Wright日 前

    I am LIVING for Jeff's mirrored sunglasses

  30. alexandrawy

    alexandrawy日 前

    i’m definitely gonna buy this artistry palette omg

  31. alle bellane

    alle bellane日 前

    500 bergin bags in a billion dollar vult jeffrey; NATE GO GET THE TOCO BELL ROBE im dieing

  32. Meredith Alfonso

    Meredith Alfonso日 前

    Dude , Nate looks like a carrot

  33. Goretti E. Bosc

    Goretti E. Bosc日 前

    sooo down to earth😍

  34. Marla Ott

    Marla Ott日 前

    7:50 it’s about 41 degrees

  35. Zoe

    Zoe日 前

    if you watched Lauren godwins yt video were she went here aswell and at 19:08 on the left above nate’s shoulder you can see her and sebastian

  36. Sofia Juarez

    Sofia Juarez日 前

    I just love how excited he was 🤩

  37. Rosa Flores

    Rosa Flores日 前


  38. African stylist Ashley

    African stylist Ashley日 前

    Jeff: OMG this room is so cute. Look at the pillow. Me: please stop, your room is times better than that...

  39. Lauren Aksdal

    Lauren Aksdal日 前

    when the girl got super close to Nate so he stepped back to Jeffree and they held each other. CUTE

  40. Tuainekore Ka

    Tuainekore Ka日 前

    Why is nate so quiet yet so sweet and patient with jeffree hes like every girls dream personality of a guy like hello just needed to address this

  41. raccoon _

    raccoon _日 前

    I want avocado toast so fucking baddd

  42. team_diamondz _

    team_diamondz _日 前

    The bell. are number one priority dieara

  43. Sophia Doumanov

    Sophia Doumanov日 前

    Nate find the robe! 🤣🤣

  44. River Lily

    River Lily日 前

    Oooooo I love food I’m eating right now

  45. Cindy Russi

    Cindy Russi日 前

    I love Jeffery shirtless💕Shows off all that amazing artwork 🙌🏼✨So cool

  46. Toriii_

    Toriii_日 前

    A suitcase with just his clothes are worth my house and everything in it😬

  47. _in_som_niac_ 1

    _in_som_niac_ 1日 前

    I've never seen him so ecstatic before💀😂😂

  48. Phoebe C

    Phoebe C日 前

    Me an Australian: pff I bet 107° is nothing *googles farenheit converter me: 41°celsius.. O.o He wasn't joking

  49. Chelsea M

    Chelsea M日 前

    I loved this video but was anyone else kind of taken back by the amount of people recording the swimming thing? Literally almost every single person watching had their phone/camera out. It didn't even seem like anyone was enjoying it bc they were so focused on filming it..

  50. Sugarbear319

    Sugarbear319日 前

    Guys I saw them building this hotel lol

  51. Kari Mijangos

    Kari Mijangos日 前

    I live for taco bells nacho fries

  52. K slop

    K slop日 前

    No mamen, que copiones! Se mueren si prueban la auténtica comida mexicana no shingaderas 😎

  53. Celiste Caballero

    Celiste Caballero日 前

    Can you do a cleaning operation in a beach then plat a lot of trees then build a mill

  54. Lust

    Lust日 前

    Omg jeffreee I cant believe you were here 😭

  55. Der Vang

    Der Vang日 前

    Jeffree you are soooo funny! I just love you! Nate is so calm thru everything!

  56. Ssauci ._.

    Ssauci ._.日 前

    I feel so poor.

  57. Pumpkin Lover

    Pumpkin Lover日 前

    The love that they share is what I wish for me

  58. Fruity Pebles

    Fruity Pebles日 前

    Nate sticking his tongue out CRINGEEEE 0:04

  59. Naeemah Morales

    Naeemah Morales日 前

    I KNOW that man did not say chicharons like that

  60. Jay Lindsey

    Jay Lindsey日 前

    Your gay

  61. Summer Douglas

    Summer Douglas日 前

    The celcius is 224.6

  62. Imogen Easton

    Imogen Easton日 前

    Who else thinks that Nate is faking the relationship.9

  63. Briawna Lindsay

    Briawna Lindsay22 時間 前