Warships Size Comparison (Launch year - Length - Displacement)

A Size Comparison Video of 54 Warships launched in the first half of 20th Century.
Starcrafts Size Comparison: jpgo.info/bideo/oqN3m6Vj22nbr3o.html
Note: The displacement or displacement tonnage of a ship is its weight based on the amount of water its hull displaces at varying loads and should not be confused with measurements of volume or capacity typically used for commercial vessels, such as net tonnage, gross tonnage, or deadweight tonnage.
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Models used are from WoWs by maxromash, some from 3dwarehouse.
Music: Dead Man's Opera by Silencyde
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/silencyde
JPgo: jpgo.info


  1. Brandon moore

    Brandon moore10 時間 前

    What about tirpitz?

  2. Yap Yak tai

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    Where is musashi

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    Кирилл Чип日 前

    Tirpitz ?????

  4. William Lenfant

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    Vive richelieu vive la royal !🇫🇷

  5. Piero Bernedo

    Piero Bernedo2 日 前

    What happened to khormstandt and Roma?

  6. あい

    あい2 日 前

    あれれ?中国には戦艦無かったんだっけ? カンフーで忙しかったのか?

  7. بندر ناصر

    بندر ناصر2 日 前

    Admiral Grave Spy 10,000 ton 2:56

  8. R32 Guy

    R32 Guy2 日 前

    Tirpitz and mushashi(however you spell that)

  9. A_N_U_B_Y_S

    A_N_U_B_Y_S2 日 前

    Ma la Yamato non e la più grande corazzata di sempre ? Ti do il mio voto 👎

  10. 三和大神

    三和大神3 日 前

    一位の旗は何処の国か知らんけど、全長が長いだけやんw 実質アメリカ🇺🇸が一位だと思う

  11. Ryle Munoz

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  12. achmad fauzi

    achmad fauzi4 日 前

    KRI Irian ?

  13. Bakr Sounbar

    Bakr Sounbar6 日 前

    BISMARCK king of the seven seas

  14. Paul Kachur

    Paul Kachur6 日 前

    useful for comparison of size

  15. Tizian Seufer

    Tizian Seufer6 日 前

    Bismarck 251m not 242 🤬

  16. Mosin Tom

    Mosin Tom6 日 前

    Gneisenau and Scharnorst had the same triple gun turrets.

  17. Vendo_HD

    Vendo_HD6 日 前

    Die Bismarck war 251M lang

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  19. 大和 RISING SUN日本

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    ありがとう👍  偉大な御先祖様に感謝だよ

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    大和 RISING SUN日本 日本も十分凄いですけどね。 資源が少ないのによくこれだけの物を作ったと思う

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  22. walker 321

    walker 3219 日 前

    4:40 Bismarck in motion he was made to rule the waves and Cross the seven seas

  23. James Kaiserschlacht

    James Kaiserschlacht5 日 前

    The terror of the seas The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine

  24. MR Kaktus zockt

    MR Kaktus zockt6 日 前

    To lead the war machine To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine

  25. yoga dwiputra

    yoga dwiputra10 日 前

    Where is Tirpitz???

  26. S T

    S T4 日 前

    Sunk by Royal Air Force bombers on 12 November 1944

  27. Biggamer _248

    Biggamer _24810 日 前

    The Bismarck was originally 250 Metres long

  28. hezzz.HD

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    so inaccurate, I couldn't finish the video... sorry but, this is just a big NO!

  29. dkursu

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    coool, no eletric dmusic tho

  30. Ursan

    Ursan12 日 前

    Where's the HMS Dreadnaught of 1906? And I don't think Stalingrad should be included as it was never built. If it's to be included, then the Montana class should be there as well. Or any of the super carriers.

  31. Just Macen

    Just Macen13 日 前

    *sad tirpitz noises*

  32. Michael R

    Michael R13 日 前

    Wish ww2 hadn't happened. Would have liked to see how extremely big these things would have gotten

  33. Michael R

    Michael R10 日 前

    @Jackson Young are you high? The military industrial complex was in full swing by this time and these ships were in progress before the war started

  34. Jackson Young

    Jackson Young10 日 前

    Michael R well if ww2 had not happened, much of these ships would have never been made

  35. JRdonda XXX

    JRdonda XXX13 日 前

    How many main batteries do you want? 1910s bois: YES

  36. MR PTRS

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    what a shit comparsion

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    Scare Crow16 日 前

    Mikasa es su casa.

  39. Mynames Areeb

    Mynames Areeb16 日 前

    I loved the twinish german Prinz Euwgen And Unsinkable Bismarc

  40. Don Juan72

    Don Juan7216 日 前

    Henry IV was launched in 1899 ? wow that's an old ship and is a tier 10 in wows.

  41. DarkWiz888

    DarkWiz88816 日 前

    Okay.... Stalingrad is in this one.... okay..... what kind of Soviet engineering is this!

  42. Samir S

    Samir S16 日 前

    Besides the Iowa, any other of the biggest/coolest survived and is up for visit nowadays?


    DOUG HEINS9 時間 前

    If you can get there, Belfast is across from the Tower of London, and just West (upstream) of the Tower.

  44. Samir S

    Samir S9 時間 前

    @DOUG HEINS If I get an opportunity to see London, I'll definitely take a look at this historical beauty. Thanks.


    DOUG HEINS11 日 前

    HMS Belfast is anchored in the Thames River in London.

  46. I AmIronMan

    I AmIronMan17 日 前

    Yamato is the best out of all of them. Reason why? It is later repurposed for space

  47. Edwin Lottum

    Edwin Lottum18 日 前

    who made these 3d models ??

  48. Ruchy Lohani

    Ruchy Lohani18 日 前

    ok nvm i just saw it

  49. Ruchy Lohani

    Ruchy Lohani18 日 前

    why i cant see bismark

  50. Stewart Chalmers

    Stewart Chalmers18 日 前

    No sign of the German ship Turpitz, the beast as Churchill called her


    DOUG HEINS11 日 前

    The only class shown twice was Scharnhorst as originally armed and Gneisenau as proposed to be tearmed. Tirpitz is covered by Bismarck.

  52. Z5733942648 Z5733942648

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  53. David Ramos

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    Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷💪

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    We're is Mussahi????

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  56. Nitsu

    Nitsu21 日 前

    I've never seen a modern cruiser being built near the end of 19th century complete with 3 gun turret

  57. Beginner_7

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  58. William Cox

    William Cox21 日 前

    Your Henri IV is not an 1899 Predreadnaught. It's a Cruiser from the '30s or '40s. Same with the Alsace; it's not supposed to be a Jean Bart class battleship. Only two of those were constructed and neither Richelieu or Jean Bart was named Alsace.

  59. r.e ticdu13

    r.e ticdu133 日 前

    In France the Henry IV (1999-1921) is a Pre Dreadnought classified coastguard ironclad. It was one of the first warships equipped with superimposed turrets. Alsace was never built, it remained on plan.


    DOUG HEINS11 日 前

    Alsace was what was intended for the next class of vessels. The main difference would have been a third turret near the stern.

  61. Massimo Max

    Massimo Max22 日 前

    it is pitty, 5 years ago you made a research about warships and there where some proper videos arround, now it's all videogame based, even the arguing peoples in the comments 90% talks based on there video game experience..

  62. GateCrasher

    GateCrasher23 日 前

    The Bismark was a lot bigger

  63. Mandeep Nijjer

    Mandeep Nijjer23 日 前

    Uss iowa#silly dogga

  64. nizzam1

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    Where is HMS dreadnought ??

  65. Jack the Gestapo

    Jack the Gestapo24 日 前

    Me: a semi-history buff: let's see how the Yamato size compares to the first-rate ship of the line Santisima Trinidad Video: doesn't feature sailing ship *cries like it's 1588*

  66. Besser schreiben

    Besser schreiben24 日 前

    Henri IV does not look like from 1899.

  67. r.e ticdu13

    r.e ticdu133 日 前

    It was one of the first warships equipped with superimposed turrets.

  68. NorthernZeus

    NorthernZeus24 日 前

    Even in battleships...The Americans have the widest middle. Lol

  69. hothsurvivor

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    Where tf is the USS NORTH CAROLINA ?!?

  70. Paul Holzer

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    Mhm where's the SMS Viribus Untis at?

  71. Kieren Standen

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    Turpitz was a little longer than bismarck

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    bimarck is waifu

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    Just saw lots if waifus in my eyes xD

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    Henri IV 1899 ...

  76. r.e ticdu13

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    1899 - 1921