Waking Up At 5am For a Week.


  1. Sokit Therocket

    Sokit Therocket14 分 前

    uhm sorry to say this but Garrett you have my grandma's car...

  2. Julianna Ochoa

    Julianna Ochoa時間 前

    *T H E E D I T I NG T H O U G H*

  3. Lourdes McD

    Lourdes McD時間 前

    The problem for me isnt getting up, its staying up all day so i can go to sleep at a reasonable time

  4. Deziree Jewel

    Deziree Jewel2 時間 前

    you should hire an editor if your uploading is a problem or idk love you too garrett

  5. Hailey Annette

    Hailey Annette2 時間 前

    Never in my life did I think I’d witness a human trying so hard to convince another human to plant something in a garden. 😂😂

  6. Noelle

    Noelle2 時間 前


  7. Belle Scott

    Belle Scott3 時間 前

    First video of yours I’ve watched and I was not disappointed 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I am definitely NOT a morning person BUT my job requires me to set my alarm at 5:45am 😭

  8. Sasha Natasha

    Sasha Natasha3 時間 前

    I'm a night person and my faverout thing is too wake up in the middle of the night and too eat half the candy from the fridge and then sit and watch riverdale for 3 hours straight..don't judge

  9. Shantie Leigh

    Shantie Leigh7 時間 前

    who else is watching this at 1:30 AM? 😫

  10. kata lina

    kata lina8 時間 前

    Garret you kinda look like Bo Burnham you guys are both amazingly funny

  11. Johaunna Duncan

    Johaunna Duncan8 時間 前

    Im literally watching this at 2 am.... so

  12. Jocelyne Acosta

    Jocelyne Acosta9 時間 前

    my sleeping schedule has been terrible ! i've been literally going to sleep around 6 am and waking up around 1 pm :/

  13. Laura Duran

    Laura Duran9 時間 前

    Awe lol I love infinity war! I really enjoy your videos! ❤️💖 keep uploading you’re so much fun lol

  14. makenna mak

    makenna mak9 時間 前

    dudddeee he's at 3 million!!!!💛💛I'm so happy and he's fine asf ah I'm so happy for him

  15. Meg Ramos

    Meg Ramos10 時間 前

    *Eugenia Cooney takes a 5 month break for her health* : *entire internet is shook* *Garrett watts takes a 6 month hiatus* : *fans don't bat an eye because they know what's goin on*

  16. Bru - uh

    Bru - uh10 時間 前

    Garrett please upload more

  17. Ziza Saunders

    Ziza Saunders10 時間 前

    i am nocturnal asf. When you were talking about your sleep schedule at the beginning of the video it was literally how I am. My favorite thing to do is watch old youtube videos and catch up on youtube videos and channels I haven't watched in a while. I also watch old movies on 123 movies or on Netflix

  18. Ziza Saunders

    Ziza Saunders10 時間 前

    what I like about being nocturnal is that at night you can be lazy bc during the day Im always doing work and at night I can just watch tv and do nothing

  19. Love Lilly

    Love Lilly10 時間 前

    I’m nocturnal and go to sleep right before the sun comes up it’s a horrible sleeping schedule ,It is hard when u have early plans ,though , why tomorrow morning I got to get up at 9 AM , LoL even my dogs are nocturnal

  20. Stellar Star

    Stellar Star12 時間 前


  21. Rachel Kutchner

    Rachel Kutchner12 時間 前

    Can u do another worlds most ______ smoothie? I love watching all of ur videos but I like those r the best. Hope to see u soon and not in a year from u posting this video

  22. Emily Lohr

    Emily Lohr12 時間 前

    honestly i love both late night and early morning, so basically i'm FUCKED 24/7

  23. Cute meow meow Yoongi

    Cute meow meow Yoongi16 時間 前

    The next video is about ur japan trip huh.. see u in another 2 months😉❤️ Ly eventhough ur upload schedule isnt the best😉❤️❤️but don’t even care bc every vid u post is QUALITY💛

  24. Alejandro

    Alejandro17 時間 前

    Love your 2pac shirt just like mine lol ig cool

  25. Lillian Asfour

    Lillian Asfour18 時間 前

    I can’t be the only one who replayed the first thing over and over

  26. jhopeismy jam

    jhopeismy jam19 時間 前

    My alarm is kpop bts song

  27. Martin Molina

    Martin Molina19 時間 前

    42..It’s 42ft.

  28. Tanya Petush

    Tanya Petush19 時間 前

    Oh, God I LOVE Andrew's laugh like 100% of all the people here. Also OMG EDITING. 1 month late, sorry.

  29. Isabonnie Animations

    Isabonnie Animations19 時間 前

    Garrett see you guys soon One month later Me:WHAT

  30. Beckynolife

    Beckynolife20 時間 前

    Everything is more calm at night and the sun can't hurt me.

  31. Evan Montoya

    Evan Montoya20 時間 前

    Omfgggg I love Garrett.

  32. Chelsea

    Chelsea21 時間 前

    I love how Garrett is like this big 6ft-plus dude but he has the personality of a toddler and a hyper puppy

  33. TheRealPancake

    TheRealPancake21 時間 前

    Why does Garrett have better editing than Shane? lmao 😂

  34. cece lovesss you

    cece lovesss you21 時間 前

    the crackhead energy I wanted but didn’t know I needed

  35. nia jackson

    nia jackson21 時間 前

    Are you ok😐

  36. Sara Gonzales

    Sara Gonzales22 時間 前

    I’m a nocturnal being living a day walkers life. This leads me to obtain a hard pass of 3-5 hours of sleep a night. I’m a happy person..

  37. Sara Gonzales

    Sara Gonzales22 時間 前

    “I’m just going to take one pair of pants, cause I only wear one pair of pants” anddddd this is my third time watching this 😂 because I’m sure it’s going to be another long forever until you grace us with your presence.

  38. Melon Kog

    Melon Kog23 時間 前

    I wake up at 5:30 most morning. To work out. Then I come home. Sometimes I take a nap. Sometimes I don’t. Then I go to bed at like 2. A.M. Then I wake up at 5:30 a.m. again.

  39. brooklyn madrig

    brooklyn madrig9 時間 前

    Melon Kog hahaha 😂

  40. LoyolaTyrese Vlogs

    LoyolaTyrese Vlogs日 前


  41. KnifingCat

    KnifingCat日 前

    mr watts you have been awarded with the *best gaydar of the century*

  42. JadedTuber

    JadedTuber日 前

    JPgo: *has a million other videos I haven't watched yet* Me: *watches this for the 30th time*

  43. The only panic!king I do is at a disco.

    The only panic!king I do is at a disco.日 前

    Andrew's laugh lmao

  44. May Lee

    May Lee日 前

    Do you guys ever geht scared that if garrett starts to post regularly his videos loose their value? I don‘t. Cause he is precious and his videos are so entertaining.

  45. Keily Amethyst

    Keily Amethyst日 前

    This Is me during school days ...

  46. Meaninglesslife93

    Meaninglesslife93日 前

    Its been over a month, where's the next video?... Come on Garrett we believe in you!! xP Seriously, make another video very soon please? :] 💜

  47. fightmem8

    fightmem8日 前

    I looked up 5AM by logic and this came up... wtf

  48. Riana Teran

    Riana Teran日 前

    Watching this video at 2 AM is a definite indicator I'm nocturnal. Being a night owl is fun, there's less people around and it's fun to just chill. Also, no one is awake to bother or ask you anything...bonus! Fav marvel movie is Iron man though:)

  49. notsusan

    notsusan日 前

    And to answer the question... I'm pretty obviously nocturnal LOL. I go to bed around 3-5 am, and wake up around 11-12 (my job starts from the afternoon). I like it because I can sneak my garbage down to the bins without any neighbors in my building seeing me, and I just like night more. Stuff looks cooler, the temperature's lower... the downside is trying to have relationships with normal humans. I think I need to make friends with some hookers and garbagemen.... (oh and favorite Marvel movie is anything Chris Evans was shirtless in)

  50. notsusan

    notsusan日 前

    I live in Japan and I am SO sad that I couldn't meet you! - and warn you that AirB&B is still kinda illegal here and you could have had cheaper, more electrified fun at the ninja-themed hostel, or the robot hotel (I don't think they're related to the robot restaurant). I identify so much with your problem though. ( I actually started watching this video at 5:30am, realized what a terrible idea that was, and finished when I woke up). I think some sort of structure/enforced schedule outside of JPgo would probably help with that. Volunteering maybe? If I don't have a reason urgently getting me out of bed with actual consequences, it doesn't happen and I feel like you might be in the same boat. At any rate your editing style is still delightful, your taste in musicals exquisite, and hope to see another video before the end of the year!

  51. Alexza Alamo

    Alexza Alamo日 前

    I am a super nocturnal person. I remember one summer, I would wake up at 6pm and sleep around 6-7am. I love nights, especially around 4am, because the sky feels so big. I can stare at the stars and moon and feel at peace/home. It also seems like the world freezes in time from how many people are asleep and not moving. I feel like I’m at one with Earth. I don’t think me loving night more is ever gonna change; I hate mornings too much for that to happen. However, I am trying to change my schedule now because a healthy life usually includes waking up at a normal time (who knew?), so sadly, I can never be a night owl again.

  52. Fatima Casillas

    Fatima Casillas日 前

    Fun fact I have this thing where I think it’s called body clock or whatever which means I can wake up at whatever time I want. Like before bed I tell myself what time to wake up and for some reason I always manage to wake up right at that time. Also I hate sleep because I feel like it’s a waste of time I can’t spare so I tend to fall asleep late and wake up around six because if I don’t I feel unproductive and sad