VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad & Great CGi 2

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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Bollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  1. Piyush Agrawal

    Piyush Agrawal24 分 前

    Watch Ra.One (Movie) VFX , done by the same team as zero

  2. Samuel J

    Samuel J時間 前

    Guys I think the part at 8:49 there are two women holding our main dude. More specifically, one woman holding the body double, and another holding the un-shrunk main actor. I feel like the arms / hands of the woman don't match quite right - her hands and wrists look too small - and I think they may have stitched the two parts together at the bangles.

  3. Vishva bbx

    Vishva bbx2 時間 前

    Bollywood has some good movies too.. watch Dhoom 2.. its fucking fabulous

  4. yudha hardiansyah

    yudha hardiansyah2 時間 前

    You learn the Bollywood shot incredible......

  5. Harsh Negi

    Harsh Negi3 時間 前

    Pls see KGF , much much better than this

  6. dhananjaya shetty

    dhananjaya shetty4 時間 前

    Yeh log chuthiya hai kya ya hum logon ko chuthiya banarahe hai...


    ASTRAL DOG4 時間 前

    Hey... For a part 3, do react to dhoom 3... It's a bollywood magic! Here's a VFX reel jpgo.info/bideo/d3qbtYuLy6eel20.html



    We Indians while watching this be like: Why am hearing tunu tunu music??

  9. Denver D'Souza

    Denver D'Souza7 時間 前

    You guys are awesome! The sponsor video was super fun 😂

  10. bo mg

    bo mg8 時間 前

    That Zero movie has the whitest Indians I've ever seen

  11. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma8 時間 前

    Please please react to dhoom 3 movie

  12. Techdriod k

    Techdriod k9 時間 前

    Kiling villian with banana

  13. Satyam Tamrakar

    Satyam Tamrakar10 時間 前

    I want that music from 0:22 does anyone have a link to that?

  14. chainfire

    chainfire10 時間 前

    Continuity error. Zipped up jacket magically unzips for epic spin jump @0:20

  15. lava kumar

    lava kumar11 時間 前

    Legend , Hrudaya kaleyam from tollywood

  16. Amit kumar Sarkar

    Amit kumar Sarkar11 時間 前

    Hollywood killing scene:*USE CGI* Bollywood killing scene: kills stuntmen actually.

  17. random videos on my phone

    random videos on my phone11 時間 前

    bollywood is so underrated ugh

  18. Heavenly King

    Heavenly King12 時間 前


  19. Heavenly King

    Heavenly King12 時間 前

    Watch above movie, it’s really great

  20. Heavenly King

    Heavenly King12 時間 前

    Hey guys, please dissect the following movies, Indran 2.0 - Rajini Kanth’s second robot movie Anyan - This is a Vikram movie, it’s about a a priest who goes to a website and the powers of a death reaper gets transferred after his district gets nearly destroyed by western pestilence entertainment Gajini- there is a Hindi version and Tamil Version This is about a person who loses his memory but there are some interesting scenes that video effects alone can’t explain Chandramugi- this is a rajini kanth movie, about a exorcist and how he moves to a huge mansion in the middle of a agricultural farm, only to realize the serpent queen dances and haunts the mansion because the exorcist is related to the queen a few thousands of generations ago. Ivaray- this one has three actors and it’s amazing just for fun, it’s Tamil There is kadaswamy- this is a Vikram movie, this is about a rooster hero and a military identity lost in a espionage hero

  21. Heavenly King

    Heavenly King12 時間 前

    Note: just type in Kollywood that is Tamil Nadu’s version of Bollywood, there only exists two , Bollywood is primarily north and mostly the southern parts referr to as Kollywood

  22. Heavenly King

    Heavenly King12 時間 前

    Note: these film names I don’t know the right letters and annuciated terminology is phonetic, if you have questions leave below

  23. molu222

    molu22215 時間 前

    Video about bollywood views: Ight imma head in...

  24. Pitchfork Studios

    Pitchfork Studios17 時間 前

    Check this Harry Potter rip off Indian movie called 'Aabra ka daabra.' It's the allgeded first ever 3D Indian movie.


    NISHANT RAWAT18 時間 前

    Proud Indian & Embarrassed Indian.❤️🤣🤣🙏

  26. Vikas Vijay Bishnoi

    Vikas Vijay Bishnoi20 時間 前

    Intro music? Anyone ?

  27. Biswajit Sarkar

    Biswajit Sarkar20 時間 前


  28. Avinash Singh

    Avinash Singh20 時間 前

    'I know that actor!" DUH!!! That's SRK dude. He is Bollywood 🙏🙏

  29. Splaze001

    Splaze00120 時間 前

    Please react to Kung Pow: Enter the Fist !

  30. smart asshu

    smart asshu21 時間 前

    For ur kind information is all india movies are not bollywood... Bahubali, magadheera r frm Tollywood

  31. Tach plus Fun

    Tach plus Fun21 時間 前

    Only zero is bollywood

  32. Hugen max

    Hugen max22 時間 前

    Try to get break up vfx in enthiran the robot and 2.0

  33. devendra patel

    devendra patel23 時間 前

    Please react on sampoonaresh babu heart transplant scene

  34. Kunal Pawar

    Kunal Pawar23 時間 前

    10:17.. It's Tollywood yar

  35. Chandradhar Rao

    Chandradhar Rao23 時間 前

    No wonder zero was shah rukh's dream project!

  36. Avinash Varma

    Avinash Varma日 前

    They think indian film industry is only bollywood. But the videos are from different Industries like 1 .Bollywood 2. Tollywood 3. Mollywood

  37. rahul joshi

    rahul joshi日 前

    Noob crew?

  38. Pushkar Mishra

    Pushkar Mishra日 前

    Do Ra.one( Bollywood movie ) train sequence breakdown.. you'll be flabbergasted by the vfx.

  39. DIY BOY

    DIY BOY日 前

    Decode Bahubali stunts

  40. NAMe Om

    NAMe Om日 前

    *See Appu Raja movie to know how to play dwarf without any VFX.* *It's a master piece of acting dedication which blow your mind after knowing truth.*

  41. party hard

    party hard日 前

    Its is not bollywood its tollywood a small flim industry in india .in india there are many languages so each states have its flim city means bollywood is in indian national languages “Hindi “. Tollywood means “tamil “which later on dubbed into hindi . We also got bhojpuri flim industry and many many other but the video you are reacting is tollywood

  42. Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow日 前

    I want to see Clint in Bollywood movie

  43. Remo

    Remo日 前

    Cartoon vfx bollywood..jpgo.info/bideo/oYCZvIB1tqLSvo4.html

  44. Yadu Vijayakrishnan

    Yadu Vijayakrishnan日 前

    0:26 Most stereotypical Indian music ever

  45. udai kumarr

    udai kumarr日 前

    React to Balayya babu movies

  46. Sai Vamsi

    Sai Vamsi日 前

    My admiration for SRK has increased even more! Respect! Also react for SRK'S FAN vfx

  47. Aniket Dubey

    Aniket Dubey日 前

    None of those Movies Are From Bollywood Except Zero

  48. Rajesh

    Rajesh日 前

    Check out an old movie apoorva sagodharargal

  49. Priyanshu Sur

    Priyanshu Sur日 前

    Hey dude it's not bollywood 😑

  50. Djota Lasyn

    Djota Lasyn日 前

    Is more Crazy kkkkkkkkkkk

  51. Jason Dulin

    Jason Dulin日 前

    About Zero: Could they have clipped the two lead actors in the first scene where they are holding hands and scaled the main guy using their hands as the anchor point? Some kind of morph to bring his shoulders in and shrink his proportions realistically? Maybe the difference in height is compensated for with how much lower he is walking in the track?

  52. 文翰

    文翰日 前

    who killed captain alex, +100% heart, -100% budget, +100% enjoyment

  53. victor pleyosa

    victor pleyosa日 前

    I wonder when we are going to get a VFX artists reacts to wakaliwood CGI

  54. Rahul Vlogs

    Rahul Vlogs日 前

    Make video on Ra one bollywood movie

  55. azar azar

    azar azar日 前

    kollywood :kuruvi, vivegam, 24, enthiran,doom 3

  56. alan christo

    alan christo日 前

    Part 3 please

  57. end game

    end game日 前

    About zero, they have shoot it with a short sized man and then reworked the face visuals.

  58. ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayãñ دکھنی

    ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayãñ دکھنی日 前

    Generalising non hindi-urdu movies as bollywood is A DISRESPECT TO INDIA AND ITS MANY DISTINCTLY DIVERSE CULTURES

  59. TOP 10

    TOP 10日 前

    Please check surya singham 3

  60. Harsha Varma

    Harsha Varma日 前

    Saaho 2019



    Do kesari and kgf movie

  62. Vilas Raj Tejrathna

    Vilas Raj Tejrathna日 前

    I like it when they see a bolly-tolly-kolly-jolly-wood unbelievable physics movie and infer that the hero as a marvel superhero!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 yeah i think they kinda are🤭

  63. Samarth Oghani

    Samarth Oghani日 前

    Bollywood movies for VAR Krish, Krish 3, Ra. One, WAR, FAN, Jodha Akbar