vanellope meets the disney princesses

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  1. Old music 4 ever

    Old music 4 ever6 時間 前

    Elsa is queen and Moana is not a princess

  2. TheSteve285

    TheSteve2858 時間 前

    Hang on 3p0 is in this and yet no reference to Leia? What the heck? She is not a tradition Disney princess true but they could have made a joke about that. Missed opportunity.

  3. danielle

    danielle11 時間 前

    I like how for the “neither do we!” Part they only included the ones without a mom, instead of putting them all in the scene. Cause, you know, Tiana, Merida, Moana, Mulan, Aurora and Rapunzel’s moms are alive

  4. TheEastieA

    TheEastieA11 時間 前

    was the Merida bit different in the trailers?

  5. Jerry Bildstein

    Jerry Bildstein12 時間 前

    Anna and Elsa

  6. 이상훈

    이상훈17 時間 前

    Elsa is the only spirit in Princess.

  7. diamondcrafter945

    diamondcrafter945日 前

    I. Didn’t. Laugh. Once. This. Movie. Is. Complete. Garbage.

  8. Tae Sung Park

    Tae Sung Park日 前

    What does merida say?

  9. Nikko Magallanes

    Nikko Magallanes日 前

    “She from the other studio” HAHAHAHA Wreck-It-Ralph still can’t over losing the Oscars to Brave 😂

  10. Isaac Villa

    Isaac Villa58 分 前

    Best line ever

  11. the gaming boy 18

    the gaming boy 18日 前

    Bast part = 3:42

  12. 이상훈

    이상훈日 前

    Princess Jobs: Elsa: Spirit Anna: Queen Snow White, Aurora, Arial, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Merida: Princess Cinderella, Tiana: Prince's wife Belle: Lord's wife Pocahontas, Moana: chief's daughter Mulan: former soldier

  13. Caroline Miller

    Caroline Miller日 前

    i love how accurate they were with the princesses that didn’t have a mom (yes i know elsa and anna did but not anymore sadly)

  14. Isaac Villa

    Isaac Villa59 分 前

    Yeah but remember rapzauel moana medria and aurroa still have their mom

  15. Whitney Pyant

    Whitney Pyant日 前

    It’s been a while since I seen Snow White so I don’t really remember. We are we sure that Snow White doesn’t have her parents?

  16. Yuto Kawashima

    Yuto Kawashima日 前

    just love how *chill* Elsa is during the whole scene

  17. I love Lee know you know

    I love Lee know you know2 日 前

    What's the name of the Disney?

  18. charlize Ford

    charlize Ford2 日 前

    “I don’t even have a mom!” “NEITHER DO WE!!!!” Rapunzel wasn’t in that group bc she does have a mom 😌😌😌😌

  19. Maxi Milanga

    Maxi Milanga2 日 前

    1:27 Batman

  20. MagicLion

    MagicLion2 日 前

    I thought Rapunzels hair got cut off tho...

  21. Goemon Ishikawa

    Goemon Ishikawa2 日 前

    Is it kinda sad that Anna only weapon is her fist XD? I mean even Aerial got a fork and what about Cinderella????? Dont tell me she use the poison apple

  22. 20191020 icetea

    20191020 icetea15 時間 前

    She punched hans into the water... so thats fair enough

  23. ZappaMania

    ZappaMania3 日 前

    hahaha, they put mulan in normal clothes

  24. AnimeFan

    AnimeFan3 日 前

    I'm only looking at the Cinderella and her shank.

  25. Melissa D

    Melissa D3 日 前

    0:59 Aurora on the sidelines: I have 4 moms!

  26. warren byrne

    warren byrne日 前

    Watching her masterpiece right now. And ha,look at that 59 same her masterpiece came out.

  27. warren byrne

    warren byrne日 前


  28. Luis Diaz

    Luis Diaz3 日 前

    2:31-2:38 Seeing Sleeping Beauty while wearing normal/casual attire while sipping a can of Sprite is just so funny for me.

  29. warren byrne

    warren byrne日 前

    Watching her masterpiece right now.

  30. warren byrne

    warren byrne日 前

    Aurora. Her name is Aurora. And true.

  31. Nhu Uyen NGUYEN

    Nhu Uyen NGUYEN3 日 前

    2:18 me and my sister died with laughter

  32. Mia Veranika

    Mia Veranika3 日 前

    Wait, miranda has a MOM right?

  33. Jeffrey Gao

    Jeffrey Gao3 日 前

    Starfire was kidnapped, sold into slavery, nearly got murdered, has a dead mother, yet Dick Grayson, a big strong man DIDN’T quite solve all her problems so I guess she’s disqualified.

  34. • c h e r r y •

    • c h e r r y •4 日 前

    *i once had a dream that i might wear a shirt*

  35. REJIHA

    REJIHA4 日 前

    3:54 "We can't understand her (Merida)" 0:00 _Merida and Mulan talking to each other_

  36. Midnightcat _

    Midnightcat _4 日 前


  37. Meera Hatim

    Meera Hatim5 日 前

    I saw gasman who said that she is not here? She said ummm she's singing

  38. Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH

    Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH5 日 前

    "Important water" *Gets a cup of water because water is important*

  39. Isaac Villa

    Isaac Villa時間 前

    @Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH Yup I agree to stay hydrated

  40. Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH

    Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH6 時間 前

    @Irina Kramers well no, but actually yes

  41. Irina Kramers

    Irina Kramers12 時間 前

    Did they just tell us we need to drink more

  42. Crazy Chocolate Monkey

    Crazy Chocolate Monkey5 日 前

    Cinderella was gonna shank a 12 year old with a piece of broken glass and lose ZERO sleep over it

  43. simplegirl265

    simplegirl2655 日 前

    Something darker has happened that made the princesses all get ready for a brawl to happen

  44. elena

    elena5 日 前

    It's just hilarious Vanellope's the youngest amongst the princesses, but has the oldest chain-smoker voice of all. :D

  45. Kaede Uchiha

    Kaede Uchiha5 日 前


  46. Adrian Thohir

    Adrian Thohir5 日 前

    Hey Elsa you're have mom haha

  47. Selina JY

    Selina JY5 日 前

    Hit like if you discovered that Elsa created an ice cream topping for her drink with her magic.

  48. Lynam HQ

    Lynam HQ6 日 前

    Favorite part out of the entire film.

  49. ERIN Chy

    ERIN Chy6 日 前

    Can anyone help me with the name of all princess and their movie nam??I really want to know all of them 😕

  50. a d r i a n a

    a d r i a n a6 日 前

    why is no one talking about my girl merida?? shes the absolute best things about it