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  1. Nataliya Aleshina

    Nataliya Aleshina日 前

    Dear Gigi, this hair style looks so nice on you! Very elegant, fresh, you natural hair looks great! The color is awesome also! Love you dear! 🙏🤗🌞❤️🌈

  2. Preacher Gerald White

    Preacher Gerald White日 前

    You shouldn’t have expected them to accept you. They’re old fashioned Islamic people. You have to be a real moron to think they’ll accept your ideology in the Middle East.

  3. dah boi is awesome

    dah boi is awesome日 前


  4. jay sinck

    jay sinck日 前

    So bad I would disown you if i was any part of your family

  5. Adam S. Rec

    Adam S. Rec日 前

    How many times does she have to slap her hand onto her leg

  6. Jennifer Nguyen

    Jennifer Nguyen日 前

    I wonder if they are called sperm??

  7. Troy White

    Troy White日 前

    Wow, her body is phenomenal.

  8. patricia ines gomez oro

    patricia ines gomez oro2 日 前

    Me gustaría que tus vídeos fueran subtitulados en español ☺️

  9. mzunique22

    mzunique222 日 前

    But whyyyyyy

  10. Mirfrancis Villa

    Mirfrancis Villa2 日 前

    You look so much like Carli Bybel!

  11. Olive

    Olive2 日 前

    Lol you guys kinda hit some of those stereotypes. Now be a vegan like Ellen and Portia.

  12. Kristy Marie Smith

    Kristy Marie Smith2 日 前

    I’m confused, she said she FULLY transitioned. Hmmmm

  13. Olive

    Olive2 日 前

    She looks boyish and androgynous. You guys are cute.

  14. Shapali Khanam

    Shapali Khanam2 日 前


  15. Jovan Jovanovic

    Jovan Jovanovic2 日 前

    Peak degeneracy.

  16. Kchen48

    Kchen482 日 前


  17. Dia Hervey

    Dia Hervey3 日 前

    Gigi did her wrong >:(

  18. Chewy Praline

    Chewy Praline3 日 前

    Honestly i dont think i would of bothered , the trouble and pain i wouldnt of done it when a quick smoosh of concealer and the scars covered but her head her choice

  19. BorissRaco

    BorissRaco3 日 前

    Both transgender

  20. Ms Nzbody

    Ms Nzbody3 日 前

    Shoulders and hands like a linebacker , big ribs and no hips.

  21. Cxmeron._m

    Cxmeron._m3 日 前

    I’m Christian and offended

  22. Michelle Yanakis

    Michelle Yanakis3 日 前

    I've been wanting this since I was 6 years old. I really need to start saving. How much did it cost you?

  23. Roar

    Roar3 日 前

    That dress is SOOOOO pretty

  24. Brenda leggett

    Brenda leggett4 日 前

    Love you guys, thanks for the video

  25. BorissRaco

    BorissRaco4 日 前

    Teeth extremely white I don't get it

  26. mspinkytee

    mspinkytee4 日 前

    Still has a large head and hands.

  27. landonmaddman

    landonmaddman4 日 前

    Hey it’s nature

  28. allgirrrl Rider

    allgirrrl Rider4 日 前

    You look so sweet and pretty with no makeup on honey honestly

  29. allgirrrl Rider

    allgirrrl Rider4 日 前

    That upper lip though.

  30. Magnetic Tempest

    Magnetic Tempest4 日 前

    Why don’t you talk more fem like carmen carrera ?

  31. The Ukulele Melanin Princess Ukulele tutorial

    The Ukulele Melanin Princess Ukulele tutorial4 日 前

    I am comfused why that women came out with a full on outfit and new she was going out to see the dog give birth

  32. Emily Norris

    Emily Norris4 日 前

    Omg you are wearing the Target sweater 😂😂 just came back from that video

  33. Emily Norris

    Emily Norris4 日 前

    The cashier was being so nice considering she was so rude

  34. Amber Laurijsen

    Amber Laurijsen4 日 前

    Maybe it’s a stupid thought but if it’s hair from the back of your head, are they gonna turn out as baby hairs of just regular strands of hair? Please someone explain ❤️

  35. Creativity Adventure

    Creativity Adventure4 日 前

    You need to go to Afghanistan its much better. You are very welcome there. Try iran latter if it goes well.

  36. Lucy chan

    Lucy chan4 日 前

    OMG The L Word Generation Q Cast and Gigi!!! This video is perfect! ♥️

  37. OddPlod

    OddPlod4 日 前

    How do you delete you history?

  38. Phillys9761 S

    Phillys9761 S5 日 前

    OMFG. Like, when u said, "Like" so much in one sentence, I like, had to like, try to like, count the "likes", and I like, had to stop, at like 207 and there was still 3 minutes left!!!!!. Like wtf? Blonde headed air head stereotype confirmation....

  39. Billy Sou

    Billy Sou5 日 前

    Good work, You have a keen eye.

  40. Icon McQueen

    Icon McQueen5 日 前

    I'm a transman and bottom surgery scares me too

  41. Icon McQueen

    Icon McQueen5 日 前

    the lesbian delegation is happy to have You. You're the only one who has to live your life so live it up.

  42. Edni Garcia

    Edni Garcia5 日 前

    wtf I just saw ?

  43. Lilith Matthew

    Lilith Matthew5 日 前

    “Shabbat shalom” Everybody cheers. Queen of Israel

  44. Lilith Matthew

    Lilith Matthew5 日 前

    The music. Girl.

  45. Angry Pigeon

    Angry Pigeon5 日 前

    Nats style is the style I love!

  46. i Got kicks

    i Got kicks5 日 前

    @Gigi. I love u🥰🥰🥰❤😂

  47. Ida Ilona van Toor

    Ida Ilona van Toor5 日 前

    Good since you are already a real shapeshifted FELINE ANGELIC Hermaphrodite and your wife too in the future, so no worries ALL people will transform into this eventually, this is a ascensiongame and all people are becomming feline angelics via LAW of the ONE! <3

  48. Ninh Pham

    Ninh Pham5 日 前

    Ok this is just beautiful But did anyone think that She looked like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter???

  49. kemi7689

    kemi76896 日 前

    Don't do it.

  50. Evan Rapp

    Evan Rapp6 日 前

    Awesome God! Amazing Grace.

  51. Suzie.q Popcorn123

    Suzie.q Popcorn1236 日 前

    Wow you are so hot!

  52. Star Light

    Star Light6 日 前

    She went to the same surgery centre Jeffree Star went

  53. Alexandria Schulz

    Alexandria Schulz6 日 前

    i love you. But why are you orange

  54. Magnetic Tempest

    Magnetic Tempest6 日 前

    Si you’re a woman with antenna

  55. Rainskee the Explorer

    Rainskee the Explorer6 日 前

    Love this two couple

  56. Luke Henry

    Luke Henry6 日 前

    When I first watched this video, years ago, I was like "whatever, I don't understand it but it's her life". Bc I couldn't understand how someone could date and prefer men before and after transition and still have this epiphany years later. Turns out, I was just dumb. I just watched the Contrapoints video "Shame" and I finally understand it. I was reminded of how I initially reacted to this video and felt awful about how ignorant I was, even being mildly critical. Trans experiences are diverse and complex and I now completely understand where Gigi is coming from. It increases my respect for her courage ten fold. It also helped me realise some feelings I have about my own identity that I've ignored for too long. Anyway, thanks contrapoints and Gigi. Y'all have made me a better person.

  57. Doesnt Sleep

    Doesnt Sleep6 日 前

    Hi /pol/

  58. Moon flower

    Moon flower6 日 前

    Omg people now days what they do for views

  59. in Grid

    in Grid6 日 前

    You are such a beauty

  60. Arndís Móa Hjartardóttir

    Arndís Móa Hjartardóttir6 日 前

    Your the best

  61. Xnttn Bttre

    Xnttn Bttre7 日 前

    Alguien que hable español ¿ sabe si ella aún tiene su pene?

  62. KelseyBeloved

    KelseyBeloved7 日 前

    So true thank you

  63. Jessica Baynard

    Jessica Baynard7 日 前

    I've been subbed to Gigi's channel for a long time and this is the first time I watched the wedding video. Nats and Gigi your connection is so inspiring. It reminds you that true love is very much alive, an when it joins you with your soul mate the future is limitless. I love you both.


    DДЯK CHДФS7 日 前


  65. Wendy Stone

    Wendy Stone7 日 前

    So there's no reasoning other than you got nervous and backed-out or were fearful of the recovery. There's obviously nothing wrong with doing that. As far as result appearances go, people should understand that it often does take about a year for things to heal and look normal. People who rush the intended gradual dilation process can hurt themselves and create issues. Those that put off their surgery too long while on HRT will deal with generally have more challenges. Many trans women like myself truely despise or dispised having the genitalia that we were born with and have felt seriously uncomfortable with our bodies. To each their own. All the best.

  66. Zahra Yahwari

    Zahra Yahwari7 日 前

    😭😭😭😭😭😭 l love it moor plz😢

  67. Dave Forgot

    Dave Forgot7 日 前

    It's too bad. They Both were wearing dress. I don't understand the concept of feminine women liking Butch women.

  68. Dave Forgot

    Dave Forgot7 日 前

    Sorry, it didn't work. Maybe if she were a wig

  69. westindiesgal fruits

    westindiesgal fruits7 日 前

    Technically they're in an hetrosexual relationship 🙄...

  70. westindiesgal fruits

    westindiesgal fruits7 日 前

    Wonder if Nats is in pills 🤔...I can tell she is on something..

  71. Anna Wang

    Anna Wang7 日 前

    Thank you Nats! I hesitated before clicking into this video because I was afraid that it would trigger me. But I can’t thank you enough for speaking up about the things you’ve been through....makes me feel that not only that I’m not alone in this, but that I WILL get better. (I’m tearing up while I write this)

  72. Diana Williams

    Diana Williams7 日 前


  73. Nadia Voloshin

    Nadia Voloshin7 日 前

    you are not a woman .

  74. Satyra Hillgrove

    Satyra Hillgrove7 日 前

    You're so beautiful!! Don't mean to sound rude but are you trans?

  75. الأميرة النائمة

    الأميرة النائمة7 日 前

    المرة تهدر كي الراجل و الراجل كي المرة بففف اعق خالوطة

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    days of nickia7 日 前


  77. Mariem Miraz

    Mariem Miraz8 日 前


  78. ACADIA

    ACADIA8 日 前

    Did she say glue? Does your body absorb all the glue or whatever it is they use to put the veneers in?

  79. Harper Ciha

    Harper Ciha8 日 前

    Love you Gigi!!

  80. Zim G

    Zim G8 日 前

    8:41 here your welcome

  81. Happy Gilmore

    Happy Gilmore8 日 前

    Still a Better Love Story than Twilight

  82. Aidi Iryani Posa

    Aidi Iryani Posa8 日 前

    Shes a millionaire yet still can't afford a hair brush?

  83. Aidi Iryani Posa

    Aidi Iryani Posa8 日 前

    that looks hurt :(

  84. Rulho M.

    Rulho M.8 日 前

    Omg guys! Are you seen the Netflix series “AJ and the queen”, the girl that plays AJ character looks like Nats!

  85. Bruce Humphrey

    Bruce Humphrey8 日 前

    This whole video is beyond cringe.

  86. Sean Speaks

    Sean Speaks8 日 前

    The short hair is gorgeous on you.

  87. Catharina Hollander

    Catharina Hollander8 日 前

    Bravo! Way to go! Much respect Nats!

  88. Richard Watterson

    Richard Watterson8 日 前


  89. Selena Cruz

    Selena Cruz8 日 前

    I forgot this JPgor existed

  90. winnie evad

    winnie evad9 日 前

    I have no idea what u talking about. Senseless

  91. Markie Sheppard

    Markie Sheppard9 日 前

    I seriously love Nats so much. “Bad people” lol! she’s just the sweetest! ❤️

  92. Mary Claudia

    Mary Claudia9 日 前

    She's sooo gorgeous

  93. pink pearl

    pink pearl9 日 前

    This story was funny but also incredibly raw and real. Weather you agree with someone lifestyle or not you absolutely have to respect the courage this takes. Infertility is a difficult thing for EVERYONE (difficult is putting it lightly)!!! I can't even imagine what it's like for a trans person. Much props to you GiGi for sharing this experience. Good luck with it and hopefully your child will have your courage, humility, and sense of humor!!

  94. Ethan Moneypenny

    Ethan Moneypenny9 日 前


  95. shilah Makin

    shilah Makin9 日 前

    I now pronounce you husband Gigi and wife the check... Wearing the opposite clothing.. at the end Men are made for woman.. and woman are made for men..., I See no difference you are dressed up the opposite way but deep down it goes the natural way... there's no such thing as gay or lesbians.. its all technology being used on you to make you certain ways!!

  96. Sade Marshall

    Sade Marshall9 日 前

    Gigi your such an inspiration to me! Stay beautiful!!

  97. Justice Camp

    Justice Camp9 日 前

    Super cute, definitely getting this done! Why doesnt anyone talk about the price tho 🤔. Even just a general idea of the cost like dang lol

  98. Led Led

    Led Led9 日 前

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  99. n

    n9 日 前

    you can have my hairline. i have no forehead