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  1. Άννα Στέφου

    Άννα Στέφου8 分 前


  2. vlonerobbie

    vlonerobbie16 分 前

    Not getting this game anytime soon lol

  3. Michael Silcox

    Michael Silcox18 分 前

    unlimited keys never works for me. xbox one.

  4. William E

    William E19 分 前

    Literally haven’t been excited by a video game in years

  5. Logan Arnold

    Logan Arnold20 分 前

    PSN-Saltywalruspeen , if anyone would be kind enough to send me a wedding invitation or redistribution

  6. david royals

    david royals21 分 前

    Psn Captainricky9

  7. William E

    William E21 分 前

    Of course they had to add a indian, black female character, let me guess captain America is gay as well?

  8. William E

    William E23 分 前

    this game is going to be: cut scene, battle, cut scene, battle, cut scene, there is going to be 0 exploration in this game

  9. William E

    William E24 分 前

    Imagine how many people have pre ordered this already lmfaaaaoooo

  10. William E

    William E24 分 前

    Looks poop

  11. Matthias

    Matthias28 分 前

    Thanks for talking about the 10 Free Golden Keys. Would've had no idea. YOU'RE AWESOME RAPTOR 😎👍⭐ Also "Borderlands movie news" is a phrase I NEVER expected to hear 😕

  12. Karloss01

    Karloss0133 分 前

    If you're only starting now you can't get any of the heads; There's only 12 weeks left till shut down and that's 3600 points to earn from checking their social media weekly. Really it should all come in a free update so the effort put into making these cosmetics isn't a total waste of time for the Gearbox's team.

  13. Borderlands & Co

    Borderlands & Co37 分 前

    If anyone needs a SNTL, 300% or ASE 100% wedding invetion just let me know. (one thing thou, im not able to play playtstaion for 5 more days so ill give it to ya adfter this period of time) :D got many other items as well like anointed lvl 53 Restritibutor or Cutsmans

  14. NaturReal of LgE

    NaturReal of LgE48 分 前

    PSN naturreal1705 The insider program was a complete waste of time. I still have thousands of points & nothing to get.

  15. SavageSapien

    SavageSapien49 分 前

    been rockin the oni head since launch

  16. Seven Uys

    Seven Uys57 分 前

    Anyone on got a spare Ghast Call on PS4?

  17. Pascal Fernandes

    Pascal Fernandes58 分 前

    I thing we get a ac game this year

  18. Nig Ward

    Nig Ward59 分 前

    Still works as of febuary 22 2020

  19. 313rdGaming

    313rdGaming時間 前

    I was only skeptical about the Sonic movie because of his horrendous original design, but that movie is slaying right now. However, the Borderlands film is gonna be bad just by the plot alone.

  20. Cedric van der Leelie

    Cedric van der Leelie時間 前

    I hope they go to ancient Rome after the Viking game

  21. Kenny Houston

    Kenny Houston時間 前

    can someone send me and annointed wedding invitation, god bless whoever does it. PSN: X_CALLMEKILLA_X

  22. Timothy Smalls

    Timothy Smalls時間 前

    Amara hat noooooooo. I got it thou lol

  23. Jacob Scarbrough

    Jacob Scarbrough時間 前

    Psn is Ybn_Spoon good luck bois

  24. Manga Mania

    Manga Mania時間 前

    Hi JorRaptor 🤗 i would like the wedding invitation 🤓

  25. Patrik

    Patrik時間 前

    Borderlands live-action movie?!?!

  26. GT06

    GT06時間 前

    It should be called “Assassins creed V” (AC5) since it’s going to be a Viking game after all🤷🏽‍♂️

  27. Kyle Hall-Landers

    Kyle Hall-Landers時間 前

    Thank the gods the syndicate and odyssey team isn’t making more ac material

  28. sabelo 1

    sabelo 1時間 前

    Can someone send me the wedding invitation with ACTION SKILL ANOINTMENT? I got all 4 characters but only got this for flack rakk build. 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭 PSN : sabelo1

  29. yli mursu

    yli mursu時間 前

    I think that odyssey was just a bad try to improve origins. Do you think that way also?

  30. SomeHater ate

    SomeHater ate時間 前

    I dont see the option to put those codes only the shift ones:c

  31. Edi Kovacic

    Edi Kovacic時間 前

    Nice video, but that if the case here ??? Cant see a tema of this video. Everything you say here we know before. 13minutes i lost watch8ng, really bad man. Stop use drugs and makeva life. Or buy a pet, cat to play, dog for walking out or girlefrend to screw your life.

  32. Roo R.

    Roo R.時間 前

    They need to go back to the way it was in Black Flag and all the other ones before it

  33. Dan Welsh

    Dan Welsh時間 前

    Yeah this reminds me of anthem for some reason

  34. Nancy Malone

    Nancy Malone時間 前

    You do not know how to make a video Ioi

  35. Archangel Tyrael

    Archangel Tyrael時間 前

    So did they nerf the wedding invitation?

  36. Cory Tam

    Cory Tam時間 前

    Could you imagine waiting for 2 or 3 years for more crap?

  37. christian santiago

    christian santiago時間 前

    Oh u mean codes I thought u said goats speak English man



    I'd rather play an Assassins creed more like unity than odyssey. Unity focused on alot more on parkour in a beautiful dense world, well paced story, decent characters and better combat than syndicate. Unity is my fav Ac this gen. Odyssey and origins are good games but not Ac games.

  39. AA- Gamer

    AA- Gamer時間 前

    I miss parkour...

  40. Grant Herrod

    Grant Herrod時間 前

    I don't like the new direction for the AC franchise. The gameplay and combat feels too floaty I also prefer the more serious somewhat grounded tone of the previous games. Very un-popular opinion but I really enjoyed Unity so I guess this may invalidate my opinion for others

  41. I am Autismo

    I am Autismo時間 前

    Are they going to make assassins creed assassins creed again? Hidden blades? Parkour?

  42. J C

    J C2 時間 前

    VIP out, monetization incoming.

  43. casher snipe

    casher snipe2 時間 前

    Can I have it my I'd is cashersnipe876

  44. Manny Gonzalez

    Manny Gonzalez2 時間 前

    I wanted a samurai assassin creed

  45. Talion Gravewalker

    Talion Gravewalker2 時間 前

    My guess is that not enough people used the rewards program to keep it open.


    Mark URIOSTEGUI2 時間 前

    LB-FumeS_1994-WS I would like that sniper for my clotion I need anointed one I miss the orge gun from it...

  47. A Nightmare

    A Nightmare2 時間 前

    To answer ur question ubisoft should definitely make a new assassins creed game every year cos come on let's be honest, most of their other games are young childrens games or rubbish ones. Which is why I haven't joined their club.. But assassins creed are by far my favourite games and definitely think they should bring one out every year or at least every two years.

  48. cipriano lopez

    cipriano lopez2 時間 前

    I have notice on ps4 the community is disappearing no new content to keep people and I think the whole three level increases was a slap in the face to the players

  49. Shaun Barton

    Shaun Barton2 時間 前

    PSN: iamtheshaun Would love to see another DLC soon: especially if it is a follow up to the Tiny Tina DLC from BL2 If anyone has a spare redistributor, would certainly appreciate it :)

  50. Conor Byrne

    Conor Byrne2 時間 前


  51. Chris Stokes

    Chris Stokes2 時間 前

    This game on higher difficulties me want to trow my dualshock.

  52. Leon

    Leon2 時間 前


  53. Ryan Olney

    Ryan Olney2 時間 前

    Anyone elses missed loot chest not working?

  54. Who Me?

    Who Me?2 時間 前

    Seriously though... Why go Norse when you LITERALLY have Ancient Rome waiting... Imagine traveling the Mediterranean during the Macedonian or Punic Wars... Seeing Antony vs. Octavian... Witnessing the the madness of the Emperors, slave uprisings, the birth of Christ, the rebellion in Judea, the blood of the Colosseum, the Crisis of the Third Century, East and Western Empire, Fall of Constantinople, etc, etc, etc... . CENTURIES of history featuring one of the greatest superpowers in human history and you go Norse because... God Of War... And MCU... I don't get you Ubisoft. Y'all frustrating.

  55. K9vendetta The wolf of mordor

    K9vendetta The wolf of mordor2 時間 前

    Kinda want the film to have its own hunters on its own planet.

  56. Brendon Colson

    Brendon Colson2 時間 前

    This full on rpg crap in origins and oddessey is not working for the assassins creed franchise, this guy said he thinks that the new combat system is a huge step up...I think it’s a huge fall from grace. It’s Clunky and unoriginal (unlike the assassin’s creed games from before. And this oversized world map cluttered with noise is just that, noise . It gets annoying and boring after just a few hours. I wish they could just go back to they’re roots with assassins creed. Return to form, tried and true. Yes not everything is true but not everything is permitted. The new direction from Ubisoft (for me )assassinated the franchise and took a leap of faith into a dumpster fire.

  57. Harry Randall

    Harry Randall2 時間 前

    Oh hey jor so it actually turns out I’m ZxxRAZZYxxZ and I’ve got more anointed wedding invitations and other weapons with good anoints if you’d like me to make some copies for you. Also anyone else feel free to add me for copies of weapons

  58. Bass Town Ncs

    Bass Town Ncs2 時間 前

    lovely video

  59. Moonz

    Moonz2 時間 前

    Cant wait for the carity stream. Gonna stay the entire stream and watch you play one of my favorite DLCs in one sitting. PSN: m_oonz

  60. DemonicWhispers

    DemonicWhispers2 時間 前

    you should partner with other players from pc and xbox1 so other ppl can win other then just Ps Bore (PS4)

  61. Zif McNarly

    Zif McNarly2 時間 前

    I traded Borderlands 3 in. While a good game, it gets very repetitive very fast!

  62. darakin nerub

    darakin nerub2 時間 前


  63. Bentley Alexander

    Bentley Alexander2 時間 前

    Amara main must have Psn: Pumakazi

  64. Bentley Alexander

    Bentley Alexander2 時間 前

    Psn: Pumakazi

  65. Bass Town Ncs

    Bass Town Ncs2 時間 前

    lovely video

  66. Louis Theof

    Louis Theof2 時間 前

    I want an assassin's Creed Odyssey 60 fps in Xbox series x!!

  67. Lover Ho

    Lover Ho2 時間 前

    Just deleted the game since I 100% the game and made it to level 53 And now this comes up....Lovely

  68. Black Stone

    Black Stone3 時間 前

    Ac is by far my favorite game series to ever be made

  69. The Arcane Two

    The Arcane Two3 時間 前

    I do like the fish one i godda admit that

  70. JeannieLuv

    JeannieLuv3 時間 前

    I think I have enough to get everything, this is good to know

  71. Max N

    Max N3 時間 前

    Lol ! Something else !!! 🤣

  72. JorRaptor

    JorRaptor3 時間 前

    Reply with your PSN to have a chance to win the weapon of this video! Easy golden key copy for mobile here:

  73. Fezzko

    Fezzko3 時間 前

    Great Video, Great Update. Strong work from you 👍

  74. Jack Funnell

    Jack Funnell3 時間 前

    Love ur vids

  75. Faoi

    Faoi3 時間 前

    Now this is a hype video

  76. Robert Ramirez

    Robert Ramirez3 時間 前

    Odyssey was the worst ac game to date the story completely sucked. Ac hasn’t been really good since they killed off Desmond once they did the only good game after that was black flag

  77. CHAOS Trauma

    CHAOS Trauma3 時間 前


  78. Tavin Timmons

    Tavin Timmons3 時間 前


  79. Cader Locke

    Cader Locke3 時間 前

    This guy says Dragon Age 4 got cancelled and that's why Laidlaw left. Did Dragon Age 4 get cancelled at one point? Please tell me this guy isn't THAT incorrect.

  80. The Real LOL: Life Of Legacy

    The Real LOL: Life Of Legacy3 時間 前

    Lol Jason is a fucking hack...Kotaku is trash...You call that worth listening too? Oooof....That instantly loses you respect lol

  81. RK 800

    RK 8004 時間 前

    Assassin's creed 5, ps5... Yeah I see a theme.

  82. Cadilla 430

    Cadilla 4304 時間 前

    Jesus just give me my feudal Japan one already with an actual stealth system.

  83. I Made Out with Madam Nazar last night.

    I Made Out with Madam Nazar last night.4 時間 前

    I can't even sign-in or register. It says Error 404 for me.

  84. Demi Faze

    Demi Faze4 時間 前

    When does ragnarock come out because i want fate of atlantis sooo bad

  85. I don't Even know

    I don't Even know4 時間 前

    Looks like it’s time to go back and get more platinums

  86. Bloody Fangs

    Bloody Fangs4 時間 前

    I really do not like how Assassin's Creed is going. The last two do not feel like an AC game.

  87. Legend Gamer

    Legend Gamer4 時間 前

    i hope it will be on xbox one

  88. bhargava pothakamuri

    bhargava pothakamuri4 時間 前

    I want the combat to be like Sekiro, proper counter and hit.

  89. Wason Films

    Wason Films4 時間 前

    I'm hoping Ragnarok will scratch my itch for an open world fantasy game in the vein of skyrim and Lord of the rings (didn't enjoy shadow of war)

  90. JohnLevel30 Calhoun

    JohnLevel30 Calhoun4 時間 前

    I love all the Assassins Creed games I m a huge fan but I think going forward they need to release games maybe every 3 to 4 years just to keep the franchise fresh and add a lot of unique gameplay while taking their time to craft great main and side quests and keep the choices system

  91. Justin Tong

    Justin Tong4 時間 前

    ACU team should band back to fix the bad parkour animation in Odyssey

  92. Julian King

    Julian King4 時間 前

    Hey JorRaptor,you should try a build with the Falx of Olympus with the bare skin and oiled perk

  93. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise Alex4 時間 前

    15 different projects at Ubi Montreal? :O Hhmm: does that mean one of them is my own wish? A Star Wars Game? :) Speaking of new AC: I feel like we might get a new one this year OR this year will be just an announcement of new AC for 2021's the end of 1st half. If the Viking times are indeed what comes next, then I want the open-world aspect to have no question markings on the map to make players discover any area blindly. That would make exploration for the better :)

  94. Ed-man Blow

    Ed-man Blow4 時間 前

    Too bad we'll see no sequel for Bayek in Rome... Too bad Ubisoft abandons great characters and cares more about money than what fans really want. Too bad Ubisoft destroyed the franchise and turned it into an RPG with no assassins, templars, hidden blades, robes and hoods... Too bad AC will never be the same again.

  95. Majeed Mamah

    Majeed Mamah4 時間 前

    I just wanna be able to assasinate people without having to get into combat

  96. Jay Fairless

    Jay Fairless4 時間 前

    The only mod i need is a more green lightsaber. The one in game looks kinda shit imo, too pale and sickly, but a red saber would be epic. Shame I'm on ps4 F

  97. Big X

    Big X5 時間 前

    I just want my freaking vickings

  98. ImidaystarsnackI

    ImidaystarsnackI5 時間 前

    AC 1 remaster when?!?!?!??????

  99. Willem Lenferink

    Willem Lenferink5 時間 前

    Are you dutch??

  100. Daniel Dubinsky

    Daniel Dubinsky5 時間 前

    THEORY: So, Odin has an eyepatch and he wears a hat to hide the fact he only has one eye. What happened was, he went to the well of his uncle Mimir (a knowledge god) and Mimir told him that the only way to gain the knowledge and insight from this well was to pluck his eye out and toss it in. What if that’s what they do to make the regular eagle vision happen? Some piece of eden called “The well of Mimir” will change the DNA of the assassins so that they see more than what’s in front of them.