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  1. Raf NL

    Raf NL3 分 前

    Are you Dutch?

  2. C1T0-B0R

    C1T0-B0R4 分 前

    I don't get why anyone would defend these nerfs. The common argument I see is that it's for your own good and for the longevity of the game yet more people are just dropping this game and moving on because of the constant nerfing. And those who don't have just decided to use cheats/exploits to rush through the game like how it was on launch. All this does is just make the game more of a drag for those hoping Gearbox will listen and actually buff alternate playstyles and fixing issues.

  3. Nobunaga_AKA

    Nobunaga_AKA8 分 前

    Iron Bear need that buff, on mayhem its nearly useless

  4. Toffyman

    Toffyman17 分 前

    Do we still have frame drops, when opening the echo?

  5. drpotsy

    drpotsy32 分 前



    SNUFFLYAPPLE 41738 分 前

    A assain creed in Pakistan

  7. Billy Daniels

    Billy Daniels43 分 前

    Billdoebaggens is my psn

  8. S Au

    S Au46 分 前

    Psn: Loot-shooter Goed bezig ga zo door!!!!!!!!

  9. bh Dreams

    bh Dreams59 分 前

    Wtf!? What about the menu lag? How is nobody talking about it...

  10. Joseph Carrino

    Joseph Carrino時間 前

    LucysSisterMolly Ps4

  11. jibreel tompkins

    jibreel tompkins時間 前

    This games split the fan base in half some hate others love it but I'm glad I bought it was so much fun and a nice breath of fresh air in the series

  12. MrTadeo133

    MrTadeo133時間 前

    How is road on hellwalker. Killing ? It literally the fastest reload I’ve seen in bl3


    DARKSEID時間 前

    I JUST got the fucking Lyuda for the 1st time!!! Thanx gearbox!! Dickheads!

  14. Eddieman

    Eddieman時間 前

    I'm strongly agains any kind of pay-2-win AND the F-ing "time-savers". Time-savers means "we will balance the game around - F U - so you have to pay for any kind of normal progression experience. This is sooo very wrong. What developers should focus on is making a stabile and good games. If people LOVE it they don't mind to pay extra for stuff like outfits etc - that you dont HAVE to buy but WANT to buy- since you love the game. It's however a greedy slipper slope, since developers can limit the variation of outfits you can get in your progression so they can milk you later. I'm starting to lean towards simply not buying games that have these kind of features, regardelss of how "good" they are. It's the only way to get the message through to these people.

  15. Ricky ThaDon

    Ricky ThaDon時間 前

    Almost all my favourite vault hunters were dlc toons so am I the only one salty about no new vault hunters coming out I'm already almost done all 4 toons can only play those so long before I get sick of em or is it just me

  16. Brock Campbell

    Brock Campbell時間 前

    would love the hellwalker psn: terrisson

  17. bigGaza1

    bigGaza1時間 前

    The game is a Hot Shitty Mess.

  18. I use Adblocker

    I use Adblocker時間 前

    Shut up you bitches so what they nerf something get over it

  19. aznflipboi51

    aznflipboi51時間 前

    Your fl4k is weak

  20. James Curia

    James Curia時間 前

    Damn near exact opposite of CD Project Reds philosophy. Pretty much the only thing the charged people were the massive expansion packs. Wish other companies would follow this lead.

  21. Philip Arnett

    Philip Arnett時間 前

    They had 7 years to learn from modern games being released. It would have been a perfect time to introduce an appealing endgame content loop and take ideas from Diablo/PoE (Greater rifts/Map system from PoE). Instead they gave us CoS arenas (which don't provide more loot than farming bosses), and Proving Grounds(which have really, really bad loot drop rates). There is no incentive to do this content because there is not enough reward. And even if there was enough reward with this content, people would trivialize it too fast, which already happened by farming graveward, leaving no incentive to play the game any longer. I Really can't see how the player base will be able to keep retention for this game because of how fast the content is cleared. And I honestly don't think I want more of the same from expansions. If good repeatable endgame content doesn't come with the next expansion or two, then I don't see myself coming back to the game for a long while. Such good potential too.

  22. Brandon Hession

    Brandon Hession時間 前

    How bout instead of focusing on nerfing the guns all to hell that to me are just fine where they are now focus on the screwed up skill trees and laggy menus And actually bumping up storage space and actually doing something better If not more with eridium by the start of 2020 this game will be ruined 😔

  23. Sheluvcayman

    Sheluvcayman時間 前

    All black and a snap back 😂😂u can’t go wrong !

  24. Alessandro Bonati

    Alessandro Bonati2 時間 前

    343 studios must give us mayhem mode selection in main menu after completation of main story.

  25. Nazzmul

    Nazzmul2 時間 前

    Ton of Builds... Sure why not But how about more Storage?

  26. Geert Matthys

    Geert Matthys2 時間 前

    its gonna be just like borderlands 2 where you get no drops at all, quit halfway tvhm, too hard and too unrewarding.

  27. Jojo the Swede

    Jojo the Swede2 時間 前

    Everyone start using the worst gun! Let's see what happens

  28. Jaime Sacristán Rivas

    Jaime Sacristán Rivas2 時間 前

    Are they going to nerf every single thing that's fun about the game? If so, I'm done with this bullshit.

  29. TheNerffreak11

    TheNerffreak112 時間 前

    Are you Dutch perhaps?

  30. Latrell Spencer

    Latrell Spencer2 時間 前

    They got their money, they don’t care about the customers/fans, I’m done with this game

  31. Autism

    Autism2 時間 前

    NeAt all those weeks of grinding only to find this

  32. Blue Monday

    Blue Monday2 時間 前

    I'm done with this game. I'm sick of the nerfs. Why wouldn't they focus on fixing characters like Zane instead of nerfing guns people have fun with? I'm fucking done.

  33. Nikki Tessluh

    Nikki Tessluh2 時間 前

    All I know is that if I can't throw my straw hat and decapitate a Mongol like a freakin kung Lao finisher, ima be super pissed lol

  34. Petro Milley

    Petro Milley2 時間 前

    How the fuck can you advertise having over a billions guns but only give the player a 50 bank space between all characters made. Pure incompetence.

  35. Marcus Fjeld

    Marcus Fjeld2 時間 前

    It was a good month long run and fun while it lasted not going to play anymore since they keep ruining everything every week

  36. BrianC6234

    BrianC62342 時間 前

    The whole game seems like a letdown. I refuse to buy it on the Epic Game Store. I'm not sure I want it when it's on Steam either. It seems too much like the Pre-Sequel than Borderlands 2.

  37. Kris Chandler

    Kris Chandler2 時間 前

    I was unaware of the hellwalker being popular, I just picked it up and started using it because it synergizes well with my Zane kill skill speed build. Thanks gearbox

  38. N_I_O_E

    N_I_O_E2 時間 前

    I'm so close to deleting this piece of shit, they haven't got a clue what they're doing. Oh is that fun, let's make it tedious. Oh does that feel like Borderlands, let's make it more like Destiny.

  39. Zac Gallup

    Zac Gallup2 時間 前

    I'd probably use Atlas weapons if there weren't just Heavies, Pistols, ARs and a splash of grenades.

  40. Samuel McCauley

    Samuel McCauley3 時間 前

    At this rate all builds are gonna be so weak we can't kill anything

  41. Brandon1267

    Brandon12673 時間 前

    Lets try to make more gear viable but not give space to even hold them

  42. Brandon1267

    Brandon12673 時間 前

    Yeah bcuz nerfing one gun makes the other ones better....

  43. 11leelee11ll

    11leelee11ll3 時間 前

    The end game in BL3 sucks so much. I traded in my game yesterday and will revisit next year when game of the year edition comes. The game is so bare bones at the moment. They totally messed up with end game. Having no progression like the peak in bl2 or a raid boss or 2. And mayhem mode just made tvhm completely pointless. Plus having to go through that awful story to lvl up a new character and not able to skip cut scenes. Ive gone from likeing the game to hating it.

  44. Tibbet

    Tibbet3 時間 前

    I makes me very upset that you know nothing about this game or previous games. The Hive will always be corrosive. It’s a blue from bl2 from defeating Saturn. They turned it into a legendary this game because it was so good.

  45. kiriloi

    kiriloi3 時間 前

    Hey I have one question... How to teleport to a NEW-u station? I once did it but now I Cant, is there a mission to do that?

  46. Connor Miranda

    Connor Miranda3 時間 前

    some of these make me think this guy doesn't know how to read the cards of the items

  47. Blasian ZX

    Blasian ZX3 時間 前

    I'm at least hoping for an anointed kielbasa and bangstick. Also Something that give plus 125% gun damage on skill end

  48. Raki

    Raki3 時間 前

    Literally every game these days is hell bent on nerfing all the things that are actually fun. Sucks the enjoyment out of the game for me.

  49. Adrian Jimenez

    Adrian Jimenez3 時間 前


  50. hans brouwer

    hans brouwer3 時間 前

    Je uitspraak van Engelse woorden is vet slecht ouwe.

  51. Nikeon Oui

    Nikeon Oui3 時間 前


  52. memeward on a chair

    memeward on a chair3 時間 前

    I pray to God that they buff the maggie

  53. Kapitein Lulhaas

    Kapitein Lulhaas3 時間 前

    Gearbox: we're gonna nerf the top builds to make everything equally sh1t on Mayhem 3. And then slightly buff some builds in the year 2023.

  54. Ren ren

    Ren ren3 時間 前

    Probably won't work like the last two weeks.

  55. Jager Budansew

    Jager Budansew3 時間 前

    I would like to see weapon parts unique to purple tier guns allowing them to potentially roll slightly better stats than some legendaries, similar to how in path of exile you can find great unique items, but sometimes a rare item with very nice rolls will compete or be better.

  56. Larry Dotson

    Larry Dotson3 時間 前

    I might be done with this game. I'm looking with cautious optimism at Outer Worlds to save me, but i might wait a bit before I pick that one up because Border lands 3 burned me so bad. Fuck gearbox

  57. foureyes1944

    foureyes19443 時間 前

    PSN: morpheusthecat94

  58. luciluc 19

    luciluc 193 時間 前

    stop stretching your fing vid

  59. Nate 999

    Nate 9993 時間 前

    All of my shit in my bank disappeared

  60. clayton whitfield

    clayton whitfield3 時間 前

    killers 420

  61. Na0fum1 Sama

    Na0fum1 Sama3 時間 前

    Are there all elements for Lucian's Call? Because I got 3, corrosive, fire, and ice. So I was wondering if there's one for radiation and shock.

  62. Samy

    Samy4 時間 前

    Fuck them for nerfing that doom Shotgun that was the only weapon i enjoyed in this game and i only got it 2 days ago

  63. Ryan Gibson

    Ryan Gibson4 時間 前

    More like assassins greed

  64. Ryan Gibson

    Ryan Gibson4 時間 前

    As a big ac fan the game has lost its essence I think from the very beginning I have played them all and finished them all and enjoyed them right up till origins aint even finished it dome want to and wont be buying oddesy they habe ruined the game for me

  65. greennova3500

    greennova35004 時間 前

    If anyone gets a level 50 I’ve jack hammer on PS4 I’d be willing to trade almost anything for it

  66. freevideo07

    freevideo074 時間 前

    PSN: DragonMastr183

  67. Dylan Conner

    Dylan Conner4 時間 前

    I thought ppl only used the hell walker cause it was cool not cause it did insane dmg its fine where it is imo. I dont mind nerfs in this game and think "you could just not use it" is one of the worst arguments in the world, but like the gun was fine.

  68. Emmanuel Chavarria

    Emmanuel Chavarria4 時間 前

    Honestly what I really want is skipped cutscenes!

  69. 07 timon

    07 timon4 時間 前

    Sorry but the hellwalker is one of the strongest guns there is. I'm using it as amara and on mayhem 3 I often one-hit enemies for 70k - 100k. (Granted I don't get the eworst debuffs from mh3) I love the gun how it is now because it's so strong but it made it very tough for me too chosse a different playstyle. So thank to gearbox for working on the balancing of guns and gear!

  70. Sandeep Das

    Sandeep Das4 時間 前

    RPG is great. But pay to win is the worst. It's the thing that destroyed MMORPG. The reason I play Warframe over ESO(Crafting bags). Every game should be open world. I don't like COD, BF etc just because how silly they are by being a level locked linear game.

  71. the unknown 93

    the unknown 934 時間 前

    My psn R_TheKingSlayerX

  72. ATAC Stringer

    ATAC Stringer4 時間 前

    Seriously nerfing the hell Walker why gearbox if you make this gun suck I will be very mad it's a good gun and it's really not that strong it's one of the weaker shotguns it's just fun to use I really use it because and Mayhem 3 it does nothing a lot of the times...

  73. Larry Dotson

    Larry Dotson4 時間 前

    Man I wish I could get my money back on this game! I knew that they make a few tweeks here and there on items, and game features because that's the world we live in now. But i foolishly believed that most of those tweeks would be for the better and they wouldn't screw up the game too much (Go ahead laugh at me I deserve it). I was so excited when this game came out, because I've played Borderlands for years and wanted to see how this one would be, and it's just nerf everything fun that people like and buff everything that sucks that people hate. Now all the stuff that was fun isn't because they nerfed it, and all the shit people didn't like still sucks because it was shit to begin with. Stop trying to polish a turd and let people play how they want, they're the ones who payed money to play the damn game!

  74. James King

    James King4 時間 前

    ok I know why they are nerfing the hellwalker and its because it makes zane super OP, so as I watched this footage it make me notice HOW WEAK fl4k is, I mean he hits like a wet noodle! and yes I saw the mayhem 3 on but...I'm a Zane player with a violent momentum build, I have pretty much a 100% damage buff so long as I am moving forward, on top of that one of the anointed abilities you can get for zane is "when you switch places with your digi clone, briefly increase your damage by 130%" ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY PERCENT, and I have a hellwalker with that! it just one shots any non bad ass and 4 shots any bad ass and just MELTS bosses. Right now Zane is the strongest vault hunter and he gets even better with weapons that are easy to aim and use when moving at high speed, the hellwalker is one of those weapons. I DO use the night hawken alot when its at x3 damage because of its dummy thicc rate of fire but still, hellwalker is my go to most of the time.

  75. Convescation

    Convescation4 時間 前

    RIP Hellwalker, glad I got to experience you before you come useless

  76. Hardip Sandhu

    Hardip Sandhu4 時間 前

    They should just leave the hellwalker shotgun alone. It's a doom super shotty that kills stuff. That is its purpose.

  77. Cody Rutherford

    Cody Rutherford4 時間 前

    Gotta say, it feels like the game came out 3 months ago with how fast I moved on from it. Kinda disappointing honestly.

  78. Shy Plox

    Shy Plox4 時間 前

    Wish they added legendary items on earls store

  79. Rodolpheroadrofl

    Rodolpheroadrofl4 時間 前

    I'm tired of all those nerfs. They're slowly killing the game.

  80. Cavalio Thorson

    Cavalio Thorson4 時間 前

    I have Mind, Reality, and Time.

  81. Blasian ZX

    Blasian ZX4 時間 前

    Zane's crits should do a random element, not just cryo. Them at build is severely hurt in mayhem 3.

  82. Halim future

    Halim future4 時間 前

    What if it’s Desmond miles ?

  83. mcfry13

    mcfry134 時間 前

    Its clear that this game came out a month or 2 too early. Wayyyyyyy too many nerfs in only a month! Even mmos and live service games dont nerf this much so quickly.

  84. Greyson Blanchard

    Greyson Blanchard5 時間 前

    Gamertag- Tim3warpOG315

  85. Jan Hofer

    Jan Hofer5 時間 前

    i always liked youre videos but you allready started to concern about the next assassins creed ? come on that negativity is what makes everything worse because when the publishers see they expect things like microtransactions then why should we care about ? they know that a lot of players still buy the game so why should they listen to the ones who cry over game where none of has the slightest idea of what is coming ? i understand that a lot of devs and publishers dont care anymore because we talk a game bad that we never saw

  86. Richard parrish

    Richard parrish5 時間 前

    First two weeks some of the drops didn’t work and now it’s extra Eridium ? Who needs more ?

  87. Greg Bey

    Greg Bey5 時間 前

    Jeez talk about Nerf guns....I'm sorry.

  88. Noah L

    Noah L5 時間 前

    tired of the hate for gearbox, guys the game is 30 days old. borderlands is like a fine wine, this game needs time mature before we can really start making judgements

  89. Ian Newman

    Ian Newman5 時間 前

    Why is that all devs instantly jump to NERFS instead of boosting the other weapon types or whatnot? they say things like "we'd like to see more diversity between builds and weapons being used"...which is fine with most gamers...but nerfing shit doesnt always have to be the answer...they wanna see more people use these guns or these skills...then make them actually viable...why they wanna just nerf the stuff people use? Even if something seems op...u can just slightly buff the enemies. Lile WTF. Oh a lot of people using the Lyuda? Dont nerf the Lyuda...make the other builds actually viable make the other sniper weapons actually viable at higher levels...therefore if people still use the lyuda even with a hyperion sniper rifle that's the same caliber...its because they just like the Lyuda...dont force people to use other shittier weapons just because...make the other builds/weapons actually viable...

  90. manbenitez247

    manbenitez2475 時間 前

    Darth_toothius thanks

  91. Cornwalmart

    Cornwalmart5 時間 前

    I’d prefer buffs just because it’s a pve game and power creep should be less of an issue

  92. Dante & Vergil

    Dante & Vergil5 時間 前

    I quit the game after the first nerf already knew it’ll get worse

  93. derek Brogan

    derek Brogan5 時間 前

    Bullet reflection is fucking ridiculous. It makes mayhem unplayable if you are using a descent gun.

  94. David Walsh

    David Walsh5 時間 前

    I agree this event is disappointing. Guess I'll build on the 8k eridium I already have. Woohoo.

  95. derek Brogan

    derek Brogan5 時間 前

    1.*nerfs guns to the point that they are no longer the best guns* 2."Oh shit there are new guns that are over performing, we need to nerf them now!" 3. Repeat

  96. Nikki Tessluh

    Nikki Tessluh5 時間 前

    Assassin's creed in china, I'm down as long as it's more crouchy tiger hidden bladeish

  97. Todd Stancil

    Todd Stancil5 時間 前

    This update killed my ps4. Well, not killed but haven't been able to fix yet. Update installed, said it would restart, and when it did I got an error message. Never lost power or anything. Restarted in safe mode. It says connect controller using usb cable and hold down ps button. I do that and nothing. Sucks.

  98. John Malihi

    John Malihi5 時間 前

    Hi I was wondering what is the best build you recommend, fire or poison, I have also finished the game Atlantis and at level 77, how would i get up to 100 please anyone would be greatly appriciated.

  99. Ali-A’s Cousin

    Ali-A’s Cousin5 時間 前

    The butcher is better than the hell walker

  100. Unremarkable

    Unremarkable5 時間 前

    Yes, good choice. Nerf something that Zane uses because he is soooo OP.......