"Living life on the goon side"

  1. Lesedi Mogale

    Lesedi Mogale10 分 前

    been looking for the part 5 of this s2000 build cant find it anywhere, great job on the engine swop, personally i think it would have been far cheaper to just open the first engine and replace the piston rings valve stem seal n compression test for the head. then back n all that rev limit issues would have been avoided. none the less great work.

  2. Cool Gamers

    Cool Gamers10 分 前

    Get a Lamborghini mercy

  3. Brendan Fleming

    Brendan Fleming37 分 前

    Please keep those dogs away from the antifreeze - it will kill them if they drink it :-(

  4. Patrick Brookings

    Patrick Brookings時間 前

    It's so awesome to see a project finally come together. I know it's obviously not the same model, but somehow a white Ferrari always reminds me of Miami Vice, lol. And wow, how fast Max is growing! Such a gorgeous doggie :)

  5. andreas

    andreas時間 前

    Video with New garage????

  6. Dan Carrozza

    Dan Carrozza時間 前

    Will you be selling the Ferrari

  7. Gamaliel Hernandez

    Gamaliel Hernandez時間 前

    Random thought did you guys give up on the “custom super car” build?

  8. Tracy Trimble

    Tracy Trimble3 時間 前

    Hi boys your show is my fave question where can I get one of those garage floor mats that you are using I would like to get one for my husband ,who is constantly working on car on our graval drive way he is using cardboard atm it's not very water resistant lol I tried to find one but I am not sure of the correct name to call one other then garage mat but that's not working . please help

  9. onni borg

    onni borg3 時間 前

    Gotta be honest, that front looks almost a little bit like Jesko!

  10. Rajesh Rele

    Rajesh Rele3 時間 前

    you should have kept the truck as oiginal as possible


    SEAN DODD3 時間 前

    U should rebuild a Toyota supra

  12. Jack Little

    Jack Little4 時間 前

    Great job as always, but seems like u 2 r rushing things a bit here at the end. 🤔 ur paint job would have been nicer and less finish work needed NOT doing in middle of night!

  13. Trevor Phillips

    Trevor Phillips4 時間 前

    Y’all came a long way, love the progress👌🤙

  14. Trevor Phillips

    Trevor Phillips4 時間 前

    Wow y’all look so young lol

  15. Trevor Phillips

    Trevor Phillips4 時間 前

    Wow, awesome to see how much you guys came up. So much love from here in Alaska. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been watching y’all for a while just got bored and wanted to see where it all begain

  16. Trevor Phillips

    Trevor Phillips4 時間 前

    Just watching some old vids, love the origins of y’all 👌👍

  17. Jacob

    Jacob5 時間 前

    Opening the package with the front bumper Billy looks like a boy in a candy shop :-)

  18. Nate

    Nate5 時間 前

    new camera? no more small iphone screen

  19. Jim Rawlings

    Jim Rawlings5 時間 前

    Loo-ver is how you say it - keep it up boys!

  20. Fowaz Ash

    Fowaz Ash5 時間 前

    You need to calm down your introductions you sound like your way too over exaggeratedly excited

  21. islandnite77

    islandnite776 時間 前

    Therealtavarish has a project car up for sale. Should check it out

  22. ja yo

    ja yo6 時間 前

    I feel like it’s Christmas every time they open a box 📦 😂😂

  23. Erik Eklund

    Erik Eklund6 時間 前

    Hi! When painting you should not wiggle the pain gun! Keep it level to the surface! This makes the material go on evenly! Saves material and the result will be better!

  24. J C

    J C7 時間 前

    Love the🐖 pig🐷 interceptor.👮‍♂️ It rips. Slayin it. 👍🏼🍺🚬

  25. jjheb571

    jjheb5717 時間 前

    Looking good! May want to plumb that headlight washer line back into the tank rather than plugging it.

  26. Pubg Korea

    Pubg Korea8 時間 前

    1:22 EZ boiiii

  27. Erik Gentner

    Erik Gentner8 時間 前

    The mustang will forever be my favorite car forever

  28. JP

    JP8 時間 前

    OMI got clipped by the feds. I know you guys make your 75k a month legit but just be careful and make sure you pay your taxes!

  29. Matthew Nathan

    Matthew Nathan8 時間 前

    Whens the next video for the police car coming out

  30. wyatt parker

    wyatt parker9 時間 前

    I have a 06 impala ss, I got them heated leather seats too

  31. Joshua Stagnitto

    Joshua Stagnitto9 時間 前

    "the rear tail lights"...... lol.. as opposed to the front tail lights? or the rear headlights? lol

  32. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui10 時間 前


  33. Big Mo

    Big Mo10 時間 前

    Them grill mesh panels are similar to the material I use around my chicken pen. I guess I know the answer to the age old question-“why’d the chicken cross the road?” - I was sucked into the jet stream of those Goons boy’s Ferrari at 200mph

  34. JLloyd’s Junk

    JLloyd’s Junk10 時間 前

    Am I the only one nervous about seeing open buckets of antifreeze with pets running around?

  35. Richard R

    Richard R10 時間 前

    You guys should start wet sanding large panels with a DA. I wouldn't wet sand a large area by hand, you run the risk of low spots everywhere.

  36. E 757

    E 75710 時間 前

    That beat that starts around 11:15 is 🔥🔥🔥 I love the horns on that track

  37. chad neuman

    chad neuman10 時間 前

    They got a lot cars wonder what's next

  38. DeViNs WoRlD

    DeViNs WoRlD10 時間 前

    That bumper on the 458 looks so damn good👏

  39. David Baldwin

    David Baldwin11 時間 前 Next build?🤔🤪

  40. castron956 castron956

    castron956 castron95611 時間 前

    Get a Audi R8 v10 and twin turbo it

  41. Berkan karadag

    Berkan karadag11 時間 前

    how much does this car cost to you guys?

  42. Htet Nyi

    Htet Nyi11 時間 前

    Put black stripes on the car so it'll look better haha just an idea

  43. Cisco

    Cisco11 時間 前

    Mickey mouse headlight repair on a Ferrari? Omg lol

  44. ScatPackn 392

    ScatPackn 39211 時間 前

    Should've cleaned up all the plastic pieces before install .......Great work .....

  45. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan12 時間 前

    You should turn this into an off-roading Lambo with a pipe frame

  46. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan12 時間 前

    Restart this build up



    Can you learn how to say hurricane? lol

  48. Craig Chase

    Craig Chase12 時間 前

    Great fix on the head light guys!!! Thats how you do it!!! Lamborghini... Ferrari.... is a Porsche next lol

  49. Alex Fraser

    Alex Fraser12 時間 前

    Nothing like being young

  50. Alan O

    Alan O12 時間 前

    Great job! I know this is ancient history by now...but really impressive. You're doing it right. Where does all that patience come from. I think $20K is way conservative for the work you all did on this beauty. Truly a work of art. How are you going to top this project? Good luck and take care.

  51. Jamie Godwin

    Jamie Godwin12 時間 前

    Max really enjoys watching y'all work!

  52. Alec Zamperin's photography

    Alec Zamperin's photography12 時間 前

    When’s the next boat video I’m missing them it’s been 2 months

  53. CP1015

    CP101512 時間 前

    cool car

  54. Jeremy

    Jeremy13 時間 前

    Wow looks Absolutely amazing !!! Great job guys. What’s up with the goonzquad shop ??

  55. Logie abz

    Logie abz13 時間 前

    Glass finish??? Hahaha u must be blind...even after sanding down u can see holes everywhere hahaha stop showing people how make a shit job....cause actually idiots will try to copy all those mistakes

  56. M A

    M A13 時間 前

    to all the idiots who dont know shit about cars. i am in my mid 20s i have bought and restored salvage cars before, the problem with salvage cars is that even if you are able to restore it to a factory state, they will always have a salvage title on it, in some countries the insurance might not cover it or it might be higher, i said some so you can still get cover, also there is the problem that it will always be called salvage, if you are planning on keeping the car forever than this is a viable option to get a car cheaper than what it costs in the used market and do some work on it yourself, however keep in mind that when it comes to reselling a salvage title you will never get the same money as a non salvage fucking obviously this goes without saying but some people just dont understand this concept. with restoring you need to be hands on and you need to do a lot of gluing and sticking shit together lol, what i mean is that for example the headlight in their Ferrari the had to use that glue and do custom drilling and patching, once you do that it looks like a shitty unclean job underneath, you will know this, and while you are driving the car you do feel a bit shitty about the fact that this beautiful Ferrari on the outside is all nice but under the skin it has some wacky work done to restore it on a budget. if you are gonna buy a car that expensive just save a little more and buy a used one thats not salvage. you will feel better and it will be worth more in the long run. i did a quick search on auto trader and i found one for 160k same 2016 model, im sure you can negotiate as well, and probably pay 5k less, 155k non salvage vs 120K salvage? and this is if you do the work yourself! like at the end of the video they show it will probably cost you 130k to 140k to fix it at a body shop, this just makes the choice easier. also these guys are dreaming if they think they will sell it for 150k lol its a salvage title mate, idk if this is how shit goes down in USA but you dont fucking get near non salvage price for a salvage restored car anywhere else on earth..

  57. Z-Monay Productions

    Z-Monay Productions13 時間 前

    RZR is pronounced "Razor" and personally, I wouldv'e bought a RZR instead of a CanAm

  58. Brian X

    Brian X13 時間 前

    butt wipes? lol

  59. Miles Hampton

    Miles Hampton13 時間 前

    If you keep any of your cars, Lamborghini, 458, Viper and Mustang

  60. Joe

    Joe13 時間 前

    I love your work guys but theres a new sherips in town. I just got my Fiat Punto ready for ripping back and forth to work tonite DANG SON!!! Only 16 hours of hard work 🤓

  61. Brian X

    Brian X13 時間 前

    He actually said 'bird kaka'...lmao


    KINO DER KING14 時間 前

    the dogs look a little thirsty, give them a drink of that green gatorade thats in those pans under the Ferraro.....

  63. The algorithm

    The algorithm14 時間 前

    Too bad you can't paint new tread on those bald @$$ tires. That's at least a couple grand worth of rubber. Worth it though.

  64. sonnyd

    sonnyd14 時間 前

    U guys should do a car meet video like supercarsuspect

  65. Jason Kay II

    Jason Kay II14 時間 前

    how did you guys come up with 130 grand to build this?

  66. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin15 時間 前

    Make sure your pets don't drink that poison on the floor!

  67. Alice Butler

    Alice Butler15 時間 前

    Hay you good old boys,are off the charts, I love watching you guys do your thing.

  68. NJrezident

    NJrezident15 時間 前

    Apparently 349 people that watched this dont know what hard work and creative vision is, watching these builds gives me the itch to get back into the scene again, thanks for the great content, keep on keeping on 👍🏻

  69. Hiro Protagonist

    Hiro Protagonist15 時間 前

    Those are majestic looking dogs. Another great vid.

  70. loanwolf720

    loanwolf72015 時間 前

    they should put a Ferrari horse emblem on the mesh on the bumper

  71. BRX

    BRX16 時間 前


  72. aljanat5

    aljanat516 時間 前

    18:32 Billy went full Marvel mode 3 quarters of the way through and started duel wielding lol.

  73. Vision AutoMart

    Vision AutoMart16 時間 前

    cool, guys

  74. Lori Lanili

    Lori Lanili16 時間 前

    Great rebuild . Could you show a graph off total time, money spent, number of people, etc. from inception to completion.

  75. Luis Benitez

    Luis Benitez16 時間 前

    Wtf 20 bucks to fill a lambo, I got a fiat 500 and takes 40 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ I’m doing something wrong

  76. Haziq Akram

    Haziq Akram16 時間 前

    Nice friendship always having fun may god bless you

  77. hellfucker kid

    hellfucker kid17 時間 前

    like jou boys

  78. Nicholas Villeneuve

    Nicholas Villeneuve17 時間 前

    Is that the stock bumper?

  79. Cody Kirby

    Cody Kirby17 時間 前

    I wanna see a Jaguar F-type!!!

  80. Teiji. Nodomi

    Teiji. Nodomi17 時間 前

    Olá goonzquad, sou um fã de vocês aqui no Brazil, um dia quero poder conhecer vocês pessoalmente, vocês são tudo top, éum sonho a ser realizado, um grande abraço... ps; tenho um Audi A6 4.2 V8 C5 que estou tentando restaurar aqui no Brazil...

  81. Eric Lindvall

    Eric Lindvall17 時間 前

    Hi guys! i have been following you guys since you started to film the mustang and your channel is one of my favourites at youtube. Althoug, i have a really big wish, and that is that you guys buy a crashed volvo s60/v70R! that would be extremley fun to watch, i think that it would be a total hit for your channel, love you guys! from Sweden, with love:)

  82. Jim Fuerstenberg

    Jim Fuerstenberg17 時間 前

    good luck with the epoxied bracket. I tried a similar commercial two part in a similar situation and it did not hold.

  83. Pete

    Pete18 時間 前

    Guys u need a work bench!

  84. Jim Fuerstenberg

    Jim Fuerstenberg18 時間 前

    you need to replace that cooler. when the car is driven hard..that needs to flow as designed.

  85. Habib Zaman

    Habib Zaman18 時間 前

    Are you guys selling the Lamborghini huracan

  86. Luis Benitez

    Luis Benitez18 時間 前

    Normal dudes 👍🏻🙌🏻🔥 doing art

  87. Jaimin Soni

    Jaimin Soni18 時間 前

  88. Dean Christie

    Dean Christie18 時間 前

    Be careful with that antifreeze and your pets.

  89. Riccardo Feijen

    Riccardo Feijen18 時間 前

    Amazing paintjob what about the pdc / parking sensor's?

  90. Simon Walta

    Simon Walta18 時間 前

    I hope i win insta gram @simonwalta16

  91. Tim Moll

    Tim Moll18 時間 前

    Hey guys I'm sure you know this but be super careful with the antifreeze and the dogs and cats, if they drink it they will die. xxx

  92. beenafactorblack

    beenafactorblack18 時間 前

    Dannngggg dude!!!!!

  93. Zayed Alawlaqi

    Zayed Alawlaqi18 時間 前

    Please do a Lamborghini Aventador built😫😫😫🥺☹️

  94. Den Berk

    Den Berk19 時間 前

    just wondering... does the plugging of al the cables and sensors not negatively influence the computer system of the car?

  95. Robert Shook

    Robert Shook19 時間 前

    I love Thomas

  96. Jared c

    Jared c19 時間 前

    Goonzquad: Pinch it back out with some pliers Me: yep theres the "almost" part of the almost OEM 😂

  97. Lamster66

    Lamster6619 時間 前

    JB Weld pack your sh1t cos you f**king fired!

  98. Krazy Shoes

    Krazy Shoes19 時間 前

    Scary watching your brother buff one handed ... one slip and it's over... iv seen it ...

  99. eric mcclure

    eric mcclure19 時間 前

    Better watch your animals having all that coolant just sitting around

  100. Jacob Gutierrez

    Jacob Gutierrez20 時間 前

    Hey guys what happened to the build your going to do