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  1. Sal S

    Sal S21 時間 前

    Feels like the 2010 giants and the 2015 warriors but better. ...😁

  2. Mohaine

    Mohaine21 時間 前

    It’s KC’s time. A 50 year drought for them.

  3. Jayson M.

    Jayson M.21 時間 前

    Man after the ups and downs of the last few years, seeing the team celebrate like this is awesome. As a fan, this season itself has been a memorable journey and now theres one game left to go. Quest for 6!!!

  4. Justin Sheibal

    Justin Sheibal21 時間 前

    sorry to bring it up but Imagine where 49ers would be with kolin kepernech or however you spell his name.? I'm pretty sure not even makes it two the playoffs.

  5. Saul L

    Saul L21 時間 前

    Niner still ain’t play no one tho

  6. steven figueroa

    steven figueroa21 時間 前

    Let’s gooooooo

  7. Brandon Mendez

    Brandon Mendez21 時間 前

    Such an amazing feeling right now lets go niners

  8. Zoned 247

    Zoned 24721 時間 前

    If you were involved in cutting Raheem Mostert from one of those teams, keep your head down and just leave quietly

  9. guamone68

    guamone6821 時間 前

    Anyone that thinks Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league..Is blinded by his gayness..💯

  10. guamone68

    guamone6821 時間 前

    I think he’s gonna cry..😂

  11. Golden State Resistance

    Golden State Resistance21 時間 前

    See it's the gimmicks that will be exciting the first year and make them go bankrupt the second

  12. Jimb

    Jimb21 時間 前

    He's great, but he ain't quite Shrek great

  13. Rodnie Oro

    Rodnie Oro21 時間 前


  14. fırtına1554

    fırtına155421 時間 前

    The G.O.A.T

  15. Anthony McNeil

    Anthony McNeil21 時間 前

    The only rule I actually like is the 1, 2 and 3pt after touchdown...really hope the NFL implements this....soon.

  16. mirza beg

    mirza beg21 時間 前

    Only 2 teams limited the 9er offense, seahawks and ravens and they are out of the playoffs. The SB could be a shoot out.

  17. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez21 時間 前

    3:11 does anyone see the fault? She passed the shoot line :/

  18. MrDeluxe865

    MrDeluxe86521 時間 前


  19. Carlos Villa

    Carlos Villa21 時間 前


  20. salamander337

    salamander33721 時間 前

    This Chiefs team remind me of Dan Marino & the high passing Dolphins when they ran into the well balanced 49ers team in the SB of the 1984 season.

  21. Martin Penuelas

    Martin Penuelas22 時間 前

    Ryan Tannehill over Garroppolo, okayyyyy

  22. Axdrian

    Axdrian22 時間 前

    George Kittleeeee is the bestt

  23. Neogeo45

    Neogeo4522 時間 前

    Alex "The Commissioner Made His Report" Bregman

  24. Manasa Vuibau Batiwale

    Manasa Vuibau Batiwale22 時間 前

    First thing my dad said to me after he came from work today: "The 49ers my boy (yay)" 😖😖😖😖😖

  25. Mauricio Espinoza

    Mauricio Espinoza22 時間 前

    Well said Sherman. 💯💯💯💯


    NEWBEATZ MUSIC.22 時間 前

    They werea passing team.....but not on this day....

  27. Anthony F

    Anthony F22 時間 前

    Crazy how this pops up on my timeline now

  28. Xavier Duke

    Xavier Duke22 時間 前

    We suffered for this, now we’re here. Let’s Go

  29. Xavier Duke

    Xavier Duke22 時間 前

    Jimmy Game manger. My favorite jimmy usually means we’re running the ball up and down the field

  30. Daniel G

    Daniel G22 時間 前

    First of all.... Richard wouldn’t be covering Randy.

  31. Kids lti

    Kids lti22 時間 前


  32. Carlos Cortez

    Carlos Cortez22 時間 前

    Feels like New Years all over again hahaha Quest4Six!!!

  33. Lisa Fan

    Lisa Fan22 時間 前

    this is stupid. it will flop again.

  34. R B

    R B22 時間 前

    If a team takes the double pass concept and bases its entire offense around it, the games will become super gimmicky and fans will never take this league seriously

  35. Tyler Hobbs

    Tyler Hobbs22 時間 前

    We're assuming there will be a decent number of players competent enough to properly execute plays like the double pass...

  36. Peter Ineleo

    Peter Ineleo22 時間 前

    The Bay Area needed this, especially with the season the Warriors are having, coming from a Warriors and Vikings fan, yes they exist

  37. Be Great

    Be Great22 時間 前

    Not even his fault he still has it

  38. In Sync with the Infinite Tundra

    In Sync with the Infinite Tundra22 時間 前

    Joe Montana and Alex Smith bowl

  39. Joe man

    Joe man22 時間 前

    All you guys clowning the Astros don’t get so cocky in you accusation because now congress might do some investigating and your team might just be next. So you guys clowning Altuve watch out your team might be next,

  40. that shitty snare sound from st. anger

    that shitty snare sound from st. anger22 時間 前

    You cant help.beur feel bad for the newbie..sorry man. 300

  41. Nehemiah Howard

    Nehemiah Howard22 時間 前

    wheres mookie

  42. Brayden Polete

    Brayden Polete23 時間 前

    Jimmy Garoppolo ???????

  43. Joe man

    Joe man23 時間 前

    Congress is about she’s light on all MLB so Dodgers fans get ready, Brewers fans get ready, they are coming and I hope they do because everyone not just the Astros needs to be exposed,

  44. Erick

    Erick23 時間 前

    This is dumb

  45. TheQsanity

    TheQsanity23 時間 前

    The overtime bs is gonna be as boring as soccer's overtime kicking bs

  46. Chris Reddy

    Chris Reddy23 時間 前

    it was his 2nd of the tournament aswell wasnt it? and congrats to Darren Tang on a great tournament, who also bowled 2 perfect games in the tournament within 7 games of each other

  47. Jon P

    Jon P23 時間 前

    I like these ideas.

  48. Adonis Chan

    Adonis Chan23 時間 前

    2:59 4-7-10 split conversion in conventional way

  49. Victor Rojas

    Victor Rojas23 時間 前

    Week after week we been doubted and tested. just glad to see my squad back on top and represent the nfc in the biggest stage. Lets bring back that lombardi trophy back home. #quest4six

  50. Tyler Ready

    Tyler Ready23 時間 前

    And this vid didn’t age well

  51. Michael Cervantez

    Michael Cervantez23 時間 前

    Just 😂😂😂

  52. 559LOSO

    559LOSO23 時間 前

    That moment with sanders and the cop is dope!!! Salute e sanders

  53. LegendaryKing

    LegendaryKing23 時間 前

    Lowkey I wanted this to flop again

  54. JustinRoKStar

    JustinRoKStar23 時間 前

    Looks like both teams are painting the town red. With some gold into the mix.

  55. Master Shinto

    Master Shinto23 時間 前

    Very cool! Just 3 weeks and we will see if it will make it longer than the AAF!

  56. Scott Pederson

    Scott Pederson23 時間 前

    Granted, he struggled against Barnes, but that final match was surely a performance befitting a Hall of Famer. Congratulations, Tommy Jones!

  57. Scout 805

    Scout 80523 時間 前

    Gonna be some head crackin on kickoffs n Punts! Injury city! How many games per season?

  58. Gl5nnn

    Gl5nnn23 時間 前

    Always a asian guys in the team who makes a strike..

  59. Ant Borb

    Ant Borb23 時間 前

    Hopefully there won’t be more wwe style skits this time. That’s one big reason why many people tuned out of the original XFL

  60. elr2141979

    elr214197923 時間 前

    What's incredible with Tommy Jones did a perfect game using two different bowling balls

  61. Glaze4K

    Glaze4K23 時間 前

    The Chiefs offense is wayyyyyyyy better than Green Bay’s. Will be a completely different game and the Niners will lose.

  62. Bob Gillis

    Bob Gillis23 時間 前


  63. Bryan Boria

    Bryan Boria23 時間 前

    Sadly one of these teams has to lose Wether it be the Niners after An amazing comeback year Or Mahomes first super bowl loss

  64. Glaze4K

    Glaze4K23 時間 前

    Fraud 49er fans don’t deserve a Super Bowl. Most were Patriot fans last year, Go Chiefs!

  65. honey

    honey日 前

    Awww good job baby

  66. SimonJ184

    SimonJ184日 前

    At least Favre always gave the Packers a chance to win the NFC Championship. Rodgers is constantly destroyed once he reaches this level!

  67. Clayton Green

    Clayton Green日 前

    Football is about the Off and the Dec. This is just giving it all to the Off. So........meh.

  68. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith日 前

    This is amazing! Especially the overtime shootout.

  69. D3CADE

    D3CADE日 前

    Something tells me this wont work well

  70. Don C

    Don C日 前

    Look at Kyle with his style... That says a lot about the traits of this team!!!

  71. Milkman

    Milkman日 前

    I think MLB did they’re report ..... and I have a feeling he has no other thoughts

  72. Michael Herrera

    Michael Herrera日 前

    Chiefs will win

  73. Packersfan 12

    Packersfan 12日 前

    Our Superbowl window is over

  74. Americas Team

    Americas Team日 前

    Can’t blame Mike McCarthy 🤷‍♂️

  75. Red Mosquito

    Red Mosquito日 前

    Get low and get on up! What?



    Chase Elliot can race and cheer at the same time 3:00

  77. Adam Block

    Adam Block日 前

    Let’s get AB in here ASAP

  78. sanecrazy1too

    sanecrazy1too日 前

    Fkn awesome!!! So great to see Jimmy G doing so well after leaving the Pats. This coming from a lifetime Pats fan!!! LFG JIMMY G!!!!!

  79. Milkman

    Milkman日 前

    Rodgers seemed like he was done after the 1st quarter. It’s like he didn’t even want to be there. Still a great QB though

  80. Dan Farrar

    Dan Farrar日 前

    I wish Rick would not have patted him on the back so as to say "Hey look who's coming to talk to you". Kind of ruined the total surprise!

  81. Tim Drake

    Tim Drake日 前

    9ers don't need to rely on Jimmy making big plays, but when he needs to he does. Tonight the run was working all night so why change the game plan. Unselfish team.

  82. Jay Miles

    Jay Miles日 前

    I think mahomes is number one

  83. sanecrazy1too

    sanecrazy1too日 前

    Buh Bye A A RON 😆 😆 😆

  84. God

    God日 前

    Lmao @ kittles shirt

  85. Brian Fong

    Brian Fong日 前

    He’s so humble !!

  86. floater_ mike

    floater_ mike日 前

    Wait is this the dude that randomly retired in Jan 2020?

  87. Lion Rumble 81

    Lion Rumble 81日 前

    You Barely Beat My Lions..... But Kudos For Reppin The NFC North! You Fought Hard!

  88. Amit Sharma

    Amit Sharma日 前

    Alex Smith is punching air right now.

  89. ceaser williams

    ceaser williams日 前

    "better than Tom"

  90. Poyu

    Poyu日 前

    Wow, Gogo TJ

  91. Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

    Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD日 前

    Steelers fans won't be clinging on the past history for too long if the 49ers win another Super Bowl. 😅😅

  92. number1Guru dogg

    number1Guru dogg日 前


  93. Slayton Graham

    Slayton Graham日 前

    As a kicker, eliminating the extra point kicking the ball is dead. By the way these rules are made, being a kicker or punter is probably the least enjoyable position to play now in this league. Stupid.



    A Rod is a BAAAAD man. They just need a better offensive coordinator.

  95. Victor Bogen

    Victor Bogen日 前

    U might have 20 but r u better then jason Belmont! #1 bowler

  96. Max Cinelli

    Max Cinelli日 前

    The XFL will end up like the XFL nothing will be different keep football a fall sport please

  97. Auxiliary Beatz

    Auxiliary Beatz日 前

    I'm getting a real arcade-ish kind of vibe.

  98. Edgar Crespo

    Edgar Crespo日 前

    Man he’s so ugh’

  99. Nathan Anderson

    Nathan Anderson日 前

    The Chiefs didn't do all that well stopping the run against the Titans? What?

  100. Mario Sanchez Jr.

    Mario Sanchez Jr.日 前