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Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus

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Lucas Got Sick..
We met our TRIPLET!
  1. Zanyah Frazier

    Zanyah Frazier27 分 前

    I want this iPhone because I have never got one or win a iPhone give a way.

  2. Aden Pena

    Aden Pena27 分 前

    Stuck in the crib just rewatching your entire channel from begging to this one

  3. Simthàndile Kaluw

    Simthàndile Kaluw28 分 前

    Bored in the hous

  4. Nakylie Austin

    Nakylie Austin30 分 前

    Stop being rude to Marcus

  5. The A squad Cook

    The A squad Cook30 分 前

    I love y’all I watch y’all all the time that Is I do when I’m bored

  6. jonny

    jonny30 分 前

    it was lucas that posted it

  7. Cheetah Squad

    Cheetah Squad31 分 前

    Omg are bday are so close my is jan 31


    MALIA LENARD31 分 前

    Wasn’t it so cute and funny when Malici if that is how you spell his name sorry but how he was licking Darius’s face at the beginning for a bit💜😂

  9. Carwyn Bendaw

    Carwyn Bendaw32 分 前

    I'm going to do it. Com work if my mom said no can you tell Lucas and Marcus Lucas and Marcus

  10. maurisio Rivera

    maurisio Rivera32 分 前

    Cool do Cool think

  11. Maleah Norris

    Maleah Norris33 分 前

    iPhone entry I want it because I always get bullied about how I am not cool or rich so to have a new phone would be amazing plus I am a really big fan of y’all and love y’all I am subscribed and my bell is on I hope I get the iPhone . ♥️😀🤣

  12. Phantom ghost 2008

    Phantom ghost 200833 分 前

    "iphone entry" "Done" "Iphone 11 pro" "Space grey" "128 gb" Why:Cuz i need it to send my homework pictures to my teacher but the problem is on my current phone whenever i take a picture it always runs out of storage and my phone has bad camera quality.I live in the Philippines in Manila.Also please let me win for once cuz i have been subscribed and liking all of your videos for a long time now and i have been trying to win a giveaway on Instagram,JPgo,Facebook but i dont seem to win any giveaway.I have been trying to win atleast one giveaway for about 3 or 2 years now and still i havent won a giveaway yet.I hope i win also i will be commenting my iphone entry on your videos.Lots of love from me.Hope to win.

  13. NathanZach YT

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  14. Lakiah RYAN

    Lakiah RYAN33 分 前

    Good prank but just saying how did she get out🤔

  15. Cycy Cudia

    Cycy Cudia33 分 前

    'IPhone entry' Cirus Cudia I'm your number 1 fan in the Philippines ❤️, I hope i won an iPhone 11

  16. Cynthia Velazquez

    Cynthia Velazquez34 分 前

    Done iPhone 11pro and why because my sister birthday is coming up and I want to give it to her on her birthday 💕💯 hopefully I win this 🥳🥳🥳 I love your videos there awesome

  17. Michael Vigil

    Michael Vigil34 分 前

    Make a song with trippie redd

  18. Maria Machuca

    Maria Machuca34 分 前

    I head this Coronavirus its Boring at home. A 🥰😘❤💝💘💋💖

  19. Marlonsikey Pro

    Marlonsikey Pro34 分 前

    I was cringing from the awkwardness😂💀💀

  20. Leme z Ngullie

    Leme z Ngullie35 分 前

    I'phone entry Done.. -cause for once I wanted to win the giveaway😊 U guys should be enjoying a lot🥰 by looking at bro lucas and bro Marcus... I 💗😊 u both...

  21. Roxanne Welch

    Roxanne Welch35 分 前

    iPhone entry DONE👍 Why: Because I really want to give my dad a phone he actually had one that my older brother gave to me and I just gave it to my father because I want him to do something else from time to time and because my mom already bought me a new phone a year ago my father had his phone for almost 2 years and it broke just about 1 week ago and I cannot buy a phone for him because I'm just a 14 year old and I'm still studying and I don't work😔 I really want to win the iPhone for my dad I love him so much more than my life I don't anything bad to happen to him I would sacrifice my life so that he stays safe. Im actually from the Philippines because I am half DUTCH and half FILIPINO my father is from the Netherlands ❤️💖 ❤️I REALLY HOPE I WIN THE PHONE❤️

  22. Yan Vlog

    Yan Vlog36 分 前

    Lol I literally was half way through the video and know that was there mother 😂😂😂as she talk I’m like yea that’s there mom 😂

  23. vapory leonell

    vapory leonell36 分 前

    i would really appreciate

  24. Domennick Steepe

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  25. lenyrose lumbang

    lenyrose lumbang37 分 前

    "Iphone entry" "Done" Why? Because my mother doesn't have a phone so we can't communicate properly. If i win i will give that phone to my mother!. Philippines 🇵🇭

  26. vapory leonell

    vapory leonell37 分 前

    can i just have any phone

  27. IPops. acc

    IPops. acc37 分 前

    BRO I haven't watched yall in a long time !

  28. Domennick Steepe

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  29. hailey〉_〈

    hailey〉_〈38 分 前

    his ex and her ex should get together

  30. Jameson Vargas

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  31. MysticAround Avery

    MysticAround Avery39 分 前

    3:15 “oh what” Steve 🗣👂🏼

  32. Natalie Singleton

    Natalie Singleton40 分 前

    It is my DADS birthday 🎂

  33. jessica brett

    jessica brett40 分 前

    Omg that's so funny 😄😸

  34. LitzLitz

    LitzLitz41 分 前

    Name: Litzy Why? Let’s be honest here , I don’t have a reason , I don’t have some sad heartwarming/sad story or bc I want to give it to somebody as a gift , I just want to join this giveaway and hopefully , maybe win ! I hope you guys reach 20Million soon !

  35. Mrz Sen

    Mrz Sen41 分 前

    Her face look like an Asia girl 👧!!

  36. Paul Houston II

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  37. This Is LeeLee

    This Is LeeLee41 分 前

    He put the phone in the trash when did it get in the blue bowl??😶

  38. Malina Velez

    Malina Velez41 分 前

    Every body know that was finna explode

  39. lenyrose lumbang

    lenyrose lumbang42 分 前

    "Iphone entry" "Done" Why? Because my mother doesn't have a phone so we can't communicate properly. If i win i will give that phone to my mother. Philippines 🇵🇭

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    Name: Jakyla Why: Had this phone for over 3 years.

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    Love this so fricken much make more vids

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    Aryana Herrera44 分 前

    bla bla you guys are so funny and werid and i loved the song lil pump

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    Aykea Evans46 分 前

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  54. Andrie Thirdy

    Andrie Thirdy46 分 前

    yes ltcool

  55. Aryana Herrera

    Aryana Herrera46 分 前

    you guys are so amazing i love your videos exspeshily the one when marcas triked lucas by macking ievonte was preneke lucas asshley thoght ievonte was prenek.

  56. Crystallized Zone

    Crystallized Zone46 分 前

    Steve “ two million dollars “ lol

  57. Pranav Ghuge

    Pranav Ghuge46 分 前

    I phone entry Done @@@💙💙😍💓💛💛💛 Because: m️y Android mobile cracked is not working properly and I never used iphone love you Lucas and Marcus User name: Pranav ghuge 💙

  58. rex belarmino

    rex belarmino47 分 前

    steve's laugh is killing me

  59. Londyn Vasquez

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    Wesley Edwardson47 分 前

    No way are you kidding me

  61. Kayden Brown

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    Bikeboi Vlogs48 分 前

    Breakin’ in and enterin’ homie That’s a crime

  63. Patrice Machio

    Patrice Machio48 分 前

    When I am bored I always watch all Marcus and Lucas videos

  64. Niamh Perry

    Niamh Perry48 分 前

    Do you ever look through the comment section and say I WiSH I wRoTe tHat

  65. Wesley Edwardson

    Wesley Edwardson48 分 前

    Bru that so dope

  66. K Gilchrist

    K Gilchrist48 分 前

    Marcus you have to prank Lucas

  67. Victor Renteria

    Victor Renteria48 分 前

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  68. Crystallized Zone

    Crystallized Zone49 分 前

    “ One year free lifetime” that dose not make sense

  69. Samira Salissou

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    Actually it’s bored in the house

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    Anna Swift49 分 前

    He cute Soo 💕💕

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    This video is me at home because of the karona virus 🦠. Just watching tv 📺 with my brother.

  72. aniix 28

    aniix 2851 分 前

    4:50 what happens to Lucas hair

  73. Juana Bautista

    Juana Bautista51 分 前

    I hop is Dami is ok New

  74. xx .edits. xx

    xx .edits. xx51 分 前

    “Phone entry” “Done” Why: bc when me and my family were travelling from Northen Ireland to England we booked into a hotel in Scotland and someone broke into our car stole everything valuable they stole thousands of pounds and the police never found them and we never got our money back they stole my mum and dads phone (me and my sister never leave our phones) and we didn’t have enough money to move anymore and the hotel let us stay until we could move which took 2 years for us to actually move and we’re now poor

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    He is one of the people that was in all ur vids and half of the person that made u guys famous JPgors 😭

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    Ely Foo II56 分 前

    Acting that she is sleeping, not bad

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    Feel so bad he is ur like triplet brother 😟♥️😭

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    Yo u guys play pubg u will never be bored

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