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Falcon | Marvel 101


ヶ月 前

Who is Red Guardian?
X-Men OR Fantastic Four?
  1. Emeka Iyke-azubogu

    Emeka Iyke-azubogu22 時間 前

    This guy might be the biggest troll in Marvel history I would say in all of 2020 but the Rona got that on lock

  2. Fauwaaz

    Fauwaaz22 時間 前

    "I think we're in the Endgame Now"

  3. Norbert Villas

    Norbert Villas22 時間 前

    is that Hawkeye?

  4. TITANMAN251

    TITANMAN25122 時間 前

    0:53 Spider-Man!

  5. Kishore Kumar

    Kishore Kumar22 時間 前

    Just popped here in my quarantine...

  6. Aurelia Moore

    Aurelia Moore22 時間 前

    This is amazing and I would so love this to be a series

  7. Mike Wijsevelde

    Mike Wijsevelde22 時間 前

    This is what drugs feels like in the 80's

  8. damien anderson

    damien anderson22 時間 前


  9. damien anderson

    damien anderson23 時間 前

    Stan would be rolling in his grave utter disrespect for those that dug the well utter trash no wonder marvel dc are in trouble

  10. DarthSpiderMaul 2001

    DarthSpiderMaul 200123 時間 前

    I wish they used the music in this trailer as The Avenger's main theme.

  11. The Afro SamuraiXZ

    The Afro SamuraiXZ23 時間 前

    Who’s still here after Endgame!

  12. Jinu Lee

    Jinu Lee23 時間 前

    정말 이 노래는 최고다! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 위 아 그루트 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. Priyanshu Srivastava

    Priyanshu Srivastava23 時間 前

    For those who are saying corona is like thanos remember there was a team whom the world called the Avengers they defeated thanos.

  14. Priyanshu Srivastava

    Priyanshu Srivastava23 時間 前

    For those who are saying corona is like thanos remember there was a team whom the world called the Avengers they defeated thanos.

  15. Priyanshu Srivastava

    Priyanshu Srivastava23 時間 前

    For those who are saying corona is like thanos remember there was a team whom the world called the Avengers they defeated thanos.

  16. Taurus Dragon

    Taurus Dragon23 時間 前

    okay, cool.

  17. B.Roberts

    B.Roberts23 時間 前

    I cant stop laughing 😂

  18. Vivek Reddy Medapati

    Vivek Reddy Medapati23 時間 前

    Hope Tony lives

  19. Vivek Reddy Medapati

    Vivek Reddy Medapati23 時間 前

    Long live tony

  20. Carter Hult

    Carter Hult23 時間 前

    You guys down to huff some internet gas behind the school on Thursday

  21. sur baptist

    sur baptist23 時間 前

    It's a good thing this guy created a character called safespace because pretty soon he is gonna need it.

  22. Vivek Reddy Medapati

    Vivek Reddy Medapati23 時間 前

    Remembering the intial days after this trailer released


    KING_FDG1919 GAMING_KING23 時間 前

    Im sad when iron-man is deas😭

  24. lv702fully

    lv702fully23 時間 前

    This corny crap!

  25. mud slinger

    mud slinger23 時間 前

    LOL Marvel, you just keep SAVING me money! Especially in these current times, I appreciate that ;)

  26. Lenard Regencia

    Lenard Regencia23 時間 前

    "This meme is already nothing but a memory".

  27. JonatasMonte

    JonatasMonte23 時間 前

    No way the thumbnail is real, it looks like something out of "Avengers, a Telltale story"

  28. Tray Jack

    Tray Jack23 時間 前

    Seeing more dislikes than likes gives me hope that we can save our generation

  29. Jenny Sparkz

    Jenny Sparkz23 時間 前

    Exposure to Radiation, no problem. Bitten by a radioactive spider, sure why not. Doused in multiple electrified chemicals, TWICE!!!, seems legit. "Exposed to experimental internet gas"..... " WTF ???? I'm going to BEAT the stupid out of you"....Stan Lee and planet earth, thanks me for my service.

  30. kim 90

    kim 9023 時間 前


  31. zarich michael

    zarich michael23 時間 前

    this is the stupidest thing ive ever heard

  32. Googly Studio

    Googly Studio23 時間 前


  33. Crazy tech 7

    Crazy tech 723 時間 前

    Plz draw ironman🙏

  34. Lou Sunny

    Lou Sunny日 前

    This is offensive...

  35. Scotty V

    Scotty V日 前

    This is great Thanks Marvel

  36. camos

    camos日 前

    Jonah Jameson: HaHAHAHA... You’re serious?!

  37. imkluu

    imkluu日 前

    I love Spider-woman, but this cartoon was crap.

  38. Nymphomaniac

    Nymphomaniac日 前

    I’m not so sure, but I think that pink guy is non binary

  39. Mangogh Felser

    Mangogh Felser日 前

    I came back to say, NO.

  40. Epic minecraft dot Net

    Epic minecraft dot Net日 前

    Bring back Tobey maguire to marvel! Who wants the original spider man back bring back Tobey maguire!!!! On spider man 4

  41. Rathish S

    Rathish S日 前

    1:45 that's how my girlfriend climbs up on me😅

  42. Ball Of slime

    Ball Of slime日 前

    4.1k people got hit with the experimental internet gas

  43. msanioura

    msanioura日 前

    Now I know why there's no spider woman 🤦‍♂️it's so disappointment

  44. Jett Wyatt

    Jett Wyatt日 前

    When this trailer came out it gave me the chills

  45. Paris Thalheimer

    Paris Thalheimer日 前

    So I'm not impressed by this comic. Here's what turned me off to this comic book 1. Magic Backpack 2. Internet gases 3. The names of the characters 4. Their appearance What I didn't bother me at all, but feel will turn others away: all the Woke things the creator crammed into this comic book.

  46. John Presnell

    John Presnell日 前

    Nancy Wilson is a superhero.

  47. hale hortler

    hale hortler日 前

    trailmix has a magic unending lunchbag, her nemesis is type 2 diabetes

  48. Mansoor Ahmad

    Mansoor Ahmad日 前

    "Evacuate the city" 'Engage all defences" "And get this man a toilet paper!!"

  49. Dareks

    Dareks日 前

    I just want to say something: Infinity war is better

  50. Reedified

    Reedified日 前


  51. Polex411

    Polex411日 前

    lol thats awesome

  52. tanmake pro

    tanmake pro日 前

    I miss you iron man 😭

  53. PL4Y3R0M3GA

    PL4Y3R0M3GA日 前

    stan lee just turned in his coffin

  54. Squishasaurus Rex

    Squishasaurus Rex日 前

    Maybe the rest of the gardians

  55. Squishasaurus Rex

    Squishasaurus Rex日 前

    Please do more videos like this they are awsome!!!

  56. Raihan Reja

    Raihan Reja日 前

    Thanos can do half of the universe by spreed CORORA , His no need 6 infinity stones.

  57. Tony Flynn

    Tony Flynn日 前

    I much prefer d Chris Evans as the human torch...much , much cooler super powers in fact C. America is a bit lame by comparison ...and if he says " I can do this all day" one more time.....GRRRRH!!!

  58. Proxima

    Proxima日 前

    First shitty new characters, now this? This is just too much destruction of Stan Lee's legacy Now i hate marvel thank u to the fucktards responsible smh

  59. SamBoy115

    SamBoy115日 前

    Man i miss this show so much.

  60. Vitabrick Snailslime

    Vitabrick Snailslime日 前

    Tom of Finland would've done a better job.

  61. Taylor Duda

    Taylor Duda日 前

    wtf? none of this is correct

  62. Ivan Lira

    Ivan Lira日 前

    Let's admit it, you have to be creative to do something so ridiculous.

  63. Knight of Arkronia

    Knight of Arkronia日 前

    I imagine that this could be potential Marvel Mash-Up material!

  64. Fabricio Araujo Discher

    Fabricio Araujo Discher日 前

    🇧🇷 Sou apaixonado pela mulher Aranha 🥰👉🏻🕷️🕸️👍🏻

  65. George Harakas

    George Harakas日 前

    I hope Google picks this video for the 2020 rewind. Please make Kibblesmith the host.

  66. Derek Spencer

    Derek Spencer日 前

    Another whaman movie😂😂😂😂

  67. opie mogijenner

    opie mogijenner日 前

    what happened to her beautiful face ? this is so sad but that her choice 🥺

  68. GamingSpreeYT _98

    GamingSpreeYT _98日 前

    *I Had String's But Now Im FREE* *There Are.. No String's On Me*

  69. J D

    J D日 前

    Well...If all else fails, being in New York City, one can always go hunting for rats whilst rummaging through the trash cans. Bring your BBQ sauce.

  70. SSGoku 71

    SSGoku 71日 前

    Captain America can break through cuffs

  71. J D

    J D日 前

    Gain a new "insight" as a Freelancer!?!? Are you serious??? NOBODY cares about your comic jobs at all...people are getting sick and dying..and trying to pay bills and take care of families. Get out of NYC and stay with your family. You are SO totally out of touch with reality! Both of you. Come out to New Mexico for a "reality check." Geez!!

  72. Alex Yarusso

    Alex Yarusso日 前

    it’s been 2 and a half years and i still get chills every single time i come back to this trailer

  73. davi jr98

    davi jr98日 前

    Captain marvel story was like a classisc story and little kid superheeo This is different

  74. J D

    J D日 前

    When you feel empty and alone when seeing the empty streets...and desperate...and so much more pressure than any of us lower people can possibly understand....just realize that everyone is taking your advice...and s***ing on d***s. The jobs you have st MARVEL are miniscule... compared to the Drs, Nurses, Military personnel. How about making a respectful Comic about that?

  75. SSGoku 71

    SSGoku 71日 前

    This doesn’t happen in the first avenger Oh wait

  76. Felipe Castro

    Felipe Castro日 前

    Good job Daniel, you united everyone to hate one thing.

  77. Rashid Ali

    Rashid Ali日 前

    Hello injoy

  78. kikz bichain

    kikz bichain日 前

    Promoting anti values like beign fat and unhealthy, beign an introvert with a weak unhealthy body, is not creating heroes by any means, this the very decadence of our society, wtf...

  79. Gansta

    Gansta日 前

    When I look at the actors, I see their character before the actor

  80. The Great Brandino

    The Great Brandino日 前

    Jeff and Billy were already dead when she finished talking



    hears purple guy me: let me guess he killed six kids

  82. Edwin Diaz

    Edwin Diaz日 前

    Love the background music!!!

  83. Tuke

    Tuke日 前

    Those costumes are so ugly

  84. Thatcher

    Thatcher日 前

    there's so much cringe from this it would kill me faster than the pandemic

  85. Jordan Stilts

    Jordan Stilts日 前

    Yo, I’m thinking Yelena will take over as Black Widow or Natasha will have like a clone or something.... but that’s just my theory.

  86. AK

    AK日 前

    Can anyone please explain -- when the interest rates go down..

  87. ManiacXVII

    ManiacXVII日 前

    Just scrap the whole thing, Marvel. It sucks. Badly.

  88. Ahron Neil De Castro

    Ahron Neil De Castro日 前

    May I mention, I'm not that upset but you forgot the spiderman homecoming in the last part of the video

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  90. oli

    oli日 前

    Sponsored by Soylent

  91. Dave O

    Dave O日 前


  92. seml8670

    seml8670日 前

    My favorite Deadpool story

  93. John Harris

    John Harris日 前

    Marvel you need to stop! Your company is killing itself with the stupidity factor of all this.

  94. Ron

    Ron日 前

    how do you not include the werewolves shooting lasers from their hands or whatever.

  95. J

    J日 前

    April fools?

  96. Josue Guillermo Martinez Torres

    Josue Guillermo Martinez Torres日 前

    Nice silk top

  97. Livid

    Livid日 前

    The characters, fat useless Dora, google boy, offensive non-binary number 1, offensive twin number 2, and emo. Fantastic job marvel I’m sure everyone is gonna love and not at all hate these characters

  98. MrGabrielJude

    MrGabrielJude日 前

    Social Justice League Wonder Twin powers... activate... We said activate!... We said.. ah hell nvm.

  99. Aoun Abbas

    Aoun Abbas日 前

    Well I like spiderman more than spiderwoman, sorry marvel...

  100. Existential Crises

    Existential Crises日 前

    NGL im only hyped for this because of teddy. And he's the antagonist so. This should be good.