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Loki | Marvel 101
Yondu | Marvel 101
  1. Broken Blade

    Broken Blade12 分 前

    So is this gonna be something we can buy and play at home or something at Disneyland or something?

  2. Juan Laise

    Juan Laise15 分 前

    Infinity War>>>>>>>Endgame.

  3. Gaby Sanchez

    Gaby Sanchez21 分 前

    Tom Hiddleston and Bradley Cooper are missing

  4. andres reto

    andres reto21 分 前




    Is spider man gonna meet the punisher in the mcu

  6. Rishem Bhogal

    Rishem Bhogal28 分 前

    I miss the hype...

  7. Dalton Boardman

    Dalton Boardman32 分 前

    Is this set on Earth 1048?

  8. Rafsan Khan

    Rafsan Khan35 分 前

    Modern technology


    PUBG LEGEND53 分 前


  10. criznoll. ml

    criznoll. ml54 分 前

    is this canon to the mcu storyline

  11. Jamie Dore

    Jamie Dore56 分 前

    This movie is after over a year since release, still 10 times better than Star Wars Episode VIII.

  12. Juan Peña

    Juan Peña57 分 前

    I am iro man

  13. Gumdrop Gůmmi

    Gumdrop Gůmmi時間 前

    Watching this is just adding salt to the wound.

  14. Abhishek Gangan

    Abhishek Gangan時間 前

    What kind of animation is this.looks pleasent

  15. Sara Jett

    Sara Jett時間 前

    Oh there you are Perry!!

  16. Dalton Boardman

    Dalton Boardman時間 前

    I have no knowledge of Kamala or Ms. Marvel at all but I already find her more interesting than MCU's Captain Marvel whose just...bland.

  17. krisp215

    krisp2152 時間 前

    Why does Gambit have a wooden staff in the cover art?

  18. broken yolk yolk

    broken yolk yolk2 時間 前

    Wait if the inhariters are scared to attack because cosmic spider Man then how did splice attack

  19. Phil M

    Phil M2 時間 前

    A Kree.

  20. K0XX0K

    K0XX0K2 時間 前

    Is a really good film when give you nostalgia too early

  21. Katherine Lynch

    Katherine Lynch2 時間 前

    Cindy might just be my favorite Spider-Person, and easily made her the most relatable one for me personally. Spider powers make for a surprisingly useful extended metaphor for mental illness. Here's a young woman from a loving family, who made the mistake of trying to get rid of what made her different instead of accepting her for everything she is. She's disconnected from the world with no real friends, and botches nearly every relationship she tries to form, then isolates herself further out of shame. People see her as a little kid in a woman's body, and range from unintentionally condescending to giving her more fuel for her self-hatred. There are days when she's convinced that she is a total failure, that she'll never succeed as a hero or as a normal adult, and that the only person she can talk to is her therapist. (Side note: I'm very happy that there's at least one therapist in the Marvel Universe who is not a super villain).Yet she powers through all of it, and comes out the other side a stronger person. She accepts that these things will always be part of her, but she herself deserves some happiness, surrounded by loved ones who are proud of her and and work with her to become a better, more rounded person. If Silk can do it, then why not me?

  22. JaeSoN Captain

    JaeSoN Captain2 時間 前

    I love wolverine. ❤. Good luck everybody ✌👍

  23. TheSteelWarrior 2019

    TheSteelWarrior 20192 時間 前


  24. Vikas Kakar

    Vikas Kakar2 時間 前

    Nice and so cool

  25. PrynKya

    PrynKya2 時間 前

    Is it me or is Daisy looking somewhat weird this season. It kind of looks like she has fake teeth. Her teeth look too big for her mouth, maybe she lost too much weight. It keeps throwing me off.

  26. Kai Kai

    Kai Kai3 時間 前

    OMG FINALLY!! I’VE READ ALL DA COMICS, I’VE WATCHED THE WHOLE SHOW, AND I’M READY! (mostly ready for my brother to criticize the logic...=_=) Also, is Victor Mancha (however u spell his name..) gonna be in it..? Is dat Morgan LeFey, or Nico’s great grandma, like in one of da comics..?

  27. gdc615

    gdc6153 時間 前

    I still love this😢

  28. Ganesh Jagtap

    Ganesh Jagtap3 時間 前

    We also have nuclear 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Martin Okondu

    Martin Okondu3 時間 前

    Best MARVEL comedy ever

  30. gdc615

    gdc6153 時間 前

    Best movie trailer ever

  31. Running Perez

    Running Perez3 時間 前

    no blade wtf

  32. Usama Aziz

    Usama Aziz3 時間 前

    Coulson : Who are you? Thor : Pointbreak.

  33. Matias Emanuel

    Matias Emanuel4 時間 前

    I would like a devastating spin off series with Yondu and Stallone, it would be great

  34. Sadman

    Sadman4 時間 前

    J O K E R

  35. illuminachos

    illuminachos4 時間 前

    2:24 bro really just stood there letting Thor wind up his olympic swing

  36. Strider Xanthos

    Strider Xanthos5 時間 前

    So who’s hyped for Ms Marvel in Square Enix Avengers?

  37. Daniel Jaek

    Daniel Jaek5 時間 前

    Daniel Jaek

  38. The Darknight Detective

    The Darknight Detective5 時間 前

    Hell yeah he's back, bub.

  39. Adam Idrizi

    Adam Idrizi5 時間 前

    this is probably the least satisfying gameplay i have ever seen

  40. Dynamic entry

    Dynamic entry5 時間 前

    It's gone...reality is often disappointing

  41. LiL_TrollS Yt

    LiL_TrollS Yt5 時間 前

    thank you for touching my soul brother👊

  42. NinjaaBrian2 21

    NinjaaBrian2 215 時間 前

    This is strange

  43. C.L. Mueller

    C.L. Mueller5 時間 前

    hands down future foundation spiderman suit because of the contrast of black and white. But the classic is the most stylish for me with the red and blue.

  44. Aleks Maciejko

    Aleks Maciejko6 時間 前

    Anyone watching after endgame?

  45. Tig Ger

    Tig Ger6 時間 前

    this movie was wayyyy over hyped

  46. FooKinAye

    FooKinAye6 時間 前

    OH HELL YEAAH! I love Black Man and Iron Panther!!

  47. GUNN3R25 Gaming

    GUNN3R25 Gaming6 時間 前

    Does anyone else think that this film was better than endgame ?

  48. Officer Cops

    Officer Cops6 時間 前

    Who came After watching endgame

  49. Phantom Films

    Phantom Films6 時間 前

    Just watching this trailer two long years later brings back so many memories oh my gosh

  50. B Things

    B Things6 時間 前

    I get that it's referring to the game as a whole, but the "may contain content inappropriate for children" disclaimer before a short video of literally one of THE most kid-friendly Marvel characters just seemed kinda weird to me 😂

  51. Wise Guy

    Wise Guy7 時間 前



    KYRA WEAVER7 時間 前

    cute hack

  53. Gaurav Mishra

    Gaurav Mishra7 時間 前

    What was that? A movie?

  54. Ratsman

    Ratsman7 時間 前

    anyone here after bigil trailer to see the likes?

  55. The News Of Marvel And DC

    The News Of Marvel And DC7 時間 前

    Hi Marvel, I really like your videos, although I would like you to have subtitles in different languages, such as Spanish, since your channel is world famous and there are many who do not know English, thanks

  56. Juan Alvarado

    Juan Alvarado7 時間 前

    What the hell did you do to hulk 😂😂

  57. Rasith Ahamed

    Rasith Ahamed7 時間 前

    Eny tamil vj fans🔥🔥🔥

  58. Rasith Ahamed

    Rasith Ahamed7 時間 前

    Enu tamilg vijay fand 🔥🔥🔥

  59. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise Alex8 時間 前

    Cosplayers ASSEMBLE!! :D

  60. sarath ganesh

    sarath ganesh8 時間 前

    Who are all came to see after bigil trailer like ahh podu🤘

  61. Dark _lv

    Dark _lv8 時間 前

    what?! thats all?

  62. GODemon13

    GODemon138 時間 前

    The real Wolverine's dead. The X-Men are nothing but a bunch of clones now.

  63. Faisal khaN

    Faisal khaN8 時間 前

    Miss you RDJ

  64. Aadesh Osare

    Aadesh Osare8 時間 前

    This concept resembles the movie ready player one. 😝

  65. Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko8 時間 前

    That botox face though... she was so sad

  66. Ajees 07

    Ajees 078 時間 前

    Who is here after bigil trailer.......soon bigil destroy endgame trailer views visay Anna mass🐿️🐿️😆😆 ipdiyae ovvaru trailer laiyum comment pannunga prands

  67. Artur Pal

    Artur Pal8 時間 前

    The best :)

  68. x LatinAssazzin

    x LatinAssazzin8 時間 前

    It funny how people say black panther is the first black marval super hero so I'm guessing cyborg is not black or static shock

  69. Frank Morrison

    Frank Morrison8 時間 前

    Hopefully minus the dumb af heated claws...

  70. All Mighty

    All Mighty9 時間 前

    Marvel good animation is On Disney Plus Shame Chris Yost and Craig Kyle are not at marvel anymore while that idiot Jeph loeb and Court lane are

  71. YuGo

    YuGo9 時間 前

    Wolverine >

  72. All Mighty

    All Mighty9 時間 前

    As Long as Dan slott is on Iron man I will never read it again

  73. goluthedevil

    goluthedevil9 時間 前

    X Men,X Force and solo series,all written by different writers,so just business as usual for Marvel's favourite Cash Cow

  74. Anubhav Arya

    Anubhav Arya9 時間 前

    I miss those days,when i was so hyped tht i stopped doing things which can cause harm tht i can watch endgame...

  75. Benjamin Moya

    Benjamin Moya9 時間 前

    I remember the first time I saw this trailer was in the morning, getting ready for another 7th grade day. Now I’m a freshman and can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years! The nostalgia!!!!Long live the Avengers!!!

  76. vinlethal1

    vinlethal19 時間 前

    Such a lame character. Doesn't deserve the push. Push Storm or rouge.

  77. shreya singh

    shreya singh9 時間 前

    why noy for india yr... india is a huge fan of MCU... WHY DONT U UNDERSTAND MAN!!!...

  78. the weirdo of weirdness

    the weirdo of weirdness9 時間 前

    I just realize black panther looks like bat man with his cape on

  79. JUANSE

    JUANSE9 時間 前

    love marvel ❤

  80. Timothy Hinds

    Timothy Hinds10 時間 前

    Rocket is a god lol

  81. Si va

    Si va10 時間 前

    Waiting 👶👶👶

  82. Timothy Hinds

    Timothy Hinds10 時間 前


  83. Jade the Doggo

    Jade the Doggo10 時間 前

    Ok, I now people don’t like this movie but how does it have a lower audience score than Uglydolls?!

  84. super game

    super game10 時間 前

    Can anyone join my channel ❤💖

  85. Sans undertale

    Sans undertale10 時間 前

    Wait isn't modok in charge of aim

  86. Start & End

    Start & End10 時間 前

    A new game of virtual reality seriously you kidding me AND now you say may be some day SWORD ART ONLINE Would really going to happen.

  87. Deepak is here

    Deepak is here10 時間 前

    Is star wars belongs to Marvel?

  88. J L

    J L10 時間 前

    "you guys are so funny, come on" bruh they ain't funny lmao

  89. Jason Peter Todd Red Hood

    Jason Peter Todd Red Hood10 時間 前

    Doctor: it’s ok Low Poly Hulkcan’t hurt you he’s not real Low Poly Hulk: *1:01*

  90. Joshua Taylor

    Joshua Taylor10 時間 前

    Endgame came out almost 6 months ago and this is still the best movie trailer I’ve ever seen.

  91. Brent Dreher

    Brent Dreher10 時間 前

    When it said Wolverine is back, I was hoping it meant for season 3 of the Podcast

  92. Durloni

    Durloni10 時間 前

    Mr Scorcese, the cinema is changing!

  93. Kaan İnal

    Kaan İnal10 時間 前

    Still the greatest trailer,edit 👌🏻

  94. hungry Wolf98

    hungry Wolf9810 時間 前


  95. kushal chaudhary

    kushal chaudhary10 時間 前

    What is this a movie trailer or anything else....!

  96. Web-Slinger Productions

    Web-Slinger Productions11 時間 前

    For people who aren't reading recent comics, he was already back in comics for a while but now he gets his solo series back. Btw he died once again in House of X but Jonathan Hickman introduced that mutants can now revive dead mutants with a clone body and a backup mind from Cerebro with the help of combined powers of mutants in Krakoa

  97. Arun R

    Arun R11 時間 前

    Thalapathy Movie Like ..!!!!!!!! 1.9


    SELİN ATMACA11 時間 前

    1:15 that’s literally me when a teacher Who doesn’t know me says who are you😂😂 probably my answer to the maths teacher tho

  99. Ignite AfricaTV

    Ignite AfricaTV11 時間 前

    We survived Thanos only to come back to this Trailer... Whatever it Takes✊🏽

  100. Alex Pich

    Alex Pich11 時間 前

    my mind doesnt understand why there is over 1 THOUSAND DISLIKES!