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  1. Angel C

    Angel C14 秒 前

    More like whitw trash...... Sorry but i know two white tweekers.....trailer park hilbillies... They treat people better, have bigger hearts, pay taxes, and dont scam or lie.... One goes to church lol when tweekers have better morals and conscience. Lol granted.... Lotta tweekers are scandalous.....

  2. Mya Vlogs

    Mya Vlogs21 秒 前

    And who said the trending list is boring..?

  3. Kevin Kee

    Kevin Kee33 秒 前

    Can CNN hire news anchors and hosts with I.Q's above 80? It might help...

  4. RockStriker 1

    RockStriker 136 秒 前

    Funny this video came out the same day Bernie hit 1 million contributors 😅, nice try CNN!

  5. Liam McCarthy

    Liam McCarthy39 秒 前

    It looks like a bird

  6. Wayne A. W.

    Wayne A. W.42 秒 前

    Reminds me of Eddie Murphy "dressed up" in White Face lol which is FUNNIER!!!!

  7. Christopher Wilcox

    Christopher Wilcox58 秒 前

    Saw something like this in New Mexico. Saw it with my own eyes will never forget it.

  8. Gerald Higdon

    Gerald Higdon分 前

    Who knows how much money has been spent over several years on the war on drugs. I don't know does it look like it's working. Sounds like another money scheme to me.

  9. 良樹 千葉

    良樹 千葉分 前


  10. Ibrahim Azmi

    Ibrahim Azmi分 前

    0:21 - 0:38 1:15 - 1:30 1:48 - 2:22 4:52 - 5:15 2:32 - 2:43 5:15 - 5-26 7:18 - 7:24 7:50 - 8:01 13:33 - 11:42 2:06 - 2:21 14:35 - 15:24 3:21 - 3:41

  11. DjCole100

    DjCole100分 前

    Yes we believe you are dumb enough to say something inappropriate to a foreign leader because you have already done so.and continue to do it. can't believe you think that we-er that dumb to take you at your word Putin lover. can't wait to see you on the chopping block.

  12. Shermuhammad Burgutboev

    Shermuhammad Burgutboev分 前

    Breaking news: smb said smth. Wow fredo being fredo

  13. Taylor Martinez

    Taylor Martinez分 前

    Please tell me the robber got shot to death by police

  14. Marko Garcia

    Marko Garcia分 前

    Gotta love the lefts double standard: Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman(his exwife), Democratic Gov Rapph Northam, and now Justin Treudau have all done blackface and still have jobs and respect from liberals... Megyn Kelly just mentions it and loses everything...🧐

  15. Florida Panhandle Gambler

    Florida Panhandle Gambler分 前

    CNN sucks

  16. Akela DeWolf

    Akela DeWolf分 前

    The 2nd Amendment is the only thing that protects the Bill of Rights.

  17. Ryan Dickin

    Ryan Dickin分 前

    Oh Canada How this fool is making you look more and more ridiculous on a daily basis. Has Canada become the joke of the world because of this guy??

  18. Dick Burns

    Dick Burns分 前


  19. Hawkzblade

    Hawkzblade分 前

    So will all the kids wearing an *orange* face on Halloween be called racist.

  20. Tam

    Tam分 前

    People do really have to lighten up a bit. Excuse the pun.

  21. Susan Harkema

    Susan Harkema分 前

    Can't wait to see this film!!

  22. Neal Frost

    Neal Frost2 分 前

    He would only do good for himself

  23. maximusthecannabist

    maximusthecannabist2 分 前

    I've seen a bunch of these at 4 am while loading up my truck for work they fly in groups.

  24. khoi

    khoi2 分 前

    UFO doesn’t necessary mean Aliens, just an unidentified object. Could be anything

  25. sparkzz

    sparkzz2 分 前


  26. Glenn V

    Glenn V2 分 前

    Oh boy, another fake news mainstream media nothingburger in the making. How exciting!

  27. Wade B

    Wade B2 分 前

    The only reason the Gov is interested is because UFO's seem to be evading taxes.

  28. pat moorer

    pat moorer2 分 前

    CNN sucks .oops red flag for me

  29. shooter4hire shooter4hire

    shooter4hire shooter4hire2 分 前

    What a stupid fucking idiot she worked for what she has .....if she can't see that then then she deserves to loose everything

  30. Kawaii Panda

    Kawaii Panda2 分 前

    September 20th bois

  31. Daniel August

    Daniel August2 分 前

    These are not UFOs. These are USA top fighting machines defying the laws of physics. Of course the government will say they are UFOs. Watch out china, we will kick your ass all the way back to your rice bowls. Watch out Russia, you won't be alive for another bite of chicken Kiev and to Iran we will make you the 51st state of the United States of America.

  32. FuckILoveYouTubby

    FuckILoveYouTubby2 分 前

    Looking forward to the crack induced comments on this one.

  33. Morgan Dodd

    Morgan Dodd2 分 前

    Men And Women disassociated, and frustrated. Andrew do appear The money come, no one in fear Here friend, sit with me and have a beer. -Former Republican & #Yangster - ME

  34. Northern

    Northern2 分 前

    When a Liberal does it....dark face makeup, harmless bit of fun A Conservative does it, full on Al Jolson Blackface, they must step down, lose their income and die No bias here.....fake news

  35. Michael Williams

    Michael Williams2 分 前

    Trump is a traitor a crook and a racist a**hole. Impeach him already!!!

  36. Karl Braun

    Karl Braun2 分 前

    Bernie is stuck on stupid, if he actually believes, that he has any chance to be POTUS.

  37. John Doe

    John Doe3 分 前

    FOX= Full of Xenophobes

  38. Flying Dutchman

    Flying Dutchman3 分 前

    Fuck yall 👏🎸

  39. Zachary Kosove

    Zachary Kosove3 分 前

    UFO doesn't mean aliens

  40. Some Nigga

    Some Nigga3 分 前

    using this tactic to attract more people to use those alien weapons against us. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

  41. white rite

    white rite3 分 前

    racist, globalist, traitor, criminal, thief, hypocrite, un/eu shill

  42. markj6700

    markj67003 分 前

    Don't buy it.

  43. Charlie hustle

    Charlie hustle3 分 前

    Buttcare. The miraculous health plan where you pay a $5000 deductible for everything. Coming to a city near you. Make sure to fill out your Buttcare Enrollment form so that you get your official Buttcare membership card which you'll probably never use because you don't have $5000. But who cares?

  44. Ben Morgan

    Ben Morgan3 分 前


  45. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet3 分 前

    You can`t have private and public plans offering the same thing. The insurance industry will do their best to take all the healthy people and leave the sick ones on the public plan. It won`t work.

  46. NintenDaft

    NintenDaft3 分 前

    Omg it was 2001!!! Times where different it was just a costume

  47. Jerry Collins - Texas Outdoors and Motorcycle Roads

    Jerry Collins - Texas Outdoors and Motorcycle Roads3 分 前

    ...So maybe it is the Whistle-Blower who Trump is going to shoot on Fifth Avenue and get away with it ?

  48. Turki Kaboha

    Turki Kaboha4 分 前

    Aliens people, chill

  49. coateskylie

    coateskylie4 分 前

    Making my comments on CNN even though I’m Canadian because the Canadian broadcasting company or Cbc does not allow comments on its JPgo platform Because Canada does not have the freedom of speech in its country Trudeau apologizing that’s what he’s done for the last four years Black face sexual harassment all given heartfelt apologies by this Canadian Prime Minister

  50. Hildebeast Clinton

    Hildebeast Clinton4 分 前

    Freebies for the least productive! Another Democrat strategy to destroy the country.

  51. Moderately Rebellious

    Moderately Rebellious4 分 前

    “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” - Ronald Regan 1987 @ the UN

  52. Uli Neunektar

    Uli Neunektar4 分 前

    If anyone is insecure about your color, hair, body , face, this person has a psichological problem, this is insecurity, your personal perception of world is not shared by the other people of world. It is a stupid conversation, these people get laid somehow ? As a matter of fact, right now, CNN has 4 lawsuits from black people for surpresding blacks from getting paid and equally position in their firm

  53. michael li

    michael li4 分 前

    The present legal government system is from the British Colonial system, design to control HK & its people.

  54. Forster Stewart

    Forster Stewart4 分 前

    Second amendment is our Constitutional right. An ar15 IS THE MOST COMMONLY OWNED... BETO IDIOT...not common...duh its uncommon....veto you are a joke what a stupid remark. Every time you open your pie hole you show your ignorance of guns...weapons of war...ar15 is a semi automatic rifle you obviously don't know what that means. No army today would go to war with a semi automatic rifle. Assualt rifle...a rifle doesn't assault you. People can assault you. Animals can assault you. Next we will have assault knives, screwdrivers,vehicles and so on. Universal backgrounds will not make Americans safer. A legally possessed gun in hand will make Americans safe. You just want a hit list of type of guns Americans own, where they are and who ownes them for ease of confiscation. Well kiss my American ass you communist pig. WE ARE A FREE AMERICA AND WILL FOREVER REMAIN FREE BECAUSE OF OUR GREAT FOUNDERS OF FREEDOM THAT WROTE AND SIGNED THAT CONSTITUTION..GOD BLESS AMERICA AS SHE STANDS. TRUMP 2020 !

  55. Quixotic Indiscipline

    Quixotic Indiscipline4 分 前

    Sounds like this bitch (Burnett) wants us to go to war... Neither Iran or N.Korea pose a threat so shut the fuck up, the US is the real threat.

  56. Iceancientx

    Iceancientx4 分 前

    I liked the area 51 shit but theres gonna be only 1 person at area 51 cuz now everybody know aliens r real the other millions r at home chilling prolly not I'm prolly just a pussy.

  57. MrLougarou1000

    MrLougarou10004 分 前

    314 likes vs 2,200 dislikes You're doing something wrong, idiots.

  58. Amar 94

    Amar 944 分 前

    I wonder why post this video on the 19th lol usa government is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  59. xSaturrn

    xSaturrn4 分 前

    There we go, now they gave us a reason to go to and take the aliens from Area 51.

  60. Creek Walker

    Creek Walker4 分 前

    If it's fake news as he claims, then release the details of the complaint.

  61. Wade B

    Wade B4 分 前

    It's Russian!

  62. alpha leonis

    alpha leonis4 分 前

    Ha but I already knew UFOs were real since 2010. The moment you see a luminous orb in broad daylight roughly 30 feet away your view of the world changes

  63. Akela DeWolf

    Akela DeWolf5 分 前

    My Barrett, self identifies as a toaster, good )

  64. sunrize601

    sunrize6015 分 前

    This is actually about multiple instances, not one. The information is supposed to go from the IG to Congressional oversight. The acting (political) DNI doesn't go to the DOJ to figure out how to block the information. The IG knows the law and his job. The IG states in two separate letters that this is extremely serious, urgent, fits the criteria and needs to go to Congress. He states that the DNI and DOJ are not only out of line but failed to notify Congress as it Law. This Administration are full of criminals.

  65. Nicholas Pogson

    Nicholas Pogson5 分 前

    5:47 Damn right Tulsi there is no excuse!!!

  66. igormicro

    igormicro5 分 前

    i be training my naruto run

  67. MrTaco

    MrTaco5 分 前

    We know they are real cause it wouldn't make sense if we are the only people in this universe.

  68. Alex Night

    Alex Night5 分 前

    Oh Jezz CNN 😩😂

  69. D Estes

    D Estes5 分 前

    What is she smoking. People are judged on their statistical probability of being a criminal.

  70. Devin Hashemi

    Devin Hashemi5 分 前

    why is shit like this AWAYS in low quality in 2019??? BS that's why.

  71. American Terrorist

    American Terrorist5 分 前


  72. Robert Vongartzen

    Robert Vongartzen5 分 前

    👤 Did you ever read his poetry he's a wack job in one poem he states he likes running over kids with a car!!!! He's needs a psychological evaluation he's a paranoid schizophrenic!!!! A real nut case

  73. Kawartha Thunderbox

    Kawartha Thunderbox5 分 前

    He no being outed 3 times for this during different periods ,, he's a serial racist

  74. Ron Wuerch

    Ron Wuerch5 分 前

    Breaking News...O My God You People Will Never Learn.

  75. American Terrorist

    American Terrorist5 分 前


  76. malik sabir

    malik sabir5 分 前

    he is lion

  77. Hildebeast Clinton

    Hildebeast Clinton5 分 前

    Giving handouts to the least productive members of any society is the way to destroy it and Democrats know it.

  78. joey hesse

    joey hesse5 分 前

    Breaking the law to cover for a corrupt president OVER AND OVER AGAIN! How many times are we going to put up with it? We know Republicans and his supporters dont care what crime he commits. They're willing to make up shit themselvs to defend him even though it makes them look like even bigger fools.

  79. Robert Yegikyan

    Robert Yegikyan5 分 前

    I think this video is fake just because the government is scared that that raid will happen so they set out this video so people will say “oh it is real” and leave it alone but I still feel that some people are gonna go through with it and find way more than what this video says or shows

  80. SUBforSUBsoWEall CanEat

    SUBforSUBsoWEall CanEat5 分 前

    Memes and serious minds and still some closed ones, if you know you know don’t waste time trying to explain time will reveal all

  81. Jeff Woods

    Jeff Woods5 分 前

    Like every dem a plan that will bankrupt America which, is exactly what these socialists want..

  82. Estevan Acosta 15615

    Estevan Acosta 156155 分 前

    How much y’all wanna bet that the pilot is an alien

  83. Wulfie

    Wulfie5 分 前

    "I'm not saying he should of killed her but I understand." Chris Rock. It's about fame.

  84. spaxxed

    spaxxed5 分 前

    He probably just needs another pure 8 ball and not one you buy from a black guy on the street corner. There usually just a little No-Doz and a lot of Ajax.

  85. Eric Claey

    Eric Claey5 分 前

    Sore loser Democrats still don't get it. Donald Trump is still the POTUS and no amount of leftists lies and slandering are going to change that fact. Trump/Pence 2020.

  86. Dick Burns

    Dick Burns6 分 前


  87. HooHoo ZAIR

    HooHoo ZAIR6 分 前

    They come back for area 51 aliens

  88. Brian Scholl

    Brian Scholl6 分 前

    My Liberal nieghbor disagreed what color the sky was 10 years ago with my other nieghbor who is black.....the racist Liberal needs to be condemned!!! LOL!!!!

  89. paedma

    paedma6 分 前


  90. Daniel Chen

    Daniel Chen6 分 前

    Trump's secret phone call: "Please, please, Boss Putin, I have already broken NATO, weakened US armed forces, made nice with N Korea, lowered sanctions on Russia, and kissed your ass, repeatedly, on the international stage. Please let me have the pee pee tape!"

  91. iniya

    iniya6 分 前

    the history channel is gonna love this

  92. Thank You For Your Cervix

    Thank You For Your Cervix6 分 前

    Chelsea prefers BBC.

  93. David Cope

    David Cope6 分 前

    I’m a constitutionalist come to Wyoming and try that shit.

  94. Gold Clap

    Gold Clap6 分 前

    😁😁😂😁😎😎, you are not wasting my time!!!

  95. jacobrocks7

    jacobrocks76 分 前

    How does this fcuker not resign?

  96. Jamiul Ahmed

    Jamiul Ahmed6 分 前

    Bernie lives rent free inside the heads of all these corporate shills

  97. studfindingball

    studfindingball6 分 前

    Buttman should have gone with a single payer payroll tax FUND for the nation's hospital bills. Primary care and drugs out of pocket BUT with a calendar cap. Up front funding, keep your doctor, and illegals gotta pay in too. It's not rocket science.

  98. Dking Strok

    Dking Strok6 分 前

    All who want it. Yess!!! Get it right libtards.

  99. Ron Wuerch

    Ron Wuerch6 分 前

    Because That Is Where The Left Wants Him Just Like 2016.

  100. Osmar Castillo

    Osmar Castillo6 分 前

    Maybe Gavin is on that ship