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  1. Eddie Solis

    Eddie Solis2 分 前

    “If it’s nice. I buy it” Ima live like that.

  2. Iona Nery

    Iona Nery5 分 前

    SO HOT. Sooo hot!

  3. Anisa Romano

    Anisa Romano6 分 前

    He looks like Corky Thatcher.

  4. Sean Samus

    Sean Samus7 分 前

    thats yankee stadium not a bridge

  5. aintnomeaning

    aintnomeaning7 分 前

    Trax' breakdowns ares awesome!

  6. Violet W

    Violet W7 分 前

    why am i so attracted to him GOD



    What's the beat used at 2:20 ?

  8. Max McQueen

    Max McQueen10 分 前

    Did GQ intentionally make the video 4:20

  9. BABYFACE Diego

    BABYFACE Diego11 分 前

    Y’all killing me with the teeth comments lmao lol but these dudes are forever legends and solidified. There’s was a peak where every coast had to show Dipset love and juelz was supposed to be the future and for a short period of time, he was. It’s sad that he underachieved because he was favorite rapper in the early to mid 2000s but they were definitely icons and trendsetters

  10. Jamila Mohamed

    Jamila Mohamed11 分 前

    NA-RU-TO isn’t rlly hard to pronounce.... Jesus

  11. Valen Alvarado-Lorrin

    Valen Alvarado-Lorrin12 分 前

    Tottenham Hotspur

  12. Kanishk Anand Sharma

    Kanishk Anand Sharma12 分 前

    The professional boxing question was the lamest I have heard in any of these GQ undercover vids.

  13. Rory Vesper

    Rory Vesper12 分 前

    not putting Flint Lockwood in the list is a crime SHAME ON YOU

  14. Diego Lombardi

    Diego Lombardi14 分 前

    Ojala siga produciendo muchisimos porque es un BRUTO

  15. King Cruz

    King Cruz14 分 前

    I T S P I N S

  16. sunnymoney187

    sunnymoney18715 分 前

    I think the whole industry lowkey knows Takeoff has the best chain in the game

  17. Em Em

    Em Em18 分 前

    Looks like human shrek

  18. Azriel Cana

    Azriel Cana18 分 前

    Did anybody else notice 5:07 😂😂 Who is that?

  19. Jackson Hall

    Jackson Hall20 分 前

    #1 answer his heart

  20. Rexana Wong

    Rexana Wong23 分 前

    Rami: I find the piano very therapeutic me: your voice is therapeutic

  21. Lyndi Wittmann

    Lyndi Wittmann23 分 前

    It's like ASMR putting me to sleep.

  22. Jalyn Corzine

    Jalyn Corzine23 分 前

    can we get joaquin phoenix on here THANKS

  23. Azam The Great

    Azam The Great24 分 前

    “I’m DJ Khaled, father of Asahd” -DJ Khaled, father of Asahd

  24. Xavier Thomas

    Xavier Thomas24 分 前

    I could watch this all day

  25. Miya Nezuko

    Miya Nezuko25 分 前

    2:30 he go to heaven

  26. Tobias Price

    Tobias Price25 分 前

    make the spaceship part spin!!!!!

  27. Daddy Trae

    Daddy Trae26 分 前

    Nip slip?

  28. Best Beer

    Best Beer30 分 前

    A new idea for the Oscar figurine: Just paint Terry in gold, I bet - every self-respecting actor will want this.

  29. Dave Lopez

    Dave Lopez30 分 前

    A three stroke engine???? Hahahahahaha!!

  30. Yung Bork

    Yung Bork32 分 前

    Watch guy was more entertaining

  31. FLmetalhead

    FLmetalhead36 分 前


  32. Swagdawg333 Suh

    Swagdawg333 Suh37 分 前

    He’s kinda cringe

  33. Raul Lopez

    Raul Lopez38 分 前

    Is it weird that he didn't flex as much as I thought he would

  34. AP82

    AP8238 分 前

    Did Ben Baller do the chain...

  35. Alex Walker

    Alex Walker39 分 前

    I don't get the hype. It's the same "I'm funny because I'm Chinese and nothing else" shtick in every single role he's in.

  36. Bentlei Gaming

    Bentlei Gaming39 分 前

    I have your shirt

  37. Chthonian121

    Chthonian12144 分 前

    Murda Beatz takes the wigger of the year award for 2019

  38. Ol' No Name

    Ol' No Name44 分 前

    Surprised about how chill his personality is

  39. Vinod Vinu

    Vinod Vinu45 分 前


  40. liluzivert*

    liluzivert*46 分 前

    5:08 neither of them niggas is uzi

  41. bryan diel

    bryan diel51 分 前

    Keanu is cool enough as it is, those bikes makes him more badazz!!!

  42. David Juarez

    David Juarez52 分 前


  43. N M

    N M54 分 前

    I knew this guy was legit when I saw the toothgap 💯

  44. Ol' No Name

    Ol' No Name55 分 前

    Agin like fine wine

  45. Alexey Bakh

    Alexey Bakh56 分 前

    Chef is a man of a few words.

  46. T Pain

    T Pain56 分 前

    Cuban hates meetings *Also Cuban* :is at a meeting

  47. Ishbu101

    Ishbu10158 分 前

    Wait, he's Irish?

  48. Lauren Martinez

    Lauren Martinez59 分 前

    JPgo putting this on my recommended:) 2014:no 2015:still no 2016:i said no 2017:nooppee 2018:nah uh 2019:you know what let's give it to her

  49. bitbitboi

    bitbitboi時間 前

    - J Balvin: "This is not to show off." WHAT, YOU JUST DID.

  50. Ol' No Name

    Ol' No Name時間 前

    I wonder what he’s gonna do when his wife has his second son like who’s father will he be then

  51. Baby Bean

    Baby Bean時間 前

    I can’t stop seeing Andrew

  52. somerandom

    somerandom時間 前

    Guess playboicarti doesn’t exist

  53. ignacio oropeza

    ignacio oropeza時間 前

    Lil uzi chain, Is a rosery

  54. Isaac Nicasio

    Isaac Nicasio時間 前

    didn’t 69 rob this goofy

  55. Samuel Camarillo

    Samuel Camarillo時間 前

    Was that leaf a reference to True Faith? 🤔


    NRJN VLOGS時間 前

    lmfao 5:08 thats not uzi

  57. LBBH Brandon

    LBBH Brandon時間 前

    One of the best actresses out there. SUPER, super talented. ❤️

  58. Sav Copeland

    Sav Copeland時間 前


  59. Snakebite_savage YT

    Snakebite_savage YT時間 前

    I just finished learning about the periodic table...and he talking about elements and alloys....

  60. gl pd

    gl pd時間 前

    I’d still hit it bruh

  61. MsMichelle026

    MsMichelle026時間 前

    People are stooooopid for thinking she was a he 🤣🤣

  62. Superwomen_

    Superwomen_時間 前


  63. Austin long

    Austin long時間 前

    Ice cube was bowman in cod

  64. Alli Nicole

    Alli Nicole時間 前

    I really want to like his personality but he's always talking so loudly and it makes me anxious. :'(

  65. Killa Koz

    Killa Koz時間 前

    @TraxNYC I Believe everyone might think the yrn on the other pendant & not on the rocket ship! I see what your talking about though 💯☮💰📽✔Anyone one else that likes real gold reviews press the Hashtaged Blue word below, find #9, or #8, #7, on down💯 thank you on advance peace👍🏾👍🏽💫📲📱📳📽 #BROSKIFAMM

  66. Casey Towsley

    Casey Towsley時間 前

    Another celebrity with awful tattoos

  67. Abrantie Pono

    Abrantie Pono時間 前

    Anyone who looked up those comments in the vid

  68. Calvin Mobley

    Calvin Mobley時間 前

    Mystery Men is so underrated.

  69. Mitchel Tillman

    Mitchel Tillman時間 前

    “At the end of it, it was pretty sad” The end of Shippuden: Naruto and Hinata get married

  70. eddiefuentes02

    eddiefuentes02時間 前

    He isn’t that important. Acts like he is a political figure or something that brings value to this world other than music.

  71. dalton runyon

    dalton runyon時間 前

    can you do Lil Baby

  72. Dasery Ballesteros

    Dasery Ballesteros時間 前

    In the close ups he kinda looks like Channing Tatum 2.0 lol

  73. Caustic

    Caustic時間 前

    They would put a mid roll ad right before uzi 😑

  74. Ian Parsons

    Ian Parsons時間 前


  75. The Distressed

    The Distressed時間 前

    Don’t diamonds depreciate?

  76. Bsharporbflat

    Bsharporbflat時間 前

    Sesquicentenial is the 23k $ word

  77. Chrissy Of Oldstones

    Chrissy Of Oldstones時間 前

    He’s brilliant. I just love him

  78. readyone4fun

    readyone4fun時間 前

    No one cares

  79. Gilberto Mendoza

    Gilberto Mendoza時間 前

    Cardi should do asmr again

  80. makeuploveculture

    makeuploveculture時間 前

    don't feel bad Luke, I have fat feet too! family and friends know me by the one with fat burrito feet. Yeah......and I wear a size 6 1/2 womens it's stupid

  81. makeuploveculture

    makeuploveculture時間 前

    I use spf 100

  82. XXx Cayden

    XXx Cayden時間 前

    I’m sorry but doesn’t everyone eat for a living

  83. Shane Taylor

    Shane Taylor時間 前

    U should of done 69 and Rihanna and drake and do Kevin Gates permanent flooded grill or more of Paul wall and his jewler Johnny Dang

  84. Zach Desatnick

    Zach Desatnick時間 前

    The single most useless essentials list of all time

  85. Hassaneepoo

    Hassaneepoo時間 前


  86. Brasen Agung

    Brasen Agung時間 前

    Kamu tau bahasa?

  87. Mr Perfect

    Mr Perfect時間 前

    This R kelly situation is sad those teenage girls got violated and America lost the King of RnB

  88. Anna Gertsacov

    Anna Gertsacov時間 前

    The fourth musketeer was fp it was said in the episode

  89. Logan Williams

    Logan Williams時間 前

    Sunshine was fantastic

  90. Stiven Mp

    Stiven Mp時間 前

    Well the future is yours bryan, and the corned beef. Of course

  91. Hassaneepoo

    Hassaneepoo時間 前

    so if he doesn’t have any of these he’ll die or smfin

  92. Mauricio Fretes

    Mauricio Fretes時間 前

    take a shot every time he says staple

  93. Steve Harrington

    Steve Harrington時間 前

    I'm so happy I met him at FanX

  94. Idek

    Idek時間 前

    “Kylie is a girl” Travis: *f a c t s*

  95. Ricia Brown

    Ricia Brown時間 前

    Jason Arasheben, are all of those diamonds truly "flawless"?

  96. Ab Cd

    Ab Cd2 時間 前

    not much for eye contact is he

  97. Young Chigga

    Young Chigga2 時間 前

    Wow, just watched the whole video, this man knows how to keep ya interested!

  98. Ricky Ricky

    Ricky Ricky2 時間 前

    Liked before watching my boy trax

  99. Liam Manak

    Liam Manak2 時間 前

    What about the movie Sleepover!!! Now that is iconic haha


    SR SPATULA2 時間 前

    Solo los calsetines de anuel valen mas que toda mi ropa que sad 😞