MoneyBagg Yo
MoneyBagg Yo
MoneyBagg Yo



2 年 前

MoneyBagg Yo - MODE
  1. itsmackenzyy

    itsmackenzyy日 前

    Who else like Moneybagg yo 👇🏽 I'm gifting my next 10 subscriber

  2. Melysa B

    Melysa B日 前

    I can’t take what MoneyBagg is saying seriously since he has like 10 baby mamas

  3. brandonxzombie

    brandonxzombie日 前

    .75x makes it sound harder

  4. Rob G

    Rob G日 前

    Strait to da jet & I'm gon'.land inna new time zone. Yeah dats how u miss dat bulls#!+..& keep dat MONEYBAG%MONEYBAGG

  5. Ashante Jones

    Ashante Jones日 前

    This goes hard no cap i swer for the real reals this song is not for the play play

  6. Annmarie Davis

    Annmarie Davis日 前


  7. RussianNu

    RussianNu日 前

    How did London feel about this🤔?

  8. 컵시피

    컵시피日 前

    It ain't money bag yo either

  9. Melanin Drii

    Melanin Drii日 前

    THIS GO SO HARD 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. IROBB Artist

    IROBB Artist日 前

    this video lowkey nauseating



    ?? 1:12 ❤❤? ???

  12. Melanin Drii

    Melanin Drii日 前


  13. Melanin Drii

    Melanin Drii日 前

    CAN YOU GUYS SUBSCRIBE TO MY JPgo CHANNEL ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 -i really appreciate it

  14. Saundra Jeanne

    Saundra Jeanne日 前

    I love moneybagg yo 🥰💯💯🎯

  15. Dee Breezy

    Dee Breezy日 前

    This shit so hard and speaks facts at same time! 💯👏

  16. Jajaun Freeman

    Jajaun Freeman日 前

    Haha Black youngsta went stupid On here brah 🔥🔥

  17. Kenzie1524

    Kenzie1524日 前

    Lil baby would fit perfect onna remix

  18. Been Raw

    Been Raw日 前

    Dis shid STILL HARD AF

  19. Tivon Reid

    Tivon Reid日 前


  20. SBM Jayy

    SBM Jayy日 前

    Damn bag still don’t got a mil subscribers

  21. Slaughter G

    Slaughter G日 前

    My guy was hurt he was crying when a man cry ohhhhh man

  22. Mista Blaze

    Mista Blaze日 前

    Money💰🔥🔥 stay killin shit n from I hear dat whoa whoa,u kno Future gon snap 🔥 🔥

  23. K Wick

    K Wick日 前


  24. jasminenoel42

    jasminenoel42日 前

    This shit hard

  25. Austin's Awesome Adventures

    Austin's Awesome Adventures日 前

    Sometimes i winder if the weight of the jewelry rapoers were layer upon layer create aches through out the day from wearing them for long periiods if time. Big rock rings included

  26. Esker Taylor

    Esker Taylor日 前

    123 let's go!!!;

  27. Jason Lagan

    Jason Lagan日 前

    I click on it when I see Fredo... #bangman

  28. Im Purity

    Im Purity日 前

    This guy is taking things by the head

  29. Luca Brasi

    Luca Brasi日 前

    youngstaa went last for a reason

  30. Elias Gomez

    Elias Gomez日 前


  31. C

    C日 前

    “Bitch you played” “you tried it” ? Gay lingo

  32. Mlk Savage

    Mlk Savage日 前

    Fredo Thuggin He Ain't Pussy. I Fucc With YB the 💪 way but he Done Let Fredo get a bag. He taking care his killers to. But he AIN'T FUCCIN WITH YB

  33. butti fdft

    butti fdft日 前

    Plot twist: She played him for those bills

  34. Tyright Tyright

    Tyright Tyright日 前

    Like if future blessed the mic this song

  35. Mi'Angel Robinson

    Mi'Angel Robinson日 前

    Memphis is the house!!!!!

  36. Elijah peete

    Elijah peete日 前

    Cant stop listening this that🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. tragik183

    tragik183日 前


  38. złodziej węgla

    złodziej węgla日 前

    2:36 moneybagg has such a cute face lmao

  39. Queen Fish

    Queen Fish日 前

    Wait! Moneybag yo getting to the bag 🤭

  40. mellotance Bad company

    mellotance Bad company日 前

    Jah know this shit is the hardest shit... This beat built for youngsta in every way and money bagg carry those fire bars with him

  41. Mitchell Smith

    Mitchell Smith日 前

    I hate trap..but ths shit is ill

  42. Dria B

    Dria B日 前

    “Why u ain’t say it then wait till I leave send text messages” 🤔 my fuckin baby daddy does that shit 🙄

  43. Tiffe Smith

    Tiffe Smith日 前

  44. Javen Moore

    Javen Moore日 前


  45. Travis Hughes

    Travis Hughes日 前

    Memphis fucking shit up..

  46. Devin smoke

    Devin smoke日 前

    The song ticks⏰🔥

  47. Unsatisfied Bots

    Unsatisfied Bots日 前

    “She wanna ride in the rover, I told ha her Uber was closer”🤣🤣🔥

  48. D G

    D G日 前

    Who know this girls instagram?

  49. Allissa G

    Allissa G日 前


  50. Allissa G

    Allissa G日 前

    Damnnnnn 2020 wasn’t ready

  51. Relax music

    Relax music日 前


  52. Alquadious Butler

    Alquadious Butler日 前

    Ion think mf's realize how this nigga just snapped🎩

  53. ManMan 300

    ManMan 300日 前

    N 2020 Witt It 🔥

  54. Glenn Bracy

    Glenn Bracy2 日 前

    Anybody know where to cop any of these jackets they too hard 😬🔥??

  55. youngboss24able

    youngboss24able2 日 前


  56. T M

    T M2 日 前

    It was all a dream

  57. Reel Shooterz Media

    Reel Shooterz Media2 日 前

    Yoooo!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  58. Logs01

    Logs012 日 前

    “Last name rich, first name not Roddy” Dammnn

  59. Amonzo Osby

    Amonzo Osby2 日 前


  60. antinique brazy

    antinique brazy2 日 前

    My last name is Rich my first name not Roddy😂😂 this song go hard asf🔥🔥 now time for lil baby and lil tjay should do a song together

  61. Feddie Want Millions

    Feddie Want Millions2 日 前


  62. Generette Glover

    Generette Glover2 日 前

    Excuse my French I talk my shit ..🤓

  63. Davonta Dixon

    Davonta Dixon2 日 前


  64. BoobieGotJuice

    BoobieGotJuice2 日 前

    Ari Brought My Ass Here ‼️‼️‼️

  65. AveCouture

    AveCouture2 日 前

    Money Bagg really the feature on this track he raps for a good 10 seconds. Anyways Tha Bang Man killed this track 🔥🔥🔥

  66. Joey Nino

    Joey Nino2 日 前

    Moneybagg droppin 🔥 back to back albums

  67. Supa Spamz Mobi

    Supa Spamz Mobi2 日 前

    Clapping up booty fuck niggas off the plane, 🤒

  68. mourtada anne

    mourtada anne2 日 前

    Big bag yo🎃🎯

  69. The Shorters Unfiltered

    The Shorters Unfiltered2 日 前

    When she started clapping at him I felt that🥴

  70. JDogg 901

    JDogg 9012 日 前

    Tell bag get up wit me

  71. ThompDaGreat215

    ThompDaGreat2152 日 前

    Blac Yongsta hot on the calm

  72. T Bennett

    T Bennett2 日 前

    I need a joint album from them

  73. Travon Jackson

    Travon Jackson2 日 前

    Last name rich first name not roddy, too hard

  74. BrainPuzzlah

    BrainPuzzlah2 日 前

    "Yo mami ain't have me p**** @$$ ni***" 😂😂awww man thats my dawg mane

  75. R4K3 D14M0ND

    R4K3 D14M0ND2 日 前

    Who's the big booty baddie?

  76. Lexi Bleu

    Lexi Bleu2 日 前

    This shit slap 💔👌🏼

  77. Asia Bee

    Asia Bee2 日 前

    All his shit sound the same

  78. Ashley Johnson

    Ashley Johnson2 日 前

    Love your music.

  79. Lorr Marquez

    Lorr Marquez2 日 前

    🖤MoneyBagg Yo.

  80. Lisa Merdy

    Lisa Merdy2 日 前

    Money bag yo or Drake? Who came first?

  81. serdy ximi

    serdy ximi2 日 前

    This is how many times the camera spun in a circle 👇🏾

  82. Maria Shaw

    Maria Shaw2 日 前

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  83. J Deezy

    J Deezy2 日 前

    You talked that shit boy. You killed this one

  84. Kels Stewart

    Kels Stewart2 日 前

    By far my fave besides ... pistol by the bed and 1,2,3 !!!

  85. Sherrick Cousins

    Sherrick Cousins2 日 前

    Last name ricch first name not roddy

  86. Vertical Yetti

    Vertical Yetti2 日 前

    This song is underrated asf🔥

  87. FlackoJo Gaming

    FlackoJo Gaming2 日 前

    Who tryna still Moneybagg shit tho?😂

  88. Pankie Pankie

    Pankie Pankie2 日 前


  89. Joshua Hidalgo

    Joshua Hidalgo2 日 前

    Nah he did Scottie pippen dirty

  90. Cartier Da Don

    Cartier Da Don2 日 前


  91. Saucy XR

    Saucy XR2 日 前

    Lamar from gta 5 lookin ass

  92. Beezy gang

    Beezy gang2 日 前

    Who went harder on this song like if Moneybagyo ft Lil baby in comment if Gucci main ft Meek mill🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. John Morris

    John Morris2 日 前

    Lil baby 🍼

  94. xxxjoejoe

    xxxjoejoe2 日 前

    I just knew dababy was going to spazz

  95. 904 mud brother

    904 mud brother2 日 前

    Man this hard...

  96. Dylan Reichner

    Dylan Reichner2 日 前

    Anybody else think he sound like Gates

  97. TGUWOP

    TGUWOP2 日 前

  98. Antwon45

    Antwon452 日 前

    Remind me of Whoop that trick! #HustleNflow🤔😅

  99. Sade Tulloch

    Sade Tulloch2 日 前

    Yes baby

  100. Isaiah Jaivam

    Isaiah Jaivam2 日 前