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  1. David Johnson

    David Johnson2 分 前

    Lebron : good job ky... I mean ... what’s this kids name?

  2. Shawn Lilo

    Shawn Lilo2 分 前

    Herro Kaboom

  3. Shawn Lilo

    Shawn Lilo2 分 前

    Heat Nation!!

  4. abdul smith

    abdul smith4 分 前

    THERE'S FINALLY PARODY IN THE NBA I can start watching again its been over 7yrs!!!!😀

  5. Roberto Villaluna

    Roberto Villaluna4 分 前

    Almost tore his right acl on the process, nice move

  6. Alex Hernandez

    Alex Hernandez4 分 前

    Why isn't dlo doing anything yo he's looking like a whole different person real shit needs to start playing like he used to

  7. Niko Love

    Niko Love7 分 前

    7:14 he earn a spot !


    TROLL KING7 分 前


  9. Niko Love

    Niko Love8 分 前

    No tucker?

  10. Lo 1X

    Lo 1X10 分 前

    Dude shorts looks like he belongs in the wnba

  11. TayMusiq

    TayMusiq10 分 前

    Would have been a 2 time all star by now in the east

  12. Simone Altrocchi: VERSUS

    Simone Altrocchi: VERSUS11 分 前

    He’s like the white bugged MyPlayer PG 3PT specialist in 2K

  13. D3nzay

    D3nzay11 分 前

    The lakers got Giannis?

  14. Noemyskillz

    Noemyskillz12 分 前

    This video was so long i thought i was watchn the whole game. . . Idk if i like this Lakers squad n imma Lakers fan

  15. Sam Vad

    Sam Vad13 分 前

    0:37 ball goes in as the best drops!

  16. john_blaze39

    john_blaze3913 分 前

    0:37 when trying to bully steph goes horribly wrong. Never underestimate those quick hands!

  17. MultiRKO100

    MultiRKO10016 分 前

    9:10 when you nut but she keeps sucking

  18. Stephen Yip

    Stephen Yip17 分 前

    oh my god, he is really good.

  19. Jordan Stevens

    Jordan Stevens19 分 前

    Might be LeBron's greatest cast of players in his entire career.

  20. Yo boii Deefrmnfl

    Yo boii Deefrmnfl20 分 前

    All this without Lebron playing... this scares the shit out of me🤔😭

  21. Riis Roulette

    Riis Roulette22 分 前

    Javale mcgee with the no look pass

  22. Unknown Complex

    Unknown Complex23 分 前

    The Recipe during the end :)

  23. Ace Wu

    Ace Wu25 分 前


  24. jiggy drt

    jiggy drt27 分 前

    Where's LeBron they up more then 10 points!!?

  25. IAmGroot2121

    IAmGroot212128 分 前

    Imagine being the best team in the nba then losing kd and getting beat by the lakers without LeBron or AD

  26. OhGeeGanksta

    OhGeeGanksta28 分 前

    The kid can and will shoot, that's for sure.

  27. xFlow777

    xFlow77728 分 前

    curry's gonna have to play 40 minutes every night at least, if they have any hopes for playoffs

  28. Manav DSR

    Manav DSR30 分 前

    Kuzma looks like a kid beside AD

  29. Hugo Balbuena

    Hugo Balbuena31 分 前

    Unfortunately, my warriors look like a college basketball team🤦‍♂️😩; I don't know why they lost so many good players. I don't like the team anymore. It looks like they are teaching college Rockies to be NBA players. That's s.u.c.k.s.

  30. shamus248

    shamus24834 分 前

    Jokes on yall. Its preseason. Doesn't count on his regular season totals

  31. iSHOOTthose

    iSHOOTthose35 分 前

    Funny how Lakers fans only show up when they win 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ but warriors fans don't even care, sad Laker bandwagon days

  32. 18magicMARKer

    18magicMARKer37 分 前

    wow Stockton is so bad on defense

  33. Rick Morty

    Rick Morty38 分 前

    seems like jokic has put on a few

  34. Zestea

    Zestea39 分 前

    Damn I was like 5 months old

  35. Notorious1503

    Notorious150340 分 前

    D'angelo might as well bring back the booty shorts

  36. DajuiceMain

    DajuiceMain40 分 前

    Did Lebron even play ??

  37. Yussuf Ali

    Yussuf Ali41 分 前

    This is LeBrone year 2020 🏆🏆🏆🏆

  38. Karen Blackman

    Karen Blackman42 分 前

    Omari spellman is trash!!!

  39. John Wilson

    John Wilson43 分 前

    That’s what u get wearing them short ass shorts... I swear everyone wanna wear high waters in the nba now.

  40. dave james faundo

    dave james faundo45 分 前

    The haters are not here there in the comment replies just lossers bro

  41. Mike

    Mike45 分 前

    Curry flexing on a lay up with no contact 😂

  42. fia esteban lara

    fia esteban lara46 分 前

    $AC LEGEND !!!!



    he blocks lebron with a game saving block...... now he's out of the team.. thats how knicks manage players

  44. Dany Ajmo

    Dany Ajmo48 分 前

    Thank God

  45. Ricardo Uyema

    Ricardo Uyema52 分 前

    Im confused, is Boogie still on the team?

  46. i 1

    i 152 分 前

    what yall think about lebron bowing down to china

  47. Black Crow

    Black Crow53 分 前

    This comment section is sad. So many ignoring it’s still just preseason and many players are missing from both sides. You’ll see how well both teams really hold up after all star break

  48. Ella Sorex

    Ella Sorex57 分 前

    Its amazing how reggie miller knows gasol would take three point shot.

  49. The city of edo

    The city of edo58 分 前

    La will have to get pass the rockets, nuggets, blazers and the clippers to make it through.

  50. Yarah Ban Yasharahla

    Yarah Ban Yasharahla時間 前

    I like this Heat team!

  51. Jerry Phillips

    Jerry Phillips時間 前

    Damn, the Nuggets got better with Grant and Porter. My Blazers got Whiteside and Bazemore but I think Grant and Porter will be better. Hope we don't see them this year in the playoffs.

  52. SpeedOfThought1111

    SpeedOfThought1111時間 前

    why isn't Bol Bol getting any minutes?



    Bootleg DLO got crossover good😂😂

  54. yikes butt

    yikes butt時間 前

    damn laker fans getting a field day now that they back up. Not even the best in LA lmao.

  55. Sad Heat Fan

    Sad Heat Fan時間 前

    my Hero 😍



    1:55 that Noel Block just nasty🔥



    Got em good🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. ItsME Israel

    ItsME Israel時間 前

    OSN bouta be talking Hella shit 😂



    MPJ going to be scary man



    Future MVP



    Ja's handles are insane

  62. The Truth

    The Truth時間 前

    NBA Awards........ Basically, a bunch of black athletes and the white wives with whom they share their black wealth.

  63. spliter227

    spliter227時間 前

    Laker fan but man Pels are looking good, can't wait until they meet

  64. prazertv

    prazertv時間 前

    "Bacon continues to sizzle" LOL



    His shooting stroke smooth asf🔥🔥🔥



    Kids too good man brought future

  67. MadTunerz413

    MadTunerz413時間 前

    Yall haters can talk shit and hate all u want but yall gotta admit the Lakers are looking hella good out there

  68. Zion Williamson better than lebron james

    Zion Williamson better than lebron james時間 前

    II hate both teams

  69. David Robertson

    David Robertson時間 前

    Is it me or javale and Dwight not even trnna block at the rim this game

  70. Brocky808

    Brocky808時間 前

    If Kostas is 60% of what Giannis is, and gets a decent amount of play time coming off the bench, then he will prolly have been the biggest steal the lakers could have gotten. Imagine you just got worked by LeBron then you think you catch a breather when he gets subbed out.. only to now go up against a fresh young Kostas.. damn..

  71. Suave Guyy

    Suave Guyy時間 前

    Portland was wasting Leonard talent I know it’s just preseason but he’s showing us a little something. The Portland fans said he was garbage!! And oh yeah I already knew Herro was gonna be this good Kentucky always has talent coming out that school..

  72. Mike

    Mike時間 前

    Zack Norvell broke Poole ass down like a lawn chair 😂. #lakernation 💪

  73. inquire me

    inquire me時間 前

    This kid is special, his team isn't great but he is transcendent

  74. JØNNY Xx

    JØNNY Xx時間 前

    DeMarcus cousins comin when we make it past first round easy money

  75. Gary the Boomer

    Gary the Boomer時間 前

    surprised LeBron didn't lick the bottom of the Golden State Warriors' boots!



    Sad that he only comes on on 4th quarters

  77. itstsmith

    itstsmith時間 前

    1:09 You know coach has gotta be happy with that kind of effort. Don't think he'll be starting early on in the season, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him make it there this year if he's healthy. Should be putting in work against 2nd lineups in the meantime.

  78. hellzworth yosoul

    hellzworth yosoul時間 前

    Gs need a big man

  79. jbruner17

    jbruner17時間 前

    Yo Tack, they only paying you 3 or 4 hundred K?? ...Why don’t you take over Gronk’s spot and cash in on Kraft’s big wallet?? You lining up in the tight end position and catching 5 or 6 catches a game when they are 3rd and short...crazy! Just jump up, catch the ball and go down after getting the first down while saving your knees bro! You helping the Patriots convert 5 or 6 first downs a game will surely earn you a 1 or 2 million each year to start out your career and your brand and endorsements will explode!!! (Plus, you only travel 9 or 10 times in the regular season!)

  80. souza putra

    souza putra時間 前

    I swear I thought the Greek Freak was playing for the Lakers for a second.

  81. william spencer

    william spencer時間 前

    Herro seems like in time he could be a star 😬 kid got alot of energy. Butler helps with exp and his threat 3-4 quarter; seems like he paces the game. I like the duo with bam. Don't sleep on the heat this year 😤

  82. Prophet Mufasa

    Prophet Mufasa時間 前

    20 on the lakers finna be a killer

  83. mm mm

    mm mm時間 前

    Giannis brother Stockton son

  84. SpeedOfThought1111

    SpeedOfThought1111時間 前

    "tallest two players in the NBA on the floor for the mavs right now"...i guess this guy forgot about Tacko Fall


    KING BUBBY時間 前

    I know I’m in the majority when saying I love the dynamic of these guys. They all keep it rather egoless when debating (not always) , can’t do anything except respect that friendship

  86. Saad S

    Saad S時間 前

    Kuzbass looks like a kid next to cousins and AD

  87. Sonny Halla

    Sonny Halla時間 前

    Its hard to watch.😞 (Im a warriors fan)

  88. mm mm

    mm mm時間 前

    can't wait to see tacko vs Lakers


    KING BUBBY時間 前

    Kenny: “What question marks the clippers got??” Mike “who gon protect that paint” Kenny: “...... mmkay...” 😂😂

  90. Marcus Weathers

    Marcus Weathers時間 前

    Finally The King speaks and in his infinite wisdom has clearly opened mouth and INSERT FOOT:......🤔 Despite James’ intent, his comments on Morey were seen as support of China. $$$$$_$__$$$. “Having just been in Hong Kong - on the streets & with the protesters - this kind of garbage is hard to take,” US Senator Josh Hawley tweeted. “LeBron, are YOU educated on ‘the situation’? Why don’t you go to Hong Kong? Why don’t you meet the people there risking their lives for their most basic liberties. LBJ says😁🤔 “This statement is unbelievable:?? ‘So many people could have been harmed’. By Daryl Morey daring to express sympathy for democracy? News flash: people ARE being harmed - shot, beaten, gassed - right now in Hong Kong. By China. By the Communist Party the NBA is so eager to appease.” “This is absolutely shameful,” Fox Sports’ Clay Travis said. “LeBron had a week to come up with what to say and he decided to rip an NBA executive who defended democracy. Turns out if you pay him enough LeBron won’t just shut up and dribble, he’ll defend communist dictatorships.” “Daryl Morey’s educational achievements: Has a B.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. from the MIT,” added Ryan Saavedra. “LeBron James’ educational achievements: High school diploma.”...ahhh duhhhh 🤔 King James under bus.. international Government policy and human rights moral issues pertaining to Countries are not information found in Slam Magazine 🤔 Let's all read up and get informed Before we "TWEET" anything ok!!!!

  91. GxFR4 11667

    GxFR4 11667時間 前

    Thought Boogie had an warrant?

  92. Just4commentchannel

    Just4commentchannel時間 前

    Morant gonna catch an NBA body soon...i feel it comin

  93. Tk Hannibal

    Tk Hannibal時間 前

    Antentokuompo fam got talent, younger bros are better or will be than Gianis, take that in....😎

  94. mm mm

    mm mm時間 前

    John Stockton son damn

  95. mm mm

    mm mm時間 前

    McGee is a beast

  96. mm mm

    mm mm時間 前

    if lakers win finals does cousin get a ring?

  97. Pokey Cottons

    Pokey Cottons時間 前

    6:35 Da wolves were feeling pretty good about their new teammate.

  98. Dathen Holley

    Dathen Holley時間 前

    NBA boring without Lebron..

  99. GezusGaming

    GezusGaming時間 前

    Warriors, we have a problem. Lakers bench players ballin on y'all

  100. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson時間 前

    We drafted smith over mpj.... jesus lol