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  1. Rat2019

    Rat201919 時間 前


  2. Ryan Sutherland

    Ryan Sutherland19 時間 前

    Ya highlights are trash 🗑

  3. Momo DaGod

    Momo DaGod19 時間 前


  4. Fevzi Acar

    Fevzi Acar19 時間 前

    Bu adam bir gün panyaya yapışacak gibi geliyor

  5. Adam K

    Adam K19 時間 前

    grant said okc was a sinking ship when traded lmfao

  6. Ramon Castro

    Ramon Castro19 時間 前


  7. Volo

    Volo19 時間 前

    god damn these thumbnails yoooo

  8. Rudy  Saucedo

    Rudy Saucedo19 時間 前

    jokic on that last highlight, shaqtin worthy

  9. Michael Ian

    Michael Ian19 時間 前

    Nowitzki is the Larry Bird of the 2000's

  10. Adam K

    Adam K19 時間 前

    okc would beat denver in a playoff series

  11. Marquis Cross

    Marquis Cross19 時間 前 check my new video out 🙏🏽

  12. dee dee

    dee dee19 時間 前

    Kobe didn’t show bron bron shit this game foh🤣

  13. Gabriel Lyles

    Gabriel Lyles19 時間 前

    1:11...damn that shit was nasty.😬😬😬

  14. Tech guy

    Tech guy19 時間 前

    Reggie Miller is so annoying shut up

  15. Hasani Houston

    Hasani Houston19 時間 前

    barrett looking good here

  16. Antonio LaMontagne

    Antonio LaMontagne19 時間 前

    No kemba no problem! JT an JB are balling. Gordon looking like his Utah jazz self again. Also, don't forget about kemba. Shhh, can't wait to see what we can do in the playoffs. #Celticsin4

  17. Johann Villanueva

    Johann Villanueva19 時間 前

    Luka magic baby

  18. TSM _justinthanos

    TSM _justinthanos19 時間 前


  19. Red Hood

    Red Hood19 時間 前

    Trae and Doncic are the future and the present. Respect for both

  20. Dill

    Dill19 時間 前

    Idc if he doesnt have a ring, Chris Paul is just a winner


    YALL NEED HELP19 時間 前

    Every time I see him he’s getting fatter wtf

  22. R I

    R I19 時間 前

    “OKC is a sinking ship.” -Jerami Grant after traded to Nuggets.

  23. Spike Shooter

    Spike Shooter19 時間 前

    refs really tried to screw the Celtics in the third and start of the fourth with the endless amount of fouls (seriously everytime the Wolves had the ball, a foul was inevitable for Boston) but we pulled away regardless and started the second half of the season with a win. Onto LA!

  24. Derek2k

    Derek2k19 時間 前

    INTENSE second video

  25. Anthony Walker

    Anthony Walker19 時間 前

    You didn’t have to do my boy pascal like that 😂😂😂

  26. Wise Guy

    Wise Guy19 時間 前

    Daniel Theis with 25 points?! Yeah the C's are coming into solid form now, should bode well for them into the playoffs. Nice to see Hayward doing well, too. And with Tatum and Brown this squad is great.

  27. TheBoxingReport

    TheBoxingReport19 時間 前

    Leading his team to second to dead last in the conference *clap clap

  28. PdoubleEWdoubleE

    PdoubleEWdoubleE19 時間 前

    Is this Oladipo’s first game back?

  29. aka flowmaster鲁迅

    aka flowmaster鲁迅19 時間 前

    3:02 New York defense in a nutshell 😂

  30. Edward Cullen

    Edward Cullen19 時間 前

    They did him dirty lol

  31. funkypluck

    funkypluck19 時間 前

    Hell Yeah!!!

  32. Gseric47

    Gseric4719 時間 前

    My goodness, that athleticism still hasn't left Thad yet. He can still get it done if people play defense on him.

  33. Y2Jericho

    Y2Jericho19 時間 前

    Games like this is when you realize how hard the Celtics will be to eliminate in the playoffs. They legitimately have 3 players averaging over 20 PPG and 5 guys who can score 20 on any given night with Hayward and smart.

  34. Black Shades Johnny Cage

    Black Shades Johnny Cage19 時間 前

    The Celtics are fucking nice no matter who in the line up I wouldn’t be shocked if they beat the bucks

  35. PdoubleEWdoubleE

    PdoubleEWdoubleE19 時間 前

    CP3 seems so happy during the postgame interview. Glad he’s the mentor for SGA and Schroeder.

  36. Joshua Johnson

    Joshua Johnson19 時間 前

    *CP3 AiNt aN aLl sTaR*

  37. FadeForClout

    FadeForClout19 時間 前

    Tatum nasty

  38. Parker Rost

    Parker Rost19 時間 前

    Zion gonna win rommie of the year

  39. Yohannes Aklog

    Yohannes Aklog19 時間 前

    Poor bradley beal dumbass wastin your talent atleast go to a decent team

  40. Gilbert Delpasen

    Gilbert Delpasen19 時間 前

    Tatum got a new back tat?

  41. Ricky Alfaro

    Ricky Alfaro19 時間 前

    Bro you post the best videos. God bless 😩🙏

  42. Goodnight gamer O6

    Goodnight gamer O619 時間 前

    Tatum has a bright future to be one of the best in basketball can’t wait to see what he comes out to be

  43. Mason

    Mason19 時間 前

    Haywards back

  44. Jefferson Guerra

    Jefferson Guerra19 時間 前

    Man im taking the Celtics against any team in 7 games idgaf

  45. Shmevin Matlalcuatzi

    Shmevin Matlalcuatzi19 時間 前

    cant believe the lakers waived cousins 🤦‍♀️😤

  46. Tenzin Namgyal

    Tenzin Namgyal19 時間 前

    I thought Drummond was Lebron

  47. Ethan Warner

    Ethan Warner19 時間 前

    Dlo for Wiggins, still can't believe it happened

  48. Lee S

    Lee S19 時間 前

    How do you like a taste of that "sinking ship" Jerami Grant?🤣

  49. Shmevin Matlalcuatzi

    Shmevin Matlalcuatzi19 時間 前

    cant believe the lakers waived cousins 🤦‍♀️😤

  50. j drayton

    j drayton19 時間 前

    I really think they underachieved

  51. Hassan Haulcy

    Hassan Haulcy19 時間 前

    Remember when ppl said brown wasn’t worth that money? Ah good times

  52. Carlos Teixeira

    Carlos Teixeira19 時間 前

    Luka genius

  53. Tanner Rienbolt

    Tanner Rienbolt19 時間 前

    I'm pretty sure there is still time on the clock how did you get this video up so fast

  54. McClutch 25

    McClutch 2519 時間 前

    Wait so nobody say Drummond smack Beal across the head at 0:56????

  55. Hassan Haulcy

    Hassan Haulcy19 時間 前

    I thought CP3 was washed doe? 🤔

  56. D. Torres

    D. Torres19 時間 前

    Steven Adams finally let out the beast inside him. 19 points, 17 boards, 4steals and 2 blocks🔥

  57. Jayton Woods

    Jayton Woods19 時間 前


  58. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith19 時間 前

    Jamal Murray aka “The overpay”

  59. Titanicsmith

    Titanicsmith19 時間 前


  60. Giovanni Lopez

    Giovanni Lopez19 時間 前

    I love this dude videos much love bro appreciate it 🔥🔥

  61. Titanicsmith

    Titanicsmith19 時間 前

    hell yeet

  62. jim focus

    jim focus19 時間 前

    Christopher pozingas is the real deal

  63. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith19 時間 前

    Two Bad Basketball teams

  64. Alex Lin

    Alex Lin19 時間 前

    10:15 Does anyone know who she is?

  65. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith19 時間 前

    😂 65 points going into the 4th.

  66. Aye Alecks

    Aye Alecks19 時間 前


  67. givenemTruth Son

    givenemTruth Son19 時間 前

    What has the NBA come to? It looks like they are trying to eliminate all players over 6'9, and also eliminate the reason to play defense.

  68. Roishod Smith

    Roishod Smith19 時間 前


  69. Midas Touch

    Midas Touch19 時間 前


  70. Marc Bibanga

    Marc Bibanga19 時間 前

    Had the Magic pretended they were playing the Lakers they would’ve played better.

  71. I Am Zay

    I Am Zay19 時間 前

    Collin out here just proving every1 wrong 💯

  72. E Nice Films

    E Nice Films19 時間 前

    House of Highlights always on point. Who needs ESPN for highlights...........🏆 Keep it up.

  73. Made Mane

    Made Mane19 時間 前

    Im a Magic fan and I still can’t understand why we let Sabonis and Oladipo go. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  74. adrian hernandez

    adrian hernandez19 時間 前

    Only bad thing about this video is when they show drake acting a fool.

  75. thatflame

    thatflame19 時間 前

    Lame form matters when you try to actually hoop he’d get that shot beat into next year

  76. Allen Jacob

    Allen Jacob19 時間 前

    Man Kobe went to work on Klay 😂. RIP Mamba

  77. William Miriklis

    William Miriklis19 時間 前

    Quack needs to get him a $100m contract with the nba he does not miss

  78. BlipBlop

    BlipBlop19 時間 前

    Pascal with 37! #wethenorth

  79. Queenmary Paio

    Queenmary Paio19 時間 前

    We well never forget you kode

  80. Doug Bushey

    Doug Bushey19 時間 前

    Kobe Bryant is shooting hoops in heaven now....God speed Kobe

  81. Ruminating15

    Ruminating1519 時間 前

    M. Kleber was filthy tonight.

  82. Di Dao

    Di Dao19 時間 前

    anyone find these announcers annoying?

  83. Locka Dončić

    Locka Dončić19 時間 前

    That's my dawg

  84. KRIS

    KRIS19 時間 前

    Lets go suns

  85. Andrey V

    Andrey V19 時間 前

    damn ya’ll doin Pascal dirty 😂

  86. OG Channel

    OG Channel19 時間 前

    Toronto fans are lit that shit is packed during a regular season game

  87. Junior Ath

    Junior Ath19 時間 前

    “A bunch of nothing” LOL

  88. Kennesaw's Best

    Kennesaw's Best19 時間 前

    I can fly because of this man thankyou Mr og franken foot for everything

  89. Juwan Dunbar

    Juwan Dunbar19 時間 前

    Gianni's winning back to back MVP💯🏆

  90. David Stewart

    David Stewart19 時間 前

    Man if they don’t get KD ass back on that damn team !

  91. gaming tryhard1245

    gaming tryhard124519 時間 前

    House of highlights to quick on these 🔥

  92. Clyde Cromey

    Clyde Cromey19 時間 前

    This is what happens when when you have Non NBA players judging the dunk contest. Are you kidding me?

  93. JuiceBDG

    JuiceBDG19 時間 前

    Oubre 👅💦😋😩

  94. Luke Nolan

    Luke Nolan19 時間 前

    6:12 can we talk about that pass btw

  95. Sanaify

    Sanaify19 時間 前

    is that coby white

  96. Dares Wit Alex

    Dares Wit Alex19 時間 前

    I’ve never been so early lol

  97. anu Nnaqi

    anu Nnaqi19 時間 前

    The dude is the new curry

  98. sauceitupgaming 23

    sauceitupgaming 2319 時間 前

    I was there

  99. Kuymarc

    Kuymarc19 時間 前

    Can anybody sign in on YT desktop?

  100. U Weird Bro

    U Weird Bro19 時間 前

    Thats not fair he just got on the team he's aging.