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Your Worst Enemy
Horrible DJs

Horrible DJs

6 日 前

Onision Is Bad

Onision Is Bad

11 日 前

Rare Insults

Rare Insults

12 日 前

My New Favorite Show
Most Badass Policeman
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Weeb Blacksmith

22 日 前

My Favorite Chef
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Science Is Dead

23 日 前

Extreme Animal Police
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Awful Horror Game
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Tiny Husband

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Billy Is Back

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Juicero Is Back

ヶ月 前

The Beast Inside
  1. JustJaguar

    JustJaguar11 秒 前


  2. Agent Pool

    Agent Pool16 秒 前

    I would of called the cops for harassment. Cart Narc isnt a real thing it's just harrassment!

  3. SW AX

    SW AX54 秒 前

    The biker is one of those "'im gonna ride my bike on the street because im better" bitch asses But of course the other guy is even worse

  4. Mike Jtcukenberg

    Mike Jtcukenberg分 前


  5. TheNarf11

    TheNarf11分 前

    *Looks like our nigga Charlie started pumping some iron*

  6. Karl Marx

    Karl Marx分 前

    This is papa johns start of the day reckoning

  7. Brotosaurus

    Brotosaurus分 前


  8. Charlotte Bongwater

    Charlotte Bongwater2 分 前

    ben shapiro off the shits

  9. Ronnie Ruble

    Ronnie Ruble2 分 前

    Some gods fall, most kings fail. But Vasiliy Kamotskiy will be remembered.

  10. Charlie McLegend

    Charlie McLegend3 分 前

    I heard neck damage noises


    JAZZ BLAST3 分 前

    Rip-off BTS

  12. SmileysgamingJR

    SmileysgamingJR4 分 前

    Still wanting for Davie504

  13. SmartAndStuff

    SmartAndStuff5 分 前

    In the thumbnail the light from the window made it look like he's trying to cover up a bald spot

  14. CM99501

    CM995016 分 前

    "Slapped his teeth through his ass hole." LOL

  15. Tombz77

    Tombz776 分 前

    I am as amazed and curious about this as you bro

  16. Game Mode

    Game Mode6 分 前

    When alien discover dead human for the first time

  17. Davis

    Davis6 分 前

    why are these people getting so defensive about putting their carts in the cart return!??!?!?!

  18. BeastyBoyz 3311

    BeastyBoyz 33117 分 前

    Rewind was just a watch mojo

  19. Armored Giant66

    Armored Giant667 分 前

    Trans people be like:

  20. Kyle Bishop

    Kyle Bishop7 分 前

    Seems like has probably suffered too many concussive blows to the head.

  21. ShoxGGz

    ShoxGGz7 分 前

    I feel so bad for Alex omg! How am I only just watching this 🤣

  22. Hashirama

    Hashirama7 分 前

    As a person who worked with carts this is satisfying. Lazy fucks act like they can't take 10 extra steps.

  23. Reid Chase

    Reid Chase8 分 前

    Charlie Shut the Fuck up so we can hear the damn video. Your audio is always waaaay up when you watch these playbacks.

  24. Booger Herrera

    Booger Herrera8 分 前

    To slap the steel penis off of Optimus prime ! Lmao 🙊😂

  25. sheen velegez

    sheen velegez10 分 前

    It's like Shaggy announcing he had killed God.

  26. the watchers

    the watchers10 分 前

    what is this heretic propoganda

  27. Blue spy

    Blue spy10 分 前

    hi im charlie i stare blankly at a camera and drone on in a monotone voice making butthole and nipple jokes because of the shit pallet my viewers have

  28. Raigens

    Raigens10 分 前

    SPOILER ALERT: I've read the manga. Vasily goes on to learn how to control the flow of air through his palm and makes a breakthrough in slapping science. The new villan is a german with stuka-like palm siren.

  29. Dragon ologist

    Dragon ologist12 分 前

    her disability is a hand brace

  30. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie12 分 前

    I don’t mean to be rude but why does your dad sound like he’s crying?

  31. 4pound79 TeleVision

    4pound79 TeleVision13 分 前

    Next week we'll see his redemption arch

  32. Heyven_Music

    Heyven_Music13 分 前

    "but the green lant-, the green gobbler" I'm crying 😂😂

  33. Spreekstof Springstof DVB

    Spreekstof Springstof DVB14 分 前

    Vasily his face is now scrumbled eggs, seems the new ref9 is out in public.

  34. Φίλιππος Περέλας

    Φίλιππος Περέλας14 分 前

    i swear to god i thought i saw terry crews at 1:38

  35. Joshua Rin

    Joshua Rin15 分 前

    Put your carts back you entitled lazy bone itis victims

  36. Apentogo

    Apentogo15 分 前

    swear, if she ever starts getting on the money train, shes either gonna scrooge Mc'duck the world or go on a massive spending craze and go out vegas style

  37. twix twix

    twix twix15 分 前

    He sneezed 3 times before the tournament, thats why he got slapped unconsious.

  38. SpitfireGames

    SpitfireGames15 分 前

    The reactions of the people around Vasily are a mix of awe and fear.

  39. Big Ounce

    Big Ounce15 分 前


  40. DinkyDanProductions

    DinkyDanProductions16 分 前

    What’s up with his slapping tournament obsession

  41. Spiral Phoenix

    Spiral Phoenix16 分 前

    My favorite card from the best kids show out there,yu-gi-oh,horny imp.



    "Yeur shurrrd git yeur anod'r jerrb!!"

  43. SlightlyReal

    SlightlyReal17 分 前

    *now this is an avengers level threat*

  44. Binbale Bardac

    Binbale Bardac17 分 前

    "This is not a drill, repeat this is not a drill!"

  45. Piss Demon

    Piss Demon17 分 前

    Short little man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Mike Jamieson

    Mike Jamieson18 分 前

    vasyilla seemed to go with left handed? is he not been crushing with his right?

  47. Zach d’Assumpcao

    Zach d’Assumpcao19 分 前

    Jesus rants about JPgo for 7 minutes

  48. Lucas de Souza Cruz

    Lucas de Souza Cruz19 分 前

    The only GOD of Slap is Davie5O4.

  49. The Giant Rat That Makes All Of The Rules

    The Giant Rat That Makes All Of The Rules19 分 前

    Yo that fursona is adorable though, she’s a great artist and designer I wouldn’t even call it a strange addiction, hell im a musician and I’m practicing almost every bit of free time I have. Edit: yes I am in full support of furries and yes I accept the fetish stuff to.

  50. Dr Feel Mah Groin

    Dr Feel Mah Groin19 分 前

    I would have bitten his fucking fingers off, if a douche like that touched my food.

  51. Woolfie McPoshinson

    Woolfie McPoshinson19 分 前

    cinco de mayo. That is a fucking pun if I've ever heard one

  52. Casper Lund

    Casper Lund20 分 前

    Why dont you link your content

  53. GigabyteDX

    GigabyteDX21 分 前

    Lmao. In Australia we just leave our carts wherever and the shop pays a bloke to bring them all back. We call them trolly bois.

  54. BurgerMerker

    BurgerMerker21 分 前

    I thought we had reached peak slapping. Now i don't know what to believe anymore

  55. Spiral Phoenix

    Spiral Phoenix21 分 前

    If a cockroach crawled on my leg i would have cut the leg off. I don’t fuck with cockroaches. Or bugs in general.

  56. DeadWinter Knight

    DeadWinter Knight21 分 前

    My man! The only way to eat Mac and cheese is with a fork!

  57. DanteTheMantis Mantis

    DanteTheMantis Mantis21 分 前

    It’s part of the plot, he will come back stronger and slappier than ever

  58. Stefan Giroux

    Stefan Giroux21 分 前

    Is it just me or can that dude run pretty fuckin fast haha

  59. MrThedude77777

    MrThedude7777722 分 前

    Sad :(

  60. Skinnygami RatSoupo

    Skinnygami RatSoupo23 分 前

    No wonder my crippling sleep paralysis has been worse lately, the earthquakes are scaring the spooks in my closet.

  61. Llama

    Llama23 分 前

    extremely rare black shirt charlie

  62. MyName'sNotSteve

    MyName'sNotSteve23 分 前

    Lmao we have Cart Narcs on the radio.

  63. troll ganer

    troll ganer23 分 前

    Oh, on god

  64. freakymoejoe2

    freakymoejoe224 分 前

    That man has no name which can be spoken by mortal lips. He goes only by the name "The god palm"

  65. BadKnightLv01

    BadKnightLv0124 分 前

    Why is 🅱️en Shapiro the shopping cart police now

  66. Cristian Davis

    Cristian Davis25 分 前

    Christ, of course it was at a Wal Fart

  67. Julian S

    Julian S25 分 前

    His rectum ruptured with that slap.

  68. Mia Tychoniewicz

    Mia Tychoniewicz26 分 前

    imagine a young child watching this then attempting to go on the dark web only to be literally kidnapped.

  69. Spiral Phoenix

    Spiral Phoenix26 分 前

    Your mom is a monster

  70. Danny .W

    Danny .W26 分 前

    Once you get a sex dol, 99.9% of the doll will be possessed and a demon will be living with you. You will never be able to leave the doll and become psychopath like waking at 3am to talk to doll.

  71. Filthy act at a Reasonable price

    Filthy act at a Reasonable price26 分 前

    If vasily is godzilla than that guy is king ghidora

  72. Frogken

    Frogken27 分 前

    His facial expressions disgust me even more

  73. stars will fall

    stars will fall29 分 前

    How tf u practice slapping so damn hard

  74. Daniel Morris

    Daniel Morris29 分 前

    I agree with Charlie's assertion that it's dumb to wear it on your sleeve and brag about it. But if you're still a virgin cause you really want to just share that with one person, whether because of cultural beliefs you grew up with or just a personal decision you made, then more power to you. Granted, you're setting yourself up for soul-shattering heartbreak if that person cheats on you, but that's what you sign up for when you trust someone.

  75. SamS _

    SamS _29 分 前

    Why did this actually made me sad?

  76. Mad Max

    Mad Max30 分 前

    Sorry I can’t come into work today I have lazy-bone-itis

  77. Redeemed mat

    Redeemed mat31 分 前

    I can’t help but to feel horrible for this kid even tho I know he’s done the same to others Man U live by the sword u die by the sword in this case a five finger sandwich

  78. Asheslordus 7

    Asheslordus 732 分 前

    Че пиздит этот сумасшедший увозим его мужики




  80. JP

    JP34 分 前

    Holy shit... I thought I would never see this happening

  81. vutan

    vutan34 分 前

    I almost cried when he got knocked out

  82. Chewyyy Chou

    Chewyyy Chou34 分 前

    if it bleeds it can be defeated

  83. Onyx Guard

    Onyx Guard35 分 前

    Even the gods can bleed

  84. gyrs riddle

    gyrs riddle35 分 前

    This reminds me of the video where this idiot wanted to see how long he could keep his face in a fire ant hill. We are becoming an Idiocracy.

  85. Shawn Park

    Shawn Park36 分 前

    no impossible

  86. Me Dwight

    Me Dwight36 分 前

    I used to know the sister of a guy that was part of "the underground rap battle scene", would show up in videos just like this, would act like a thug, neck tats all that jazz, big dude 6'3" 200+ He's a she now

  87. DestinyjazzS

    DestinyjazzS36 分 前

    Vasily took so many hits over every tournament so i believe if it was a 1v1 fresh both of them he would knocked him out since vasily been taking alot of damage

  88. Lemon Lord

    Lemon Lord37 分 前

    Bring on Chuck Norris.....he would slap them backwards through time. Also Vasilli is wearing a red shirt.....guess he's destined to be killed off now XD

  89. Mary Popping

    Mary Popping37 分 前

    They didn't even bother putting this masterpiece in JPgo rewind

  90. ninja kitty

    ninja kitty37 分 前

    I’m shaking and crying right now

  91. Ayyy Lmao

    Ayyy Lmao38 分 前

    my 5'2 nikka

  92. Nico Ivan Medina

    Nico Ivan Medina38 分 前

    Top 10 saddest anime moments


    LESAGEROUS39 分 前

    Davie504 would body him, am i right slappers?

  94. Weston Anderson

    Weston Anderson39 分 前

    It’s such bullshit that their faces are blurred

  95. Kuba havlíček

    Kuba havlíček39 分 前

    The secret is aim for the jaw. From what I´ve seen the attack on chin is in most of the time just instant KO.

  96. The Grey Crusader

    The Grey Crusader39 分 前


  97. Monster Mousse

    Monster Mousse40 分 前

    I would knock this cart narc out and the second best part would it being recorded. And what's up with the giant tic tac toe looking clouds at 5:00?

  98. Nesketit

    Nesketit40 分 前

    when Kratos finally found zues & let him get the first slap

  99. Shade Man

    Shade Man41 分 前

    i dunno each time i see someone get slapped i lose some brain cells...

  100. Pal Aris

    Pal Aris42 分 前

    It has to be fake