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Bad to the Bone
Dress to Impress
Get Schooled

Get Schooled

10 日 前

Dogs Gone Wild

Dogs Gone Wild

11 日 前

Dog Days of Summer


25 日 前

Slip Up

Slip Up

ヶ月 前

Copy Cat Kids

Copy Cat Kids

ヶ月 前

  1. Alina Robles

    Alina Robles50 秒 前

    1:33 she is a huge diva

  2. JMarchel

    JMarchel2 分 前

    Ain't no justice in this world.

  3. Chrisman Peters

    Chrisman Peters2 分 前

    4:14 hey look y'all my leg made it onto the ellen show

  4. Maseko66

    Maseko663 分 前

    “Sandy come out” 😬😂😂😂😂

  5. LLC

    LLC3 分 前

    You are so hysterical

  6. yeahjustlikethat

    yeahjustlikethat6 分 前

    Kudos for him he seems like a legit normal dude and is actually not financially illiterate -- and a fitness extraordinaire. Great job!

  7. C B

    C B7 分 前

    I loveeee Renee! She’s such a beauty❤️

  8. Dave’s mentality !

    Dave’s mentality !8 分 前

    Love it ❤️🤣

  9. Alfredo Tamayo

    Alfredo Tamayo8 分 前

    25?!?!? I thought she was 30 something xd

  10. Diana Stanford

    Diana Stanford8 分 前

    I live in Melbourne sadly I didn’t see him

  11. JMarchel

    JMarchel8 分 前

    Ellen is kinda mean in these

  12. First Name

    First Name9 分 前

    there is a dance like that in my country...ofc its not water,its wine

  13. Linda Storey

    Linda Storey9 分 前

    So pleased that Ellen adopted a rescue dog,and made the point about the merits of adopting a pet

  14. Kaitlyn Winslow

    Kaitlyn Winslow10 分 前

    Ellen 2 favorite Hobbies dancing and scaring people lol

  15. Donna Armstrong

    Donna Armstrong11 分 前

    They should host once a month. They're so great together. Love all of your movies, Goldie and Kate, my favorite is "How To Lose A Guy ...". Want to see more of these two! ❤❤❤

  16. Kernal Jessica

    Kernal Jessica11 分 前

    “Oooohhhhh, this would make a nice candle” 😂

  17. Elizabeth Murillo

    Elizabeth Murillo12 分 前

    That closet thing was hilarious

  18. Johanna Mancarella

    Johanna Mancarella13 分 前

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I peed myself watching this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Delores Love's11

    Delores Love's1113 分 前

    I like how Andy is like protective of his assistant

  20. Tee Tee

    Tee Tee14 分 前

    RM ❤

  21. Vampire Queen

    Vampire Queen14 分 前

    We need more of these videos

  22. Joey Hill

    Joey Hill14 分 前

    Still hasn’t handled Marshall... 😭

  23. Sofia MD

    Sofia MD15 分 前

    Last January I became an Army after watching this 💜💜💜

  24. k0walsk

    k0walsk15 分 前

    Bright kid!

  25. Gacha Cat

    Gacha Cat16 分 前

    My friend:occcurrrrr Me:OCARURR

  26. jez ramos

    jez ramos16 分 前

    Always perfect

  27. SemiObsessive

    SemiObsessive17 分 前

    dang this pretty good

  28. Calista

    Calista19 分 前

    Lord have mercy. He cracks me up

  29. ramblgy

    ramblgy21 分 前

    "and i held archie!" "enough!" 😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Natacha Jaxaldebehere

    Natacha Jaxaldebehere22 分 前

    “I’m joking! What’s wrong with y’all?!” Love Wanda

  31. Hanan Nimri

    Hanan Nimri22 分 前

    That looks gross will never eat this

  32. That Girl1

    That Girl122 分 前

    "Lies you tell" hahahahahahahaah

  33. WaRy Or

    WaRy Or22 分 前

    Kylie snnniffff sooo harddd😂😂🤣😪 snot coming out her nose👃

  34. Sergiuss555

    Sergiuss55523 分 前

    all these phrases are rehearsed right? what a lame show

  35. Abinaya Prabakaran

    Abinaya Prabakaran23 分 前

    Brad ❤️

  36. THE34NT

    THE34NT23 分 前

    Oh my god comments that aren’t disabled

  37. Jennifer Gary

    Jennifer Gary24 分 前

    grace and Frankie is an awesome show. I will miss it when it is off the air. I just love the characters so much. And Frankie is such a nut job that it’s hilarious. I laugh at her and her jewelry. But, all in love.

  38. Sogand Mo

    Sogand Mo24 分 前

    He is a gentleman and so classy and polite😍❤😍the reason some might feel awkward is for these days such men are quite extinct...

  39. Anna Baranska

    Anna Baranska26 分 前


  40. NatNat 521

    NatNat 52126 分 前

    Hilarious how he’s like “Am I going to try thing? No. Bon appétit.

  41. Wendy Alien

    Wendy Alien27 分 前

    demi would do literally anything for clout fame and attention

  42. Glory Man United

    Glory Man United27 分 前

    Ellen fakely had obvious weights

  43. Abriel Sprowl

    Abriel Sprowl29 分 前

    The end!!”it really doesn’t take much”😂😂

  44. Cristian Ruggiero

    Cristian Ruggiero29 分 前

    I thought it was Andy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Anna Baranska

    Anna Baranska30 分 前

    Robert kardashian is turning in his grave

  46. Wyntah Haadid

    Wyntah Haadid32 分 前

    “Don’t ask him about Angelina...”

  47. Crazy Ericka

    Crazy Ericka34 分 前

    RM English isssssss sooo good

  48. miguel _

    miguel _39 分 前


  49. Matthew Lee

    Matthew Lee41 分 前

    she's stunning

  50. Tan Nay

    Tan Nay41 分 前

    Don't forget Rice milk haha.

  51. Rampabane Mosuoane

    Rampabane Mosuoane43 分 前

    I thought celebs don't feel this heat🙄🙄...i need to get myself a fan too. Its gets too hot sometimes😐😑

  52. Dave’s mentality !

    Dave’s mentality !43 分 前

    Hilarious 😂

  53. Kaka 47

    Kaka 4745 分 前

    2:49 Linkin Park !!

  54. Katherine Graves

    Katherine Graves45 分 前


  55. Sarah Brown

    Sarah Brown45 分 前

    I catch on fire to Wanda

  56. Sam Lutfi

    Sam Lutfi45 分 前

    we had 8 lucky warm and fuzzy years with that goddess

  57. Krysten Herbert

    Krysten Herbert46 分 前

    so adorable

  58. Esperanza M. V.

    Esperanza M. V.47 分 前

    I love how smooth he played this would you rather game, he could have been humiliated but he was funny about it so there was no way to judge him

  59. sial. Is my epic.

    sial. Is my epic.48 分 前

    No lie, my grandpa talked and worked with Bill Gate a long time ago.

  60. Nick Mtl

    Nick Mtl49 分 前

    Freddy did have huge teeth.

  61. Grace Clayton

    Grace Clayton49 分 前

    did this man really think pizza rolls were 20 dollars

  62. WSR WeeklyPicks

    WSR WeeklyPicks50 分 前

    lol it's not horrible lol

  63. Jane Joad

    Jane Joad51 分 前

    Omg, she is AWESOME as Judy Garland. The the look, the quirks, the voice. I am blown away by her performance! Bravo Rene!

  64. Monificent One

    Monificent One52 分 前


  65. Naturallyposh31

    Naturallyposh3152 分 前


  66. OM x

    OM x52 分 前

    I bet there are lots of hair under those jeans 😂😂

  67. F G

    F G52 分 前

    Oh what an horror!! WHERE IS THE "DIVERSITY" ON THOSE BABIES VIDEO? 12/12 white kids, so racist Helen Degeneres, shame on you... a pity that her mother didn't have the same thinking

  68. F G

    F G54 分 前

    Oh what an horror!! WHERE IS THE "DIVERSITY" ON THOSE BABIES VIDEO? 12/12 white kids, so racist Helen Degeneres, shame on you... a pity that her mother didn't have the same thinking

  69. Susan Bara

    Susan Bara54 分 前

    Ellen is so creepy. It's shocking that she could appear on TV once much less for years, Who watches this. She not intelligent and so totally creepy. Zellweger's charm only emphasizes Ellen's creepiness!

  70. Mick Rath

    Mick Rath55 分 前

    god she looks AWFUL

  71. Divine Zeal

    Divine Zeal55 分 前

    Shoutout to the drummer tho ✌🏿💯

  72. ana

    ana56 分 前

    ellen u need to bring the it cast there!

  73. Shalintha Perera

    Shalintha Perera56 分 前

    ellen i love u soo much i really do ur my hero love from srilanka

  74. Vero Rg

    Vero Rg57 分 前

    The one and only guest 100% real in every way 😆

  75. Divine Zeal

    Divine Zeal57 分 前

    She was really singin singin n a really felt dat... my pretty girl

  76. nanrob

    nanrob57 分 前

    I love KP 🥰TS 😍

  77. Justine Roelle

    Justine Roelle58 分 前

    We are living in a black mirror episode

  78. Rayhan Ali

    Rayhan Ali58 分 前

    I thought Kevin Hart was taller?

  79. Sara BJ

    Sara BJ時間 前

    She is so funny would live to see her again on the show 😍

  80. BettyAnn Smith

    BettyAnn Smith時間 前

    This dude is perfect for the Ellen show! 🙌💕👍

  81. Sené Mabruk

    Sené Mabruk時間 前

    I love wonda ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  82. Adrianah Bercian

    Adrianah Bercian時間 前

    Happy birthday Justin Bieber

  83. Miss Conceiteality

    Miss Conceiteality時間 前

    I like Demi but for some reason I get the feeling they’re relationship wont last. But. I do believe Demi loves her

  84. Virginia Slade

    Virginia Slade時間 前

    I might try It one day 😆

  85. Sené Mabruk

    Sené Mabruk時間 前

    I love wonda ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. Trayce Carr

    Trayce Carr時間 前

    THank you sooooo much for teaching me Baltimore is artistically, musically, spiritually alive!!! Thank you to Timothy and Malik for never giving up on the gifts God placed within you, and for showing it's possible:) You young men ROCK!!!! God Bless you, and God Bless Baltimore:))))

  87. Mr. Mysterious

    Mr. Mysterious時間 前

    I love it when she starts rocking the guitar! But next time please make it less hard rock. Thanks.

  88. SpiceLawyer

    SpiceLawyer時間 前

    Big boi promotion

  89. Laura Wiebe

    Laura Wiebe時間 前

    I feel like crying rn. They spoilered modern family soooo hard.. In Germany you can only watch it until 8th season. Now I know such a huge plot.. 😭😭

  90. Churninpark

    Churninpark時間 前

    Just thought about this. For every hour he shops he makes a 1.2 million dollars.

  91. Fan Yang

    Fan Yang時間 前

    then what happened after???

  92. Sené Mabruk

    Sené Mabruk時間 前

    I love wonda ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. Marie Smith

    Marie Smith時間 前

    I use vinegar and salt with all my meat

  94. Katie von Gremp

    Katie von Gremp時間 前

    Ed O'Neill plays such curmudgeons, but he's such a sweetheart.

  95. camila santos

    camila santos時間 前

    Coloca legenda.....

  96. zmznzbzvzmznzb

    zmznzbzvzmznzb時間 前

    I don't know who else to talk to. Please help.

  97. Sené Mabruk

    Sené Mabruk時間 前

    I love wonda ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  98. Charlie Paterson

    Charlie Paterson時間 前


  99. Jeremiah Tube Gamer

    Jeremiah Tube Gamer時間 前

    Dory interview Timon

  100. Harrold Feranil

    Harrold Feranil時間 前