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The $1.7 Million Lie
They stole $1.7 million
Losing the Battle
  1. Lord Karasu

    Lord Karasu2 分 前

    So...canonically the metroid universe is screwed...

  2. Lord Karasu

    Lord Karasu3 分 前

    "But they were x free"... Yeah good thing x arnt an evolving race with access to samus tech...

  3. Pixel Rainbow

    Pixel Rainbow4 分 前

    Wait a 7-minute intro?? WOW!!

  4. Freddie Iseton

    Freddie Iseton10 分 前

    Comic sans

  5. SentinalSlice

    SentinalSlice13 分 前

    Can’t wait for the Animatronics to get off the production line and show up everywhere.

  6. Abiyyu Prishdian

    Abiyyu Prishdian14 分 前

    At 9:32, for a second there I thought I was watching PewNews

  7. Zero Wilde

    Zero Wilde15 分 前

    "Brain muscle" ._. 😂

  8. אושר ביטון

    אושר ביטון15 分 前

    Wow after watching this amazing preview of this series which is DEFINITELY not scripted AT ALL and not SUPER AKWARD, I will definitely pay for JPgo Red to watch the rest of this SUPER NEUTRAL series!

  9. k a

    k a22 分 前

    I accidentally subbed but it is ok because this channel is gooD

  10. DarkRaikon

    DarkRaikon27 分 前

    im pretty sure bugs just shaved his hair...

  11. SentinalSlice

    SentinalSlice28 分 前

    What an intro

  12. Arifa Refayet

    Arifa Refayet34 分 前


  13. Ariana Martinez

    Ariana Martinez39 分 前

    Things that I still question: Were the toy animatronics souls released? And are the children's souls trapped with William?

  14. wes wells

    wes wells39 分 前

    I love Steph's nugget voice 😁

  15. candy kyle

    candy kyle41 分 前


  16. Yosof Jamal

    Yosof Jamal42 分 前

    Wait I remember that the old principal said “dumpster fire” and I remember something said that was how his dad died but the janitor neither died nor make a dumpster fire

  17. ConnorAndAlexandra iAbsol

    ConnorAndAlexandra iAbsol44 分 前

    Video had me expecting it was Nugget.

  18. leigh simpson

    leigh simpson44 分 前

    Who is nugget nugget sounds like Jess/ahp

  19. tahfaani risky

    tahfaani risky46 分 前

    Me to sees the warning Qickli go down

  20. motorman 97

    motorman 9751 分 前

    I think it's a great theory

  21. Dionis Toutain

    Dionis Toutain53 分 前

    wait, how can you say that, maybe in the mushroom kingdom, stained glass is more expensive than in the real world

  22. Rob Hall

    Rob Hall55 分 前

    There is one fundamental Truth we can take from this. From the very beginning it was intended to blend the Identity of Snake with the Player. Not just as one being an extension of the other, but as the two being one in the same. 🤔

  23. YK Nation

    YK Nation56 分 前

    I feel you Matthew Patrick 😭

  24. Gacha Zodiac

    Gacha Zodiac57 分 前

    No buggs isn’t jainitors son HE IS THE JAINTOR

  25. ITS ME

    ITS ME58 分 前

    Wow he was right, Dawko did save us and took the Fnaf crown. Wat a foreshadow.

  26. Rob Hall

    Rob Hall時間 前

    In Smash Bros, when Snake is criticizing echo fighters, Colonel Campbell calls Snake Venom. So you’re Theory might not be far off. It could also mean that Venom Snake may not necessarily be a mental copy of Big Boss, but any soldier trained and brain washed into the image of Snake.

  27. Tdamanation Matrone

    Tdamanation Matrone時間 前

    Do a scp theory

  28. SOAT graffiti

    SOAT graffiti時間 前

    3th time having this recommended...

  29. Shuvrashankar mukherjee

    Shuvrashankar mukherjee時間 前

    Well if the Pokémon continues and add more primary female each 2 or 3 season we might find that ash could be dating much Much younger girls.

  30. Khal Drogo23

    Khal Drogo23時間 前

    Reapers will Arrive to Earth before we get Part 2

  31. yawn tube

    yawn tube時間 前

    Omg just realized, what if henry's last name is Schmidt?

  32. some slav

    some slav時間 前

    minecraft is a flat planet confirmed

  33. kuuhaku 「」

    kuuhaku 「」時間 前

    Stay in your yest tube like a good kid Mattpat 2019

  34. bulletoffire

    bulletoffire時間 前

    Twilight town music <3 i freaked out when i first heard it

  35. Seth Campbell

    Seth Campbell時間 前


  36. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss時間 前

    Stephanie could be a full time voice actor, she is so good!

  37. Classic Sonic

    Classic Sonic時間 前

    Natsuki dad:(abuse) Also natsuki dad: gets deleted because Monika herd trash talk about her

  38. Starfall 21X

    Starfall 21X時間 前

    By god you're right! Mario is a goddamn commie!!

  39. SwagMaster69 Dönke

    SwagMaster69 Dönke時間 前

    I think that buggs an the janitor are the same person

  40. Suction Cup Man

    Suction Cup Man時間 前

    My Sucking Powers have no bound!

  41. ninja hamster

    ninja hamster時間 前

    what is nightmare marrionette?

  42. Eggeggy1 Gamer

    Eggeggy1 Gamer時間 前

    Make a new bendy theory!

  43. Minecraft GreenWitchCraft

    Minecraft GreenWitchCraft時間 前


  44. Mike Gleghorn

    Mike Gleghorn時間 前

    Me browsing JPgo: *Why Black Holes Might Erase Everything* - "Nah, don't want to watch that: too heavy. More lighthearted, please." *The PokeDex Is Full Of Lies* - "Ah... Much better..."

  45. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf時間 前

    black hole

  46. Adam Iskandar

    Adam Iskandar時間 前

    F f

  47. Silver Sweet Studios

    Silver Sweet Studios時間 前

    My stupid theory about Phantoms: So phantoms look like bats, and with disc 11 and 13 we know he's/she's in a cave :P And what lives in caves..? BATS! So maybe YOU are the person recording the stuff in the 'diary' with the Game Theroy disk 11 and 13 stuff (referring to it). And maybe they're haunting their dreams. And with the insomnia you halucinate but when they attack you its not real..? And you die of 'fake shock'. Like in the movie Nightmare On Elm Street..?

  48. Adam

    Adam時間 前

    You forgot one thing, bones.

  49. Link 2089

    Link 2089時間 前

    No mat part your just further proving the media right about videogame causing violence

  50. fionagirl109

    fionagirl109時間 前

    i honestly...stopped playing minecraft for a bit after i heard about herobrine kinda just noped on outta there

  51. The EarthNinja

    The EarthNinja2 時間 前

    The thing is that I am depressed and I know exactly why people would suicide (including me), they do suicide because they were scared sometime in their life. I am sincerely sorry about your loss. Love to know that Ronnie has someone that cares about him, unlike me. I have been experiencing guilt and suicidal thoughts. Who knows maybe that will get the better of me.

  52. UnderHood Gaming

    UnderHood Gaming2 時間 前

    Wtf when i saw 1:11 my time was 3:33

  53. zandartheskelebro

    zandartheskelebro2 時間 前

    Oot: ganon done goofs link almost dies resorecto shrine Century later Botw: link wake the f up and reks ganon Boom

  54. sutmarani sudurbai

    sutmarani sudurbai2 時間 前

    Why did I thought it was pewdiepie in thumbnail

  55. Jokerfan45

    Jokerfan452 時間 前

    Why didn't you get JackSepticEye to voice nugget?! Also, I thought Buggs had a shaved head personally.

  56. Alpha Nation

    Alpha Nation2 時間 前

    Dude I’m not hating but on this episode you are braking kids imagination

  57. Caitlin Hazelton

    Caitlin Hazelton2 時間 前

    Ummm...okay is it possible to YEET this entire theory out the window by quoting the Janitor who *gave his son away to a random person* whereas Buggs was clearly not given away, rather left alone.

  58. Sidharth H

    Sidharth H2 時間 前

    I always picture Jack's voice for Nugget when I see him..

  59. yoter

    yoter2 時間 前

    do a theory on fortnite 11 pls at hapeind

  60. spel king

    spel king2 時間 前

    You can play it sitting🤣

  61. Ross Kew

    Ross Kew2 時間 前

    You know what pat your the best to all of us that appreciate you so much you actually teach a lot of things and how you never stop until you actually can’t thank so much for the funny joke and knowledge

  62. BLACKIE16491

    BLACKIE164912 時間 前

    So, what you're saying is that they can open the pickle jar?

  63. Albert Tannous

    Albert Tannous2 時間 前

    But if he was this close to his dad why can't he remember him tho? Anyway you do have a point here

  64. Vinicius Santana

    Vinicius Santana2 時間 前

    Okay... everyone knows that the next theory will be about the Fortnite black hole, right?!

  65. William starkiller

    William starkiller2 時間 前

    You worked with man at arms i love them and i love your channel keep up the good work

  66. Emma's Arts

    Emma's Arts2 時間 前

    *Scared lesbian gamer noises*

  67. Adam

    Adam2 時間 前

    what about the lift

  68. Smo0thCriminal4

    Smo0thCriminal42 時間 前

    So Buggs know his dad is a heavy drinker but doesn't know what he looks like? Why haven't the janitor acknowledge Buggs? Have neither of these two come into contact with each other once during these games?

  69. _ SUE

    _ SUE2 時間 前

    Now this is dark and sad, those poor babies.

  70. Chip :3

    Chip :32 時間 前

    I have been waiting legit so long for another fnaf one... Thank you!!! Keep up the top notch work Mat. 😊

  71. Dominic Oakden

    Dominic Oakden2 時間 前


  72. Lunatic 0verlord

    Lunatic 0verlord2 時間 前

    1:00 I don't feel so good...

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    Ocarina of time because it made the three timeline split.

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    Im reading the fourth closet and wondering why mangle is in circus babys pizza also she gets destroyed and funtime freddy gets ran over by a ride at the restaurant and his face plate fell off

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    beads flowers2 時間 前

    Mike mike help is suspicious because mike is purple guy right you said so yourself and is it whenhe died in springbonnie?

  78. FUNSUNDAE Marshmellow

    FUNSUNDAE Marshmellow3 時間 前

    First of, in the second game when Kirby assembles the star rod, if he never fixed the pieces, then Dreamland would never have dreams again. Secondly, in Kirbys Super Star, if he didnt stop the sun and moon fighting, who knows what might happen. Thirdly, in Kirby 64 (I think) if he didnt help Ribbon fix the shards that would defeat Zero 2, then Ripple Star would be gone for good. As for him killing inosent creatures... Theres a chance they actuallt dont die? But instead maybe Kirby finds a way to set them free?

  79. dragonsreingsupreme1

    dragonsreingsupreme13 時間 前

    This series is going to be the bane of oliver Patrick's example.

  80. Nimrod Zamir

    Nimrod Zamir3 時間 前

    oh boy he dident see that coming

  81. Midmorning_Mijiko

    Midmorning_Mijiko3 時間 前

    They also explode because they get way too nervous and awkward to talk to you, which could also explain the hissing sound.

  82. Hey_Im Mux

    Hey_Im Mux3 時間 前

    *puts kratos as a Greek god* NO

  83. Chris Grey

    Chris Grey3 時間 前

    The funny thing is The banana splits movie kind of remind me of FNAF.

  84. IZiptiedMyPenisToABrick

    IZiptiedMyPenisToABrick3 時間 前

    What is the yellow wedge for in the logo

  85. Lealie Hayek

    Lealie Hayek3 時間 前

    I always thought Cindy and Buzz were related. They both have mothers who force their husbands to use a breathalyzer, they drink a lot, etc.

  86. Chris Grey

    Chris Grey3 時間 前

    The funny thing is Ninja completed on The masked Singer as ice cream cone 😂

  87. CrazyBeat Carnival

    CrazyBeat Carnival3 時間 前

    I find it interesting how little this applies to commander AKA the best format.

  88. Dr. Every

    Dr. Every3 時間 前

    You should totally have still done Slender after the FNaF theory.



    The true Name Of W.D. Gaster Is Witch Doctor Gaster

  90. mark keily

    mark keily3 時間 前

    man i should really learn what no to watch at 3 am after staying up for 20 hours...

  91. Justin Farnes

    Justin Farnes3 時間 前

    He takes the time to put this video together, but he forgets to make an accurate Minecraft globe?

  92. Hey_Im Mux

    Hey_Im Mux3 時間 前

    Tf2: You can create your own maps You can customize your classes with unique weapons and hats to benefit your own play style You don’t need to always stick next to your team to win If you go solo you’ll still be fine Other players will make unique modes like 12 v 12 and jump maps IT CAME BEFORE OVERWATCH overwatch: Ummm........ You spend money?????

  93. Amber Quinn

    Amber Quinn3 時間 前

    mate just because you say something does not mean it's true. This entire theory is kinda shite tbh and its not compelling at all

  94. stinky amy

    stinky amy3 時間 前


  95. ber ushogun

    ber ushogun3 時間 前

    can the son be a teacher or the other janiader? being hes in his 80s and the can might be in there 30s

  96. Edwin French

    Edwin French3 時間 前

    Wouldn't it make a bit more scene if the knight was the pale kings second son and when he saw what the pale king did to his brother he ran away into the forest to try and forget. Meanwhile the pale king becomes full of regret and then attempts to manipulate the void to try and use it's power to stop the corruption of his son but the void takes him as sacrifice to fulfill the pale kings wishes and Summoned his second son back to take his rightful place as king and cure his other son's corruption.

  97. Amber Quinn

    Amber Quinn3 時間 前

    This video is kind of scummy,, putting nugget in the thumbnail and hes barely included in the video not even in the theory like c'mon mat you've already had one scummy thing go down

  98. Yvonne Eastwood

    Yvonne Eastwood3 時間 前

    Why is villager in the introvert battle royalers villager is very violent in smash just look at him!!!

  99. Foxina

    Foxina3 時間 前

    God dang I just got nastolgia whiplash from seeing that intro

  100. Belladonna822

    Belladonna8223 時間 前

    Matpat: and it’s finally over Scott: