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  1. Dovakiin seventeen

    Dovakiin seventeen分 前

    Shane was a little off yes but you have to admit especially in comparison to how Rick is now Shane was just ahead of the Curve.

  2. Austin Nowlin

    Austin Nowlin40 分 前

    The governor looks like a person who is the manager at the gun shop place in Bass Pro Shops

  3. MrBadBoy2105

    MrBadBoy2105時間 前

    It's sad now both these 2 are gone

  4. nex tracker

    nex tracker時間 前

    Sure he had good intentions but he was an all around bad guy shane I mean

  5. Quicoboy Reyna

    Quicoboy Reyna2 時間 前 that Daniel Cormier's brother?

  6. Tommywood

    Tommywood4 時間 前

    Easily the best character in the show

  7. Joshua DW

    Joshua DW5 時間 前

    6:51 DALE FACE

  8. Annie Smith

    Annie Smith5 時間 前

    I love Horror movies and series no wonder I'm here watching ..😍😍 the walking dead

  9. Dillion Taylor

    Dillion Taylor6 時間 前

    The best part almost of the entire series. Shame Carl decided to split.

  10. Brian Achim

    Brian Achim6 時間 前

    3:04 If Gabriel got an eye infection from walker blood why didn't Daryl get one here?

  11. Brian Achim

    Brian Achim6 時間 前

    Wait when Rick cut Negan's throat back in season 8 he was trying to kill him not injure him?

  12. Burner Account

    Burner Account7 時間 前

    Shane is needed right now in the show 🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. D. Coleman

    D. Coleman7 時間 前

    With hindsight being 20/20, Shane was absolutely right. Just dont smash my wife lol.

  14. Snek Nek

    Snek Nek8 時間 前

    He acts pretty similar to the Punisher. Except for the dying part.

  15. ᴛʀᴇɴᴛ x

    ᴛʀᴇɴᴛ x8 時間 前

    Crazy how I ain’t realize before that was the punisher lol

  16. Tord Larsson [Eddsworld]

    Tord Larsson [Eddsworld]8 時間 前

    I wonder what would happen if Shane was alive and seen the Governor, Negan, and Alpha.

  17. the CuteBurrito

    the CuteBurrito9 時間 前

    This is amazing

  18. KobeyFTW

    KobeyFTW10 時間 前

    Does anyone else agree that their trying to get rid of Carol and Daryl. Carol is such a smart character she has the most bloodthirstys out of anybody ect. She should of seen into this trap that their in right now she ran for too long. It doesn't make too much sense for Carol and Daryl to go out like this. If Carol and Daryl die bcuz of this BS im done watching this show. ✌😷😢😢😢. Shout-out my comment to see who else agrees.

  19. EHCO

    EHCO11 時間 前

    This part made me laugh harder than any human being can 🤣🤣🤣🤣at 4:09

  20. Rob Cope

    Rob Cope11 時間 前

    That's Not Dave!!!!

  21. Terance M

    Terance M12 時間 前

    Tune in next episode where Dave Chappelle tries more white people shit!

  22. Ali Miri

    Ali Miri13 時間 前

    I dont care about this bullshit new characters i want rick

  23. Parting waters

    Parting waters13 時間 前

    Reedus 50, dave 46, both jacked af

  24. ethmann17

    ethmann1714 時間 前

    Can you make another one of these season 1-9

  25. Avedgy

    Avedgy15 時間 前

    Can you make the bloop sounds any more louder?

  26. Guapboi Kale

    Guapboi Kale15 時間 前

    Frank Castle just wanted his wife and kids back

  27. Wild African Signature

    Wild African Signature16 時間 前

    Classic qoutation!!!

  28. kari

    kari16 時間 前

    I wanna know how shooting the walkers work

  29. Cael the Player

    Cael the Player17 時間 前

    I miss the farm.

  30. Clvss

    Clvss18 時間 前

    My walking dead is broken... Can someone plz fix it.

  31. Surf Soc

    Surf Soc19 時間 前

    Martyrdom - drop a live grenade when killed

  32. jupitercrash777

    jupitercrash77720 時間 前

    They had a Bob B Q

  33. Xyntel

    Xyntel21 時間 前

    I am just now getting recommended this??? WHY???

  34. LoganMCB

    LoganMCB22 時間 前

    Wait why did they bury the pig? The actual food

  35. THIZzSCO415

    THIZzSCO415日 前

    Wow Carol used to be the softest character on the show now she is the most bad ass character In The whole show

  36. Vc Legacy

    Vc Legacy日 前

    They could both play the punisher in 2 completely different ways

  37. Noah Suarez

    Noah Suarez日 前

    Of all people Rick chose her should've banged Jadis she's obviously way hotter

  38. Koolaid

    Koolaid日 前

    Hey but don't make your quotation bubble noise louder than the character's voices right

  39. Buckington Hassleshire

    Buckington Hassleshire日 前

    First off, i didnt even know this existed. Second off, why is there only 5 mins of footage. Wth

  40. Maddox Medina

    Maddox Medina日 前

    Plot twist all of these people DIED😈

  41. Jaset Wells

    Jaset Wells日 前

    "Cool your tits jolly green giant" I love Negan lololol

  42. LinkCanBackflip

    LinkCanBackflip日 前

    Wouldve loved to see Shane versus Negan

  43. Budget Productions

    Budget Productions日 前

    Shane was the douche of the series

  44. tmacc

    tmacc日 前


  45. rene hernandez

    rene hernandez日 前

    lots of peeps hated Nicholas, but I def think he redeemed himself here!

  46. rene hernandez

    rene hernandez日 前

    ah, glenn.... miss you buddy

  47. Overshot Nightshade

    Overshot Nightshade日 前

    Jesus has fallen. Satan shall rise. Praise Lucifer

  48. Wicked King Wicker

    Wicked King Wicker日 前

    How old is Judith? I assumed 7 by her looks but maybe a bit older since it said RJ is 6

  49. The Comedian

    The Comedian日 前

    I'm simple, when I see Jon, I click because I know it's gonna be good.

  50. Wicked King Wicker

    Wicked King Wicker日 前

    The chest plate with bag of guts that Daryl cuts open is amazing top notch scene. Love it!! Kudos to the people behind it 👏🏻 Also thank you Angela Kang, you brought me back to the show and I’m loving it more than ever! This group of actors & crew are phenomenal! You guys rock, really!! Must see TV 📺

  51. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown日 前

    That final scene in this mintage makes me wonder if Daryl still has Beth's knife, five seasons hence.

  52. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown日 前

    Maybe that Cherokee rose Daryl thought was for Sophia was, instead, for Merle afterall given that we discover in season 3 that he, in fact, survived.

  53. lizzie_plays 5

    lizzie_plays 5日 前

    Wow the girls are now 14/15 it’s been 5 years

  54. Wicked King Wicker

    Wicked King Wicker日 前

    Michonne is absolutely one of the top 3 most iconic characters and arguably the biggest badass need to mention arguably most beautiful. At least in my opinion she is. Gorgeous. Everything I’d want in a woman protective beautiful intelligent and hella loyal. Only in the movies I guess lol

  55. Seamus Redstone Villager

    Seamus Redstone Villager日 前

    I love the way rick says Carl

  56. Seamus Redstone Villager

    Seamus Redstone Villager日 前

    6:29 when your hunting in GTA and you see another person

  57. bill lumberg

    bill lumberg日 前

    shouldnt have had bobs burgers

  58. XxShrimpkingxX Xxx

    XxShrimpkingxX Xxx日 前

    1:46 Shane: I dont think you can keep them safe Rick: You just fucked up

  59. lani h

    lani h日 前

    I remember when this first came out and I was just a kid. My parents were watching this episode and usually I'd leave when they watched it but I stayed long enough for Bob to revel he's been bitten. That traumatized and amazed me at the same time weirdly.

  60. G Nation

    G Nation日 前

    Gonna watch this🔥

  61. K D

    K D日 前

    My top 5 villains 1. Negan/Saviors 2. Alpha/Whisperers 3. Governor 4. Rick and survivors 5. Season 1 Merle

  62. Lil Slime

    Lil Slime日 前

    My top 6 walking dead villains: 1. Negan And The Saviors 2. The Whisperers 3. The Bike Group 4. The Governor And His People 5. Terminus 6. Dump People

  63. Zachary Harris

    Zachary Harris日 前


  64. Icey x

    Icey x日 前

    Negan was the best but he's not a villain so I'd say the governor because he was pretty evil

  65. Crack Rock

    Crack Rock日 前

    They should of made season 1 and 2 longer

  66. Werewolf Cesar Hernandez

    Werewolf Cesar Hernandez日 前

    My favorite walking dead villain is the governor



    Aah Classic

  68. Just Be Still

    Just Be Still日 前

    Thanks for this video! Love these so much!

  69. RIMA TLG

    RIMA TLG日 前

    For me, 1. Negan/Saviors 2. Alpha/Whisperers 3. The Governor 4. Shane 5. Terminus Cannibals

  70. The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead日 前

    Click here to see more hidden facts and easter eggs from The Walking Dead! -

  71. Garrett Yorke

    Garrett Yorke日 前

    Daryls wheelie? What episode is that from?

  72. Aramai Jonassi

    Aramai Jonassi日 前

    The top 3 are Negan, the Governor and then Alpha.

  73. The ManHammerAR15

    The ManHammerAR15日 前

    1. Dawn and The Hospital 🤣

  74. Sabelo Mdubo

    Sabelo Mdubo日 前

    Lucifer Season 5 official trailer right here!

  75. Bert West

    Bert West日 前

    1) Negan👹and Gang, 2) Governor👺 , 3) Simon, 4) Alpha 🦇 5) Beta and whisperers 🤯

  76. Renae H

    Renae H日 前

    Alpha is the best villain. No one has played so many mind games over and over and gotten away with it.

  77. James Mazzarisi

    James Mazzarisi日 前

    Negan will forever be the best

  78. Occifer FigPucker

    Occifer FigPucker日 前

    Negan was the best bad guy, now he's the best good guy.

  79. jmcclinton8

    jmcclinton8日 前

    The Whisperers

  80. Queenoftheeuniverse Intensesprit46

    Queenoftheeuniverse Intensesprit46日 前

    𝓝𝓮𝓰𝓪𝓷 🏆

  81. Renae H

    Renae H日 前

    Another season 5 callback.❤

  82. Red Elastic 98

    Red Elastic 98日 前

    My top 5 Walking Dead villains: 1. Negan 2. The Whisperers 3. The Governor 4. Shane 5. Simon

  83. Erik Strasmann

    Erik Strasmann日 前

    Siddiq was the best charactor on the show.............RIP

  84. Vanessa

    Vanessa日 前

    The motor cycle gang, and Negan

  85. ethmann17

    ethmann17日 前

    Talked about scene sherry boobs got me talking 😉

  86. Drunkyn Monkee

    Drunkyn Monkee日 前

    2:08 Lol

  87. ethmann17

    ethmann17日 前

    I’m grown my hair out because of the show Daryl and carl

  88. ethmann17

    ethmann17日 前

    I had a big crush on beth I miss her!!

  89. BigSnipp

    BigSnipp日 前

    Looks more fun than Death Stranding

  90. WildBill94

    WildBill94日 前

    I don’t think that’s how it actually works

  91. Static Wolf

    Static Wolf日 前

    Are those like half zombies? Or people with skinned zombie flesh on their body? I don't get it i haven't watch twd in forever

  92. Mike Pantaleo

    Mike Pantaleo日 前

    My gf called her "crazy lizzy" lmao

  93. Justin Hubbard

    Justin Hubbard日 前

    Ok so as a person who doesn't watch the show can someone explain why this is happening?

  94. The Red Viper

    The Red Viper日 前

    That 1 sec came for alot of these people

  95. CornwellFamily

    CornwellFamily日 前

    I Hate That I Love A Show So Much! Thanks TWD AMC! I Feel Connected To These People!

  96. teddy 93

    teddy 93日 前

    Whoaaaaa ruin my whole life!! Lol

  97. War Machine

    War Machine日 前

    Yeah uno this is when the Walking Dead was actually still a great show.Since Rick left it has been horrible.

  98. PREDATOR -32-

    PREDATOR -32-日 前

    Show still looks pretty wack but that’s all I’m gonna say cuz I haven’t tuned in since S7

  99. Lost Grenades

    Lost Grenades日 前

    Is it me? Or do the zombies seem a little faster back then

  100. VideoGameStupid LC

    VideoGameStupid LC日 前

    Reminds me of that line from Undercover Brother where Chapelle refers to the movie where the "cute black man that teaches the white people everything they know about the industry before they kill her 30 minutes into the movie!"