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Hi everyone! Im Olivia Jade and my channel is jpgo.info ! I post videos talking about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and occasionally ill do some challenges. I have a strong passion for makeup and fashion and I love sharing my passion with all of you guys here on youtube. Please subscribe if you haven't already and I hope you love my channel!

hi again

hi again

2 ヶ月 前

im sorry

im sorry

年 前

my transformation
sorry mom & dad...
  1. Guy Man

    Guy Man日 前

    Anyone who thinks this moron actually made it into an Ivy League school needs to read a book themselves. What a spoiled entitled little rich girl. Truly the problem in society. Too many people in positions of power without the merit to justify it.

  2. Shawn McManus

    Shawn McManus日 前

    Filming is something your passionate about? Passionate about showing off is more like it. You don't film anything. Posting videos of your spoiled life just pisses people off.

  3. Mike Silva

    Mike Silva日 前

    wow you r out of touch with reality .... and for that they better make an example out of your mommy

  4. Jamie C

    Jamie C日 前

    Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣 the nerve.

  5. Clark Griswald

    Clark Griswald日 前

    Row row row your boat

  6. Clark Griswald

    Clark Griswald日 前

    Tell your mom to say hi to big Marge in prison for me. P.s. she likes her coffee black!

  7. RA Ardon

    RA Ardon日 前

    If this entitled brat had any decency...she would delete this channel and go to live under a rock. But...in 21st Century USA, thieves, liars and criminals thrive while the hard working individuals are bashed. OLIVIA JADE...CLOSE THE CHANNEL!!!

  8. Mark Eisenhower

    Mark Eisenhower2 日 前


  9. Hugh Glass

    Hugh Glass2 日 前

    I hope my comment gets 6.7K likes.

  10. a chocolate starfish

    a chocolate starfish2 日 前

    hahahahahahahahahaha karma is a bitch

  11. Sea Bro

    Sea Bro2 日 前

    Never trust a girl with 2 first names, especially if one of them is “Jade”.

  12. Gwyneth Wong

    Gwyneth Wong2 日 前

    1:00 oh sunscreen? u mean like for ur rowing workout that morning in the hot sun? 9:11 you should probably use a blush in the shade "we're going rowing". 11:53 you know who else isn't sharp? 12:08 wait i thot faking ur SAT scores was ur favorite trick of all time... 14:56 dude use a waterproof mascara if ur gonna be out rowing jeez

  13. Sarina

    Sarina2 日 前

    All 131k people that have liked this video and support her are human trash, stop supporting privileged people who don't take responsibility for their wrongdoings

  14. G A

    G A2 日 前

    No shame

  15. ruth arjona

    ruth arjona2 日 前

    I understand the you and your parents make a MISTAKE but what I don’t understand how is that you’re making videos after the whole thing. You don’t have any critical thinking at all. You knew the whole time that you guys were lying, you knew you was not the best student neither but what it makes me more upset is that you still doing videos like nothing is going on. Seriously stop being so selfish. Is sad that you don’t understand what guys did. No one cares about your MAKEUP HOW ABOUT AN APOLOGY! I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR WHOLE FAMILY BUT AT THE SAME TIME IM GLAD YOU GUYS GOT CAUGHT. QUIT MAKING VIDEOS WHILE YOUR MOM IS FACING 45 YEARS BECAUSE OF YOU.!!

  16. Dorian Alvarez

    Dorian Alvarez2 日 前

    Go to hell Olivia.

  17. Len Ovo

    Len Ovo2 日 前

    1.9499999 million subscribers were paid for by mom, to get her the makeup sponsors. The remaining 4 subscribers were her actual friends...that mom paid to play with her as a child !!

  18. Dina Yeboah

    Dina Yeboah2 日 前

    Wow all the never did anything wrong people out there. Please go easy on her and her family because life is not perfect as we’ll makes mistakes.

  19. Megan Schwartzbauer

    Megan Schwartzbauer2 日 前

    This is from the Word of God😊 📕 1 John 4:7 💎 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; & every one that loveth is born of God, & knoweth God. 8) He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. 9) In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him. 1 John 4:19 💎 We love him, because he first loved us. The Lord loves us personally, this is our foundation. I am praying for wisdom & protection for you & your family. Megan 💖

  20. Karen Emmons

    Karen Emmons2 日 前

    I'm literally cringing through this entire video.... 😬 Not because of her make up, but because she is literally pretending like everything's all cool and good and she's coming off extremely phony and fake. I use to watch her YT channel before all the drama hit the fan, but I'm afraid after seeing these vids and her comments, I don't think she'll ever be able to get past this with YT viewers..

  21. CJR

    CJR2 日 前

    We don’t want to hear about “cute little makeup” tutorials, nor do we want to see your outfit of the day. We want an apology at the least an explanation.

  22. marc

    marc2 日 前

    that's too much makeup Olivia ...really too much

  23. Annie497

    Annie4972 日 前

    In case you haven't noticed, OJ, no one is wanting you back! Maybe start playing around with fashion ideas.......in a fresh black/white stripe or dayglo orange print? Might work better for you and the fam!

  24. Annie497

    Annie4972 日 前

    "Influencers" sorry, but that cracks me up!

  25. Muska Layla

    Muska Layla2 日 前

    Olivia I miss you sooo much, u always made my days with ur vlogs ughhhhhh

  26. K Dizzle

    K Dizzle2 日 前


  27. Jon the Skorned One

    Jon the Skorned One2 日 前

    No one cares how you put on your makeup! You need to realize, Olivia, that you only had a following here because of your mammy and pappy. You have no talent to fall back on and you are incapable of remorse. You were privileged to be in a position to have a massive following and sponsorship from huge cosmetic companies. All you had to do was make banal and vapid videos. It's gone now, Olivia and it's never coming back. If your parents had just stayed in jail and taken a plea bargain, they would have been out a long time ago and this whole thing would be basically over. They could have protected you and your equally unintelligent and talentless sister. They could have started a college fund for underprivileged children and spearheaded a campaign for equality in higher education. That would have saved their careers and kept your name from being dragged through the mud. But Noooo No No No. That's simply unacceptable, isn't it? They are just too good for that. Do I believe you would have created this situation on your own? No, I don't. However, the best thing you could have done was to at least show some remorse, and not pretend like nothing happened whilst posting pics of yourself flicking everyone off. Your parents destroyed your career and you, by your actions, made sure you could never come back. Oh how the mighty have fallen...

  28. blackestcat1111

    blackestcat11112 日 前


  29. Cloud Burst

    Cloud Burst2 日 前

    She may be charged in the case. That fake resume is going to bite her in the backside. Folks...this is A young adult who is being brought down to earth and I am loving every minute of her social demise.

  30. Saud Mubarak

    Saud Mubarak2 日 前


  31. Yummy In ma tummy

    Yummy In ma tummy2 日 前

    You could at least apologize to the person that was actually qualified for the place you took from him/her. To me and many others it feels like you aren't sorry. Just realize what an even more bad impression you leave with this video.

  32. mark ibo

    mark ibo3 日 前

    Maybe you can make a tutorial video on how NOT to fake tour resume.

  33. Brandon Williford

    Brandon Williford3 日 前

    Do another video. Forget these haters.

  34. Cipher Crypto

    Cipher Crypto3 日 前

    She's got a contract with PornHub now.

  35. Cipher Crypto

    Cipher Crypto3 日 前

    Wow! She's really lost a lot of size since she stopped rowing for USC.

  36. Rana Davulcu

    Rana Davulcu3 日 前

    I am NOT a fan of yours but I’m a bit concerned, you look like you haven’t been eating enough.

  37. Katya P

    Katya P3 日 前

    The horribly photoshopped video thumbnail is so frightening...

  38. Giana Rodriguez

    Giana Rodriguez3 日 前

    I don't think you guys know that like she said she didn't want to go to college and her parents forced her so if you have anyone to be mad at be mad at them lmao like get facts before you say shit

  39. Poppy Morley

    Poppy Morley3 日 前

    Is it just me or does she look a lil skinny

  40. Zena Phobia

    Zena Phobia3 日 前

    Looks like she's using a bunch of crusty, beat up old products that have been sitting in the bottom of her purse for a couple years and she looks seedy and tired...

  41. Zena Phobia

    Zena Phobia3 日 前


  42. Melissa K.

    Melissa K.3 日 前

    You guys I just don‘t get it.. so they faked her resumé that made her get accepted to university & the rowing team? So did she actually participate in the rowing team, or not? (I‘m from Germany, so I am wondering) I mean if she was only accepted because of her medals in the field of sport, she got accepted to the school team as well, right? & if so, someone must have somehow noticed at one point that she‘s not a professional rower? 😂 this is so crazy, someone please explain

  43. Nathan Doebler

    Nathan Doebler3 日 前

    Olivia Jade is innocent she did nothing wrong. She is completely innocent and she is a creation of God and a child of God and a very beautiful girl who did nothing wrong.

  44. TheMightyThor83

    TheMightyThor833 日 前

    This girl is so out of touch it hurts.

  45. Zona 3141

    Zona 31413 日 前

    Big money can buy anything ... except ethics.

  46. Rusty Nails

    Rusty Nails3 日 前

    What a waste of perfectly good organs







  49. Nick Holbrook

    Nick Holbrook4 日 前


  50. Taylor Fitton

    Taylor Fitton4 日 前

    The fact that she is still posting, and has not even spoke about the full scandal that went on says how she is as a person... Also, anyone else here for the comments, and not even interested in the video... because same!

  51. Sylvia Yousef

    Sylvia Yousef4 日 前

    A hot mess

  52. honeychychy

    honeychychy4 日 前

    I don’t know why to me she looks very unhealthy in this video, like in her face she looks skinnier

  53. nikita zamvar

    nikita zamvar4 日 前

    I can’t believe the amount of hate in these comments... you all send abuse online and then preach about mental health when a tragedy happens. if you don’t have anything nice to say DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO WATCH HER VIDEOS. You are all pathetic keyboard warriors

  54. Lina Beth

    Lina Beth4 日 前

    the comments are a bit upsetting, she did something wrong but she wasn’t born this way we don’t know the full situation maybe she was convinced to go along. we know nothing so there’s no point giving opinions and hate. i’m not a fan nor a hater but the comments aren’t right, nobody deserves being bullied and given so much hate when it involved non of us

  55. theneighborhood

    theneighborhood4 日 前

    This isn't the full house I remember 😔

  56. Claire Nicole

    Claire Nicole4 日 前

    All i have to say is i know that she did something wrong but leaving all of this hate is so wrong y’all just keep your opinion to yourself.

  57. redskeeter1

    redskeeter14 日 前

    Just here for the comments. What a dullard she is.

  58. holly&sienna

    holly&sienna4 日 前

    You needs a pep talk of uncle jesse

  59. I-am-the- remedy

    I-am-the- remedy4 日 前

    The audacity...

  60. Kiddowesth

    Kiddowesth4 日 前

    Imagine if the video started with this and her just taking the piss out of herself.. Would be awesome You know why? ‘Cause I'm a criminal! Criminal! You're goddamn right I'm a criminal! Yeah, I'm a criminal!

  61. rnaw

    rnaw4 日 前

    11:25 I legit thought she said 'if you saw me in prison' 😂

  62. Scarlett Valentino

    Scarlett Valentino4 日 前

    If you’re here for negativity just don’t come at all...

  63. Anthony woods

    Anthony woods4 日 前

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  64. Christina Diamond

    Christina Diamond4 日 前

    I really hope your doing ok because this cant be easy

  65. Jerry Banana

    Jerry Banana4 日 前

    I care more about the fact that she has foundation and contour on already. And brows.



    Its funny how you liberals eat your own. Yall listen to celebs speaches that allways include trump hate and clap like, yeah girl. Then when they mess up, either aren't on your side, or anything else, you hate them because they are the 1%. This girl is still, just s girl. Being rich and famous dont protect anyone from life, and suffering. They are human beings. Who made a mistake. Also really ? An elitist college, were sending people to prison for lying and paying extra to attend? I own a buisness, if one of my employees took extra money on the side so we could do their work , but I made the same money. I'd probably fire them yes, but the clients, could I send them to jail ? Lol They did shady shit with the tax free donation yes. However the aim was not to avoid taxes, who gives money away so that money dont get taxed? The aim was obviously to get the girl in school. And being a donation is the only way. So sure they did that but not on purpose, so... make them pay it back. Its simple. A month in jail if that floats your boat. This is all to much. If you were a million air, maybe you wouldn't do this. Bit maybe you would. For my kids, I'll allways take risks. Fuck the university they should not hold power like this. And fuck taxes. Our country was established without them



    I see moms (and Dad's presumably) court date for trial is now moved to February 2021. By then Oly will have been replaced by a new crop of "influencers". Better start planning for a new career.

  68. PassionatelyMarie

    PassionatelyMarie5 日 前

    i mean this was 2 months ago.. i don't think she's back? she used to upload every week or so

  69. Zona 3141

    Zona 31415 日 前

    Big money can buy anything ... except ethics.

  70. Anngela Soares

    Anngela Soares5 日 前

    Meu Deus!!! Qual é o problema em querer inserir um filho numa instituição de renome? Qual é o problema? Estou indignada pois muitas pessoas tentam e não conseguem. Essas muitas não têm o talento e condições para fazer isso. Mas, o que tem de mais para aqueles que podem? Pelo menos pisem gastar suas fortunas com algo que trás benefícios. É incrível como a humanidade gasta seu tempo com a vida dos outros!!! Lamentável isso!!! Triste saber que vidas mudaram e que o trabalho também foi interrompido. E apesar de ter que matar um Leão por dia para sanar as dívidas e ainda assim, contar com o crédito bancário, acredito que NINGUÉM tem que se meter nas opções que o individuo toma para si. Lamento que sua família esteja passando por esse assédio todo! Deus há de proteger e assegura-los de notícias boas. Pratiquem a bondade e ao voluntariado. Vou sentir muita falta da Sra Stanton . Um grande abraço para todos.

  71. Christian Bankhead

    Christian Bankhead5 日 前

    Wow you have such a busy schedule, how do you have time to do all of this and are STILL able to fit in rowing? Inspiring 🙌

  72. Elizabeth Gomez

    Elizabeth Gomez5 日 前

    Good for you to keep moving forward. Everyone and I mean everyone makes mistakes and many people have done the same mistake you made and not gotten caught. Be brave and keep ignoring the haters who act like they are above everyone

  73. Elizabeth Gomez

    Elizabeth Gomez5 日 前

    Leave her alone guys

  74. Michelle Lin

    Michelle Lin5 日 前

    my thumb can’t keep up with liking all these hate comments 💀

  75. Cassandra Blagrave

    Cassandra Blagrave5 日 前

    Come back to youtube!

  76. Cristianna Angelina

    Cristianna Angelina5 日 前

    i didnt/don’t follow this scam thing so correct me if im wrong but like isnt her PARENTS who are being charged did everything to geg her to college to like what is she supposed to be admitting too?? and according to her last post she can’t speak on it and im sure like everyone knows you’re not supposed to say anything until it’s all said and done sooo yeah

  77. Stef

    Stef5 日 前

    Yeah, you definitely didn’t get admitted into university through academic merit.

  78. Taehyung’s MARS

    Taehyung’s MARS5 日 前

    Loveeeee the nail polish !!!

  79. Linzertort 1000

    Linzertort 10005 日 前

    How does she still have any subscribers? What a terrible person and family. She truly has no remorse. She only regrets getting caught and the world finding out that how selfish she is. A pretty shell hiding a rotten core.

  80. buttgoo magoo

    buttgoo magoo5 日 前

    Goddamn shes fine!!! I'd rather see her in college than some loud mouth disrespecful black or an illegal!!! She is so pretty

  81. Supergachagirl And GAMER

    Supergachagirl And GAMER5 日 前

    I want to ooof (in real life) ;U;

  82. chaimae bounjem

    chaimae bounjem5 日 前

    keep going the haters gonna hate

  83. jasmine taybron

    jasmine taybron5 日 前

    Do a Vlog 💕💕

  84. SA SPURS

    SA SPURS5 日 前

    Fail just like you would have at USC

  85. Ainsley McGinty

    Ainsley McGinty5 日 前

    get ready with me: court edition

  86. Lisa Caughey

    Lisa Caughey5 日 前

    How can you afford Laura Mercier ??

  87. Julia Schmidt

    Julia Schmidt5 日 前

    Haven’t seen one nice comment here, so here it it... it’s nice having you back Olivia!!!

  88. hikerchick18

    hikerchick185 日 前

    What does OJ and OJ (Olivia Jade) have in common? They both should be in jail!

  89. Jay Hong

    Jay Hong5 日 前

    Embarrassing af

  90. Lizzy Grant

    Lizzy Grant5 日 前

    You're an embarrassment and just as big a disappointment as your loser parents

  91. Durant Rza

    Durant Rza5 日 前

    Wow the nerve of this piece of trash. It's amazing how she is absolutely oblivious to the fact that the whole world hates her and her family.

  92. Durant Rza

    Durant Rza5 日 前

    Your whole family belongs in jail. Just because you're rich doesn't mean you're above the law. Good luck trying to scam your way out of this one.

  93. AimInformer

    AimInformer5 日 前

    I just love how the rich are some of the most unintelligent people out there.

  94. Katie TG

    Katie TG5 日 前

    Her family plead not guilty, she didnt have a choice in that, so she therefore is legally not allowed to talk about it. I blame her parents more than her but that's just my opinion, idk everything

  95. Twisted Frills

    Twisted Frills6 日 前

    you need to go back under the rock your parents made for you

  96. Carrie Bizz

    Carrie Bizz6 日 前

    How about NEVER come back to JPgo! Your parents are absolutely insane for bribing a college I mean they have more dollars than sense, which I'm sure that joke will be lost on you. I hope you are donating ALL your social media money and some to people that deserve a college education but cannot afford it.

  97. Sheila Grace Balmaceda

    Sheila Grace Balmaceda6 日 前

    Who the hell gave these 52K likes?

  98. Beth Ayliffe

    Beth Ayliffe6 日 前

    We don't want you back, you and your family took from people a hell of a lot more deserving than you because what you think your more entitled to?

  99. big boo

    big boo6 日 前

    Everybody give her a break. Everyone fucks up. And from the looks of it Olivia wasn't even all that interested in college. Let's all forgive and forget. No one's perfect. And in 40 to 50 years or earlier from now , we're all most likely gonna be dead of old age anyways

  100. aShura

    aShura6 日 前

    Fun Fact: While Rowing, the makeup normally wears off due to the presence of Water.