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I ran away from home lol
What I did on my day off
I bleached my hair

I bleached my hair

7 ヶ月 前

How to Crash a Wedding
Oops I'm in New York
I went to prom

I went to prom

9 ヶ月 前

Let's talk about school
Come with me to a swim meet


年 前

  1. Lila Zalucky

    Lila Zalucky時間 前

    Joana: will I bleach my eyebrows? Mother goose from a second dimension: NOOOOO

  2. Sky_ Candy123

    Sky_ Candy123時間 前

    Take a shot everytime she coughs

  3. Hi

    Hi2 時間 前

    Tbh you look soo good with blonde,short hair :o

  4. Shannon Staveley

    Shannon Staveley2 時間 前

    I totally agree with 1917. I love that film I saw it I think about 2 weeks ago. Really great WW1

  5. Alycia Ballinger

    Alycia Ballinger2 時間 前

    me: if i was her I would have a knife or weapon on me at least a pencil her: if your asking yes i have a knife me: yessss you are now safe

  6. kayla fox

    kayla fox2 時間 前

    Joana:we had three hours I had enough time to cook AND EAT a leg of lamb My dad:takes over three hours to cook a leg of lamb

  7. Funneh’s Fan

    Funneh’s Fan3 時間 前


  8. Funneh’s Fan

    Funneh’s Fan3 時間 前


  9. Yasmine Goudriaan

    Yasmine Goudriaan3 時間 前


  10. RPGking

    RPGking3 時間 前


  11. Mohau Marumo

    Mohau Marumo4 時間 前

    What app do you use to edit

  12. Dingo

    Dingo4 時間 前

    Joana if you don't show any sign of life, I'll put on my swimsuit and cross the Atlantic to find you! -A determined Frenchman

  13. Anne-marie Ketley

    Anne-marie Ketley4 時間 前

    It looks good

  14. Lesbian Spider Time

    Lesbian Spider Time4 時間 前

    i was literally here since 250K, been like 2 years, re-visited and you have 3.12M subs. okay.

  15. Maria Groves

    Maria Groves4 時間 前

    You look beautiful and gorgeous love the new hair

  16. Jade Abbie

    Jade Abbie4 時間 前

    It's been two weeks I hope she didn't get the avocado virus

  17. Mariale Cerro

    Mariale Cerro4 時間 前

    hi this was posted on my birthday

  18. Zubia Naqvi

    Zubia Naqvi5 時間 前

    'I wIl BaThE mY FiRsT BoRn iN MaPLe SyRuP' -John cena 2019

  19. Zubia Naqvi

    Zubia Naqvi5 時間 前

    0:03 made me laugh idk why

  20. Madison The Equestrian

    Madison The Equestrian5 時間 前

    Will you change your profile pic to Shrek

  21. Little Miss Sakura

    Little Miss Sakura5 時間 前

    My favorite meal is Apple piss

  22. Zubia Naqvi

    Zubia Naqvi5 時間 前

    \ \ \ / / Heh tricked ya

  23. Zubia Naqvi

    Zubia Naqvi5 時間 前

    Thumbnail: even my poo is sqared. Me: i understand

  24. Madison The Equestrian

    Madison The Equestrian5 時間 前

    I made your 2 million cookie playlist

  25. Anneliese Iero Way

    Anneliese Iero Way5 時間 前

    Where did she get her microphone? I need one so bad, it's freakin cute 😍😂

  26. Music Easel Cat

    Music Easel Cat5 時間 前

    Hi im with the sea org.

  27. Zubia Naqvi

    Zubia Naqvi5 時間 前

    She wrote something on her hand

  28. Zubia Naqvi

    Zubia Naqvi5 時間 前


  29. Unknown person

    Unknown person6 時間 前

    How many times she sed my dudes.....

  30. Zubia Naqvi

    Zubia Naqvi6 時間 前

    0:55 ' yes i am going to join the bats' i died laughing

  31. Gamer girls Arabic

    Gamer girls Arabic6 時間 前

    Plot twist : she cut herself with the scissors

  32. ItsFaithhere

    ItsFaithhere7 時間 前

    Soon we are gonna be seeing: Mom vlog: Day in the life!

  33. Рали Калчева

    Рали Калчева8 時間 前

    What is a sibscribbler it's called subscriber

  34. Binod Karki

    Binod Karki8 時間 前

    HOW CAN U HATE MINECRAFT?!?! Minecraft is my second fav game on a device

  35. Saee

    Saee8 時間 前

    I think Joey avacedia was affected by the Toyota Corolla virus

  36. mohamed magdy

    mohamed magdy8 時間 前

    I decided to subscribe after watching the video. I like the mural, the comedy and the mental breakdown equally.

  37. Melina Gia

    Melina Gia8 時間 前

    Sis kinda fell off

  38. Ruth W

    Ruth W8 時間 前

    You make my day better

  39. gamer dog

    gamer dog9 時間 前

    Браво ти си първата Английчанка която превежда на бг

  40. Roaa Mohammed

    Roaa Mohammed9 時間 前

    The most funny data scientist her.... We love our educated girl

  41. Foot Fungus

    Foot Fungus9 時間 前

    Joana: complains about school Also Joana: takes the hardest coming liege courses

  42. Manisha Jha

    Manisha Jha9 時間 前

    i am waiting for the new video

  43. Kim Barack

    Kim Barack9 時間 前

    a physical proof that women aren't funny

  44. Joey The Triple C THICCC CAT

    Joey The Triple C THICCC CAT10 時間 前

    I slept Ed with my mom till I was 11

  45. reguks

    reguks10 時間 前

    i’m not used to her using an actual camera

  46. opiumthoughts

    opiumthoughts11 時間 前

    Welcome to dawkness. I've been a nightowl for awhile.

  47. Kaylied D

    Kaylied D11 時間 前

    If it's 9 inches or longer that is

  48. Kaylied D

    Kaylied D11 時間 前

    Well at least you can donate the rest of your hair you cut off to charity to the people who defeated cancer

  49. opiumthoughts

    opiumthoughts11 時間 前

    Being a Brazilian American this shit was hilarious.

  50. Lilac Skies

    Lilac Skies12 時間 前

    Joana is the perfect human, it's decided. She makes my day better.

  51. Cheese on Toast

    Cheese on Toast12 時間 前

    Besides tomatoes I agree with everything

  52. noémi b

    noémi b13 時間 前

    Your commentary, omg I’m dead😂

  53. Dr.Mariam Fathima Mohammed

    Dr.Mariam Fathima Mohammed13 時間 前

    Omg I would but for 1million jonnars

  54. friend of humanity_

    friend of humanity_15 時間 前

    Russian subs, please🙏 (Do you know that we love you too?) But also we really need it

  55. Cheuk lam Li

    Cheuk lam Li16 時間 前

    Im just gonna put this out there. Im suprised that there are no pinned comments to be seen even though John Cena just talked about the subject with the biggest fan base ever

  56. ellie bun

    ellie bun16 時間 前

    milk: john: c o w p i s s

  57. Chandra Naidu

    Chandra Naidu17 時間 前


  58. Rory Flynn

    Rory Flynn18 時間 前

    I loved the end XD

  59. Mirka S.

    Mirka S.18 時間 前

    I love daughter it's one of the best bands I ever heard by far, my favorite son is youth 💖💖💖💖

  60. Emma Lewis

    Emma Lewis18 時間 前

    Hey, Joana Ceddia do you read any other books from Cassandra Clare?

  61. Jho Fermin

    Jho Fermin18 時間 前

    Hi joana! im a fan! did you know that i lost 22 kilo in just 4 months! no joke. HUGS!

  62. Maddison Belcher

    Maddison Belcher18 時間 前

    who else heard her say symonyms🤣🤣

  63. cindy rules

    cindy rules18 時間 前

    ~ *F* ~

  64. Angel Tenorio

    Angel Tenorio18 時間 前

    is it weird that i have a crush on Joana especially because of her singing

  65. Madison The Equestrian

    Madison The Equestrian19 時間 前

    I think if you were freaking out because you didn’t wanna prick your finger your blood sugar could’ve went up

  66. casey Sparks

    casey Sparks19 時間 前

    You should have worn the avacado dressss

  67. •ItzReaper Nely•

    •ItzReaper Nely•19 時間 前


  68. Esme Ellis

    Esme Ellis19 時間 前

    1:24 MEEEEEEE tho people are like your so quiet and I’m like well little do you know I can hear all your conversations because your extremely loud.

  69. Gaming Hale

    Gaming Hale19 時間 前

    11:42 that didn’t last long XD

  70. mykenna jo

    mykenna jo20 時間 前

    The fact that we have the same exact taste in music😳😳😳

  71. Shrek ogre swamp

    Shrek ogre swamp20 時間 前

    My vest is made of Old poop

  72. Shrek ogre swamp

    Shrek ogre swamp20 時間 前

    John Cena there’s A guy named John Cena so you shouldn’t use that as your JPgo name

  73. • Misaki •

    • Misaki •20 時間 前

    Wait.. I was thinking of becoming nocturnal :o you’ve just inspired me even more

  74. Tyler Pucella

    Tyler Pucella20 時間 前

    As long as your nails are poppin you're poppin

  75. • Misaki •

    • Misaki •20 時間 前

    What if people just see you whip out your knife and later on, someone got murdered and you were the suspect?

  76. Michelle

    Michelle20 時間 前

    If I have to ever do a presentation about Kpop, I’m using this

  77. Maizy Giles

    Maizy Giles20 時間 前

    Child don’t put meddle in the microwave!

  78. Pearl Pearl

    Pearl Pearl20 時間 前

    Wish you would do more of thisinformative type of videos. This is the first vid i've watched in this channel and subscribed right away.

  79. Corbyn Besson Fan

    Corbyn Besson Fan20 時間 前

    Back to school shopping is the best part

  80. ŘøsēWïllöwsOwO

    ŘøsēWïllöwsOwO21 時間 前

    Sup rob ross

  81. Ultra unboxer 350 Tor-browser

    Ultra unboxer 350 Tor-browser21 時間 前

    her life is so healthy its borderline intimidating

  82. Angela Loi

    Angela Loi21 時間 前

    Theres a difference between teachers saying *"iM nOT aN aRTisT okAyyY gUys "* and Joana saying *"iM nOt aN aRtiSt"*

  83. Rhian Williams

    Rhian Williams21 時間 前

    Joanna: dislike the video. Me: automatically likes it

  84. Miah Tofilo

    Miah Tofilo21 時間 前

    You could probably have peanuts because there legumes

  85. Lila Zalucky

    Lila Zalucky21 時間 前

    2:40 I would have watched the whole thing 😂

  86. Lila Zalucky

    Lila Zalucky21 時間 前

    Me: hey mom can we go to Ikea tomorrow? My mom: uhhhh no Joanna: Hey mom can I fly to New York tomorrow? Mother goose: yeah!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  87. Cami Cardoso

    Cami Cardoso21 時間 前

    I love how she says something and just proceeds to rip the strip with a blank face, i would die tbh.

  88. Crazy Tessy

    Crazy Tessy21 時間 前

    I want your hair

  89. Michael Siewert

    Michael Siewert22 時間 前

    ha ha ha this is the best video I ever seen

  90. Gabe Quinn

    Gabe Quinn22 時間 前

    Ah, yes. Torture described as track workouts

  91. 2020

    202022 時間 前

    I have never related more to a video . Hahaha

  92. harper mathiason

    harper mathiason22 時間 前

    You need to blend everything more

  93. Graveyard Mushroom

    Graveyard Mushroom22 時間 前


  94. Mari

    Mari22 時間 前

    Your parents are so cute awww

  95. Artjom Glad Man

    Artjom Glad Man23 時間 前

    lmao is she trolling

  96. Mitzi ,,,o.o,,,

    Mitzi ,,,o.o,,,23 時間 前

    You are so weird in such a good way.

  97. Sunnys Lego!

    Sunnys Lego!23 時間 前

    This was recorded 2 days after my birthday :)

  98. MaKayla Temple

    MaKayla Temple日 前

    Which video of bobs is this?

  99. Crazy_Bear123

    Crazy_Bear123日 前


  100. mIChEaL sCoTt

    mIChEaL sCoTt日 前

    I hecking love you