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  1. Fabian Amador

    Fabian Amador35 秒 前

    69: “test my gangsta” FEDS: *clears throat* 69: “it was him,him,her oh an him”



    Snitches smh he ain't about that LIFESTYLE

  3. Sugar Lipps37

    Sugar Lipps37分 前

    #INSPIRED Fantasia thank you for allowing God to use you. You have played a major roll in what God is doing in my life right now in a 30 minute interview. Your story is my story and even from your lifetime movie after Idol. I hear God’s voice in everything you said in this interview. Yes Lord I hear you.

  4. Sua Bhu

    Sua Bhu2 分 前

    There are lot private school that is multiracial I really don't agree with that kids going to private schools only white it brainwashes children

  5. Phasefella tv

    Phasefella tv3 分 前

    “No one can touch me I move so militant “ 😂

  6. Cortez Miller

    Cortez Miller3 分 前

    Fat Joe is a Afro Latino or Afro Hispanic. Race wise he is black, that’s what he is claiming. Not because he grew up with blacks. But, that’s what his DNA makes up of what he is.... The only difference between Black (African Americans) and Afro (Black) Latinos is the culture. Black is the race and African American and Latino or even Hispanic are cultures. Latino can be consider language, but Hispanic can be of any race. Hispanic and Latino are not races.

  7. CrazyFoolTV aka Fireman Jon

    CrazyFoolTV aka Fireman Jon4 分 前

    Naw yall just Gay

  8. Higher Love

    Higher Love5 分 前

    We find love, we do not find skin color.The soul doesn't have a color either. ♥️people might call other people words.In my hood and country, we do not relate to anothers through color.✌️♥️

  9. Kenneth O’Connor

    Kenneth O’Connor5 分 前

    He’s so ignorant it’s really sad.

  10. Jay McBride

    Jay McBride7 分 前

    Some people say Jigga sold his soul to Lucifer in exchange for fame and fortune.

  11. Титус Манович

    Титус Манович8 分 前

    He was right when he said this was gonna be the most watched video on the channel

  12. Iam Ayesha

    Iam Ayesha8 分 前

    I honestly think he’s a genuine person, he just needs guidance.

  13. Robin Paz

    Robin Paz8 分 前

    If this is considered talent ... We're f**cked....

  14. Jonhhy Bravo

    Jonhhy Bravo8 分 前


  15. Deandra Hale

    Deandra Hale8 分 前

    Even when something bad happens to me it works in my favor! Chess, not checkers. Bro's man turned on him and not he turned the pointer finger back at them 🤷🏾‍♀️

  16. Positivexpert

    Positivexpert9 分 前

    That's what I had to do with my ex he wasn't willing to get help!! And I had save myself, I love him but I had to self protect for real!!

  17. Kenneth O’Connor

    Kenneth O’Connor9 分 前

    I’d smack that kid so hard

  18. Kyle Joseph

    Kyle Joseph10 分 前

    The sound went out at 28min wanted to hear what he said

  19. Yung Sammy Sosa

    Yung Sammy Sosa11 分 前

    Lmaoo lookin at this shit i dnt see how ANYBODY thought he was what he said he can see str8 threw him lol

  20. Shontorria Smith

    Shontorria Smith11 分 前

    At 30:35 wtf is up with those dolls in the back 😂😂😂

  21. Dexter Brown

    Dexter Brown13 分 前

    Did black women get offended when C. Thomas Howell portrayed a black man in Soul Man? Black women clapped and cheered when he ended up with Rae Dawn Chong at the end. Did any black men or women get offended when Robert Downey Jr. tanned his skin and portrayed a black man in Tropic Thunder? No one said anything!!

  22. lilahdog 568

    lilahdog 56813 分 前

    When someone tries to defend 69 snitching, what they're trying to say is they don't love their family. If you got yourself in some shit and really cared about them, you wouldn't snitch so the crazy niggas you with don't kill them. Tekashi cared more about avoiding prison than keeping his mom and kid safe

  23. paul mow

    paul mow13 分 前

    man i wish tee got shot before his aunt yall big mouth wanna be gangsters stfu and learn yo lesson when u just pop off ur mouth even if u are about that action, karma dont give a f its real and ur putting your loved ones right in the path of that better move smarter

  24. ladyblazette

    ladyblazette14 分 前

    Why did they ask Shotti to comment during the original interview? He failed on trying to sound intelligent 🤓 🤦‍♀️

  25. Kabe Perry

    Kabe Perry16 分 前

    I love Peter but Im rolling with yang

  26. Frank Nino Tv

    Frank Nino Tv16 分 前

    she says pray but was with a married man she fell off cause off that messing with a married man same with Alicia keys I will say this she has grown but she put some gems out on this channel she has grown up

  27. Shawn Perry

    Shawn Perry17 分 前

    Charlemagne tried to school the kid BACK THEN!!! 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  28. Cher Cruz

    Cher Cruz18 分 前

    Fuckn glasses head azz

  29. James

    James19 分 前

    She got jokes, they should submit...when hell freezes over. Lol Tasia and Yee are two very different women. Anyway she been had dudes that phuck with her music still, me included so all love.

  30. Tony Mota

    Tony Mota19 分 前

    This show is just as wack as he is for even considering him in the show lol paid ass instigators

  31. Aimee moreno

    Aimee moreno19 分 前

    3 years ago 💞 miss you

  32. Shawn Perry

    Shawn Perry19 分 前

    Is he even relevant???

  33. All Topics YouTuber

    All Topics YouTuber20 分 前

    They may try to kill him after he’s released 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  34. angela hendricks

    angela hendricks21 分 前

    I totally agree my hearts go out to Yusef a leader in strength gifted to lead and be there for your fellow brothers and others I Thank God for you Korey I pray for all of the central 5 but Korey been through so much a soldier behind enemy lines for real I watch that movie so much God has brought you through Korey in a mighty way No weapon against thee shall Prosper as WOMEN I SALUTE YOU KOREY A CHILD OF A ALMIGHTY KING ALWAYS ..

  35. dazzled 1

    dazzled 122 分 前

    Why is that dude always next to envy and he never speak...he is there as a fly on tha wall sneaky dude and i believe hes a jew....ijs what is his purpose on tha show he just there spying i swear dude is sneaky...

  36. Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton22 分 前

    I had to watch this after the court case lol but I’m not even mad he snitched, they kidnapped the nigga so duh of course he was gonna rat, Henry hill who was a murderer snitched because Pauly and Vic was gonna kill him, and they in the mob so of course a kid who ain’t even in that life was gonna rat lol

  37. Branden Smith

    Branden Smith22 分 前

    This dude is real strange

  38. Shumunya Cho

    Shumunya Cho23 分 前

    I love donuts, but donuts don't belong on chicken.

  39. Antonio Young

    Antonio Young24 分 前

    Yeah y'all got my boy slink on here. Lamar Davis!

  40. MacDilly Alto

    MacDilly Alto24 分 前

    She said "Like" Like a million times.

  41. Toks Ach

    Toks Ach24 分 前

    If Black People are really about change it starts with knowing WHO YOU ARE and then knowing WHO YOUR ENEMIES ARE as well Without righteous Unity, black people will carry on the legacy of INSANITY

  42. Jalen Clarke

    Jalen Clarke24 分 前

    At 17:00 fat joe prolly did get into a altercation behind dem walls. 99 niggas 😂😂🤣🤣dat shit was hilarious

  43. Positivexpert

    Positivexpert24 分 前

    I mean generational trauma is real.

  44. Tae Tae

    Tae Tae24 分 前

    Snitch Six nine in the court house

  45. Toks Ach

    Toks Ach25 分 前

    If Black People are really about change it starts with knowing WHO YOU ARE and then knowing WHO YOUR ENEMIES ARE as well Without righteous Unity, black people will carry on the legacy of INSANITY

  46. G Fuck15

    G Fuck1525 分 前

    Why they acting like he the only one doing it these rappers ain’t authentic

  47. Jeanette Hablewitz

    Jeanette Hablewitz25 分 前

    loved Dennis back in the day, and more now.

  48. Positivexpert

    Positivexpert26 分 前

    General trauma us real!!

  49. justin sangster

    justin sangster26 分 前

    50 is a very intelligent man. The way he articulates and presents himself is on point he's not just talking to talk like so many.. he makes alot of good points. I was about 12 when GRODT came out, am now 29.

  50. Toks Ach

    Toks Ach26 分 前

    If Black People are really about change it starts with knowing WHO YOU ARE and then knowing WHO YOUR ENEMIES ARE as well Without righteous Unity, black people will carry on the legacy of INSANITY

  51. B. Wynn

    B. Wynn26 分 前

    How could people not have seen through him from Day 1? He's been acting. He tries too hard to be "down " for me. It's like he was studying black men and practicing in the mirror. 🙄

  52. William Gomez

    William Gomez26 分 前

    Judge: Anything else? Snitch 9: yes your honor. Caitlyn Jenner is really a man, Bruce Wayne is Batman and I know who filmed the Kevin Hart’s sex tape!! Judge: Do you have a copy of the tape? 😉

  53. Jay&Tee

    Jay&Tee26 分 前

    Yes Nevea!!!

  54. Foxi IBrows

    Foxi IBrows26 分 前

    Every other word was “Blood” ...

  55. Let Tice

    Let Tice27 分 前

    Poverty doesn't equate to terrible eating habits, thats bullshit, I lived off 100 a week for awhile, made my own food, salad chicken, cheap shit. The real problem is people spending their money on fast food because they think its cheap, when 20 bucks can feed you fine for days if you just turn on the fucking oven.

  56. Kederrick Parson

    Kederrick Parson28 分 前

    Esau go get it.. for mistreating God chosen

  57. G Fuck15

    G Fuck1529 分 前

    Every other word is blood fake ass dude

  58. Ayman Hafiz

    Ayman Hafiz30 分 前


  59. LaMont Lewis

    LaMont Lewis30 分 前

    Yall don’t rembember what Chris Brown did to Rihanna’s face I guess? And then he called R.kelly a “king” . It trips me out people are all in with this guy even still.

  60. Self Improvement Materials - SIM

    Self Improvement Materials - SIM31 分 前

    The lady’s last name is the bag 😂

  61. Титус Манович

    Титус Манович31 分 前

    For a rapper he sure does have a hard time speaking

  62. Chris Margarum

    Chris Margarum32 分 前

    Hold up!!! Miss Angela yee that's not what I said, what you doing? I'm outta here... lmao

  63. Twenty Shmoove

    Twenty Shmoove32 分 前

    It was game over after this interview

  64. Bklyn 2 SoCal

    Bklyn 2 SoCal33 分 前

    'Weaponized her Whiteness'? Charlemagne the Racist trippin once again, inserting color cause that's all he see's & then his preemptive strike with 'If you don't see it, you don't wanna see it'. Whitlock's on the money about 'this' situation & as for Leahy demonizing Lavar Ball... Ball does that to himself & anyone that doesn't see it, 'don't wanna see it'.

  65. Ahmed Umar

    Ahmed Umar35 分 前

    Yo how comes no one here is saying Dave east snitching but everyone talking bout that 69 snitching

  66. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez35 分 前

    soulja: i be teakin sometimes

  67. Freeyour Mind

    Freeyour Mind37 分 前

    I fell in love with her the moment she walked on to the Idol stage. Before she opened her mouth I told my wife that’s the winner right there. You are in my prayers Fantasia. What a beautiful person.

  68. Torrence Taylor

    Torrence Taylor37 分 前

    Did Envy even watch the movie ? Some of his questions ,statements, comments tells he didn’t.

  69. Kris Stovall

    Kris Stovall37 分 前

    I have gay homies. And even they agree. Being gay is one thing. This trans thing is something far different smh

  70. scary ass nicca

    scary ass nicca37 分 前

    i dont even find him funny honestly

  71. Candy Salters

    Candy Salters38 分 前

    How can you defend r. Kelly and destroy Treysongz? Everybody say ah!!!

  72. SF K

    SF K39 分 前

    Smart dude

  73. Emanuel Boateng

    Emanuel Boateng39 分 前

    Jesus is coming soon

  74. Josepk Korenyik

    Josepk Korenyik39 分 前

    This gonna be yo most watched video (Once I’m in PC)- Danny Brasco

  75. Chuck G

    Chuck G40 分 前

    Why did I listen to this dude. Unfunny, fake back handed comments. Irritating S.I.M.P.

  76. DabsDans

    DabsDans40 分 前

    I knew Charlamagne wouldnt b there... he's shaded her enough

  77. Cortez Miller

    Cortez Miller42 分 前

    I thought that, that was Nipsey beside DJ Envy...

  78. Danni Washington

    Danni Washington43 分 前

    Omg when Dennis started talking about the park story, that shit tore me up!!

  79. Jason Patton

    Jason Patton43 分 前

    them some nice titties

  80. M Baker, RN

    M Baker, RN44 分 前

    Best wishes to her!!

  81. Indigo’s Vegan CrossFit Tv

    Indigo’s Vegan CrossFit Tv44 分 前

    This interview definitely should have been 5 times longer. With better questions.

  82. Ronnie GoLightly

    Ronnie GoLightly45 分 前

    Im happy for Fantasia she deserves it!

  83. moneymaker x

    moneymaker x49 分 前

    This didn't age well at all

  84. M S

    M S50 分 前

    I want one tho.

  85. Kashif Forehand

    Kashif Forehand51 分 前

    It's funny he mentioned if this video reached 10 million bnb views he'd turn around and right after he got locked up

  86. Isaac Dutes

    Isaac Dutes52 分 前

    Envy gots be better with the questions.

  87. Rafael Cazares

    Rafael Cazares53 分 前

    Who’s watching this after the Area 51 raid failed

  88. Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime7128

    Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime712855 分 前

    Like what happened to these guys is wrong happy they got out and their stories were told shit the people that played them need Emmy's Korey Wise need to have a blank check written to him on what he went through

  89. Mr. Clutch888

    Mr. Clutch88855 分 前

    If it’s ok for us to Willy nilly define our own gender, we as a society owe Rachel Dolezal an apology.

  90. Raven King

    Raven King55 分 前

    I absolutely adore this man 😭❤️. I have a newfound respect for D. Rod!

  91. Niqua Baby

    Niqua Baby56 分 前

    Byeeee Envy you was saying dumb shyt anyway‼️💯🤦🏽‍♀️

  92. Jose Falconett

    Jose Falconett56 分 前

    This is the same radio host that says black people are unequal yet look at him getting so excited about all the "gangster" snitch talk like hes embracing the culture. Dude if you so unequal shun the whole thing.

  93. Tim Tobias

    Tim Tobias57 分 前

    "I played Chess, not Checkers" GREAT response!! She was in a contract. Stop asking dumb questions Envy...........

  94. Muslima Walker

    Muslima Walker58 分 前

    I actually loved the last album. quite a few of the songs spoke to me and I made a couple of them my alarm ringtone. It rejuvenates me when I hear it.

  95. 1FlyYoungFella

    1FlyYoungFella59 分 前

    Y’all ever see ADD first thanksgiving with white peoples lol he wild

  96. Briana Perkins

    Briana Perkins時間 前

    Shame on DJ ENVY in the beginning of the damn interview charlamage introduced them as the victims of the men in “they see us” dj envy said “well ima call them the Central Park 5 because that’s how I know them” so fucking disrespectful and his nonchalant ness toward these men he should be fucking shameful! White-skinned piece of shit. How fucking dare he sit in these men’s faces just asking those dumb ass questions and laughing. This man really asked korey “how did you parents feel knowing you went down there just to help we’re you mad *laughs* like dam I should’ve stayed home” shame on ENVY at this point we’d like to trade in his insensitive ass. Just disgusting

  97. Tesh Games

    Tesh Games時間 前

    Tekashi : 3:26 Judge: Life sent.. Tekashi: Ight so BOOM

  98. Areonna Seymour

    Areonna Seymour時間 前

    Angela Yee said she attempted to eat booty and nobody saying anything 😂😂

  99. Derrick Henderson

    Derrick Henderson時間 前

    Charlemagne is a huge sellout too.

  100. Jaye lee

    Jaye lee時間 前

    They all snitch " snitches get stitches" is just a cute slogan like " just say no "