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  1. T&M Nation

    T&M Nation2 日 前

    God bless y’all & baby E 🦋 que lindos! $bbytaitai

  2. Margie lopez ha

    Margie lopez ha2 日 前

    I already love him bc of his jacket iykyk !!!

  3. Rayleen Polintan

    Rayleen Polintan2 日 前

    Relationship goals. You guys glow together

  4. Diana Cano

    Diana Cano2 日 前

    imagine when the argue,.. they both whispering at each bother 💀🤣 baby girl will be so beautiful 💕

  5. Odalys Muro

    Odalys Muro2 日 前

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ may god bless you & you’re little family 🙏🏽🙏🏽 congratulations on you’re babygirl 💕👑 you’re gonna love the mommy life 😩❤️❤️

  6. stephany chavez

    stephany chavez2 日 前

    Can’t wait for babygirl to be here. You guys are so cute together! Baby girl is going to be soo cute can’t wait!💕 $stephany9

  7. verofernandez

    verofernandez2 日 前

    i love thisssss! $verofernandez

  8. Tyra Canuto

    Tyra Canuto2 日 前

    I hope you have a girl and if you do you should name her Emily aww I’m so excited to find out I’m team girl!! ❤️

  9. Thor Lord

    Thor Lord2 日 前

    Is He An 👽? No Emotion

  10. Lisa Albarran

    Lisa Albarran2 日 前

    How you still have abs? Lol $nisalynn2

  11. Lisa Albarran

    Lisa Albarran2 日 前

    I see them Lash Bar lashes 👁‍🗨

  12. Katie Bucio

    Katie Bucio2 日 前

    Elsy you’re so pretty

  13. Kiki lover

    Kiki lover2 日 前

    loveee yaaaaaaa

  14. Lil Fuzz

    Lil Fuzz2 日 前

    Cash app fuzz11

  15. purebliss

    purebliss2 日 前

    honestly i don’t watch much meet my boyfriends tag videos but this was honestly so interesting and lovely to watch. yall r so real nd i could tell tht u guys genuinely love each other 🥺 $laurennrs

  16. Alejandro Padilla

    Alejandro Padilla2 日 前

    This foo needs some "say it wit you chest lessons"

  17. Dave Reyes

    Dave Reyes2 日 前

    Elijah me hanging out with a girl first time and not leaving cx $DavidXCVI

  18. Sara Rodriguez

    Sara Rodriguez2 日 前

    Omg I can’t hear her 😳

  19. Leslie Hernandez

    Leslie Hernandez2 日 前

    you two are so cute I'm. happy for you both congrats on the baby :). $Leslie23andy

  20. Emma Ochoa

    Emma Ochoa2 日 前

    $EmmmaaO ❤️❤️❤️love you elsy

  21. Norma Zuniga

    Norma Zuniga2 日 前


  22. K neylie

    K neylie2 日 前

    I cant understand shittt sounds mumbled all the way its irritating to watch

  23. Queen Trini

    Queen Trini2 日 前

    This video made me realize how much Elsy and I are alike especially the cutting of people quick and needing alone time lol

  24. Lessly Reyes

    Lessly Reyes2 日 前

    yall talk so low lol

  25. Samantha Hudson

    Samantha Hudson2 日 前

    Can’t wait for Baby E to get here! 💗 Cash app: $samanthataylorhudson

  26. Alizee renneaa

    Alizee renneaa2 日 前

    Definitely ment to be yall Both whisper 😫😫🤣🤣💓 Im also expecting a babygirl due in June🤩🤩 🤰🏻🤰🏻🤰🏻 $Alizereneagallegos

  27. Rochelle Rodriguez

    Rochelle Rodriguez2 日 前


  28. Jawslyn Pedroza

    Jawslyn Pedroza2 日 前

    Elsy playing with them scissors like she ready to use them any second he answers a question wrong 😂✂️

  29. Latinya Sa

    Latinya Sa2 日 前

    Omg stop! I’m so happy for u mamas!I remember u was asking me about my pregnancy this time last year when we worked at ulta. Your bby bout to be so cute. Congratulations 🎉

  30. Chanell Perezz

    Chanell Perezz2 日 前

    Awkward video 😭

  31. Zainab Waziri

    Zainab Waziri2 日 前

    He talks like tre

  32. Isabel J1MENEZ

    Isabel J1MENEZ2 日 前

    I see baby E going to be daddy’s little girl she going to have all his attention on her and be a queen just like her mommy

  33. Ana Montero

    Ana Montero2 日 前

    So so pretty 😍

  34. Anastasia Estrada

    Anastasia Estrada2 日 前

    I feel bad bc I really don’t get good vibes from him :(

  35. Velvet Rosas

    Velvet Rosas2 日 前

    Tiny belly that's good tho all baby the snap back will be great

  36. Dahlia Bella

    Dahlia Bella2 日 前

    Together or not as long as he respects her as the mother of his babygirl✨ Subscribe to my channel, will be posting soon 😛

  37. Kariii Valeee

    Kariii Valeee2 日 前

    they’re so quiet and benny and alo are so loud 😭🤣

  38. Yanneli Pena

    Yanneli Pena2 日 前

    Love this 💞💞

  39. Velvet Rosas

    Velvet Rosas2 日 前

    Elsy its not bad to cut people off I wish I could do that easily even more in this generation I'm 23 and give people to much forgiveness... I love you guys together

  40. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith2 日 前

    wherwe are u from

  41. Brianna Montoya

    Brianna Montoya2 日 前

    done baby💙

  42. Selene Rosales

    Selene Rosales2 日 前

    Girl that pregnancy gots you glowing can't wait for you to have your babygirl 🙃 I like how Elijah respects Alondra & Benny's relationship even though he's cousins with Tre

  43. Jesús Enrique Castrejon

    Jesús Enrique Castrejon2 日 前

    I feel the SAME WAY !! every guy I date I have a bigger head than them. 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 cashapp : $jesussc

  44. Diana Vazquez

    Diana Vazquez2 日 前

    I completely feel yu on keeping your relationship private it’s honestly the best for the most part especially if your with someone who respects you $babbbyyyyD

  45. brianna rod

    brianna rod2 日 前

    his laugh bro😭😭”ha ha ha”

  46. Nalia

    Nalia2 日 前

    Her heads not even big though. Ugh I love her!!!!!!!!! Thats so good that he's so in love with her, she deserves it. Wow twin flames.

  47. Alexandra Monzo

    Alexandra Monzo2 日 前

    So happy for you girl! You deserve it 💜 $Thejohnsons125

  48. yazmine hernandez

    yazmine hernandez2 日 前

    So happy for you two, congrats you’re going to be amazing parents ! $yazzy0706

  49. Ruby Huerta

    Ruby Huerta2 日 前

    The Corona virus part got me 😂😂

  50. Abby Veneqaas

    Abby Veneqaas2 日 前

    I love how truthful they are. They just answer with no hesitation, no matter if the question is uncomfortable 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼♥️♥️ $Abbyveneqaas

  51. Ariana Amezcua

    Ariana Amezcua2 日 前

    okay elsy your babydaddy so fine your baby about to be cute asf i can't wait! Also when are you and Alo gonna upload together

  52. Frank g Estrada

    Frank g Estrada2 日 前

    Shhhhhhhhhh! I can't hear them

  53. Carolina Lopez

    Carolina Lopez2 日 前

    Your baby is going to be beautiful! I’m so happy for both of you. Congratulations 🥳 $cmlopez30

  54. Juanita Martinez

    Juanita Martinez2 日 前

    Y'all are cute af😍

  55. mya m

    mya m2 日 前

    Love the honesty!

  56. mya m

    mya m2 日 前

    I love Elsy

  57. mayte Ruelas

    mayte Ruelas2 日 前

    why did alondra leave? the one that supposed to leave is youu 🙄, i mean why you gave a men a home .... i though mens suppose to give women a home😳

  58. mya m

    mya m2 日 前

    Somethings off? Or I'm trippin? Or que

  59. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez2 日 前

    You guys are perfect for each other! Congratulations on your baby girl 💕

  60. Emily Martinez

    Emily Martinez2 日 前


  61. Alluah Akbar

    Alluah Akbar2 日 前

    Can alondra do a belly cast on you as a video

  62. Sylura Lindsay

    Sylura Lindsay2 日 前

    I'm so excited for this baby to come. Your going to be a great mother Elsy

  63. Marisol Hernandez

    Marisol Hernandez2 日 前

    Omg I hope I win ❤🤗 btw I love all your videos

  64. Cynthia Renova

    Cynthia Renova2 日 前


  65. No Way

    No Way2 日 前

    Who really gives a 💩

  66. Vivianna Villasenor

    Vivianna Villasenor2 日 前

    Loooved this vid 🥺💕

  67. Luisa Ruiz

    Luisa Ruiz2 日 前

    You're soooo cute together 💕🌟

  68. Kimberley Aquino

    Kimberley Aquino2 日 前

    Aw this was such a cute video! Y’all are so perfect for each other damn like everything you guys were saying made me think if what I have with my man is love. But I’m so happy for guys congrats on the baby Ik you guys will be great parents. Love you Elsy

  69. dduran6874

    dduran68742 日 前

    Love you guys! That’s how me and my husband are! We’re so obsessed with each other/always want to to .... but when we’re in public we keep are space and sneak in touches lol Best friends for sure! Hopefully your relationship keeps growing

  70. J o a n n a . G

    J o a n n a . G2 日 前

    Your girl got laid off due to this virus, $100 could help tremendously😞. Cashapp: joannag924

  71. Ruth Vazquez

    Ruth Vazquez2 日 前

    “Privately we are like obsessed with each other” Y’all are so cute together, I’m so happy for you Elsy 🥺❤️

  72. Rock Watson

    Rock Watson2 日 前

    Who's the white boy

  73. pamelaadrianamarie

    pamelaadrianamarie2 日 前

    Hoping health and happiness throughout your pregnancy!! $PamelaMunos <3

  74. iMELDA Yoo

    iMELDA Yoo2 日 前

    Lmao , good luck . This video was funny

  75. Suany Aimee

    Suany Aimee2 日 前

    Omg you both talk low! 😭😭😭 but anyways love youuuu so much ❤️ cashappp: $uany2100

  76. Alexis Raquel

    Alexis Raquel2 日 前

    You look so happy I can’t wait for your little babe to arrive I love youuuu🥺❤️ cashapp: $AlexisSpringer

  77. Erica Schultz

    Erica Schultz2 日 前

    FIRST OF ALL MY VOLUME IS ALL THE WAY UP AND I CANNOT HEAR YALL LMAO!! Please have him speak into the frozen mic 😂 he’s worse than you elsy! Lol love you! $arikaxxo0

  78. Erik Barwick

    Erik Barwick2 日 前

    Rip Simps.

  79. Natalie Marie

    Natalie Marie2 日 前

    baby e gonna come out whisper crying 😂❤️😂 $sanchezzmarie

  80. Baby Cakes

    Baby Cakes2 日 前

    Aww she seems so shy around him lol

  81. Glowwzette

    Glowwzette2 日 前

    Hey Elsy I have a spiderman microphone if you want it for E 😂 Cant wait to see your baby shes gonna be so beautiful 💕

  82. MirBella

    MirBella2 日 前

    Lmao y’all both whispering 😂 #madeforeachother

  83. diana

    diana2 日 前

    y’all are perfect for each other! you both talk extremely low🤣🤣 jk i love you guys i’m so happy 😩❤️😊

  84. Lorilyn Tran

    Lorilyn Tran2 日 前

    This was so cute 🥰 $lorilyntran

  85. Jacqueline De Leon

    Jacqueline De Leon2 日 前

    Y’all so cute $jroxa

  86. Luisamaria Baidal

    Luisamaria Baidal2 日 前

    Louder pls.

  87. Chelsea Toribio

    Chelsea Toribio2 日 前

    aww i love you so much elsy i’m so happy for you 🥺❤️

  88. Iris Gomez

    Iris Gomez2 日 前

    I love u guys together already!! $eyerissss

  89. Marissa Mitchell

    Marissa Mitchell2 日 前

    You guys are so cute together, I'm so excited to see your little girl! 😊❤



    🔥 should this video be in this place for a long time 1:46 💚💜💘 👇👇👇💯

  91. Jason Grant

    Jason Grant2 日 前

    Jersey shores brah

  92. Jason Grant

    Jason Grant2 日 前

    I bet she don’t no who her baby’s daddy is!

  93. Jasmine Serrano

    Jasmine Serrano2 日 前

    Happy for y’all and your baby 👶❤️

  94. Giovana Ramos

    Giovana Ramos2 日 前

    I loovveeee the way you are elsy!💗💗 I already want to see BABY E 💗💗💗💗😍🥰

  95. Brianna Parra

    Brianna Parra2 日 前

    He seems so dry you needed someone head over heels for you girl..

  96. ChristinaVLOGS

    ChristinaVLOGS2 日 前

    Love you beautiful 😍❤️

  97. Chantel Courchene

    Chantel Courchene2 日 前

    I have my baby sleeping on me, and had the volume TURNED UP and I mean turned up so I can hear everything then BAM the add was yelling.

  98. priity husulah

    priity husulah2 日 前

    I don’t like how keep sayin she got a big head cus so does he iono I’m not really feelin his vibe it’s like he thinks he’s all that an I love elsy I jus hope he’s nervous or something

  99. Yhatzary Chanez

    Yhatzary Chanez2 日 前

    The fact they both answered almost the same Answer to everything 😂 $Yhatzaryyy

  100. VampCaff

    VampCaff2 日 前

    No one cares