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Android Q hands-on

Android Q hands-on

6 ヶ月 前

  1. Corey

    Corey7 分 前

    I wanna see an iPhone X vs iPhone 11 pro Most people who purchased the iPhone X are eligible for an upgrade as two years has passed and I’m really surprised no one has been comparing those two devices.

  2. Bee Legend

    Bee Legend21 分 前

    waitng on mine to come!

  3. First Last

    First Last49 分 前

    PSP vibes

  4. Ansgar Wollnik

    Ansgar Wollnik53 分 前

    Nice review.

  5. Stayhighxs

    Stayhighxs時間 前

    Paloma mami represintin Chile!!! 8:34

  6. Bruce Dion

    Bruce Dion時間 前

    We can still go to the Moon, But why would we? We already know what's there. It would just be a big waist of money. Elon is Brilliant but there are too many things to overcome! We haven't even been to Mars yet. and have no idea what it would take till we get there. I don't think it's going to happen anytime in the near future. But keep dreaming Elon. We need more in this World like you.

  7. sophia G

    sophia G時間 前

    Purple or green

  8. Tyler Henley

    Tyler Henley時間 前

    Are any of the iPhone 11's are able to charge wirelessly?

  9. Andy Manalo

    Andy Manalo時間 前

    Quit talking just show the iphone👎

  10. Pointy Knifes and other stuff

    Pointy Knifes and other stuff時間 前

    1:30 that’s literally what i’m doing

  11. Nik da Silva

    Nik da Silva時間 前

    Amazing video. Thank you The Verge!

  12. Nithin Thomas

    Nithin Thomas時間 前

    Dieter is the closest we mortals can have to techie Morgan Freeman. I can listen to him read out a dictionary!

  13. Andrew Jehan

    Andrew Jehan時間 前

    The avocado price reduction is subsidized (i.e. losing money) and therefore clearly can't be a long-term business decision. They subsidize the avocados long enough to wipe out all the major competition, and then with no competitors they can charge even more for avocados than they sold them for originally. Not exactly the good news story The Verge makes it out to be.

  14. deisy correa

    deisy correa時間 前

    I'm sure an apple 6 watch will come out soon so I'll just wait

  15. jason le

    jason le時間 前

    Is iPhone 11 better than iPhone XS though?

  16. Bowenff

    Bowenff2 時間 前

    I mean try huawei pro30 then tell me if iPhone 11 pro is the best camera on phone

  17. Sohail Faruqui

    Sohail Faruqui2 時間 前

    Well well well, that's not a fair comparison between iPhone 11 and pixel 3, pixel 3 is last year phone, stay tuned for October 15th

  18. Mr. Kufu

    Mr. Kufu2 時間 前

    actually that was 10 minutes and 50 seconds

  19. esopp1956

    esopp19562 時間 前

    When mentioning ios13 you omitted that it gives you ability to stop calls from people not in your contact list....big feature to anyone suffering from robo and spam calls

  20. Adrien Bellagio

    Adrien Bellagio2 時間 前

    This video made me want the Note 10 and not upgrade my current iPhone

  21. Mrponcho

    Mrponcho2 時間 前

    Idk what to get the 40mm or the 44mm

  22. Lori Harvey

    Lori Harvey2 時間 前

    A friend of mine recommended calvin to me when I had issues with my partner, he started acting suspicious and was on his phone at odd hours. I contacted calvin and he remotely hacked into his device for me letting me have total access to his device without his knowing. I was shook and overwhelmed that I could read his texts, see pictures, emails and all that. This hacker is hands down the best I’ve hired. His email is [email protected] or WhatsApp +1 (585)4600063 and I recommend him to everyone reading this post 🙂

  23. Lori Harvey

    Lori Harvey2 時間 前

    A friend of mine recommended calvin to me when I had issues with my partner, he started acting suspicious and was on his phone at odd hours. I contacted calvin and he remotely hacked into his device for me letting me have total access to his device without his knowing. I was shook and overwhelmed that I could read his texts, see pictures, emails and all that. This hacker is hands down the best I’ve hired. His email is [email protected] or WhatsApp +1 (585)4600063 and I recommend him to everyone reading this post 🙂

  24. Michael Paul

    Michael Paul2 時間 前

    Apple Watch- “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

  25. Rudra Pandey

    Rudra Pandey2 時間 前

    I’ll miss Daredevil

  26. Ellé Rose

    Ellé Rose2 時間 前

    I’m unsure if it’s worth me getting ride of my iPhone X for the iPhone 11? Any advice

  27. QuHarrison Terry

    QuHarrison Terry2 時間 前

    Great work on this interview

  28. ThisIsDK

    ThisIsDK3 時間 前

    I enjoyed this. Converstion starter.

  29. Lumumba B.

    Lumumba B.3 時間 前

    you took all these night mode photos on iPhone with way more exposure than on other devices

  30. Grant Prysock

    Grant Prysock3 時間 前

    My mom did not told me to stop listening to my headphones too loud.

  31. joe biden

    joe biden3 時間 前

    Just use regular battarys to power cars.

  32. jenny rayne

    jenny rayne3 時間 前

    I'm on a Android and I might get it lol

  33. Philip Kumai

    Philip Kumai3 時間 前

    Reading through the comments, it's hilarious that the only take away from this video for half the viewers is the quick recycling closing segment. I guess people today need to find something wrong with every video to make themselves feel superior. Anyway, great advice Becca! I was able to save hundreds using your methods and the phones turned out great! Thanks so much!

  34. michael nettles

    michael nettles3 時間 前

    Meanwhile I'm watching off my samsung galaxy s10 plus waiting next year for the 11

  35. Eduardo Braga

    Eduardo Braga3 時間 前

    I think albuns and mixtapes SHOULD be different, in a way. Albums, in my opinion, should be composed of music about, roughly, the same subject. Mixtapes should be whatever song you wrote and wanted to put there, hence why it's called a mixtape. A mix of different songs, with different genres and such.

  36. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams3 時間 前

    but its not a 4x4 truck

  37. Imtiaz Mahmud

    Imtiaz Mahmud4 時間 前

    Apple watch still the best smart watch in Planet Earth.

  38. FCastJr

    FCastJr4 時間 前

    So.... Note 10 is still better, got it 👍👍

  39. Carlton McMillan

    Carlton McMillan4 時間 前

    how is it that at 12:31 I am seeing a 5G icon on your phone?? I did not think Apple was going to have a 5G phone till next year?

  40. jk12324

    jk123244 時間 前

    Does it work with Android phones?

  41. Ivy Shilpi

    Ivy Shilpi4 時間 前

    anyone upgrading from iphone SE?

  42. codefive

    codefive4 時間 前

    A total waste of 4 minutes. Tidal High Res. - FLAC and MQA is only going to be noticable on a high end system. Why would you even bother doing such a test without the proper equipment?

  43. John Smith

    John Smith4 時間 前

    Can't wait to upgrade my iPhone 11 to the huawai mate 30

  44. Jack Naylor

    Jack Naylor4 時間 前

    Don't think I will be upgrading this year, still rocking my iphone x, 2 years in now. Come on apple, you can do better. Isn't all about the camera.

  45. Savion Lee Washington

    Savion Lee Washington4 時間 前

    Can I have one? Please?

  46. suvk1

    suvk14 時間 前

    He has 3 children and a pretty and smart wife!!!!

  47. Uncle Dune

    Uncle Dune4 時間 前

    My 6s has gone strong for 3 years, and could definitely keep going, but its time to retire it 😭

  48. Hyarise Dorvil

    Hyarise Dorvil4 時間 前

    Does it work with the amazon echo dot too

  49. ciitk b

    ciitk b5 時間 前

    08:07 -> how did they shoot this? 😲Did they somehow shoot the video with four phones all at the exact same location, or did they like have the presenter say the exact same line with the exact same body movements 4 times?!!!


    UBZUKKI5 時間 前

    I guess the pro stands for PROPER RIP OFF...

  51. Grendel _

    Grendel _5 時間 前

    Iphone 11 seems to be a nice upgrade for someone still in 6/7 range, but since Verge is 'recommending' it, I will hold on to my cash for now.

  52. MR. Criz

    MR. Criz5 時間 前

    Where my oculus go users at?

  53. queque queenie

    queque queenie5 時間 前

    My favorite about the iPhone 11 is the glossy bezels 👍❤

  54. Lucas_btc

    Lucas_btc5 時間 前

    Shity ios fans lol

  55. Snowy

    Snowy5 時間 前

    I like the xr REALLY much but i also REALLY miss 3d touch so idk what i should buy and im buying a new phone this week. Comment fast what you guys think i should buy the XR or the XS. I dont have much time, so comment fast!

  56. dustinh2

    dustinh25 時間 前

    Nobody reviewing this phone has addressed 4G LTE vs 5G with this phone. Does the antenna on the pro support the coming of 5G at the end of this year and next year in the USA?

  57. Cameron Empey

    Cameron Empey5 時間 前

    I don’t see this tech going anywhere really just for nerds who like to play video games lol i prefer to go outside

  58. jose pazmino

    jose pazmino5 時間 前

    I'm watching it on 4k on my note 10+

  59. ParaXposeR

    ParaXposeR5 時間 前

    If the Habitat is not Self Sustainable ,then it's not worth it ..

  60. Mhammad Taleb

    Mhammad Taleb5 時間 前

    Is 50$ a good price for this?

  61. S. T.

    S. T.6 時間 前

    What a thing of beauty this clean 912 is. Incredible.

  62. Sean’s Gaming/Funny vids

    Sean’s Gaming/Funny vids6 時間 前

    I’m here with a 6s and my birthday is in 2 weeks and I’m getting it!!!

  63. Literally Thousands Of Bees

    Literally Thousands Of Bees6 時間 前

    WONDERFUL video you all. As a snowboarder who uses equipment reviews like this for inspiration, as the abundance of angles and shots is always food for a great edit, I have to say you've destroyed it in every aspect of the video - something I 100% expected from such a prestigious creator. The music in this video? Woah. Is there any possibility we could have the names to these tracks? The intro track is especially exceptional ;)

  64. Carlos Leal

    Carlos Leal6 時間 前

    720p, no thx

  65. kumbandit

    kumbandit6 時間 前

    Ah, the good old times when Intel wasn't just slideshows :D

  66. K I N G D O M

    K I N G D O M6 時間 前

    For once I am slightly impressed with apple 👌😕

  67. noscope

    noscope6 時間 前

    I'm still not convinced, ill stick with my 1992 Motorola MicroTAC

  68. Anthony Ortega

    Anthony Ortega6 時間 前


  69. Luek Savage

    Luek Savage6 時間 前

    I do prefer haptic touch to be honest

  70. kumbandit

    kumbandit6 時間 前

    OMG they're showing all the devices connected through thunderbolt like it's innovation... Wish someone told them before the note that USB type C dongles already exist and can do all that, just so they don't embarrass themselves....

  71. kumbandit

    kumbandit6 時間 前

    Crowd: "Are those processors on 10nm?" Intel: "Sooo, moving on..." xD

  72. jreycrx

    jreycrx7 時間 前

    The nokia pureview 9 has better cameras all around

  73. J.B.V

    J.B.V7 時間 前

    “An iPhone a year, makes your money disappear”🤣

  74. Jelina Snyder

    Jelina Snyder7 時間 前

    you forgot to add the charging case

  75. John Mack

    John Mack7 時間 前

    meh... my 2013 Nokia 1520 still does better video and photos..

  76. Ashton Gilbert

    Ashton Gilbert7 時間 前

    Anyone else notice Jony Ive wasn't the narrator for the keynote/commercial this year?

  77. NerdDot

    NerdDot7 時間 前

    who's here in 2019?

  78. Sebastian Soza

    Sebastian Soza7 時間 前

    I'm 18 years old and I never have a good phone thats why I see your reviews it shows me something I never have.

  79. Raveen Bikha

    Raveen Bikha7 時間 前

    First high quality apps on the AppStore then we talk

  80. Vivek Dash

    Vivek Dash7 時間 前

    things that really happen do not come up on youtube or newspapers .. so i dont think we will ever get "completely" true answers

  81. mcslender

    mcslender7 時間 前

    Did not expect Pegboard Nerds to be featured! 6:03

  82. lil joel1O1

    lil joel1O18 時間 前

    The iPhone 11 pro Max was just three cameras on a freaking phone 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  83. Hi You

    Hi You8 時間 前


  84. Paulo Urbonas Neto

    Paulo Urbonas Neto8 時間 前

    Mastodon! Kudos, Dieter! 🤘

  85. Andrewshadowy

    Andrewshadowy8 時間 前

    The 50 pound or dollar drop in price will be spent on getting a 3.5 adapter for headphones that are wired and also an adopter that allows you to charge and use wired headphones the same time. However this comes to more then 50 and then there is a case you need to buy for the phone too...

  86. Jerome Shelton

    Jerome Shelton8 時間 前

    I’m getting this phone definitely

  87. Andrewshadowy

    Andrewshadowy8 時間 前

    One thing that drains my battery on my 6s is using google maps and using its sat nav

  88. bleachburritos

    bleachburritos8 時間 前

    why am i watching this when i’m not getting a new phone for months BAJAHAJA

  89. victor ljung

    victor ljung8 時間 前

    I'll upgrade from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 Pro.

  90. pdc_adventures

    pdc_adventures8 時間 前

    Had an 8+ for almost two years. Worth it to upgrade to an 11? Definitely considering.

  91. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel8 時間 前

    Yes thanks I started torrenting anime yesterday

  92. Tiasha

    Tiasha8 時間 前

    I have an iPhone 7 and definitely want to switch to a new one but what I don't get is why is Xs's resolution better than 11's? And WHY is the price for an Xs higher than for the 11? Please help.

  93. Muhammad Harsya Mursyid

    Muhammad Harsya Mursyid8 時間 前

    iphone camera better than pixel 3, LoL..!!!! it's not even close

  94. Austin Schafer

    Austin Schafer9 時間 前

    Does the new battery use any different type of chemicals or design? I was told by my friendly Verizon store employ that I needed to use the fast charger on the 11 pro and that any lower p[owered chargers would hurt the battery?

  95. t1asx

    t1asx9 時間 前

    Tbh I think the iPhone 11 is gud but when it comes to people judging 🙄