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  1. Tae's bbygirl

    Tae's bbygirl20 秒 前

    and now I can't wait to hear txt being called " txt sunbaenim " 😔❤ sorry for my bad english 😔🙏💛

  2. Destiny Lopez Casillas

    Destiny Lopez Casillas21 秒 前

    Tzuyu is pretty but Dahyun is more pretty

  3. Henrik

    Henrik44 秒 前

    WTF they censored lil pump tatoo lol

  4. Desty Rachmawati

    Desty Rachmawati分 前

    jihyo is so talented. I SAID JIHYO IS SO TALENTED

  5. OmujiRice

    OmujiRice分 前

    I keep coming back here coz i miss their Thighs 💖

  6. Aldo Gampur

    Aldo Gampur分 前

    No matter what, all those "lipsync-copypaste" idols should learn THIS from him.

  7. Ana Souza

    Ana Souza分 前

    Quem o ut é o kook da like

  8. Harsh bhardwaj

    Harsh bhardwaj分 前

    Why no one is talking about Mina she's so cute

  9. syazwina21

    syazwina21分 前

    WayV members' chemistry on stage with their aura, charisma, stage presence & synchronization! *Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery & YangYang, congrats on winning the Best New Asian Artist!* You guys really deserve more! Hopefully more people will discover how amazing & multitalented you guys are! The last time I watched MAMA was in 2017 & WayV brought me here! *MNET IS STILL A SNAKE!*

  10. Juan Acosta

    Juan Acosta分 前

    Algun army boy para ser mi amigo (Soy hombre en el cel de mi padre)

  11. Michelle Dullic

    Michelle Dullic分 前

    They are the only group I stan for now and I would tell that they are my idols because this is what I call SLAYED 🔥🔥😎

  12. Aditi singh

    Aditi singh2 分 前

    Here for *M.J*

  13. vikum adithya

    vikum adithya2 分 前

    Dudeeee ........... Shuhua intro literally chills and goosebumps 😎😎😎😎😎😎 Lion🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️

  14. Amy Tazzik

    Amy Tazzik2 分 前

    I see 9 Angel 😍😍

  15. Miss Canlas

    Miss Canlas2 分 前

    Release the RnB remix

  16. LosLunares DeJaebum

    LosLunares DeJaebum2 分 前

    Mamonsitos por los siglos de los siglos ese va ser el pinche pasito de wonho carajo. Hermosos los amo fuerte

  17. Giftz B

    Giftz B3 分 前

    Guys ateez is nominated for the Seoul music awards, plz download the app, register, watch adds to get voting tickets and vote for ateez daily (Open Dec 9-Jan 22) They are nominated for the rookie award, Kwave and popularity, this is another opportunity to use our power to get them roty. They are also nominated at the golden disk award, roty is picked by judges but you can vote for them in the popularity category on tik tok Plz atiny, let's make them take home more awards Official Instructions

  18. huta zone

    huta zone3 分 前

    Btob btob

  19. Kazeo Kun

    Kazeo Kun4 分 前


  20. Haris Abdullah

    Haris Abdullah4 分 前

    N now is 7 million views..omg..i'm shock😍🔥🔥

  21. Adorable TW

    Adorable TW4 分 前


  22. Do KyungHan

    Do KyungHan4 分 前


  23. dxrkrosé

    dxrkrosé5 分 前

    LANA did great, for this being her solo debut. Not everyone can be like SOMI who everyone needs to keep in mind was in IOI, before and was in the survival show, PRODUCE 101 and Sixteen. She trained just as hard like LANA has done. Lana might have focused more on rap and dance. Like AleXa another russian solo artist, she was a contestant in produce 48 and she worker her way up as well! I don’t understand why people hate on Lana’s vocals, she’s a rookie. She’ll learn by time.

  24. 김지수

    김지수5 分 前

    김로운 잘해왔고 잘하고 있고 앞으로도 잘할거야. 그러니까 조급해하지 말고 미안해하지도 말고 부담감에 시달리지도 말고 그냥 당신 하고 싶은 거 다해!!!

  25. basudira meiranata

    basudira meiranata5 分 前

    Poor D.O...he must be in pain during this performance😢

  26. FooLish Fall

    FooLish Fall5 分 前

    😍I feel so special~~~ 😆

  27. Julia haryani

    Julia haryani5 分 前

    My BIAS....... NayeonJeongyeonMomoSanaJihyoMinaDahyunChaeyoungTzuyu💓💖💝💞💕

  28. Arica Gralyca

    Arica Gralyca6 分 前


  29. Hally :v

    Hally :v6 分 前

    Presentaciones mamadisimas

  30. billieyelash

    billieyelash6 分 前


  31. Miks Santos

    Miks Santos7 分 前

    Mamatay na yung nagdislike

  32. Saowadee Thongfu

    Saowadee Thongfu7 分 前

    Sana sister Thailand

  33. Im Jaebeum

    Im Jaebeum7 分 前

    It's still trending even after a week

  34. Muối ARMY

    Muối ARMY7 分 前


  35. Sukaina Reza

    Sukaina Reza8 分 前

    This stage will never get old

  36. Julia haryani

    Julia haryani8 分 前

    Yes 7M 😍❤️😍 Keep streaming okeh👍🏻☺️

  37. Afifah Ahmad

    Afifah Ahmad8 分 前

    QUEEN 👸

  38. Rocio Chaparro Hernandez

    Rocio Chaparro Hernandez8 分 前

    Wow hasta a mi me sorprendió jajajaja

  39. Green plants

    Green plants8 分 前

    I'm sorry. But this is the worst cameramen and lighting ever. So sad.

  40. Kri Sad

    Kri Sad8 分 前

    Why am i crying???(this is for real) i really love them and live because of them too. I really want to meet them in person huhuhu.😭 because of their songs I want to achieve my dreams, dreams to be with them at least a few minutes or an hour. Haha😂😁

  41. 김떡두

    김떡두8 分 前

    차짬좌 레전드

  42. 모과

    모과9 分 前

    슛아웃은 진짜... 의상부터 안무 총쏘는 거 까지.. 뭘 안다니깐...

  43. AKD21

    AKD219 分 前

    WTF these guys have glowing faces

  44. zhailu

    zhailu9 分 前

    Jongho's goodbye baby is stuck in my head for like days xD I had school today and sang it all the time it's so goooood

  45. thi kim vu

    thi kim vu9 分 前

    Inseong ssi rise

  46. its Brena

    its Brena9 分 前

    I love them so much, but i just don't understand why Yeosang's line is just 4 words. Like WHHHHHHYYYYYYY

  47. 김용수

    김용수9 分 前

    이 영상에 미친 페미들 다 구더기처럼 들러 붙어 있구나

  48. Su-mi Park

    Su-mi Park9 分 前

    Yoooo......Yeosang, stop it. 😊 You going to make my 💖 burst.

  49. King Kha

    King Kha9 分 前

    0:30 the smile that has been absent from Jihyo's face reappears

  50. MegaLouis118

    MegaLouis1189 分 前

    Should’ve got someone from 88rising, tf is pump doing there😭😭

  51. 韩lemon

    韩lemon10 分 前

    Love Rowoon so much😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  52. мѕѕ ν

    мѕѕ ν11 分 前


  53. mayday01172002

    mayday0117200211 分 前

    로운😍😍 목소리가 너무 좋아요😭

  54. shiori _

    shiori _12 分 前

    mingyu ミンギュ 민규 ♡

  55. V GP

    V GP13 分 前

    why did 14u disolved!! (i actually know the reason :'( ) They were a good group

  56. egg cement

    egg cement13 分 前

    everything’s alright🥺

  57. Joel Pasaol

    Joel Pasaol13 分 前

    *time flies so fast*

  58. yha yelsa

    yha yelsa13 分 前

    Damnn bagus puolll


    TUDOONGIE TV14 分 前

    Can't believe this is the most viewed in MAMA 2019 💕

  60. Ast Ts

    Ast Ts14 分 前

    Chungha 😍

  61. immanuel christin

    immanuel christin14 分 前

    How I wish they'll release a full studio ver of tell me what is love with Soo Baek Chen 😢

  62. Puneet Sharma

    Puneet Sharma14 分 前


  63. Mingyu's Blue Hair

    Mingyu's Blue Hair15 分 前

    Thank you for Mingyu thumbnail, Mnet.

  64. BenDelaCreme Arobinto

    BenDelaCreme Arobinto15 分 前

    look at wendy with those thicc thighs 😍 too bad she lost so much weight but she still looks good

  65. Jewaypih Papa

    Jewaypih Papa15 分 前

    7m. The most view for MAMA 2019 performance. Their power 🔥

  66. Alexandra Castro

    Alexandra Castro17 分 前


  67. // KIM //

    // KIM //17 分 前

    Ohhhhh Wowwww bts it's good bts 💜💜💜💜👌🏻😍😍👌🏻

  68. Jin Mi Min

    Jin Mi Min17 分 前

    i come here daily for my daily hwangmini intake

  69. 99 130499

    99 13049917 分 前

    They're so freaking powerful

  70. Cozy Cozy

    Cozy Cozy18 分 前

    지디 진짜 개잘생겼다 빨간머리 진짜 박제해야됨 와 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  71. なつま

    なつま18 分 前


  72. Shanaya Magar

    Shanaya Magar18 分 前

    M from Nepal.... ❤️❤️ Nancy

  73. Abby

    Abby18 分 前

    They are so powerful TT __ TT all those covers.... Yasss

  74. 푸른_밤

    푸른_밤18 分 前


  75. Cozy Cozy

    Cozy Cozy18 分 前

    진짜 인정하기 뭐한데 둘이 오진다... 춤 안 추고 그냥 제스쳐만 취하고 노래하는데 무대를 휘어잡고 흔드네

  76. belen rubi castro guillen

    belen rubi castro guillen19 分 前

    No entendí el titulo pero era btob y decía wow y me dije que lo veo 💙

  77. Claudia Prado

    Claudia Prado19 分 前

    Still miss you and 2019 almost finish...

  78. 부천

    부천19 分 前

    와 지효 존예

  79. Huyen Linh Le

    Huyen Linh Le19 分 前

    I'm die in Kihyun's hight note ;/

  80. haivan do

    haivan do19 分 前

    Seventeen is the real winner of best dance performance.

  81. Lady C

    Lady C20 分 前

    Por que no ponen las reacciones hacia mamamoo? Los estoy esperando y las reacciones de mamamoo a otros artistas. #RespectMamamoo

  82. zhzhsjt 93

    zhzhsjt 9320 分 前

    6:53 현웃 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  83. ムタエ

    ムタエ20 分 前

    Aduh gakuat liatnya mas

  84. no one

    no one21 分 前

    seonghwa's little voice i'm-

  85. Chuan Chia Fu

    Chuan Chia Fu21 分 前

    YASSSS BRAND NEW🔥🔥🔥 One of my favorite BTOB's cover stage😍❤️

  86. imane moumane

    imane moumane21 分 前

    Jusssst woooooow

  87. Gamze

    Gamze21 分 前

    Hottie JK ♥️ 1:19

  88. Peter George

    Peter George21 分 前

    PH ONCE are working so hard to stream.

  89. 론리팜

    론리팜21 分 前

    우리 떼구 진짜 다잘해 완벽해 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  90. 2 R

    2 R21 分 前

    Omg 7M 😭

  91. Anshita

    Anshita21 分 前

    The only reason Ateez didn't win ROTY was because everyone keeps forgetting they're still rookies

  92. 비투비멜로디 영원하자

    비투비멜로디 영원하자22 分 前

    니정모사지미다채쯔 one in a million 💗💗 영원히 사랑해ㅜㅜ

  93. Habz

    Habz22 分 前

    Why are they all so fuckin sexy

  94. Lady C

    Lady C22 分 前

    Mamamoo y Hwasa...!!! Tremendo arte ❤❤

  95. K Addict

    K Addict22 分 前

    what is the second song?

  96. Glen Sui

    Glen Sui22 分 前


  97. 제이식

    제이식22 分 前

    이와중에 태태 빨간색자켓 정보가 너무 궁금하다

  98. Glen Sui

    Glen Sui22 分 前

    KuDub Utara ...💕💕💕

  99. 킁냥

    킁냥22 分 前

    11:04 민니 표정 크르렁거리는 사자같아

  100. haivan do

    haivan do23 分 前

    Seventeen is the real winner of best dance performance.