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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard

Double, double toil and trouble!
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I Got A K-Pop Makeover
  1. Ski playz gamez

    Ski playz gamez分 前

    12:46 “The butt” Saf 2020

  2. Kai_Gatcha1126

    Kai_Gatcha11262 分 前

    Why did I see a soap food commercial before the video started

  3. genevieve vermette

    genevieve vermette3 分 前

    my mom makes soap

  4. Lotties attempt at riding!

    Lotties attempt at riding!3 分 前

    4 mins in lets try it!! Me . YoUr GoInG tO eAt WhAT yOu JuSt ToLd Us NoT tO?!?! Little did i know....

  5. chanel moon

    chanel moon4 分 前

    feel like i’m the only one who really wanted to eat one of the cupcakes

  6. Kristen Turner

    Kristen Turner4 分 前

    Your new hair looks good but you look like a mom

  7. Claire Dmn

    Claire Dmn4 分 前

    This whole cake building situation gave me so much anxiety holy hell

  8. Claire Reilly

    Claire Reilly4 分 前

    When I saw the bath water I was like donkey what are ya doing in ma swamp

  9. Adam Zugone

    Adam Zugone4 分 前

    Safiya mixing the solid oils: Wah! Wah! Wah!

  10. ratatouille o_o

    ratatouille o_o4 分 前

    Pov: your scrolling through the trending page full of Minneapolis news and you see this

  11. Ligia Carabajal

    Ligia Carabajal5 分 前

    What the heck? Why on this green earth am I watching this a year later????

  12. Ice Cold Moon

    Ice Cold Moon5 分 前

    Safiya: ill have a little room to grow into Me: ya litterally

  13. BUMBLEBRI fazz

    BUMBLEBRI fazz6 分 前

    The guy who takses the a-a-a-alcohol

  14. i like harry styles ok

    i like harry styles ok7 分 前


  15. chaoticinflation

    chaoticinflation7 分 前

    I love how soap lady makes ppl buy stuff that they absolutely do not need whatsoever like,,, sis u know they can cut soap with a knife quit being greedy

  16. briancè mcbroom

    briancè mcbroom7 分 前

    make a video where you recreate these as real cupcakes

  17. Oofer McShoofer

    Oofer McShoofer8 分 前

    how to get likes on your comment 1. Make a original and clever comment that probably took hours to think of 2. Say “Leaving BuzzFeed was the best thing Safiya ever did” 3. 2020 anYonE?

  18. Ava Waity

    Ava Waity9 分 前

    No one: Safiya:f***f***f***f***f***f***

  19. BloxyGurl

    BloxyGurl10 分 前


  20. mmochiss

    mmochiss10 分 前

    There was a Trump ad on this video and I’d just like to say, Safiya, I’m so sorry they did you like this.

  21. Deelyn Ngo Nguyen

    Deelyn Ngo Nguyen11 分 前

    Can you make a home tour

  22. The_Rob-lox_gal 23

    The_Rob-lox_gal 2314 分 前

    I ship Tyler and saf

  23. Kelsey Lewis

    Kelsey Lewis14 分 前

    I see Crusty, I hit thumbs up. Glad you all are safe over there though! Imma just edit this as I go along. eyyyyyyyy blender twinsies! Also you have a VIKING MICROWAVE????? WHAT??? Viking has the best appliances I hear. Can I live in your kitchen, it's beautiful.

  24. last first

    last first14 分 前

    you should try to make the real version of these cupcakes

  25. Ashley Flores

    Ashley Flores15 分 前

    I got an ad of cupcake before this video 😂

  26. Gwyn Isabella

    Gwyn Isabella17 分 前

    I would definitely buy these. Moons, stars, and bats in soap? Yes please!

  27. oof yikes

    oof yikes17 分 前

    I forgot that the cupcakes were soap and now I’m craving those cupcakes

  28. Abigail Savage

    Abigail Savage18 分 前

    Finally back!!!

  29. Ashley Sanders

    Ashley Sanders20 分 前

    No disrespect to the Soap Queen herself, but I actually liked Saf's more.

  30. chaoticinflation

    chaoticinflation21 分 前

    when Tyler said “vertical integration” I got an awful flashback to AP US history in high school omg

  31. Mrpancakes 42

    Mrpancakes 4221 分 前

    H💿l💿 😉😏

  32. Madalyn Patterson

    Madalyn Patterson21 分 前

    this is my first and last video I will be watching of this channel

  33. Willow Mitton

    Willow Mitton22 分 前

    did anyone else notice the christmas music?

  34. Anna Dang

    Anna Dang24 分 前

    this is literally sponsored by anne marie again

  35. The fortnite gamer

    The fortnite gamer27 分 前


  36. freakylion0617 ???

    freakylion0617 ???28 分 前

    They do look tasty 😋

  37. Danielle Song

    Danielle Song28 分 前

    When your name is Danielle 👁👄👁

  38. The fortnite gamer

    The fortnite gamer28 分 前

    I love you SOO much

  39. Mystic Queen

    Mystic Queen28 分 前

    I think the Melusine bath bomb is a reference to the Luxembourg legend of Melusina. I found out about her when I was doing a project on Luxembourg for my French course.

  40. Sydnee Clark

    Sydnee Clark29 分 前

    Can somebody tell me how your supposed to where clear pants? lol 😂

  41. A y L m a o

    A y L m a o30 分 前

    That reminds me a video I saw where some drag dude bit into a soap cupcake thinking it was real and his/her friend literally pointed it out to them and their face was *PRICELESS.*

  42. Google User

    Google User30 分 前

    I'm not familiar to this channel and read "I Tried Following A _Soup_ Cupcake Tutorial" For the first minute or so I was VERY confused.

  43. Soft Satisfying

    Soft Satisfying30 分 前

    Cheese 🧀 new member of her family not being rude

  44. HuiMei Lu

    HuiMei Lu32 分 前

    Screen record the video so that you can fast forward/rewind etc.

  45. Tingo_ Tango22

    Tingo_ Tango2233 分 前

    I stressed when she didn’t spread the icing between the layers but it turned out so well

  46. Leah park

    Leah park33 分 前

    is no one gonna talk about the background music. its slight but it's the nutcracker

  47. housemmr

    housemmr33 分 前

    Her kitchen layout/angle from the living room reminds me of Jenna and Julien’s house

  48. Jolianne Knudson

    Jolianne Knudson35 分 前

    You should make a Franking and soap using all the different colours and fragrances from Soap Queen

  49. xX H o n e y Xx

    xX H o n e y Xx35 分 前

    You should try to re-create these soap cupcakes as real cupcakes

  50. Georgia Blackler

    Georgia Blackler36 分 前

    8:03 that is my peach

  51. Rahma Bachshi

    Rahma Bachshi36 分 前


  52. Limi Thonger

    Limi Thonger36 分 前

    Trending Page George Floyd Safiya : Making soap cupcakes 🙌🏻 Legend

  53. FireNyx45

    FireNyx4537 分 前

    thinking about how the very first thing tyler said when he saw safiya was "i love you so much" and crying my eyes out

  54. Luke Phaneuf

    Luke Phaneuf38 分 前

    Are you reading comments while watching? If you are like

  55. Alice White

    Alice White38 分 前

    I was about to watch when i got an ad about soup and bath bombs. It was from the company that Safiya got the clips from. Nectar Bath Treats I think. Google stalking you who?

  56. Kasey Chambers

    Kasey Chambers38 分 前

    I know safiya only wears black but I love all the clothing she wears I also like to look like a bat so anything in black with long sleeves is my favorite clothing piece TwT

  57. Breytato

    Breytato40 分 前

    I love how it looks like an ube flavored cupcake 💜

  58. Gwyn Isabella

    Gwyn Isabella41 分 前

    Saf we use one of those ruffle cutter thingies to make french fries and carrots at my parents house.

  59. Karla Rivas

    Karla Rivas42 分 前

    every time she says "alright" I get rob schneider in 50 first dates vibes. "right on"

  60. Itz_Nowa

    Itz_Nowa43 分 前

    I just wanna say Safiya is secretly Waluigi's daughter.

  61. Crystal Tran

    Crystal Tran43 分 前

    Where are the babies >:3

  62. Alessia Jean

    Alessia Jean43 分 前

    Lab assistant tip: when working with chemicals that come in a powdery type of consistency like NaOH (sodium hydroxide) don't pour them straight out of the container they come in. Instead take a measuring spoon or something like that and get the quantity you need by getting it out with the spoon. This is better to do because once you take it out of the container you shouldn't put it back in because it could be contaminated (with water for example) and spoil the rest of the product, or cause a dangerous reaction :)

  63. Drapple DrarryBird

    Drapple DrarryBird43 分 前

    Keith gives me such Damian from mean girls vibes I’m sorry

  64. Moonlight Draws

    Moonlight Draws43 分 前

    I have a nickname for Safiya Soapfiya

  65. itz Zalon plays

    itz Zalon plays44 分 前

    Me: ok I will make cake! JPgo: so open the bag and add the cake mix into the bowl Me: OMG SLOW DOWN! ya is way to fast I’m just gonna order from sprinkles cakes ;-;

  66. *Lil_*bumble*bear* Bear

    *Lil_*bumble*bear* Bear44 分 前

    It’s a Christmas Mash-Up

  67. Kay Haven

    Kay Haven45 分 前

    I love it! You guys did a great job!

  68. Casey Jones

    Casey Jones46 分 前

    The Novympia parody came to life.

  69. Ann Marie

    Ann Marie46 分 前

    Can confirm. I *am* secretly buff. So secretly. TOP secretly.

  70. Skyler

    Skyler47 分 前

    *Swedda wedda*

  71. Zoe Forbes

    Zoe Forbes48 分 前


  72. Violet Langdon

    Violet Langdon49 分 前

    Everybody else in the world : *acshally* Safiya : *acTUAlly*

  73. Cheri Z603

    Cheri Z60349 分 前

    Melt & pour soap is SO much easier!

  74. Teresa Ellis

    Teresa Ellis51 分 前

    Of course the frosting is lopsided! They NEED to be! How many clouds have you seen that are symmetrical? Those soap cupcakes look awesome!

  75. ChantalMikaela

    ChantalMikaela52 分 前

    Why is your fridge empty?

  76. Rose_got_ Bored_

    Rose_got_ Bored_52 分 前

    When Tyler turned around and just had lipstick on his face idk why but I died lol

  77. Maleeha Moosa

    Maleeha Moosa53 分 前

    When she said holo is was like simply nailogical is on the HOUSE!!

  78. Kitty Fox

    Kitty Fox55 分 前

    This is the best one ever I seen

  79. Midnigt Moon

    Midnigt Moon56 分 前

    Yes I could listen to her new intro song all day lol

  80. Sarah McSweeney

    Sarah McSweeney56 分 前

    Those soaps look amazing!! ❤️ You should collab with Royalty Soaps!

  81. Sasiru Vlog

    Sasiru Vlog56 分 前

    Finally she posted something

  82. Amazing Gaming520

    Amazing Gaming52056 分 前

    Eat one

  83. kaitlyn davis

    kaitlyn davis58 分 前

    Royalty Soaps. Check them out you won’t regret it, trust me.

  84. aira zahirah

    aira zahirah58 分 前

    Me at 1 am: goshh im sleepy lets sleep now Also me but at 3 am: just one more vide-

  85. Ninja_Girl _03

    Ninja_Girl _0359 分 前

    Everyone: struggling in quarantine Saf: chillin in her at home spa

  86. Sofia Pejcic

    Sofia Pejcic時間 前

    She has like 500 lipsticks- I have 2!

  87. Socks Stevens

    Socks Stevens時間 前

    Do a house Tour

  88. Maymay

    Maymay時間 前

    It looked like a stack of toilet paper

  89. Rydiah Barron

    Rydiah Barron時間 前

    You and Tyler should totally do an asmr soap cutting video

  90. shmoppl the flugosaurus

    shmoppl the flugosaurus時間 前

    You should join r/WeeklyDictator You should join r/weeklydictator, where a dictator is chosen weekly to manage the subreddit. You can compete to be the dictator, but only until the sub reaches 100 members, and that's why I told you about this so you can join. It is very fun to compete and protest against other dictators, and we may have wars with other subreddits.




  92. Amira A

    Amira A時間 前

    Safiya should mix every lush shower jelly.

  93. shandi warren

    shandi warren時間 前

    Are those googly eyes on your air compressor? 😂 Very Evan and Katelyn, love it!

  94. Chloe

    Chloe時間 前

    Do you live near Jenna and Julien because your houses look SO SIMILAR lol! I loved this video!!

  95. Kaitlyn Harle

    Kaitlyn Harle時間 前

    "soap peasant" lmaooo

  96. Lidia 202

    Lidia 202時間 前

    They're different, Sephora is darker than CVS

  97. Zhi Rui Huang

    Zhi Rui Huang時間 前

    This is how many people wonder why the dislike button on comments don’t show. 👇🏻

  98. Kawaiigamer Florence

    Kawaiigamer Florence時間 前

    If you like pretty soap nature craft has really pretty soap

  99. jeon jungguk

    jeon jungguk時間 前

    Safiya:"let's get it" Jungkook:YESS!!

  100. lush life love

    lush life love時間 前

    U did an amazing job ..loved the cupcake soaps.. specially the toppers..😍