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Toy Story 4 Ever

Toy Story 4 Ever

11 ヶ月 前

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  1. lovverlee lolaa

    lovverlee lolaa22 時間 前

    so they’re not aware they hired a piece of wool for a J O B

  2. Praying Handtis

    Praying Handtis22 時間 前

    **Inhale** **Exhale** **Inhale** **Exhale** I’m gonna have an existential crises after watching this aren’t I

  3. gaby comics

    gaby comics22 時間 前

    Good movie Pixar

  4. Alex T Tran

    Alex T Tran23 時間 前

    Yeah looks like cartoon cat

  5. PainfullyBucky 121

    PainfullyBucky 12123 時間 前

    Me 2 months ago: This looks so good I can’t wait for June! How naive

  6. whiteribbonman1

    whiteribbonman123 時間 前

    ABSOLUTELY hilarious, Friday 29 May 2020 and Thumbs-Up # 29K-PLUS I am. Another genius production that I missed in the theater! I need to find and buy I do!

  7. Danny P

    Danny P日 前

    i hope it'll be like Coco... Coco was a masterpiece

  8. Yann Vasconcelos

    Yann Vasconcelos日 前

    Manda esse treco de volta, se não o bicho pega!

  9. Abby H

    Abby H日 前

    Ok, Amy isn't the voice of Joy... Leslie Knope is. Am I right or am I right?

  10. Elizabrine Animations

    Elizabrine Animations日 前


  11. topaz Studios

    topaz Studios日 前

    It is soo cute

  12. Andrea Loibl

    Andrea Loibl日 前

    Ich finde es schlimm das man sich so verstellen muss nur weil man nicht so ist oder anzieht wie alle anderen..

  13. Andrea Loibl

    Andrea Loibl日 前

    Ich trage öfters lockere Hosen und muss auch oft so still sein wie der Ball!👎🏻👍🏼

  14. Lime Juice

    Lime Juice日 前


  15. Marie Paulette LEGAGNEUR

    Marie Paulette LEGAGNEUR日 前

    does anyone know what 'art' is about or like?

  16. Maddie Pohlemann

    Maddie Pohlemann日 前


  17. Luca Cuniberti

    Luca Cuniberti日 前

    I want kitbull 2!!!

  18. Insomnia

    Insomnia日 前


  19. Mason Guy

    Mason Guy日 前

    is it weird that I'm so used to seeing the two eyed Mike from the memes that normal Mike is strange to look at

  20. Dany Tube

    Dany Tube日 前

    So cute!! Ilove this ❤️😊

  21. Josefina Hernandez

    Josefina Hernandez日 前

    UwU this very beautiful an cute!!! but it is very prety

  22. Erik Crawford

    Erik Crawford日 前

    I love Joy ! ! :)

  23. Tata Siv

    Tata Siv日 前

    ??? Лал

  24. marinita valverde

    marinita valverde日 前

    6:31 el perro hizo bien en hacerle caso al gatito e irse de ahi, xq es obvio q el dueño estaba haciendole por dinero, lo malo es q la mayoria de perros no se van, se quedan

  25. Lenerens

    Lenerens日 前

    I cry because its a short film very nice,i look this whit my mother and i cry :"u but this its precious,say NO for the abuse of the animals

  26. Elitecraft113

    Elitecraft113日 前

    No mames me muero de ternura pero ¿Que le paso al perro que estaba tan raguñado?? Quiero saber almenos afán la.parte 2 lo digo en buena onda

  27. IamARobot7

    IamARobot7日 前

    2:57 me every time someone tries to make human contact with me during the pandemic.

  28. Mario Echegaray

    Mario Echegaray日 前


  29. Saúl Valverde Sánchez

    Saúl Valverde Sánchez日 前

    I CRY

  30. Kat Perry

    Kat Perry日 前

    Who came here after reading the comments on Of Monsters and Men song? Ahahah

  31. Coolkid01

    Coolkid01日 前

    Pete Doctor movies Rank Monsters inc 10/10 up 10/10 inside out 10/10 can’t wait for soul

  32. Yas uwu

    Yas uwu日 前

    AJR! :D

  33. Veena Gayatri

    Veena Gayatri日 前

    So CUTE!!!

  34. Hieu Tran

    Hieu Tran日 前


  35. Hieu Tran

    Hieu Tran日 前

    Khổ thân con chó quá

  36. @fendi_ebenk

    @fendi_ebenk日 前

    Jangn lupa bantu suport @fendi_ebenk dengn cara subserebe

  37. Drake Pryce

    Drake Pryce日 前

    It was that Glare at the end that got me

  38. Drake Pryce

    Drake Pryce日 前

    That ending of mother daughter glaring...sums it up.

  39. Rosaluz Lopez Ruiz

    Rosaluz Lopez Ruiz日 前

    Pobrecitos después de tanto sufrir al fin encontraron un buen hogar. Me hizo llorar la historia.

  40. - QuantumQ -

    - QuantumQ -日 前

    I suspect Disney most likely postponed this for theatrical release once the pandemic starts to fade. We should be gotten more trailers at this point now that June is just around the corner.

  41. Raka Angga Jananuraga Cokorda

    Raka Angga Jananuraga Cokorda日 前

    Tear jerker, you!

  42. اسيل العمري

    اسيل العمري日 前


  43. Chris Constantinou

    Chris Constantinou日 前

    that was so sad 😢😢😪

  44. Mercè Alba Sans

    Mercè Alba Sans日 前


  45. Famiglia Peixe

    Famiglia Peixe日 前


  46. Famiglia Peixe

    Famiglia Peixe日 前


  47. Andrea Pristášová

    Andrea Pristášová日 前

    Akí dobrý príbeh

  48. River a seawing bruh idk

    River a seawing bruh idk日 前

    oh my god man this so cute! step on bad man STEP ON HIM! >:O

  49. CrazyMaster4007 Gaming

    CrazyMaster4007 Gaming日 前

    Toy Story 4 started on February 2014.

  50. Nurul Hidayah

    Nurul Hidayah日 前

    For me the broken heart part is the dog got kicked out with pain and whining to the owner

  51. ᗪᑌᗪᗩ ՏᗴᑎՏᗴI

    ᗪᑌᗪᗩ ՏᗴᑎՏᗴI日 前

    Sad and good

  52. Yasmina El Fata

    Yasmina El Fata日 前

    I love the message this movie relays to kids about how a hero is in the heart and not in the looks and fame. (Aside from the other concepts of course).

  53. Akash vimal

    Akash vimal日 前

    The great movie that I have watched.....it left me a lot of feelings and memories at the end.....

  54. Tallest Purple

    Tallest Purple日 前

    5:06 and here I was thinking this was for all ages

  55. marella;

    marella;日 前

    I came here after seeing that AJR was in the trailer.

  56. Fer Zamudio

    Fer Zamudio日 前

    I want to know the person that said "let´s make every female character a wool ball"

  57. Homem aranha Brasil

    Homem aranha Brasil日 前


  58. Homem aranha Brasil

    Homem aranha Brasil日 前


  59. Cuong Tran

    Cuong Tran日 前

    Con mèo con chó cute quá ❤

  60. Bonny Izumi

    Bonny Izumi日 前

    Eso es muy lindo, fue muy emotivo 😊 Like si te saco lagrimas

  61. keril sera milly milly

    keril sera milly milly日 前


  62. Matilda Berrios

    Matilda Berrios日 前

    Es muy triste

  63. Cheeseandwhiskers 1998

    Cheeseandwhiskers 1998日 前

    0:31 0:22 Your Racing Days Are Coming To An End Everytime You Lose You Damage Yourself

  64. gaki bozu

    gaki bozu日 前

    Great movie! I can't wait for the sequel where the Lightfoot brothers perform elf transmutation to bring back their dad one more time.

  65. ur mom gay if you wooosh me

    ur mom gay if you wooosh me日 前

    7:28 made me cry

  66. Emma’s official AJ account

    Emma’s official AJ account日 前


  67. Emma’s official AJ account

    Emma’s official AJ account日 前


  68. Amar Atwood

    Amar Atwood日 前

    I mean, if it’s all the microorganism-weakness’s fault, why don’t they just release this on Disney+?

  69. Celestia Lundenberg

    Celestia Lundenberg日 前

    All I hear in my head(while crying)- Why are you crying

  70. JunJunFred Playz

    JunJunFred Playz日 前

    No single Kachao heard in this Movie

  71. Starzie

    Starzie日 前

    *Disney has left the chat*

  72. speck Steve

    speck Steve日 前

    not what i expected. this completely turned me off to it.

  73. Riley Elio

    Riley Elio日 前

    wouldn't it be cool to have a well-e game with this art style raply if you think that would be cool

  74. UltimateDisneyCruiseLineFan 03

    UltimateDisneyCruiseLineFan 03日 前

    Forky Anderson: Who’s Andy? Me: When somebody loved me...

  75. ayelen diaz

    ayelen diaz日 前

    No importa cuantas veces la veo, lloro

  76. Alexandra BDB

    Alexandra BDB日 前

    :_( everytime

  77. Josiah Vara

    Josiah Vara日 前

    Will there be a movie like toy story?

  78. Nick McFly

    Nick McFly日 前

    I think the monsters inc “company plays” would make a great reoccurring Pixar short at the beginning to different movies.

  79. Juan Carlos Rengifo Ramos

    Juan Carlos Rengifo Ramos日 前


  80. serialistico

    serialistico日 前

    algunas personas son una Mier....

  81. Maria Tatiana Landivar Scott

    Maria Tatiana Landivar Scott日 前

    Y pensar que es una realidad en muchos lugares, llore al verlo

  82. Carlos Siquita

    Carlos Siquita日 前

    Va me rend si triste 😿😿😿

  83. Irma Castro

    Irma Castro日 前

    He fell to his death

  84. Irma Castro

    Irma Castro日 前

    Who here likes wall-e

  85. charly hinojosa

    charly hinojosa日 前

    I love

  86. Kelvin Argueta12

    Kelvin Argueta12日 前


  87. Someone, Ok?

    Someone, Ok?日 前

    Me when i do something so embarassing that my brain tries to forget it and i end up forgetting it: My family: *a core memory*

  88. mldev

    mldev日 前


  89. miks

    miks日 前

    the fact that i have this memorized since i was 6 years old

  90. los primos Loquillos!

    los primos Loquillos!日 前

    No al maltrato animal

  91. Alia Omar

    Alia Omar2 日 前

    I have watched this in Disney plus and when the cat’s pupils (for the eye) got bigger we laughed 😆😂 it was also adorable 😍. When I said we laughed I meant to say that I watched kitbull with my brothers

  92. the cool guy dab

    the cool guy dab2 日 前

    it cuse

  93. Даниил Калинин

    Даниил Калинин2 日 前

    Disney Pixar I love you movies

  94. candy cat pawz

    candy cat pawz2 日 前

    This made me cry and my heart feels better when I get mad for now I will watch this everyday when I get mad

  95. Lucia Caserez

    Lucia Caserez2 日 前

    Like si te dio sad

  96. Rad '

    Rad '2 日 前

    How did tou make this Engine sound?

  97. Cameron Muise

    Cameron Muise2 日 前

    Shouldve kept this version of the crash scene in the actual movie. Looks more intense in the day time


    KARIM AHMED2 日 前


  99. Yellow jacket 2.0

    Yellow jacket 2.02 日 前

    0:37 Oop, I saw that Merida, I saw that😖

  100. Milky Way

    Milky Way2 日 前

    Я аш заплакала, это так трогательно и мило😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧❤️, вот что значит настоящая дружба🤧😍😭