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Baymax vs. Snowball
Baymax vs. Balloon


5 年 前

  1. simon

    simon32 分 前

    Panic! At The Disco will sing the pop version of this. I am so stoked!

  2. Elizabeth P.

    Elizabeth P.時間 前

    I was watching TikTok and when I heard this and I was like I recognize this so is searched “Hoohoo thinks I’m a blowout” it makes no sense but that’s what I heard 😂

  3. SugarOnSnow

    SugarOnSnow2 時間 前

    Who else thought Frozen 2 would never exist? I thought it wouldn’t be a thing. But, I’m excited to see it!

  4. Doutor Estranho

    Doutor Estranho3 時間 前

    Just Dance 2020 ???

  5. Andres Orozco

    Andres Orozco3 時間 前

    GodDAMN my friends (19, F) and I (19, M) are SO excited for this

  6. Evita O. Enwefah

    Evita O. Enwefah3 時間 前

    Can't wait to see Olaf in this one.😂😂

  7. BS-7671

    BS-76713 時間 前

    More white main character than nega

  8. Rosaleah Ben

    Rosaleah Ben3 時間 前

    She's gorgeous 😍

  9. Brendan Reymann

    Brendan Reymann3 時間 前

    1:01. That's it. That's where it's at. Those HIGH NOTES

  10. Fredericka Averett

    Fredericka Averett3 時間 前

    First Elsa was letting it go and now shes going into the unknown I can tell that this movie is going to be more fun then the other one

  11. Keandrah Martinez

    Keandrah Martinez3 時間 前

    i love elsa

  12. Sikhte Rho

    Sikhte Rho4 時間 前

    Superb 👇👇👇 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🤓🕵

  13. Joey Chung

    Joey Chung5 時間 前

    when the G falls off the graveyard sign

  14. Indira Solis

    Indira Solis5 時間 前

    idina menzel is and always will be an icon! her vocals are beyond amazing

  15. Indira Solis

    Indira Solis5 時間 前

    idina menzel is a freaking icon and will continue to be one. her vocals are beyond amazing

  16. Michelle Schoenfeld

    Michelle Schoenfeld5 時間 前

    LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!✨✨✨✨✨❄️❄️❄️❄️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

  17. Michelle Schoenfeld

    Michelle Schoenfeld5 時間 前

    Has anyone come to see this after seeing frozen 2 trailers? I did!!!!😜😁😁😁

  18. Indira Solis

    Indira Solis5 時間 前

    anna has certainly changed a lot

  19. CiCiDiaries

    CiCiDiaries5 時間 前

    I will never get over how absolutely beautiful this movie is

  20. Susie Flores Jasso

    Susie Flores Jasso5 時間 前

    Da wane The Rock Johnson

  21. Lashawn2x

    Lashawn2x5 時間 前

    I wish I could be Elsa.s king

  22. Josie Queen

    Josie Queen5 時間 前


  23. faby salas

    faby salas6 時間 前

    The peanuts 3 1952 trailer

  24. Teresa Brookins

    Teresa Brookins6 時間 前

    2:03, Elsa is riding MYTHICAL Horse BOI!!

  25. Tangled Universe

    Tangled Universe6 時間 前

    This was the trailer that had me sold.

  26. Reena Kay

    Reena Kay6 時間 前


  27. •Izzy•

    •Izzy•7 時間 前

    Holy guacamole the song is epic.



    Omg! That lighting tho !😍😍

  29. Naufal Firdaus

    Naufal Firdaus7 時間 前

    Backsound in game of sultan😂

  30. Dan Eyal

    Dan Eyal8 時間 前

    Today is my birthday, and I'm doing a Frozen Marathon!!! starting from Frozen to Frozen Fever, and then Olaf's Frozen Adventure!!! :D :D :D

  31. Onlybrooke4life

    Onlybrooke4life9 時間 前


  32. DJ Shixa

    DJ Shixa9 時間 前


  33. NightLightFuryz

    NightLightFuryz10 時間 前

    How the gentle wind beckons through the leav- Oh, wrong show

  34. veronica santos

    veronica santos10 時間 前

    these sucks i hate frozen it's for babys

  35. Anna Stanifer

    Anna Stanifer10 時間 前


  36. Iamdeasha

    Iamdeasha10 時間 前

    You lying bruh, there’s a frozen 2?😲🔥🔥

  37. ScooterBurgDancer

    ScooterBurgDancer11 時間 前

    Just dance 2020!!

  38. lucyyyzz m311

    lucyyyzz m31111 時間 前

    They should have worked more on Elsa's dress! Sorry but there is nothing so special and new about her dress!!! Huge disappointment!!!

  39. Elijah Ellis

    Elijah Ellis11 時間 前

    Elsa: you can't just follow me into fire Anna: then don't run into fire Sounds pretty smart

  40. Danna Emily Valdez

    Danna Emily Valdez11 時間 前

    Muy bonita la canción Y yo se ingles

  41. Danna Emily Valdez

    Danna Emily Valdez11 時間 前

    Muy bonito

  42. AFGaming

    AFGaming11 時間 前

    Just Dance 2020 👀😌

  43. Chika ConK

    Chika ConK11 時間 前

    Who know the name of the song at the beginning of the movie ? "

  44. Edgar Minchuk

    Edgar Minchuk11 時間 前


  45. Amine Moughanime

    Amine Moughanime11 時間 前


  46. Amine Moughanime

    Amine Moughanime11 時間 前


  47. Vazira Raupova

    Vazira Raupova11 時間 前

    I haven't seen so interesting cartoon

  48. Llance Mallari

    Llance Mallari11 時間 前

    I now have this last song syndrome... 🥳 Always sings that high note part😁

  49. Grace & Things

    Grace & Things11 時間 前

    Low-key wanna see this. 😂

  50. MarkGamein

    MarkGamein11 時間 前

    I am not seeing it in theaters I am watching it on my tablet

  51. Abida Ali

    Abida Ali11 時間 前

    My little sister gas an Elsa doll that sings this song she puts it on all the time I literally no the whole song

  52. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY11 時間 前

    Roses are red Violets are blue I'm not the first viewer And so aren't you Edit : If you are the first viewer, then please ignore my bullshit poem😅

  53. Yolenia Lee

    Yolenia Lee11 時間 前

    Elsa is riding a water Kelpie...maybe the enchanted forest is in Scotland (or someplace like it) just a theory.

  54. AVA The Last of Us

    AVA The Last of Us11 時間 前

    Frozen 2 Very nice dubbing Egyptian😍🇪🇬😍🇪🇬😍🇪🇬😍🇪🇬😍🇪🇬😍🇪🇬😍🇪🇬👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍❤

  55. Sugar Glider

    Sugar Glider12 時間 前

    This movie gives great advice! If you don't want you family or friends following you into fire, don't run into fire!

  56. Eighty One

    Eighty One12 時間 前

    Why call it Frozen? Should be Adventures in Arendelle. Also. Looks stupid.

  57. Kenzie plays

    Kenzie plays12 時間 前

    Elsa don’t need a man for no reasons idk why

  58. Kenzie plays

    Kenzie plays12 時間 前


  59. Look!Evil numbers! 666

    Look!Evil numbers! 66612 時間 前

    1:23 why does she look like my DnD character?

  60. Dørayaki _ Møchi ガチャ

    Dørayaki _ Møchi ガチャ12 時間 前

    I wish that Elsa will tell Anna that's he knew about her powers then explain what happened and that it's technically her fault.

  61. Ghosty Bosty

    Ghosty Bosty13 時間 前


  62. saranga Jayathikaka

    saranga Jayathikaka13 時間 前

    See world famous film eunsetee.com/Udzw

  63. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person13 時間 前

    Editors: How Much Fog Do You Want? Frozen 2: y e s

  64. Amerli

    Amerli13 時間 前

    Cuz they didn’t make enough cash over parents from the first movie

  65. otimistando com Beck

    otimistando com Beck13 時間 前


  66. Carol Whritenour

    Carol Whritenour13 時間 前

    Anyone notice stone pillars from Brave?

  67. Mr Bester39

    Mr Bester3913 時間 前

    Not gonna lie it actully looks pretty good but if there is any singing I’m out

  68. Vinícius Marques

    Vinícius Marques13 時間 前


  69. _ Al3Xx

    _ Al3Xx13 時間 前

    Wow I didn't know I could sing it. Yes. Sure.

  70. Fire Rage

    Fire Rage13 時間 前

    *Listens to the song once being the 17 year old that is low key super hype for this movie* INTO THE UKNOWNNNNNNN! INTO THE UNKNOWNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

  71. Soumik Sarkar

    Soumik Sarkar13 時間 前

    I won't be surprised if someone dies in the movie

  72. Vanderlei Oliveira

    Vanderlei Oliveira14 時間 前

    Muito legal a música

  73. Hilary Lyall

    Hilary Lyall15 時間 前

    0:40 Tigger: She calls me dear!

  74. Books and Coffee

    Books and Coffee15 時間 前

    I didn't watch the first movie and I'm definitely not watching this one.

  75. Huzaifa Mushtaq

    Huzaifa Mushtaq15 時間 前

    Episodes with Rabbit are superior.

  76. Valeria Garrido Gómez

    Valeria Garrido Gómez16 時間 前

    ❤ Sin duda será mi película favorita animada de este año 😍

  77. Enrique Castro

    Enrique Castro16 時間 前

    Adorei ofiome

  78. Valeria Garrido Gómez

    Valeria Garrido Gómez16 時間 前

    Omg ! 😍 Creó que amaré esta nueva canción igual que la de Libre soy ❤

  79. ต่ายยย สวย

    ต่ายยย สวย17 時間 前


  80. ••

    ••18 時間 前

    this looks boring as shit

  81. Бекзат Абдурашитов

    Бекзат Абдурашитов18 時間 前

    Any adults here?

  82. Бекзат Абдурашитов

    Бекзат Абдурашитов18 時間 前

    Who is 19 years old here?

  83. Ravendra Singh

    Ravendra Singh18 時間 前


  84. Tânia Mara Martini Pereira

    Tânia Mara Martini Pereira18 時間 前

    Não tem dublado???

  85. Haato Haato

    Haato Haato19 時間 前

    Hey can't wait for *Frozen 2*

  86. Adam Dollo

    Adam Dollo20 時間 前

    this will be released in america more than one month before it's released in australia. >:(

  87. Gilang Tidha

    Gilang Tidha20 時間 前

    Siapa yang orang indonesia

  88. Miss MidNight :V

    Miss MidNight :V20 時間 前

    I heard Simeone saying it will be the new 'defying gravity' Will it? I'm kinda bad at judging ,_,"

  89. Plastic Bottle

    Plastic Bottle21 時間 前

    So we just gon' ignore the fact that christof was kidnapped by the trolls

  90. Cendalal Cendamat

    Cendalal Cendamat21 時間 前

    Elsa I like video this

  91. macey jo

    macey jo22 時間 前

    ok I’m sorry this is too much for little kids to understand. Why does all this have to be so complicated nowadays

  92. TheQueenOf_Ships

    TheQueenOf_Ships22 時間 前

    Elsa: You can't just follow me into fire >:/ Anna: tHeN dOnT rUn INto fiRE

  93. Becky Raynor

    Becky Raynor22 時間 前

    Can’t wait

  94. hoang Dương vlog

    hoang Dương vlog23 時間 前

    Camera ghi lại ma thật jpgo.info/bideo/X6GYtIlivJm8r20.html

  95. Player_1

    Player_123 時間 前

    Free Hong Kong

  96. PepperLeafBooks Manga

    PepperLeafBooks Manga23 時間 前

    Im gonna reply to this comment when Frozen 2 comes out

  97. xiaomi 6a

    xiaomi 6a23 時間 前


  98. StarryFifi

    StarryFifi23 時間 前

    Anna, you can't just follow me into fire! *then don't run into fire* we all love a savage queen 👌

  99. StarryFifi

    StarryFifi23 時間 前

    Anna, no. exCusE mE I cLImbEd thE NorTh MouNTaIns, SuRvIvEd a FrOzEN hEarT AnD sAvEd yOu froM My Ex-BoYfRiend so yOu kNow, im coming

  100. Om Topik

    Om Topik23 時間 前

    Good mroning , Good aftenun