Harry Styles
  1. Mehar Zaka

    Mehar Zaka30 分 前

    When he talks about how excited he and the boys were when they were gonna be in the paper. I teared up. They've, he has come so far.

  2. LilLy

    LilLy4 時間 前

    That's how you do an interview! Well done, well done!

  3. victoria regia

    victoria regia5 時間 前

    Te amo e nunca nem te vi pessoalmente

  4. Swiftie Ma

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  6. Swiftie Ma

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    Haylor forever

  7. Swiftie Ma

    Swiftie Ma7 時間 前

    Taylor Swift

  8. salioelsol

    salioelsol9 時間 前

    I can see how and why this was Taylor’s muse for multiple songs. He’s so down to earth, authentic, masculine, gentle, personable and intelligent all at once. And he’s artistic, and witty with a wonderful sense of humor. These type of people are so hard to come by. Rare.

  9. Isha khan

    Isha khan9 時間 前

    What location is this??

  10. Sofia DiCarlo

    Sofia DiCarlo11 時間 前

    zane lowe, olivia jones, and james corden are the only people allowed to interview harry. this was so nice & he really let harry take the lead. if harry didn’t want to talk about something, he’d move on. they both seemed so comfortable :)

  11. Rain

    Rain11 時間 前

    This is the best interview I ever seen, I appreicate it very very much 💗💗💗 _I like very much the work who Zane Lowe did here, I like how he was taking and the structure of questions _I like how chill this video is public: listen Harry's voice and the relaxing sound of sea are one of my favorite sounds, both remeber me so many things _seeing you cool without fear to talking and seems yorself was the best, also I love the fact that you talked about the start of your ex band and the nostalgia you put in there Hope that you read this because this is a ''thank you'' for your work here and in general with love, Rain Maria

  12. suze

    suze12 時間 前

    i literally didnt realise this video is 5o minutes long-

  13. Alex Lewis

    Alex Lewis14 時間 前

    Ayyy! Harry also calls the ground “floor” ( talking about the barbecue) I thought I was the only one 😂

  14. Kaley Sandall

    Kaley Sandall15 時間 前

    Remember when we were all obsessing about how good the song during the second half of this video was and now we have it and we’re all obsessed with it. 😍🔥


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  16. Niall’s Contagious laugh

    Niall’s Contagious laugh16 時間 前

    I keep on repeating 44:02

  17. Violet Ice

    Violet Ice20 時間 前

    Oh god, if he ever did a podcast...

  18. 디긋공궅

    디긋공궅20 時間 前

    어우야... 사진 심한거 아니니...

  19. nadnad

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  20. aliya rahma

    aliya rahma22 時間 前

    imagine chilling by the beach while the sun is setting and listening to harry telling stories😔❤️

  21. Jeremy Muchemi

    Jeremy Muchemi日 前

    that look at the end...oop

  22. Han

    Han日 前

    Shoutout to kiwis!! Zane Lowe representing!

  23. audrey earley

    audrey earley日 前

    zane Lowe for sure is 100x more qualified than most therapists out there

  24. Spitfire 160

    Spitfire 160日 前

    Y’all now why y’all came back

  25. Ina

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  26. Lippy Hunny ASMR

    Lippy Hunny ASMR日 前

    love a good happy-drug song!! Of course as long as you get back on track, again. I understand. xx

  27. Kirti Goel

    Kirti Goel日 前

    It's goldeennnnn

  28. Elise Riley

    Elise Riley日 前

    This guy is the best interviewer

  29. Little Book Dreamer

    Little Book Dreamer日 前

    Harry created such a freaking island and such a beautiful video ♥️

  30. Gracie Marie

    Gracie Marie日 前

    so now we know that song is goldennnn

  31. tectonicblond

    tectonicblond日 前

    sounds like a guy you'd like to hang out with. no ego. (at least for a mega watt celebrity) we approve.

  32. Stephanie Sabol

    Stephanie Sabol日 前

    Harry Styles you da bomb!

  33. Heidy Sanchez

    Heidy Sanchez日 前

    i knew i had heard golden before in was in this!

  34. Trinetra Borooah

    Trinetra Borooah日 前

    The song at the end is golden guysss omg

  35. Tanisha Beaton

    Tanisha Beaton日 前

    Please welcome me into this fandom. I am baffled to have discover such eclectic person just now.

  36. FleurChantes PrettySoliel

    FleurChantes PrettySoliel日 前

    I think he's sooo good looking. He's got great masculine energy, with his voice, his smile, his eyes, the squint...goodness, how do I stop!

  37. Theresa Coss

    Theresa Coss日 前

    Such a beautiful soul... Love him

  38. mouse mouse

    mouse mouse日 前

    Any one notice Harry’s album is out on Taylor swifts birthday 🎂

  39. Vanessa Inciso

    Vanessa Inciso日 前


  40. Merlina where'sthepizza

    Merlina where'sthepizza日 前

    Harry really knows what he's doing, leaving hidden messages everywhere, Eroda is "Adore" backwards...

  41. Tarrah Luckett

    Tarrah Luckett日 前

    Love u Harry, please know that taking drugs can pull you in till you can't get out.. just saying a few times with friends, and a few after can mean a big change. Please think hard before next time... Xxx

  42. jacqueline vega

    jacqueline vega日 前

    Anyone else notice the islands name is ADORE spelled backwards ? 🍃

  43. Myrt Myrtle

    Myrt Myrtle日 前

    Interviewer: I mean, you can't connect with people in a baseball stadium. I beg to differ. Harry Syles has the potential to be a superstar, and I say that because I think he is capable of just about anything, and in particular, connecting with people in a baseball stadium.

  44. Giorgia Lain

    Giorgia Lain日 前

    40:23 “...quite big”

  45. Lady Nukem

    Lady Nukem日 前

    Such a great interview

  46. me lol

    me lol日 前

    anyone here after fine line? btw what’s your favorite song from fine line lol:)

  47. Michele

    Michele日 前

    i’m so confused with the mushroom thing

  48. Ūnknøwn Gírl

    Ūnknøwn Gírl日 前

    Why nudes harry!? what happened to you?

  49. Michele

    Michele日 前

    you can tell harry really loved being part of the band and was genuinely offended when Zayn left 🥺🥺

  50. Leah Marie

    Leah Marie日 前


  51. Aris Barocio

    Aris Barocio日 前

    His accent is changing?? Something is different he sounds like Australian or maybe his British is merging into an American accent

  52. Raegs Vells

    Raegs Vells日 前

    Its gonna be GOLDEN

  53. Sarah Salam

    Sarah Salam日 前

    i love his shirt it like shows the calories of each food I WANT THAT!

  54. Lua Sousa

    Lua Sousa日 前

    everything you touch is art, thank u for this feeling on my heart ♡

  55. Tamika Shingler

    Tamika Shingler日 前

    Anyone else find the interviewer really fucking annoying? Like damn, just ask the questions then wait for a full response before butting in.

  56. itsstillnotme- darcy

    itsstillnotme- darcy日 前

    Anyone after realise ‚Golden’?

  57. amal arbi

    amal arbi日 前

    he’s finally written his own fanfic

  58. LifeWithJasmine_xo

    LifeWithJasmine_xo日 前

    Anyone here after realising Golden is in this?!

  59. Devyn Young

    Devyn Young2 日 前

    For those 556 people who thumbs down this video you are a terrible person.

  60. Morganne

    Morganne2 日 前

    " that feeling where you can feel yourself kind of falling " i know exactly what he means.

  61. PrissyDe

    PrissyDe2 日 前

    I appreciate Harry so much, Even throughout the One Direction era. This man has always been authentic It’s sad that only now some people are recognizing this. He’s so charismatic and amazing. Will always support him 🥺♥️♥️ 12/10

  62. Ashley Todorovski

    Ashley Todorovski2 日 前

    harry's silhouette and his voice at 41:47 is so soothing

  63. Ale Ascencion

    Ale Ascencion2 日 前

    La Rosalía♥️

  64. olivia wut

    olivia wut2 日 前

    weird but i love this interviewer like he doesn’t fuck around with his questions

  65. Elizabeth Huggler

    Elizabeth Huggler2 日 前

    OMG I JUST REALIZED THAT THE SONG AT THE END IS GOLDEN. i knew when i heard Golden for the first time it was familiar 😂😂😂

  66. C'est Σ

    C'est Σ2 日 前

    17:48" real friendships "

  67. lindsey simpson

    lindsey simpson2 日 前

    he really leaked golden a MONTH AGO are you kidding me

  68. Kitty Gee

    Kitty Gee2 日 前

    anyone else's ED triggered by the shirt? just me? ok

  69. Des Suz

    Des Suz2 日 前

    I finally got a chance to listen to the CD...its about half different than his debut album. He really kind of mixed a lot of pop & adult contemporary sounds. I sense "highs and lows"..if that makes any sense? Anyway, I think he's doing a good job vocally, his writing is a bit stiff, but I guess that's just how it goes. 4/5****.

  70. Clinton Rusthoven

    Clinton Rusthoven2 日 前

    Harry...just be happy & true to your ❤️. We only get one life...don't over think it...just live it. And this is exactly what you are doing according to this interview.



    What A Nice Storyyy😍

  72. vy pham

    vy pham2 日 前

    who's here after golden?

  73. Ma'Rya

    Ma'Rya2 日 前

    Okay, hear me out..harry styles and summer walker

  74. So Sallyo

    So Sallyo2 日 前

    What’s happened to his accent?!

  75. Stefania Manoloaia

    Stefania Manoloaia2 日 前

    So real, so genuine...yolo, spread kindness :)

  76. Frances Cramer

    Frances Cramer2 日 前

    so this is how I know golden lmao...

  77. kiugfdvhj l znslsmdkd

    kiugfdvhj l znslsmdkd2 日 前

    Sigo sin creer que por fin lo voy a conocer 🤧

  78. Joyce Morais

    Joyce Morais2 日 前

    Where is Brazil????

  79. Bria Hill

    Bria Hill2 日 前

    the way he previewed GOLDEN at the end omgggg. when i heard it during my 1st play of Fine Line i connected the dots like “YO ITS THAT ONE SONG” 😳

  80. eliza

    eliza2 日 前

    THIS IS A FAMILY SHOW... or is itttt.

  81. Ellie May

    Ellie May2 日 前

    I didn't realise how much I needed this in my life wow such an amazing interview xx

  82. Lea Merkesnes Bergby

    Lea Merkesnes Bergby2 日 前


  83. rosa h

    rosa h2 日 前

    Coming back here knowing the song at the end is golden :)

  84. Shawn Mendes

    Shawn Mendes2 日 前

    The song near the end is Golden from Fine Line!!!

  85. Μικαελα Αν

    Μικαελα Αν2 日 前

    Can somebody put the link on a video with the music before the song starts?

  86. Olivia Hess

    Olivia Hess2 日 前

    Just realized that Eroda is Adore spelled backwards

  87. Eloísa García

    Eloísa García2 日 前

    I thought it was a Colgate add

  88. Marlo Erwin

    Marlo Erwin2 日 前

    Someone please count how many times he says “like”

  89. Thasha Viar

    Thasha Viar2 日 前

    Yeahhhh.. It's Golden. Been waiting for this song ever since I heard it here. Loved it.

  90. Bibi L

    Bibi L2 日 前

    Is it a chirping fish...?

  91. Shyama Deb

    Shyama Deb2 日 前

    He used Golden for promo 😮😮

  92. albert ashley

    albert ashley2 日 前

    Such level of maturity to him, his reasoning is that of a man who has been around a long time you can tell Mr Styles is a very humble being.

  93. A N

    A N2 日 前

    Rosalia was saying the lines 😱😱😱

  94. jonna marie

    jonna marie2 日 前

    this video solved all my problems

  95. Dayanara Flores

    Dayanara Flores2 日 前

    So is was golden 🥺 ahhhh

  96. Saher Sarang

    Saher Sarang2 日 前

    Now we know the song in the end is Golden 🙌🏻

  97. Shawn Sivan

    Shawn Sivan2 日 前

    Lo necesito :v

  98. Sabine Gray

    Sabine Gray2 日 前

    I don’t think zayn just didn’t enjoy himself anymore. I think he felt like he came across something better and he had to act.

  99. Valeria Cova

    Valeria Cova2 日 前

    Hello, it's me. Guess what Harry. YEAH I'M FREAKING CRYING AGAIN. Bye sweetie, talk to you later.

  100. j.ow.n

    j.ow.n2 日 前

    37:31 is he talking about..?