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3 日 前

KFC Dating Simulator
Area 51 Raid

Area 51 Raid

23 日 前



ヶ月 前

This Has To Stop
I'm Sorry To Do This
  1. Aye2D

    Aye2D25 秒 前

    idk what to comment so i'll just comment

  2. ACE GAMING [GØĐ] Animation

    ACE GAMING [GØĐ] Animation分 前

    0:46 you guys are asshole Jacksepticeye: 0:58 fucking billy

  3. Sherylann Distasio

    Sherylann Distasio分 前

    Gregg having major "Be gay, do crime" energy at about an hour in lol

  4. ML•GamingPH•

    ML•GamingPH•2 分 前

    This reminds me of The MUFFIN SONG...... WOAH

  5. suriati rosmani

    suriati rosmani3 分 前

    Jack villager is't getting babys because you use patato and villanger get babys from bread you brown head

  6. johnrobert mugot

    johnrobert mugot3 分 前

    I love the song Jack

  7. Z20 green assasin

    Z20 green assasin3 分 前

    Jack your going to be big brain and a BOOOOSSSSSS

  8. lucifer0726

    lucifer07264 分 前

    rearview mirror: shows Chase looking through the glove department Me: trying to figure out if it's Anti being slightly visible in the back seat

  9. Shakye Ward

    Shakye Ward5 分 前

    Jacksepticeye is great! :3

  10. Mr.Assassin

    Mr.Assassin6 分 前

    Since when jack have a car matter of fact driver’s license

  11. ML•GamingPH•

    ML•GamingPH•7 分 前

    1:42 *PAUSE* does that remind you from The Forest Video that they Made? No? Ok. Just me

  12. Mannakin

    Mannakin7 分 前

    use captions they are great

  13. Hi How are ya

    Hi How are ya7 分 前

    Oh no jack I’m so sorry about your granny,I literally got so sad when u were talking about it I’m so sorry

  14. Shadow Darknes

    Shadow Darknes7 分 前


  15. مطبخ ام على omali

    مطبخ ام على omali7 分 前

    روووووعة احلى لايك بالتوفيق نتمنا التواصل معنا 👍👍👍

  16. Schrotthändler

    Schrotthändler8 分 前

    62%.... pathetic, murder the half breed

  17. Robbin Rasmussen

    Robbin Rasmussen8 分 前

    Make movie

  18. Pyromaniac 096

    Pyromaniac 0969 分 前

    Holy shit dude my love for jack has increased and i didn’t think that would of been possible.

  19. Void

    Void10 分 前

    When he teleported Chase: What where... WHERE THE FRICK IS MY FRICKING WHISKEY

  20. JustinGamingYT

    JustinGamingYT10 分 前

    I still remember the old intro i feel so sad he dosent do it anymore but still epic vid

  21. Noel Amate

    Noel Amate11 分 前


  22. Jamie Whitefield

    Jamie Whitefield11 分 前

    0:17 littering

  23. Hannah Wimbrow

    Hannah Wimbrow12 分 前

    You should do more scary games for Halloween

  24. TWUNT

    TWUNT12 分 前

    Play CC by infant annihilator if you dare

  25. Void

    Void12 分 前

    When he lost sam...

  26. AimanGamerMC Amri

    AimanGamerMC Amri12 分 前

    0:04 reborn*

  27. Noah March

    Noah March13 分 前

    So good.... Pls make more👌

  28. Jeff Kealy

    Jeff Kealy13 分 前

    Don't think that I didn't see Anti, Jack.

  29. Kaylina Cruz

    Kaylina Cruz14 分 前

    major Detroit become human vibes from the 2nd game omg

  30. that one girl

    that one girl16 分 前

    i've spent the last three episodes calling Ralsei "Azzy" because, well, old fandoms die hard. he's also my favorite. he's so fluffy. and cute. also, "Gee WILLICKERS! Gosh, HECK!" -Sean2k18 Jack's the only voice for Ralsei, Susie, and Lancer for me.....

  31. Uncharted stackz

    Uncharted stackz16 分 前

    Jack: remeber when I had green hair Me: remember when jack was quiet

  32. Blu Lavender

    Blu Lavender17 分 前

    Theresa: *Picks up rock* Jack: Why are you picking that up? Theresa: Oh i dont have this brand Jack: Oh..

  33. Sierra Jahhh

    Sierra Jahhh17 分 前

    WAIT WAS THE PIC OF CHASE’S child or something. Someone give me context. I’m actually crying

  34. S Frazer

    S Frazer18 分 前

    Where’s that PMA at? I can see a lot of NMA (negative mental attitude) 😐

  35. Sierra Jahhh

    Sierra Jahhh19 分 前

    I feel bad for laughing when he screamed in his car. But I laugh at awkward moments or when people are raging I can’t help but laugh if I see it in person. But I’ve been there.

  36. DRGNF8

    DRGNF819 分 前

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  37. גלס עופר

    גלס עופר20 分 前

    "Water has no taste" but also "water is delicious" you are big brain

  38. محمد احمد الركابي

    محمد احمد الركابي21 分 前

    This vid is gone be my alarm clock

  39. Sup Binch

    Sup Binch21 分 前

    All memes aside, this is a really beautiful video. It's so nice to see that Jack is truly putting his heart into his work and coming out with awesome things like this after all his struggles in the past few years, and I'm happy to see that he isn't just doing the same routine videos all the time. Keep it up man, you're doing great

  40. Gwyneth Olivar

    Gwyneth Olivar22 分 前

    i finished leon chapters in like 2 hours

  41. Ash Taylor

    Ash Taylor23 分 前

    My strange addiction is watching Pewds, Markimoo and Jackaboy!!❤❤

  42. OmegaGaming32

    OmegaGaming3224 分 前

    beat yo meat to the funky beat

  43. CAT_dog342

    CAT_dog34224 分 前

    Did anyone else see him in the back of the car

  44. Frost

    Frost24 分 前

    Can someone explain this to me I’m so confused

  45. Tea B

    Tea B24 分 前

    i was hoping to see Jack say Berries blue bad for you Berries black bad for jack

  46. Raven Aida

    Raven Aida25 分 前

    Somebody give this man an acting career.

  47. Kaysha Smith

    Kaysha Smith25 分 前

    U have the same bday as my sister lol

  48. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando25 分 前

    Is the title a jojo reference?

  49. Guns and gigas gaming

    Guns and gigas gaming25 分 前

    Antiseptice confirmed

  50. Shae Connell

    Shae Connell26 分 前

    U can also have stone presser plates so it all blends in and ya can just walk thru

  51. Ze Storm

    Ze Storm26 分 前

    play oblivion instead xD make a series of it it would be lovely

  52. Sanskeleton 090

    Sanskeleton 09026 分 前

    If your going to hell, I'll see ya there

  53. Fast Pigeon!

    Fast Pigeon!26 分 前

    Jack: “ I wonder what burnt dick smells like” -jack septic eye 2019

  54. Falcon FlamingHD

    Falcon FlamingHD27 分 前


  55. Vampz AG

    Vampz AG27 分 前

    This is so sad ):

  56. AimanGamerMC Amri

    AimanGamerMC Amri29 分 前

    jack, I played Eviebot myself before, and she asked me if I know her. then she said she doesn't remember me. and I said I saw her on youtube cus I watched you play it, then she said.' you and jack were goodbye friends.' SHE REMEMBERS YOU

  57. Eden Chao

    Eden Chao29 分 前


  58. The Goat

    The Goat29 分 前

    Can anyone plz tell me what this video means I dont understand anything?

  59. Eden Chao

    Eden Chao30 分 前

    Because his fist is like iron

  60. Marc Maniscalco

    Marc Maniscalco31 分 前

    Chase could be it’s own series like on JPgo like a premium series or on streaming services like Netflix or Stan or other things! So professional I love it!!

  61. Eden Chao

    Eden Chao31 分 前


  62. Zabby

    Zabby32 分 前

    Jack: Driving in the wrong lane Jack: Crashes JACK: STOOPID CRAZY PERSON!! Jack 2013 everyone 🤣

  63. Nikki Villemaire

    Nikki Villemaire33 分 前

    Boys, I think you have an arrow in the back of your head and arse!

  64. Gill Newsome

    Gill Newsome33 分 前

    Dose any one wanna translate the Irish Sean spoke while planting the melons?

  65. TheGamingJunkie

    TheGamingJunkie33 分 前

    I thought this was WHACK the Serial Killer, not BE the Serial Killer.

  66. LlamaLlama2809

    LlamaLlama280934 分 前

    Okay, I got some Erased vibes from that teleport part ngl

  67. None of Your business

    None of Your business34 分 前

    I wish I had the regular version of minecraft instead of minecraft pe! It looks like I'm missing out.

  68. Tanja Porter

    Tanja Porter35 分 前

    Is he ok?

  69. bubble bee

    bubble bee35 分 前

    Ok guys get this on iTunes and Spotify and never stop listening to it 💰💸💵💎❤😂

  70. Emala Gliss

    Emala Gliss35 分 前

    I started crying when he walked into the woods.... it reminded me of my friend a little and with the implication put there it made me wanna cry therefore I did.

  71. Dorand21

    Dorand2135 分 前

    Why is everybody making memes

  72. dyln Treagle

    dyln Treagle36 分 前

    like my comment if you like jack

  73. Robbet Slug

    Robbet Slug36 分 前

    I don’t know what this is but someone put this man in a fu*cking movies I don’t care just as long as it happens this makes would break records and make billions but it’s not about the money it’s about giving this boy the recommendation he deserves

  74. Limed Play

    Limed Play36 分 前

    Maybe he doesn't because it was published on April fools

  75. Ricky Gerhardt

    Ricky Gerhardt37 分 前

    I felt like this was a movie trailer and I wish it was

  76. Sidney Joerelle Utod

    Sidney Joerelle Utod38 分 前


  77. ashes night life

    ashes night life38 分 前

    hey jack anti was there ....... jack Jack........JACK JACK HES RIGHT THERE JACKKKKKKKKwell fuck sakesu anti u dumbass

  78. Mr. Pumpkin

    Mr. Pumpkin38 分 前

    Who is here after watch the new chase?

  79. Shiver

    Shiver38 分 前

    Holy fuck dude this is insane. Haven’t watched you in like years and I got curious about this. Wp Seanyy :DD

  80. Lou

    Lou39 分 前

    jack wrapped in a blanket is my favourite thing

  81. Bevan Pattison

    Bevan Pattison39 分 前

    I feel like I missed something? What this about again?

  82. CombatDylan

    CombatDylan39 分 前

    He gave Mettaton the same voice as fricking Ms. Applegate, I'm actually dying.

  83. Giulio Wood-inversini

    Giulio Wood-inversini40 分 前

    Jack: i don’t want you to drown finnbar because you have diamond armour Finnbar: you don’t care about me do you, you only care about MY armour shame on you

  84. Nirroku Panda

    Nirroku Panda40 分 前

    I love the acting but the scream is too iconic for me to take it seriously and NOT laugh haha

  85. SnoZZu Fin

    SnoZZu Fin41 分 前


  86. WolfGang

    WolfGang42 分 前

    This brings back memories and if Jack sees this then tell to us fans when will you play happywheels again?

  87. Chaddles345

    Chaddles34542 分 前

    I dont like seeing jack like that... It makes me sad

  88. taylor kimball

    taylor kimball42 分 前

    everybody on tumblr is appreciating chase's story and the comments on youtube is just dumb kids mocking and making fortnite jokes. brats.

  89. black wolf

    black wolf43 分 前

    keep it up jack

  90. Kevin Gray

    Kevin Gray43 分 前

    Wait what?😂

  91. Shaun Sheep

    Shaun Sheep43 分 前

    Hey jack if u had to fight a toutuber who would it be?

  92. Bailen TRANTER

    Bailen TRANTER44 分 前

    Thįś ïš šø fåkę

  93. can we get 100 subs for no resaon?

    can we get 100 subs for no resaon?44 分 前


  94. The Reaper Gaming

    The Reaper Gaming44 分 前


  95. justpeachyAK907

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  96. Averagely Trash

    Averagely Trash45 分 前

    @jacksepticeye some of the places in this video seem like it’s a part of jack now, i’ve been watching you for 4 years or so and i gotta say, i love you so much man,u got me through my depression and help me grow as a human. You entertained me for hours on end and ur my fav youtuber 👍👍👍 i hope your able to see this man

  97. Art&Gacha

    Art&Gacha45 分 前

    Jack, just use a button for your railway to the Irish room and it will turn on then off automatically.

  98. pikaseel

    pikaseel45 分 前

    I like how the shirts match.