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  1. 0ctopus1nk

    0ctopus1nk39 秒 前

    For some reason me hearing the CinemaSins narrator saying "Yoosa in big dudu dis time" kills me

  2. Rxnys

    Rxnys57 秒 前

    5:21 fuck this

  3. Rxnys

    Rxnys5 分 前

    You called Anakin and obi WANs battle a LETDOWN And you like the Throne room scene ? Ok.... it’s your opinion WhAt kInDa oPinIonN iS tHis

  4. Simon Reap

    Simon Reap12 分 前

    At those are American robins (European ones are smaller and rounder).

  5. Joshua Salisbury

    Joshua Salisbury15 分 前

    That Thanos Sin though🤣🤣🤣

  6. Amazing SuperMagicRoblox

    Amazing SuperMagicRoblox16 分 前

    16:06 speechless lol

  7. James White-Aldworth

    James White-Aldworth17 分 前

    You don’t understand how titles work. He could definitely be a Sir

  8. Ailurophile

    Ailurophile20 分 前

    Review The Prestige PLEASE

  9. Ailurophile

    Ailurophile20 分 前

    Review The Prestige PLEASE

  10. The Sprawl

    The Sprawl20 分 前

    And after playing 15 seconds of Here Comes The Sun, Cinema Sins bankrupts itself.

  11. Brian Burkhardt

    Brian Burkhardt23 分 前

    There’s so much with the cult that just doesn’t make sense. Which is why I don’t like that the cult is the whole thing. Up until the last bit I thought they were just insane. When they went full supernatural it lost me for the most part.

  12. 77w0 i0g7

    77w0 i0g724 分 前

    12:52 Prequel to American Psycho?

  13. Brian Burkhardt

    Brian Burkhardt25 分 前

    “What language is even that?” Was that really the best line delivery for that scene?

  14. Tristan Thompson

    Tristan Thompson25 分 前

    C'mon. Dual of the Fates deserves at least 50 sins off.

  15. Jacks tale

    Jacks tale26 分 前

    There is nothing wrong with this movie

  16. ninja warrior

    ninja warrior26 分 前


  17. Brian Burkhardt

    Brian Burkhardt28 分 前

    As a kid with nut allergies, those are some shitty parents.

  18. aboubakr152

    aboubakr15231 分 前

    Such a shit movie

  19. James White-Aldworth

    James White-Aldworth35 分 前

    Why would you say 60 or 70 and assume everyone knew you meant 60 or 70 thousand?

  20. Nic

    Nic35 分 前

    Bruh imagine Katniss Everdeen was actually in this

  21. Nic

    Nic39 分 前

    2:03 well if you listened to a Canadian debate it would be way different.

  22. Gracie 13

    Gracie 1343 分 前

    Can we please mention that this movie is EXACTLY like the book of life

  23. Brent Bruce

    Brent Bruce44 分 前

    All of them was bulling in bottom

  24. sandy shrini

    sandy shrini48 分 前

    The ending sin lol

  25. Colin

    Colin50 分 前

    Honestly, that plane couldve totally made it out of there, germany has virtually no fighters to scramble

  26. Billy Russo

    Billy Russo52 分 前

    You wanted to increase your sin count. You can sin Logical and Technical inaccuracies in movies but plz explain How are these lines cinemasins ? 2:18 He work with criminals but annoying deaf people is unbelievable 2:55 Thats not sin either. Bad people don't necessarily like everyone and often they are bullies 3:10 You made a joke about KS's recent exposure but that's not movie's fault and hence not a sin 4:58 Misplaced gratitude ? Cause normally when pizza is delivered patrons drive to pizza joint to tip the chef. 5:09 And thats hard to believe because women like that don't exist. Nobody said this movie passed Bechdel test. 5:39 You explained it yourself why it is not a sin 7:26 deb explained her crazy shifts before in the movie. Pay attention 8:51 Night time. Taking a turn. Also stops before hitting Buddy. This sin narrator is definitely not a driver 9:47 She was there too and definitely sensed some tension which she just understood why. Natural reaction 10:14 Brilliance of this scene is baby is also using wipers to indicate NO. Another astounding visual from WR 10:35 Turns passenger airbag off. There are red cones around the truck suggesting some kind of maintainence 11:15 Darling finds this huge coincidence huge and gets sinned for expressing it 14:08 Someone tell me why is that a sin Change the channel name from Cinemasins to My faulty sense of humor

  27. Gavin D

    Gavin D時間 前

    @2:40 where he lifts his shirt to be shot. Would have a hard time convincing the high table on that one. Sorry bud but you took two bullets for nothing.

  28. File Rated

    File Rated時間 前

    CinemaSins garbage youtuber. is all i can say after watching this video

  29. Fenela Akuamoah Boateng

    Fenela Akuamoah Boateng時間 前

    Your voice is wrong with this video.

  30. ferdinand mesina

    ferdinand mesina時間 前

    maybe your mother like to eat chicken ass when she was pregnant of you, because you talk like chicken, and maybe you have no gf or wife because you talk too much like a bitch or a chicken hehe

  31. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan時間 前

    5:00 *WHERE IS GAMORA* ?

  32. RedPanda07

    RedPanda07時間 前

    You forgot: “Fishosexial” *Ding* Also, oh my god it’s Ocean Man.

  33. Aldo Bautista

    Aldo Bautista時間 前

    Sin the narration.

  34. That One Guy Gaming

    That One Guy Gaming2 時間 前

    You know the movie is good when half the sins can be explained away by other movies.

  35. Jake&ryan

    Jake&ryan2 時間 前

    Icy wiener, LOL 😂

  36. Jovenus

    Jovenus2 時間 前

    12:00, ROFL!

  37. Ailurophile

    Ailurophile2 時間 前

    I still like this movie. Critics are just pretentious bastards.

  38. elliusagi

    elliusagi2 時間 前

    Oh gods I want to burn this video!! I want to destroy this movie and all the people who came up with the idea of this awful *AWFUL* "musical".. Awful.

  39. SoundBlaster 1987

    SoundBlaster 19872 時間 前

    Wookiees provide handcrafted weapons and vehicles for those that prefer the organic appearance and texture...

  40. RQ Taney

    RQ Taney2 時間 前

    The most tragic thing about the prequel trilogy is that this story had sooooooooo much potential. It’s a really cool concept of Anakin turning to the dark side and Palpatine devising a plan to terminate the Jedi all at once and overthrow the republic. If this trilogy were done better it could have been just as good, if not better than the originals. Let’s hope the old republic trilogy redeems Star Wars in 2022

  41. Link_Team

    Link_Team2 時間 前

    lel. im currently doing this book... we are going to watch this movie... so. uh. thanks for the debrifing.

  42. 72957498273192875409870 45934845984

    72957498273192875409870 459348459842 時間 前

    so yall just gonna brush over the fact that anywhere in the ocean is waist high water for godzilla somehow even though that shit is for sure deaper than the size of his legs.

  43. Chen Fawn Meng

    Chen Fawn Meng2 時間 前

    Screw your motto & start reading books!

  44. DRIPPY_ E

    DRIPPY_ E2 時間 前

    Umm no shit a house can’t pull off from the ground it’s a cartoon chill man but I don’t wanna be a internet bully but shit man I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be like real life

  45. Koroush Ghaffari

    Koroush Ghaffari2 時間 前

    The cringiest movie evet

  46. ghinea teodor

    ghinea teodor2 時間 前

    11:49 Frank drinks that bottle of Whisky like it was water and he was very thirsty

  47. Perter Smith

    Perter Smith2 時間 前

    That's true I see a spin of of Prince of Persia with that dude in the desert... It's all been leading to this

  48. Nerd Deku

    Nerd Deku2 時間 前

    Most of these things are just petty little details because You and we all know damn well that, how to train your dragon is a fantastic ass trilogy.

  49. Spongebob Sucks

    Spongebob Sucks3 時間 前

    I hope Jake Gyllanhal wore that scarf that Taylor Swift left at his sister's house to keep warm.........

  50. Keyur Jadav

    Keyur Jadav3 時間 前

    I Remove Sin from CinemaSins for accepting they are di*khead 11:25 !

  51. Gary Hall

    Gary Hall3 時間 前

    And I hate you(despite the fact it leads to the Dark Side) for not taking off a sin for the Father reveal

  52. CrownRock1

    CrownRock13 時間 前

    10:41 Then why are you telling us!?

  53. Edward Jackson

    Edward Jackson3 時間 前

    Please do Full Metal Jacket.

  54. SillyRaffie

    SillyRaffie3 時間 前

    And the do was from snape

  55. Gary Hall

    Gary Hall3 時間 前

    Chewie didn't OD after snorting most of that giant mound of coke *ding* Also, Jeremy has no idea how weight of AT-ATs weight would crush ice and snow with it's feet walking across it? *Ding* And Yoda was talking about young Anakin when he said " he was wreckless, ect"

  56. Gary Hall

    Gary Hall3 時間 前

    Pretty ironic on my umpteenth rewatch of this that I see an ad for the great new Reeeeean Dick movie Knives Out

  57. mehmet karakose

    mehmet karakose3 時間 前

    1:32 lol

  58. Julia K.

    Julia K.3 時間 前

    Honestly, 1:15 is a tribute to the pilot episode of the original series, when Jaclyn Smith, a.k.a. Kelly Garret shook her hair after arriving on her motorbike ;-)

  59. SillyRaffie

    SillyRaffie3 時間 前

    3:22 he got hit by a sectum sempra only Snape can heal those wounds

  60. madestmadhatter

    madestmadhatter3 時間 前

    You don't want to know how long that song is.

  61. Anthony Nazario -MobCrusher-

    Anthony Nazario -MobCrusher-3 時間 前

    “Oh no, if Peter still had the powers of Spider-Man he could’ve totally not save that guy anyway” Reality 😂

  62. chris mauk

    chris mauk3 時間 前

    goldfinger is 521 moonriver is 321

  63. William The Killer

    William The Killer3 時間 前

    I've always assumed Spartan men are always naked.... 24 hours free to fuck each other.... Because of this movies

  64. Starius2

    Starius23 時間 前

    2:22 grow up dude...

  65. Gary Hall

    Gary Hall3 時間 前

    But, wait, where would the CPU or any type of machinery that would control the T-1000 be at if it is liquid metal and we see it get split in half and blown apart multiple times in this movie? Plus, you expect a union in California to have any kind of power to do a good job of protecting their workers from bad hours, much less anything else

  66. JoNatHan K

    JoNatHan K4 時間 前

    He is a Alien she is a Human they get married and have odd children.

  67. CoversByAlan

    CoversByAlan4 時間 前

    I actually liked this movie and I didn't agree with many things of what you said. Though I didn't like "Lucy" and I agreed with almost everything that you said. I guess the mind sees what it wants to see...

  68. TheGamingChannel

    TheGamingChannel4 時間 前

    Everything wrong with CinemaSins 😂 jk

  69. Gary Hall

    Gary Hall4 時間 前

    Sunglasses would help him blend in better if you consider the fact that he is going to be riding a motorcycle without any type sheild for his eyes against the sun. *minus one sin*

  70. Benjamin Paladino

    Benjamin Paladino4 時間 前

    Make another with normal speed talking

  71. Kairi Ali

    Kairi Ali4 時間 前

    At 13:43 / 15:23😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  72. Tyler Holiday

    Tyler Holiday4 時間 前

    your review is bullshit. get a real job cuz you dumb af. get attention in some other way.

  73. Kairi Ali

    Kairi Ali4 時間 前


  74. MotomachiZid

    MotomachiZid4 時間 前

    Don't know if anyone's mentioned this before, but this version of Cinderella where she visits a grave to get her wishes and goes to the ball several times is more accurate to the original story than the Disney or "Ever After" versions. I do realize this doesn't necessarily make it better than those versions, but it is interesting to note. Also, it could have been even more ridiculous; the earliest known version of the story had a magic cow instead of her mother.

  75. Christian Lechado

    Christian Lechado4 時間 前

    still patiently waiting for the ENDGAME video to come out. should I give up all hope?

  76. Dave Nalunat

    Dave Nalunat4 時間 前

    Orgy American Style is actually a real movie.

  77. Tommy Smooth

    Tommy Smooth4 時間 前

    Surf ninjas

  78. Just Another1

    Just Another14 時間 前


  79. Person Of Focus

    Person Of Focus4 時間 前

    in a way it could be a honor thing nobody would get happy killing him by shooting maybe its the concept of a challenge considering how notorious his name is... plus in this movie its legal to kill other killers maybe its a sever penalty for killing civilians

  80. bella m

    bella m4 時間 前


  81. Kampylakos

    Kampylakos4 時間 前


  82. noor adrian

    noor adrian4 時間 前

    Why dont you make movies, lets see you got it perfect or less than 5 mistakes....

  83. Aron Halverson

    Aron Halverson4 時間 前

    All the comments basically saying that Kevin Smith shouldn't be in the video, they're just pissy because they'll never be as successful as him

  84. Chris

    Chris4 時間 前

    is it just me or has this channel become such shit

  85. Just Another1

    Just Another14 時間 前

    Jeremy your putting baby in a corner

  86. FresnoCA93727

    FresnoCA937274 時間 前

    EWW American History X please.

  87. Biohacker 27

    Biohacker 274 時間 前

    Of course you can literally nit-pick every single movie out there, but I don't think they made this movie to be a direct autobiography. It loosely followed Hugh Glass's story, but you can't deny how awesome this movie is.

  88. Hanz Danial

    Hanz Danial4 時間 前

    This movie got more sins than dragon ball evolution. Canon it was a solid movie.

  89. Luke Maker

    Luke Maker4 時間 前

    hahaha less than 10% of these are even remotely negative, you suck man

  90. JamesNerdMan 85

    JamesNerdMan 855 時間 前

    Am I the only one who finds it weird that this was set in 1947 and Tinkerbell showed up right at the end of the movie, even though Peter Pan didn’t come out til 1953? Just me? Ok.

  91. Theta Sigma

    Theta Sigma5 時間 前

    You forgot the whole ‘Kill the Har’ thing

  92. random person

    random person5 時間 前

    Yea is comeing out soon

  93. Paunchy Teacupz

    Paunchy Teacupz5 時間 前

    See why do you even watch this if all you do is criticize it aren’t you like 30+ years old like makes no sense?

  94. peter james

    peter james5 時間 前

    But gold isn't magnetic.

  95. Dynasty McKnight

    Dynasty McKnight5 時間 前

    I seen Tormond Giantsbane. That's all I got from this movie.

  96. Fisher Theo

    Fisher Theo5 時間 前

    Just putting thought to making this video is *Pure Sacrilege* in Itself.

  97. RedPandaz

    RedPandaz5 時間 前

    "Daemon Questions" answers Chapter 1: 1. Yes, it is shown both in the book and the movie that if a daemon dies, so does the person. Same thing works in reverse. 2. Very likely, they feel the same amount of pain, but simply in a different place, or in general 3. Yes, generally. Splitting up puts a heavy physical strain on both the human and daemon, such as when Lyra's daemon flies up to the second story window of a building that she is standing outside. 4. Daemons aren't biological, they are physical manifestations of the human's soul. They do not need to go to the bathroom, nor eat, and when they die they turn into a cloud of Dust. On top of this, human's daemons also sleep and wake based on when their humans do, although the daemons of witches are not bound in this way 5. This is closer- Since the daemons are souls, their interactions do match those of humans. Two flirting humans' daemons will be flirty with each other, and it's shown in the movie that when two humans are angry with each other their daemons will also be angry or aggressive to each other. Chapter 2: 1. Yes, non-daemon animals exist. Yes, humans can have pets besides daemons. It's just not as popular as in our universe because you already have a companion, your daemon, and unlike pets they can talk and have human intelligence. 2. Besides the daemons that are exotic animals such as panthers or monkeys, it is made very clear in the books that humans, other daemons, and true animals are able to distinguish daemons on sight, such as picking a bird daemon out of a flock of birds. While it's not explained exactly why, it's reasonable to assume this is due to them not being actual, biological creatures 3. The movie has given you answers to at least half the questions you've asked so far Chapter 3: 1. The actions of the daemons, while largely independent, are also affected by the subconscious of their humans. Also if you *pay attention* , the daemons in scene aren't cuddling. Mrs. Coulter's is restraining Lyra's, while Lyra's is trying to stay away. This is mainly simple foreshadowing, but not out-of-character for the daemons 2. They know how they're feeling, physically and emotionally, and have a general sense of where their daemons are in the same way that you know where your hand is even in a pitch-dark room. 3. We only hear Lyra's daemon talking to her because she is the main character, and the story is from their perspective. To anyone else, it would also sound like animal noises. This is because of how daemons are less like a separate creature and more an independent extension of the human 4. I'm not sure about an elephant, but a human's daemon would not be a fish. When human's daemons settle they are generally land animals, just as Witches' daemons settle to be birds or other flying creatures.

  98. Lexie Harvey

    Lexie Harvey5 時間 前

    imagine if they had not tried to pack so much Warcraft history into one single movie, instead had just taken one hero and immersed or woven story/world of the hero on his/her journeys in WoW like they are doing with the current Star Wars TV show.."The Mandalorian". Or even "The Guardians of The Galaxy" movies. There will never be another World of Warcraft movie.

  99. Just Another1

    Just Another15 時間 前


  100. Draconian's Lair

    Draconian's Lair5 時間 前

    16:53 bro im dead and speechless