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  1. despasito yea

    despasito yea43 秒 前

    ok but what does “ex machina” mean :(

  2. Ya boi Pizza

    Ya boi Pizza50 秒 前

    Nothing is going wrong with shrek

  3. jsprite123

    jsprite12350 秒 前

    Best sin ever: All Transformers movies are an excuse to sell toys to kids. Yep.

  4. Thomas Melnyk

    Thomas Melnyk2 分 前

    Sin 93 the dwarves brought an entire detachment of goat riders, war machines and chariots! You're wrong I'm afraid! Also the dwarves where supposed to have enchanted armor and weaponry being that it was one of the greatest dwarf kingdoms but due to filming constraints they scrapped it shame as the 13 dwarves joining the fight with literal thunder hammers and bad ass armor would have been amazing!

  5. Costas JT 3D

    Costas JT 3D3 分 前

    Best criticism ever: 10:58 "This guy is wasting the LAST CIGARETTE ON EARTH"!

  6. Vanessa P

    Vanessa P3 分 前

    Oh ffs sake this movie came out in the early 80's more than 12 years after the beloved (by fans - not producers or advertisers) series was canceled 3 years into their "5-year voyage". There were 'laws' they couldn't break. The extended glamour shot of the enterprise was all about Trekkie-nerd love and reintroducing all of us to the new ship. You clearly weren't around for the original series and the kind of impact this film was intended to deliver to long-suffering fans.

  7. WeißTeufel

    WeißTeufel3 分 前

    I was 9 years old when this came out.... This movie is as ancient as the pyramids themselves.

  8. Just Jodia

    Just Jodia3 分 前

    I remember seeing the opening to this movie on TV and changing the channel after the projectile vomit because I thought it was a horror movie and I was in no mood! Strong opening choice yeah?

  9. Adam Kramer

    Adam Kramer5 分 前

    I watched the movie for 15 minutes and decided fuck this movie

  10. Jesus is God

    Jesus is God6 分 前

    1 John 1:2 KJV (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)

  11. Lil Tay

    Lil Tay8 分 前


  12. Games For Cykits

    Games For Cykits8 分 前

    Plus 200 billions sins to cinema sins for reupload

  13. Danny Schoofs

    Danny Schoofs12 分 前

    Extra sin... If the Urskek smashed the crystal, to be divided in Mystics & Skeksis, why is there a Skeksis smashing the Crystal @5:30 ?

  14. jay davis

    jay davis12 分 前

    This movie so suked ballz.

  15. Taylor Barnett

    Taylor Barnett13 分 前

    This is one of the worst movies ever.

  16. Unfolded Magic

    Unfolded Magic13 分 前

    This movie would be so shit if they did all these things the “right way”

  17. Home Boy

    Home Boy14 分 前

    Has anyone else ever noticed that Nancy's mouth is always open? She is like a cross between Puff Daddy and Napoleon Dynomite!

  18. Yamael Gomez

    Yamael Gomez14 分 前

    This movie makes absolutely no sense.

  19. Saul Ward

    Saul Ward14 分 前

    All the news channels were filming the island when the volcano started erupting yet not one picked up on 11 species of dinosaurs getting transported off the island?

  20. Francois Smit

    Francois Smit15 分 前

    How dare you sir. This movie was a master piece. An absolute master piece I say.


    ALI BATAINEH17 分 前

    it's a MOVIE, not a documentary!

  22. Nina on YouTube

    Nina on YouTube19 分 前


  23. ViraIshnia

    ViraIshnia19 分 前

    This movie was so bad that even this video was hard to sit through

  24. Just D1z

    Just D1z19 分 前

    I'm sick with the flu. The rain is coming. It's dreary out. I'm in bed. I needed this.

  25. Fandom_Junkie

    Fandom_Junkie21 分 前

    Reminder that Kronk is voiced by the same person that voices Joe Swanson

  26. Katie Andrea

    Katie Andrea22 分 前

    Nobody cares about keyboard players? Keyboards are pretty similar to pianos and two of the most influential musicians of the 1970’s played piano so your statement gets a sin. *ding*

  27. Phoenix BlazeX

    Phoenix BlazeX23 分 前

    The biggest "sin" is caused by dead men tell no tales According to barbossa the black pearl was trapped in a bottle by blackbeard "five winters ago" That means there's like a 15 year gap between at worlds end and on stranger tides. At the time it felt like 2 years max

  28. ThatOneKid

    ThatOneKid23 分 前

    Plural lego is actually lego (insert smirk emoji)

  29. John Doe

    John Doe24 分 前

    Movies like this are the reason this channel so legendary, stupid movies. Can we get the 2019 sonic movie sins?

  30. Ryan Hearton

    Ryan Hearton26 分 前

    Half of these are predicated on a fundamental misunderstanding of the way Time Travel works in this movie. Example: the information about the weapons in the tomb has no origin; the Terminator knows, because Kate programmed the location, and Kate did so because this event already happened to her. She knows the weapons are there because the Terminator does, and the Terminator knows because she knows. Its an ontological paradox where the information goes in a circle with no "original" source

  31. AntiCommunist

    AntiCommunist26 分 前

    For all the sins in this movie...I love being a sinner for enjoying it.

  32. Regina Broussard

    Regina Broussard27 分 前

    I loved both movies, but I missed the colorful costume changes from the first movie. Though I most say CinemaSins has got me looking for a new video everytime I watch a movie now.😂😂😂

  33. joseph Marranzino

    joseph Marranzino28 分 前

    Everything wrong with John wick and go

  34. Sean Capone

    Sean Capone28 分 前

    You don’t get to make up snarky put-downs based on experiences in your personal life that mean nothing to anyone but you, and have that count as a Sin. Innocent movie is innocent!

  35. Regina Broussard

    Regina Broussard28 分 前

    I loved both movies, but I missed the colorful costume changes from the first movie. Though I most say CinemaSins has got me looking for a new video everytime I watch a movie now.😂😂😂

  36. Andrew Blanchard

    Andrew Blanchard30 分 前


  37. Chigger Chaser • 25 years ago

    Chigger Chaser • 25 years ago33 分 前

    Cover me boys I'm going full screen! 💪

  38. Sandro Dream

    Sandro Dream34 分 前

    Jupiter is like the Italian singer Annalisa

  39. Camille Cunningham

    Camille Cunningham37 分 前

    Wy does it say 12 minute s

  40. Love Italia

    Love Italia38 分 前

    1:18 yes

  41. no angel

    no angel38 分 前

    Why are you such a hater🤔l suggest you get laid calm down have a drink it’s only a movie😎

  42. Hun Lim

    Hun Lim40 分 前

    13:39 Cap: I'll take Vision Sin: Yeah, no.

  43. Jeremy Martin

    Jeremy Martin40 分 前

    That use of Buffalo Bill at 14:53 is "pure poetry". One sin off! *reverse ding*

  44. Camille Cunningham

    Camille Cunningham41 分 前

    Dusty looks like a spit fire wait... Ww2

  45. Jaden Terrell chris

    Jaden Terrell chris41 分 前

    He had me wen he said”he may have my soul but he ain’t got my spirit” CinemaSins:WTF IS THE DIFFERENCE😤🤦🏾‍♂️‼️

  46. Larry Thompson

    Larry Thompson42 分 前

    One of the stupidest movies ever

  47. AJ

    AJ44 分 前

    Look! Its blank!

  48. Jadrian Gordon

    Jadrian Gordon45 分 前

    11:15 Hogwarts?

  49. Cornelius- Terb- flex capacitor

    Cornelius- Terb- flex capacitor46 分 前

    I've always loved original 1984 Gremlins and I always, always wil. Gizmo is so cool and cute. I laughed when the Gremlins got real naughty.

  50. Just Me Elora

    Just Me Elora48 分 前

    5:41 Shouldn’t he be able to tell that she’s basically dead? Like in the first movie, I think, I haven’t been paying attention, Bella barely touched the guys hand, but she was able to feel that he was freezing cold. But now she’s giving him a full on hug, the dad can’t even tell how cold she is. Or she isn’t cold and this movie is lying to us.

  51. Nicki

    Nicki48 分 前

    How dare you disrespect Shrek!!And proceed to lie to us by saying 14 minutes or LESS and making it 16 minutes

  52. George Ealy

    George Ealy49 分 前

    Ok, I'm not hating, but just SHUT THE FUCK UP! You're just used to making fun of the Bay films, and you take it out on this movie! This is the only good Transformers movie!

  53. Catherine 480

    Catherine 48049 分 前

    As a teacher with a recent ex boyfriend who was a keyboard player in a band, this one felt special. 🙏🏻🏆🤣

  54. Dale Newton

    Dale Newton51 分 前

    Batman didn't drop back down in to the alley to fight Joker's crew for 'no reason'. He did it because the gadget that lifted them out of there got stuck half way because Vicky Vale lied about her weight (as he says later). Dropping back down in to the alley was the only way Vale was gonna make it all the way up to the walkover thing.

  55. Shay Ogun

    Shay Ogun55 分 前

    2:25...c'mon man-that shit was hilarious

  56. Kaleb Nseudi

    Kaleb Nseudi55 分 前

    If you watched the movie you saw the scene of when cap and Sharon kissed. I am curious of whether he is considered a pervert or not.

  57. EirikGule

    EirikGule56 分 前

    Now im mad this is the perfect movie and Tom Hanks is a legend

  58. лагуна кошка

    лагуна кошка57 分 前

    5:22 sin for calling soussaphone a tuba

  59. procrastinator99

    procrastinator9957 分 前

    Sin this thing up the ass, I DON'T CARE, it will ALWAYS be 100% awesome and great.

  60. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole時間 前

    Are “sins” just things he notices

  61. s977382

    s977382時間 前

    Love the Wayne’s world reference in the outtakes!

  62. Nelson Hernandez

    Nelson Hernandez時間 前

    This video is a joke.

  63. Jay Spencer

    Jay Spencer時間 前

    I think 95 percent of ppl saw this for Brian

  64. LilMike 932

    LilMike 932時間 前

    3:24 well that fits

  65. Luc Welner-Monchuk

    Luc Welner-Monchuk時間 前

    I'm not watching this video, I just came to say fuck you for a) making a video called "everything wrong with pulp fiction" in the first place and b) making it twenty two goddamn minutes long. Who do you think you are?

  66. Yee Mertz

    Yee Mertz時間 前

    clickbaiter its over 15 mins

  67. J Wheels

    J Wheels時間 前

    Sin for cinema sins: red the book! Literally all your questions will be answered

  68. XGacha SunsetX

    XGacha SunsetX時間 前

    You missed the perfect opportunity to say "How the f*ck do they f*ck"

  69. Jonathan XIV

    Jonathan XIV時間 前

    ahem if yellowstone was to expolode in real life they would all be dead in a second

  70. Greg DaGawd

    Greg DaGawd時間 前

    Dude your points suck.

  71. Star Filia

    Star Filia時間 前

    I think the "cliches" stuff should be taken out, the book orginally came out way back in the 90's so it makes sense that there are gonna be cliche in the film and back then it wasn't cliche. The tv adaption of IT had so many cliches but those cliches werent cliche back then so thats why it was popular! :)

  72. Guy Guyster

    Guy Guyster時間 前

    This is incorrect the correct number of sins should be 0

  73. brandon segura

    brandon segura時間 前

    Wow super livid about the “the doors suck part.”

  74. Camille Cunningham

    Camille Cunningham時間 前

    Hey the gey that dissed about Eminem that get that's eating the food 4:10 ok

  75. Pluto D71

    Pluto D71時間 前

    Charcter flinches Cinema sins: 10 sins

  76. Bridget Gahr

    Bridget Gahr時間 前

    The book is so much better than this!

  77. Nelson Bento

    Nelson Bento時間 前

    My favorite Batman movie

  78. darktorus tours

    darktorus tours時間 前


  79. Ben Rhea

    Ben Rhea時間 前

    I will say about him wearing the sunglasses in the rain on the bike if you have no clear glasses, windshield, or helmet you would be wearing them also. Rain hurts dude.

  80. Don't mind me not having a profile picture

    Don't mind me not having a profile picture時間 前

    4:16 this literally happened to me. I speak English to someone in France and they respond in French, I speak French to them, and they respond in English. Biggest facepalm ever.

  81. Deygan Hilliker

    Deygan Hilliker時間 前

    Everything wrong with Uncle Drew needs to be done

  82. Ardian Berisha

    Ardian Berisha時間 前

    This is so amazing things for action and racing 😃

  83. GravityFallsGossiper

    GravityFallsGossiper時間 前

    I forgot how bad this movie is. Thanks for reminding me

  84. Divyanshu Kumar

    Divyanshu Kumar時間 前

    If you want to know why he didint break the legs when the car hit him watch this at 7:22

  85. e

    e時間 前

    there’s so many plot holes in this movie.. god it’s so bad that it’s good

  86. gearsofwar3xXx

    gearsofwar3xXx時間 前

    "You won't be needing any clothes. I've been waiting for you." Am I the only one that thinks the Terminator meant something else by that?

  87. Kyshon Davis

    Kyshon Davis時間 前

    Its call ball control...

  88. A DDC

    A DDC時間 前

    “I’ll always love you. Now here’s some leaves.” lol 😂

  89. Mel Baiocchi

    Mel Baiocchi時間 前

    I just went through the comments and am glad to see that I am not alone in sinning CinemaSins for sinning this masterpiece. Also noticed that I already gave this a dislike so respect for my past self. Learn when to stop dude

  90. Nyah Notrealname

    Nyah Notrealname時間 前

    "White washing" - Motoko Kusanagi was always a slightly whiteified japanese. Guess this channel should be renamed White Guilt Sins. Besides, the American entertainment industry, among others, is run by Jews - no WASPs needed.

  91. Luke Weetch

    Luke Weetch時間 前

    So yoda gets a sin off for saying do or do not but no sins off for the fucking best twist in cinema history cunt

  92. Jalex Gaming

    Jalex Gaming時間 前

    Dude you’re so annoying there nothing wrong with the movie you sarcastic piece of shit

  93. Molly xo

    Molly xo時間 前

    “The sad hatter”

  94. Lost Soul

    Lost Soul時間 前

    You should cinemasin the movie "Hard Target"

  95. Tsavos Alliance

    Tsavos Alliance時間 前

    This is All the Bad Easter Eggs! LoL

  96. Asura Shun

    Asura Shun時間 前

    14:38 highway go go

  97. Hello World

    Hello World時間 前

    You're wrong for this motherfucker!

  98. Day Dreamer

    Day Dreamer時間 前

    Near the very end, Captain Kruge doing the Doc Brown reminiscence thing AWESOME!

  99. Homeslice Brice

    Homeslice Brice時間 前

    I grew up on the movie, It is by far the best Star Wars movie. Idc what CinimaSins says.

  100. Aaron Carrillo

    Aaron Carrillo時間 前

    My dad said the f word when I was ten