Mark Rober
Mark Rober
Mark Rober

Former NASA engineer. Current JPgor and friend of science.
Answers to some common questions:
1) I studied Mechanical Engineering in School. I did my undergrad at BYU and Masters at USC.
2) I worked for NASA JPL for 9 years, 7 of which were working on the Curiosity Rover (I made a video about it you should def totes watch cause it's probably my favorite of all my videos). I founded a company called Digital Dudz on my nights and weekends while working at NASA (also made some videos about that) and sold it to the guys who make Morphsuits in the UK. As part of the sale I quit my job at NASA and worked for them coming up with all their new costume ideas for 2 years. Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to return to my Engineering roots to come do some ideation type of work for a tech company near San Francisco.
3) Link to free and therefore substandard build plans for my custom workbench can be found below.

  1. Kushal and Prakhar

    Kushal and Prakhar日 前

    6:14 Haha my man mrbeast won the ring bottle game

  2. Ball Is Life

    Ball Is Life日 前

    The guy was watching the office. Respect

  3. Grass Blocker

    Grass Blocker日 前

    These are first world problems lmao

  4. Frederick Staley

    Frederick Staley日 前

    This video is sponsored by the Houston astros

  5. megamastergaming

    megamastergaming日 前

    0:43 anyone see that bird fly by?

  6. PVPBlob

    PVPBlob日 前

    I'm not an expert but aren't the impossible burgers full of estrogen that isnt good for men?

  7. VetriliK

    VetriliK日 前

    But eating the Bread and Peanut butter will make u turn into a beach ball and eating the meat will make u look like a body builder.

  8. google ogiwara

    google ogiwara日 前

    There’s a highly possibility for drowning so be careful

  9. Bert Dolot

    Bert Dolot日 前

    ....these people hungry for meat while us hungry for rice

  10. Alex The Artist

    Alex The Artist日 前

    *a liquified soup* wait but isnt soup a liquid

  11. Gemma Malham

    Gemma Malham日 前

    Its aye video

  12. Clotin TBX

    Clotin TBX日 前

    Okey lets try the plant Meat Burger at Burger King

  13. swastik ray

    swastik ray日 前

    The teacher was so passionate. Just look at him while he's explaining. He's so enthusiastic about it. My 12 grade teacher looked like he would commit suicide if I ask him a question again.

  14. noorah nn

    noorah nn日 前

    Poor girlfriend, she will get glittery and smelly

  15. CoolAsFreya

    CoolAsFreya日 前

    The 4 colors of spinning elephant toothpaste is so satisfying

  16. Brandon Drennan

    Brandon Drennan日 前

    Our Christmas party is at the bowling alley every year. 5$ a strike

  17. Toxic & radioactive

    Toxic & radioactive日 前

    Well I have five seconds to throw the grenade back so that’s how u can survive it

  18. David Strong

    David Strong日 前

    Oh so u have to pay ?

  19. JeterDragon

    JeterDragon日 前

    I just wanna get one of these and give it to my friend for his birthday

  20. Christina Jiyoon

    Christina Jiyoon日 前

    babe i got you some headphones sOme gOod hEAdphones

  21. Revik

    Revik日 前

    Look into Soy, especially for men, and tell me you still want to eat this. Please don't eat soy based foods.

  22. Saeed AlRomaithi

    Saeed AlRomaithi日 前

    People shouldn’t forget that as old as bill is he is smarter than most of the idiots trying to dubunk the impossible burger

  23. Siya Singh

    Siya Singh日 前

    Does anyone know why he left? I NEED to know

  24. The Xavball

    The Xavball日 前

    too honest

  25. lemon

    lemon日 前

    is it only me but in 10:03 she looks like kara danvers from supergirl

  26. just_jimmy

    just_jimmy日 前

    I think a deciding factor would be to make plant based meat much more accessible. You pretty much can find meat in every corner, however plant based it's much more rare. I know you mention that you can find it in a lot of places, however I don't live in the US and it's almost impossible here to find it. Challenges would be nice as well. Hopefully some powerful people would promote this in the future.

  27. Luke Luke

    Luke Luke日 前

    The problem comes in the fact that beyond meat/Impossible meat is insanely expensive. You compare an 8 dollar pack of Australian minced beef to an 18 dollar pack of beyond meat. It simply isn't comparable from a price efficiency perspective.

  28. Matt

    Matt日 前

    I love how you added the minecraft button sound effect 4:35

  29. Bryce n

    Bryce n日 前

    I want one, my downstairs neighbor is a thief

  30. Neska Berry

    Neska Berry日 前

    I lost my current wallet twice. I still have my wallet :) India has cool people too.

  31. Saran Joel

    Saran Joel日 前


  32. fadi shafo

    fadi shafo日 前

    8:30 became reality



    If only every chippie sold them lads😢

  34. Sadiq Pasha

    Sadiq Pasha日 前

    Facial expressions: o_0

  35. Zman44444

    Zman44444日 前

    Lol my car’s heat doesn’t work...

  36. jollyscarecrow

    jollyscarecrow日 前

    What... no nail bomb?!?! Go big or go home! But nah, seriously that was hilarious. Loved all the revenge to the guy that applied to help and then tried to steal it lol.

  37. Ni ls

    Ni ls日 前

    Teleporting directly to a Tim Hortons would be the most chosen super power for Canadians

  38. Zavier Alfretzie

    Zavier Alfretzie日 前

    The music is too loud!

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    Wenagade Waider日 前

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    RiLL TV日 前

    u got the Mac??? AWESOME!... wasnt Buzz's gf actually the art director's son?

  42. Tan Jorel

    Tan Jorel日 前

    Imagine recording someone realizing you being filmed In a social experiments

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    It's basically an ice age waiting to happen

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    You guys are so smart

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    what’s more complicated than science fair _RESEARCH PAPER_

  46. Schalkinho6

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    So happy to live in Germany. This won't be able here.

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    i read ready player one

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    No one.. Mark: sand is liquid😏

  50. Hamburgerboi 18

    Hamburgerboi 18日 前

    When I looked at the title, I thought he fed Bill Gates a poisoned burger to save the world

  51. Martin Glueck

    Martin Glueck日 前

    i will never understand how delivery services just leave packages in front of the door. in germany, where i live, we either get it delivered to a locked packstation or a post office, where i can get it myself or if no ones home, the shipping company will take it back and try again a second time. if they still can't deliver it they will return it to the sender.

  52. Timothy Berner

    Timothy Berner日 前

    I'm broke as anything and have spent the last week or so working hard on my CV and applying for new jobs, had some interviews, was feeling pretty chuffed, and then... "whose qualifications include building his own electric plane from scratch." Not sure if I'm feeling inspired and amazed or totally depleted of sense of self-worth haha. Awesome video Mark!!

  53. Red Hippopotamus

    Red Hippopotamus日 前

    But Jeff Bezos is richer!

  54. Davin Ezra

    Davin Ezra日 前

    0:58 I Hate That Driver !

  55. Georgs Feders

    Georgs Feders日 前

    Imagine they run out of air while the kids are fully submerged under the sand...

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    A pool full of animal bone dust! <3

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    Instead a fart spray use a bomb

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    could there be a person on earth who don't love Bill Gates?

  59. Homeward Majin

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    There are far more people in the comments being sympathetic to the thieves than I'd hoped for. Oof on that.

  60. chris kimball

    chris kimball日 前

    Y is every one trashing the astros there way better then whatever team you cheer for

  61. Fixed Wing

    Fixed Wing日 前

    Why not use dye instead of glitter? This should make it easier for the police and everyone else to identify the culprits.

  62. Tim van Emmerloot

    Tim van Emmerloot日 前

    How the F am I feeling those emotions..



    Thanks for posting this video Mark! I never knew about this until I watched it! I hope everyone else found it as entertaining and helpful as well!

  64. Wynn Quiana

    Wynn Quiana日 前

    if he still isnt the favorite uncle.. i dont know what else he can do ;-;

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    Natasha Kaka日 前

    Blah blah blah cool stuff blah blah blah cool stuff.

  66. Deus Iratus

    Deus Iratus日 前

    It's a matter of taste for me and mainly the alternatives and plant-based products aren't really sold everywhere either. I've not once heard of either of these brands but it may be worth a look in the future.

  67. Owl Boy

    Owl Boy日 前

    Lol I like how u added the ty fighter when the first time it was stolen

  68. Jefferson Linn

    Jefferson Linn日 前

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    abdul azeem日 前

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    I hate how greenies want to ban livestock now. What happened to freedom.



    You seem like the best uncle ever!

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    Sirawit Charoenratthakarn日 前

    If I have one of those I’ll put in Dio sound so I can be like Ho so your approaching me?

  75. Victor Feledy

    Victor Feledy日 前

    1:54 I could feel it happening

  76. Matthew Baker

    Matthew Baker日 前

    At my school a bunch of people would get first. I got first and I did the areodynamics of a ping pong ball.

  77. נעם צור

    נעם צור日 前

    I know about the way that people are farming animals but i think im just a bad person...

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    The Vindicator日 前

    Mark looks the same but sounds very depressed. If only he could see then what he would become!



    I actually came for science

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    RaphRHE日 前

    Is earth round like a ball or a circle




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    EliteDiamond 17日 前

    3:52 Mark-In my on-going quest to be the favorite uncle Me-...Bruh how are you not the favorite uncle yet?! Like if you agree that he should be the favorite uncle | | | \/

  83. Devadathan .M. Nampoothiri

    Devadathan .M. Nampoothiri日 前

    Teacher: Sand is an example for solids Me: (*stands on the desk) *AND, DEAR SIR, I SAY NO! I DENY IT! AND THE UNIVERSE STANDS WITH ME!*

  84. Alex Loayza

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    17:35 oke stoped you there here for a sec. it isnt super powerd! its just like if you din't wear the headphones. very good head phones but its misleading if you say super powerd hearing.

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    Me being a muslim im so hyped for this!!!Lets hope they dont use haram alchohol or oil!



    in india meat consuption is very less because most of them are hindus

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    7 year vegetarian here Beyond Meat is the closest to real meat Impossible meat taste like dog food no joke

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    How to live a good life: 1. Don't commit any crim 2. Live with your true self 3. Don't f*uck with Mark Rober and his people!

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