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The All-ROG Gaming PC!
  1. Zahlenteufel1

    Zahlenteufel150 秒 前

    wait a second - that's not Simone Giertz :o holy shit she's funny tho! She looks too old to be *THAT* GenZ... "Oh, so I can't just yeet that then"

  2. Down Right Doing Things

    Down Right Doing Things分 前

    1080p 144hz its all you need for gaming. I want 1080p 144hz i want it sooooo bad the rtx 2080 max q ommmmmmgggggg

  3. Matthew Dawson

    Matthew Dawson分 前

    Ah, 2009. The year when PC's were finally able to run Crysis as intended, even though it came out in 2007.

  4. Adeo Felice

    Adeo Felice分 前

    I've never saved a video so fast...

  5. A Marley

    A Marley分 前

    Hire her and apologise for the baby jokes!

  6. D1visor

    D1visor分 前

    She reminds me of Joe Keery in ST a bit, character wise and also appearance actually, just way paler.

  7. alif499

    alif499分 前

    Just like the Sonic movie. Listen to the audience!

  8. Mr. Chicken

    Mr. Chicken分 前

    In a heavy rich english accent: It shal buy my drink from the shop and bring it to me !

  9. Jerry Powell

    Jerry Powell2 分 前

    "Big oof" if you don't hire her.

  10. Christopher

    Christopher2 分 前

    GIVE HER A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Shiboop Baduup

    Shiboop Baduup2 分 前

    Yah, a Wigger Wednesday reference!

  12. Mark

    Mark2 分 前

    Gave a like for Anthony. Such a cool dude.

  13. JJshadowchaosJJ

    JJshadowchaosJJ2 分 前

    Give her a JOB

  14. Marcos Gaitan

    Marcos Gaitan2 分 前

    I think I'm in love with her

  15. AncapFTW

    AncapFTW2 分 前

    Maybe you'll be interested in my new invention: shoes with Thermolelectric coolers in them to generate power. You don't like having cold feet? Then I guess you can't recharge your phone with it. But at least it would generate a descent amount of power.

  16. Frédéric Germain

    Frédéric Germain2 分 前

    how to fail in familly buisness. rip NCIX. Please pepole if you got an entreprise , go with investors before going majors.

  17. Amrutraj Gore

    Amrutraj Gore3 分 前

    Will it run Linux? Ubuntu?

  18. Rcmonkey gaming

    Rcmonkey gaming3 分 前

    coming back to this in 2019.... did google not know this had been tried?

  19. Aaron Goings

    Aaron Goings3 分 前

    Wow I love this girl so much !!

  20. Rob Fenwitch

    Rob Fenwitch3 分 前

    She's right though... coo-pon

  21. ICE TO ICE

    ICE TO ICE3 分 前

    best humor XD im a sexy little b * DONT!* XD im dying.

  22. Anthony Coccaro

    Anthony Coccaro4 分 前

    This girl SUCKS

  23. Ton13579

    Ton135794 分 前

    We need more of her!

  24. manoj rai

    manoj rai5 分 前

    why dont linus do this sort of program outside canada..i would love to build one of these beauty and win of course :D :D

  25. Kevin Luke Mathew

    Kevin Luke Mathew5 分 前

    11:22 i know he ment verge

  26. steveman1982

    steveman19825 分 前

    Okay, I found that pretty entertaining :D

  27. Brian Jake Tolosa

    Brian Jake Tolosa5 分 前

    how do we experience that kind of gaming rig in the Philippines! so expensive :( cool been following and watching LLT for a month!

  28. Marvin's Tech Channel

    Marvin's Tech Channel5 分 前

    Omg she is actually the funniest person ever been on this channel. Madison ur great! :D

  29. Nyjarz23

    Nyjarz236 分 前

    I can't find the original video in pornhub, link anyone?

  30. Tainaka Ritsu

    Tainaka Ritsu6 分 前

    Literally the most entertaining guest to be on the show! She didn't have to be _just_ a guest you know...

  31. Rasmus Johansson

    Rasmus Johansson6 分 前

    Is she hired yet?

  32. Richard Methot

    Richard Methot6 分 前

    What Case is this???

  33. rvns16th

    rvns16th7 分 前

    Ok, who all here thinks they should post the whole, unfiltered and unedited thing up on Channel Super Fun???

  34. Raven05R6

    Raven05R67 分 前

    Entertaining video, shes funny af

  35. Kevin Hemlall

    Kevin Hemlall7 分 前

    28 minute video and I clicked replay as soon as it finished. Love this chick. You need her. Seriously though - it's a new dynamic you just don't have.

  36. Eric Schuetzler

    Eric Schuetzler7 分 前

    She's awesome

  37. Znake

    Znake7 分 前

    This is the only build i've watched and not been bored.

  38. Noxolsaf

    Noxolsaf7 分 前

    whats the case?

  39. JazzNazz

    JazzNazz8 分 前

    this girl just overshine linus in his own show, lmao

  40. Peter Fu

    Peter Fu8 分 前

    We don't even use these shits in China at all, the time I hear the price I was like LMAO, seriously. These stuff are just fucking hilarious..

  41. HaloSam296

    HaloSam2968 分 前

    "My most painful PC build" Did Linus have to manage cables!?

  42. meloD30

    meloD309 分 前

    I didn't realise Gen Z was an actual person. Now it all makes sense.

  43. BaconTopHat45

    BaconTopHat459 分 前

    She's like a teen girl Linus and Linus has no idea how to handle it. She would be a brilliant new co-host for this channel.

  44. Jojo Bob bubble

    Jojo Bob bubble9 分 前

    I'm surprised they didn't review how it holds up as a monitor. I'd love to see a review of it.

  45. Try Hard

    Try Hard9 分 前

    i wish i had that kind of PC : ( mine is just a trash PC that keeps restarting...but nice vidz though been watching for a long time and i see that your improving

  46. tihbohs

    tihbohs10 分 前

    Hire her!! Lol

  47. A Soviet Onion

    A Soviet Onion10 分 前

    Hire her immediately, please :)

  48. mr. anigame

    mr. anigame10 分 前

    Lol linus hire her lol

  49. Mr. IdkWho

    Mr. IdkWho10 分 前

    at the begging, i think most people had one christmas like that and got a toy, then used for a day, when they were like 6

  50. kais Yaya

    kais Yaya11 分 前

    "lol what's overclocking"

  51. lookAroundUs

    lookAroundUs11 分 前

    The most annoyingly funny RRR goes to...

  52. Jeremy Santos

    Jeremy Santos11 分 前


  53. StarCultiniser

    StarCultiniser11 分 前

    this video would be even more entertaining if, when he was saying the prices are a rip off, he would say how much he would buy it for or how much they normally cost

  54. Hussam Abu Hamad

    Hussam Abu Hamad12 分 前

    This girl is awesome 😎

  55. Cat Guy

    Cat Guy12 分 前

    14:58 damn Linus, u savage

  56. Alpha Star

    Alpha Star13 分 前

    Madison is just amazing

  57. Eternals' Information Technology Group

    Eternals' Information Technology Group13 分 前

    Why does she remind me of Kensie Kensington from Saints Row?

  58. David Andrew

    David Andrew13 分 前

    Should have hired her. She’s awesome.

  59. John

    John13 分 前

    I hope this girl starts steaming, it would be worth watching

  60. TheMagneticDude

    TheMagneticDude13 分 前

    NOOO!!!!! I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!

  61. QcVitals

    QcVitals13 分 前

    you should try on windows server or linux

  62. theNEWSseeker

    theNEWSseeker13 分 前

    I'm all seriousness. Why do you even need to store old footage from videos already uploaded. How are they useful.


    GAMING WITH MK14 分 前

    this shit is funny af

  64. Anime Otaku2000

    Anime Otaku200014 分 前

    pleasse come to the netherlands i would love to meet you ^^ <3 i love your videos so much there amazing

  65. A T

    A T14 分 前

    She is very, very natural in front of the camera...the way she looks straight into it but not too much is insane. She must have had training.

  66. Mohammed Almansour

    Mohammed Almansour15 分 前

    She's really funny and energetic. Great video

  67. Oscar Luna

    Oscar Luna15 分 前

    Best video in the series. I died when she said queuepon

  68. adam stock

    adam stock15 分 前

    give that girl a job i could listen to her mocking all day lol

  69. wesley lim

    wesley lim15 分 前

    Look at linus with his new toy...

  70. qmig1

    qmig115 分 前

    What case is that? Couldn't find it in the description..

  71. That_cat21

    That_cat2115 分 前

    hire her.

  72. Opferlamm113

    Opferlamm11315 分 前

    Please, hire her! That video was so funny.

  73. Louis Burley

    Louis Burley16 分 前

    She should totally handle the LTT Twitter.

  74. Bad Aiming Productions

    Bad Aiming Productions16 分 前

    watched it twice just because its so hilarious 😁

  75. Ink Sen

    Ink Sen16 分 前

    everyone telling linus to hire her is a dude

  76. DR. PHD

    DR. PHD16 分 前

    HIRE HER!!!

  77. TheMagneticDude

    TheMagneticDude16 分 前

    WHAT?? When was this??

  78. Yash Nayakawadi

    Yash Nayakawadi17 分 前

    The number of memes she referred is more than my marks in physics

  79. Madis

    Madis17 分 前

    Damn noobs :D Always start minimum do get system bootup confirmation.

  80. Alpha Star

    Alpha Star17 分 前

    Linus just hire her !! As as a graphic designer in LTT she is just so cool!!!! LMAO

  81. Zooglebuns

    Zooglebuns18 分 前

    I'm fuckin dead 18:41

  82. Mechanical Frost

    Mechanical Frost18 分 前

    Thought that seat is for massage

  83. Abney's Nova

    Abney's Nova19 分 前

    Linus give this girl a job! You can boot James.😂😂

  84. samghs1

    samghs119 分 前

    But if you RIP out your couch cushion you have to pay for them

  85. smandenton

    smandenton19 分 前

    i would love for you guys to do another series this year!

  86. Geoff Lucas

    Geoff Lucas19 分 前

    Linus "Don't worry, it won't fall" Her response "(Blows raspberry) You say that, but I have watched your videos."

  87. Doctor Howdy

    Doctor Howdy19 分 前

    shes so incompetent, its so funny (a friend of mine is exactly the same, its scary how similar they are)

  88. Sera ElFín

    Sera ElFín19 分 前

    Things get really close now with the new Macbook pro 16” the 5500M 8gb has almost the same performance as the 580X, now both share i9 and 8 cores and up to 64gb gb of ram... would love to see this comparison again with the new macbook

  89. Jason Kyle

    Jason Kyle20 分 前

    She's lowkey fine.

  90. Nathan Miller

    Nathan Miller20 分 前

    Hire her.

  91. Anders Öhlund

    Anders Öhlund20 分 前

    Usually these are kinda awkward and cringey... but she's hilarious! =D

  92. Kurt Schwind

    Kurt Schwind21 分 前

    She was great!

  93. rodrigoccsp

    rodrigoccsp21 分 前

    just hire her and give her a new show called "Big Ouf..."

  94. BSCG_ Ben

    BSCG_ Ben21 分 前

    2070 super, really😂😂😂

  95. Doctor Howdy

    Doctor Howdy21 分 前

    "ok boomer" was probably the best description of linus in this video

  96. Pandamonium

    Pandamonium21 分 前

    This was so good to watch! Shes so witty and funny, I reckon she needs to be a part of the team :)

  97. Thibaut De Doncker

    Thibaut De Doncker22 分 前