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2 ヶ月 前

THIS is a power supply??
How bad is this $20 SSD??
We tried Android 11.
  1. Alistair Blaire

    Alistair Blaire時間 前

    Apparently demand for those older CPUs is still high. I looked into upgrading my old i5 system to an i7-4790K and the CPU costs $200. $200 for 4C/8T and probably much weaker than the $120 3300X.

  2. Eduardo Sousa

    Eduardo Sousa時間 前

    I mean... You did a high end gpu upgrade on an already capable CPU, what did you expect with the gaming results?

  3. Alex.L

    Alex.L時間 前

    I just sold my 3770 and bought a ryzen 5 1500x and so far the switch to ddr4 and twice as much cache has been a huge improvement for only ab 50$ extra after selling my old parts

  4. Kevkas

    Kevkas時間 前

    To LTT staff: Lyp-sinc issue around 0:55, just a heads up. Still, nothing major, thanks for the video :)

  5. Tasdik Bin Yousuf

    Tasdik Bin Yousuf時間 前

    international shipping at LTTstore?

  6. ShadowPanda

    ShadowPanda時間 前

    However on COD Warzone on my 4770k im contstantly at 100% CPU usage , so its definately not fine, and I can barely even look at 4k video footage in resolve without it crawling along I mean 90% of games work fine, I can play at 1440p 60 or 1080p 144hz but some games / programs are definately starting to bottleneck my GTX1080 Unless my PC is just broken or something ... (or its just COD being shit)

  7. J Anything

    J Anything時間 前

    I recently sold a AMD FX-8350 I bought in 2011 for the same price you can buy a Ryzen 5 1600X bought in 2017.

  8. Clell Biggs

    Clell Biggs時間 前

    I'm still using a 4790K and 1080 Ti and I can do everything I want. It stills feels snappy doing most things and it has no trouble with games. I play a lot of VR with no problems. I am saving up for a new PC sometime next year though.

  9. KuroInside

    KuroInside時間 前

    "It has only a Gigabit Ethernet port" Me, with my awesome 5 Mbps connection: (:

  10. Jaz_OneTwoo

    Jaz_OneTwoo時間 前

    A virus along with quarantine = NEW INTRO! People do amazing things when they are bored.

  11. RoseOfHizaki

    RoseOfHizaki時間 前

    Fo Real. I still know people on X58

  12. Thomas Caswell

    Thomas Caswell時間 前

    wtf is with the audio

  13. Roman Shkolyarenko

    Roman Shkolyarenko時間 前

    1640 mhz max for ddr3 with that mainboard and the 3770k for me.

  14. DJ Emergency

    DJ Emergency時間 前

    Retailers still sell new PCs that are slower than this 8 year old pre-built...

  15. babkinalex92

    babkinalex92時間 前

    i still use amd cpu 4200 vs ddr2 4gb

  16. Jody Freake

    Jody Freake時間 前

    running an Optiplex 990 with an i5-2500 and RX570, havent run into problems at all

  17. bikehunter82

    bikehunter82時間 前

    Daddy made a video... instaclick.

  18. brez imena

    brez imena時間 前

    Watched whole video and i still don't know what Intel and AMD don't want for me to know... PC is still running games like crap, so you still need to upgrade atleast GPU...

  19. NutritiveApple

    NutritiveApple時間 前

    i mean a friend is still running an FX 6100 @ 4.4ghz he just bought a 1060 3gb for dirt cheap, and is enjoying his master rank overwatch games lol, people dont understand that if its running fine what you want, theres no need to upgrade, till that thing you want doesnt run

  20. FvckYoutube'sCensorship UseAdblock

    FvckYoutube'sCensorship UseAdblock時間 前

    My PC is stil a 4770k from 2012. Still good enough. Only reason I'm needing a new one is because the mobo is dying (dead sata controller so lost half my sata ports), though it's been like that for 4 years now. Maybe after this next upgrade to a 3960x I won't need another one for another 10 years. it's not 2000 anymore, pointless to get an upgrade every 2 years when it's only a 5% difference instead of 50-100% like it used to be. AMD/Intel are lucky the masses are still generally gullible and believe it when they say they still need an upgrade every generation and that that 5% performance increase will change their lives.

  21. Nat Lynch

    Nat Lynch時間 前

    did y'all spot how Anthony swiped that box open? ,, Linus can only dream of being that smooth

  22. Sean L

    Sean L時間 前

    I refuse to ignore the glaringly obvious and egregiously superficial fact that he is fat and it is funny. hahaha.

  23. Adam Stow

    Adam Stow時間 前

    Still got a 4770k and a 290X, havent come across anything unplayable yet

  24. ThundererGamer

    ThundererGamer時間 前

    Yay! Dark mode intro is back!

  25. irlrp

    irlrp時間 前

    About the Doom Crash, maybe it's due to the last Doom Update, that made the game crash, a new patch has been released recently to remove the Denuvo anti-cheat which was the cause of many crashes/fps drops

  26. seon kim

    seon kim時間 前

    Did anyone notice the drops in audio quality?

  27. Jānis Rozenšteins

    Jānis Rozenšteins時間 前

    God no! Second PCI Ex slot must be used for nvme ssd. Just buy nwme to PCI Ex 16x adapter, do a simple bios mod and you get those high IOPS numbers...

  28. nicbongo

    nicbongo時間 前

    I can support this. My rig is 10 years old. Rocking an i2500k. Only replaced the PSU (crossed Atlantic) and GPU (old one burnt out) in that time. It will however not be able to members Cyberpunk2077. So yea, can't wait to upgrade.

  29. Roshan Karim

    Roshan Karim時間 前

    try over clocking to boost

  30. Sture Akker

    Sture Akker時間 前

    Do a neck reveal

  31. Chicken Craazziness

    Chicken Craazziness時間 前

    Not first

  32. Spekticon

    Spekticon時間 前

    idk why but my i7 2700K @ 4.6ghz (and yes it still does this at stock speeds) pegs at 100% usage when playing Overwatch. so, my computer is not fine bruh. btw i have literally nothing installed besides drivers, google chrome (which isnt running when i game), and Overwatch. so my CPU is just dead inside instead of Intel inside ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  33. Charles Garrett

    Charles Garrett時間 前

    Is there water in my speakers or was the audio not great at some points in this video.

  34. thehoeslaper

    thehoeslaper時間 前

    i was just fine with my AMD FX and my 980ti but fell for all kinds of hype.. spent another 2 grand for 10 more frames per second.

  35. Luke Caruana

    Luke Caruana時間 前

    New intro is 🔥

  36. The Swayne

    The Swayne時間 前

    The content over the last year or two from LTT just keeps getting better and better.

  37. Ezaan Haque

    Ezaan Haque時間 前


  38. luckyyu2004

    luckyyu2004時間 前

    and a seasonic PSU. an experienced and sensible builder.

  39. Zoez

    Zoez時間 前

    "its better than buying a new pc because its cheaper" *puts in a 400€ GPU*

  40. Kalpesh Rawat

    Kalpesh Rawat時間 前

    Wait till you see an AMD A4-4000. You will throw it across the room

  41. Neez Duts

    Neez Duts時間 前

    I'm still running a modestly overclocked 8320e 16GB RAM paired with a RX480-8GB and decent SSD, and I STILL get 60+ frames on new titles in 1080p med settings.

  42. Mr. Moʀɖɛռ

    Mr. Moʀɖɛռ時間 前

    I'm still using a 3570 and 1050 Ti. I'm waiting for the Ryzen 4600 and the new AMD/Nvidia cards that come out this year.

  43. Jason Gooden

    Jason Gooden時間 前

    9:19 Well I see Windows hasn’t changed after all this time.

  44. Suchisthebest

    Suchisthebest時間 前

    bro i would do anything for even that old pc

  45. Matt

    Matt時間 前

    my son is still rolling a AMD fx-8320 @ 4.0 Ghz runs fine..

  46. babis8142

    babis8142時間 前

    I didn't know you need a good gpu even for a movie in 4K

  47. A Person

    A Person時間 前

    Yay dark mode intro is back



    is it just me or is the audio a bit fucky on this vid?

  49. Elias Desrosiers

    Elias Desrosiers時間 前

    I clicked on this video to actually be convinced that my old rig is enough, but now I feel like I need to build a new computer.

  50. purple-budweiser

    purple-budweiser時間 前

    I've just upgraded my old-ass Z97 platform with a NVMe 970 Pro SSD using an adapter for PCIe 3.0 4x. Dude this is such an overkill but awesome thing to do to an old intel 4th. gen platform. System feels like brand new now.

  51. John Smith

    John Smith時間 前

    None of this would've helped my old daily driver and gaming pc a Intel Pentium D. To be fair it did okay until the internet went full moron with flash media everywhere...

  52. Malte M

    Malte M時間 前

    When do we get HDR for all Videos? There was just this one Video in HDR, which was about the HDR Monitor...

  53. clxwncrxwn

    clxwncrxwn時間 前

    Is my MacBook Air i5 core still good? I bought it by mistake, I probably could’ve bought something better for $1300 cdn 🤣 But i didn’t have the knowledge I have today. But I could use some advice.

  54. lordzadd

    lordzadd時間 前

    I can't believe you made me watch this at less than t-minus 20 to the Demo-2 launch

  55. AvengerXP

    AvengerXP時間 前

    Im surprised you uploaded this. This is terrible. Its not a secret AMD and Intel doesn't want you to know unless that secret is older machines crash a lot. Im surprised this wasnt voted down to the ground due to clickbait and awful content. Is the moral of the story here that you can upgrade an older PC because i knew that already.

  56. Verithiell

    Verithiell時間 前

    SO I am still using this very old asus 11" inch laptop with cherry trail atom on board. And you know what? IT works even better than it used to. With all the windows updates, its not as sluggish anymore. Optimization does wonders. The only problem I have is the screen cable is messed up a bit from all the closing and opening, and sometimes you need to mvoe it back and forth for it to connet and display picture (sometimes itdoesnt show anything, sometimes there are horizontal stripes, something like a white noise on tvs). Unfortunately, ths model is so obsolete, price of spare parts is ridiculous. Cable alone costs more than the whole machine is worth. But I've gotten used to it, ill just keep using the pc till it completely gives up. Or do you guys know if there is another method of fixing it up?

  57. gigar9000

    gigar9000時間 前

    Me with my 2500K since 2011. Only changed the GPU, 8800GT to 660ti to 1660

  58. Lennon A. Mobley

    Lennon A. Mobley時間 前

    Scrapyard wars but you need to build a server

  59. Shehan Jayasinghe

    Shehan Jayasinghe時間 前

    I feel like Linus has finished covering all the good topics and now just publishes in bulk low quality content just to churn out a profit.

  60. Andre Miville

    Andre Miville時間 前

    pls man, loss some weights, go to france and learn what food is

  61. Alex Schubert

    Alex Schubert時間 前

    @54 seconds, describes my build exactly. You have my attention.

  62. Chris Davis

    Chris Davis時間 前

    I've been a IT Tech / Linux admin for over 20 years, and I've never subscribed to updating a computer every 5 years. The Computer is only as good as the Operating System inside. I have a Dell Optiplex 790 with. Core I3 with 16 GB Ram, 500 GB SSD running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and it flies, still quick and very responsive. Now I don't run a super processor intense apps, but with what I do , I use it mainly as a Plex Media Server, it serves me well...

  63. Grumpy Wolf Gaming

    Grumpy Wolf Gaming時間 前

    No Thuderbolt 3. Ok, pretty sure no one on the planet cares or uses it besides linus on their desktop.

  64. Hotrob

    Hotrob時間 前

    I just went from a heavily overclocked fx8320 to a ryzen 3600. It's not even close. There are some games I was bottlenecked to 26fps. Other games I could get 60, but would often get stutters.

  65. Sander169

    Sander169時間 前

    whats up with the audio?

  66. Cody

    Cody時間 前

    The audio on this video sucks especially on the intro with Andy. There is like just this soft background noise or something it's hard to explain but you guys really need to fix your audio problems or hire someone else who knows how to

  67. tudor opran

    tudor opran時間 前

    An add with Linus in it on a Linus Tech Tips video. He is everywhere!

  68. SnowFoxGiven

    SnowFoxGiven時間 前

    I Love listening to Anthony... Sorry not sorry Linus 🤣

  69. David Bogart

    David Bogart時間 前

    anthony tech tips please

  70. Unknown JUKER

    Unknown JUKER時間 前

    better than linus LMAO

  71. Bastian Springer

    Bastian Springer時間 前

    Anthony: "Your old PC is still fine" Me: "of yourse, no need to tell me. Just throw in an SSD and it's alright" Anthony: "Problem, problem, problem. Upgrade this, upgrade that. Problem, problem, problem." Me: "WTF I thought you know your way around PCs?!? You're just telling us to throw away old stuff"

  72. Alex Khazov

    Alex Khazov時間 前

    What happened to the audio @min 4?

  73. Red Rice

    Red Rice時間 前

    0:03 what's the name of the keyboard (i know it's a Dell)

  74. marvelous LIE

    marvelous LIE時間 前

    I just built a PC with the Ryzen 3 3200g. I probably should've waited until the 3300x, but I'm glad I built it when I did. A quad core is a huge upgrade for me especially considering the fact that I'm coming from a dual core laptop processor.

  75. Kutalon

    Kutalon時間 前

    i7 2600k is still quite solid for gaming

  76. mohammad ali sadeghi

    mohammad ali sadeghi時間 前

    next time try with 200ms ping

  77. Shreyash Ingole

    Shreyash Ingole時間 前

    I'm not homosexual but his voice makes me wonder about myself

  78. Mayur Arun

    Mayur Arun時間 前

    Anthony seems to be the only guy who knows everything. Linus is just there for nothing..

  79. Michael Garry

    Michael Garry時間 前

    No RGB? SOLD!

  80. Peace Mindfulness

    Peace Mindfulness時間 前

    I made my first PC 5-6 years ago with an i7 4790k for gaming and music production. I still can produce and game on it. The only things i upgraded was the motherboard (to handle the old GTX 770 for the hackintosh), the gpu (2060 S) and the ram (16gb). It's working very well

  81. Wesley Theis

    Wesley Theis時間 前

    Funny seeing his reaction to how long that HandBrake transcode is going to take. My AMD Phenom II takes over 20 hours to transcode a Blu-Ray rip using the HQ 1080p30 preset

  82. asianskywalker

    asianskywalker時間 前

    my 4670k still going strong with a 1080Ti

  83. OnePlusAim

    OnePlusAim時間 前

    ....Thats My Ram XD

  84. Zackariuss

    Zackariuss時間 前

    Audio a bit scuffed in this?

  85. Yessirski

    Yessirski時間 前

    i have a Gigabyte Z270X-Ultra Gaming motherboard and a EVGA GeForce 1060 3GB, which one should I upgrade first? I feel like I also need to upgrade my CPU (i7-7700) because when I open higher quality games like BO4 my CPU gets to 100% and I start getting like 10FPS. What should I do?

  86. Cottidae

    Cottidae時間 前

    The i7 3770k can't keep up with the most demanding games, but does just fine. I know because I've got one. Going to upgrade because I want a better PC, but the one I got performs fine in most cases. In fact, one of the reasons I want to change parts is because I want DDR4 RAM instead, and I want to upgrade OS, but I don't want to spend money on it twice, and no, I'm not going to use Linux. Although until I upgrade my PC, which will happen immediately after I get a job, I already got the money but lack the stability, I might consider a temporary switch to Linux.

  87. K-9 Cobra

    K-9 Cobra時間 前

    Like that new intro though

  88. Andrew Khoroshenko

    Andrew Khoroshenko時間 前

    Bruh I have an APU from 2011 as my current driver. I also have a rx570 because integrated graphics just can't cut it.

  89. Toxic Rain

    Toxic Rain時間 前

    2060 super is a "mid range" card? Na 1660 super is about mid range. GPUs are crazy expensive these days.

  90. Sam R

    Sam R時間 前

    This time last week I upgraded from an i7 2600K and R9 280X, both of which still performed admirably combined with an SSD and 16GB DDR3. Sure my new setup is faster (I'm on Ryzen 7 and a GTX 1660 SUPER now and WOW is this thing quick!) but it's not that far off.

  91. MarckxmanGC

    MarckxmanGC時間 前

    What dictates whether the intro to a video is dark or light themed?

  92. Bruno Trindade

    Bruno Trindade時間 前

    i have a i3 2120 and a ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO ( don't be fooled by its long luxurios name, its old, slow and have a whooping 512MB vram lol ) . it slugs even when running league of legends, and i had to mod skyrim ( the old edition ) to run. Besides all that, all that i would expect to change is the GPU and a proper Power supply. its not aways fun, but it works and if it dont, oh well.

  93. koen meier

    koen meier時間 前

    That beard looks good.

  94. mynameisray

    mynameisray時間 前

    Course it is. My i5 4590 from 2014 runs fine. My AMD Phenom II X4 840 from 2011 is still a champ and will handle esports and other games just fine.

  95. WhiteSoundCL

    WhiteSoundCL時間 前

    good video. thumbs up

  96. Carlos L

    Carlos L時間 前

    Lately LTT videos have been getting unreliable and pointless, this opinion comes from someone who dislikes Linus in general but I believe most of his videos are a waste of date, editing, and money paying editors to edit garbage

  97. Shalin Pather

    Shalin Pather時間 前

    I gave my Sandy Bridge desktop with an H61 chipset a GTX 1650... still runs like brand new

  98. retnikt

    retnikt時間 前

    "durable, and long-lasting" wtf

  99. Imischek

    Imischek時間 前

    such a stupid video , people that got a rig like that were gaming and not missing out on usb speeds or ethernet . upgrading from 1600 to 1866 mhz ram in that old system is also such a waste of money. change the 7970 and put another stick of 8gb into the board and just take this ride as long as you dont have to deal with newer games coming up in 2021 that may or may not have drastic increases in performance needs from the new console launch. another we have to make 1 video a day video

  100. Matin Vatankhah

    Matin Vatankhah時間 前

    Love the new titles in this video.