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  1. Staphany Torres

    Staphany Torres18 秒 前


  2. Britney Wonder

    Britney Wonder分 前

    You’re never going to make it lol

  3. Priscilla Swartz

    Priscilla Swartz2 分 前

    Happy birthday Elle love you so very much l hope you are very happy because it's your birthday my name is Alicia Swartz love you so very much Happy Birthday Elle l love you so very much

  4. Tatti Mesh

    Tatti Mesh3 分 前

    Its Alaia😇

  5. Samantha Lee

    Samantha Lee3 分 前

    The girls are getting so big! Ugh i can’t believe it! Also the song is so catching lol Like it stays stuck in your head all day long 😂 Also if i could win the money it would mean the world.. I’ve been out of work for 3 months due to being medically ill.. So christmas is kinda hard this year not being able to give my family anything.. $samly26 love you ace family. i’m sad you guys aren’t doing vlogmas

  6. Alicia McFarlane

    Alicia McFarlane7 分 前

    Ha ha

  7. Roniece Perry

    Roniece Perry11 分 前

    𝔸𝕝𝕒𝕚𝕒 𝕄ℂ 𝕓𝕣𝕠𝕠𝕞?

  8. Spiritual Divine

    Spiritual Divine12 分 前

    Aww I love that Alaia grabs her Moms & Dad's face! So adorable! Cutest kids everrrr!

  9. Annyloibi Llorca

    Annyloibi Llorca13 分 前

    Can you make a video about the kids

  10. chloe broadbent

    chloe broadbent14 分 前

    i’ve had sleep paralysis i’ve enjoyed more than this

  11. Hardcore_gamer145

    Hardcore_gamer14515 分 前

    She dated MBJ

  12. Jayne Rae

    Jayne Rae16 分 前

    Alaia’s literally the cutest thing everrrrrr❤️😍❤️

  13. hellen moses

    hellen moses17 分 前

    Done. I just love the Ace family

  14. Spiritual Divine

    Spiritual Divine19 分 前

    What if we don't have Apple Music? I dont have an i-Phone :( But I've been sharing your music video off JPgo like crazy! Ughhh

  15. Tatiana Joy

    Tatiana Joy19 分 前

    If Austin is a great dad like me. Like me I will start dropping bangers

  16. Wallace Runnymede

    Wallace Runnymede20 分 前


  17. Emmekai Green

    Emmekai Green20 分 前

    I love this family 🥰

  18. Florence Maina

    Florence Maina21 分 前

    I like the way Austin looks at Catherine in a flirty way, Elle looks bored while watching the video for almost a million times 😂😂❤️

  19. Tatiana Joy

    Tatiana Joy25 分 前

    Elle is so funny she made me cry until I laugh.Austin should let her go on a date. When Austin asked Elle how did you meet it was so funny

  20. Kiki LoveS You

    Kiki LoveS You31 分 前

    *gιddy gιddу υρ* 💕💕🌧☪️💪🏽👫

  21. Melany Lara

    Melany Lara33 分 前


  22. Choco Chiz

    Choco Chiz38 分 前

    Austin...we know what you did behind her...

  23. Sejal Patil

    Sejal Patil40 分 前


  24. Danielle Delespesse

    Danielle Delespesse43 分 前

    Oh my gosh baby girls bow!!! 😍

  25. Mars Horses

    Mars Horses44 分 前


  26. Aubrey Kirk

    Aubrey Kirk44 分 前

    You forgot "what's going on everybody" @ least I think so😂

  27. Aubrey Kirk

    Aubrey Kirk44 分 前

    You forgot "what's going on everybody" @ least I think so😂

  28. Zanes Born

    Zanes Born49 分 前

    Why Austin is dancing like my mommy😂

  29. Kayla Henry

    Kayla Henry51 分 前

    My name is Kerrisa HENRY I want a I Phone For my Birthday party

  30. Debbie _Tola

    Debbie _Tola53 分 前

    Elle is sooooo grown omg!!! 💞💞💞💞💞

  31. Horse Paradise

    Horse Paradise54 分 前

    POOR HORSE DID YOU SEE THE BIT???!!!?!?!??!?

  32. Fatima Sarricouet

    Fatima Sarricouet55 分 前

    Yo soy de argentina!

  33. Mariángeles Moneo

    Mariángeles Moneo56 分 前

    I haved seen this song all the morning when I wake up,

  34. Yahani Dhanapala

    Yahani Dhanapala56 分 前

    Elle is so dumb and alaia is sooooooooooo fat

  35. Larrissa Coronado

    Larrissa Coronado時間 前

    I think Catharine

  36. Courtney Barton

    Courtney Barton時間 前


  37. Febby

    Febby時間 前

    Kesini gegara ka yuvi😁

  38. KirzoHD

    KirzoHD時間 前

    Yeah that is called a job

  39. Ddgvevgd Tddftedvtde

    Ddgvevgd Tddftedvtde時間 前

    Looooooooove yoooouuu

  40. Joelle Becker

    Joelle Becker時間 前


  41. dan sefu

    dan sefu時間 前

    i kinda feel bad for the guy in the back because he wasnt visible at all tough talented.....but i really love the video good job Austin

  42. Nawal Abdullah

    Nawal Abdullah時間 前

    Anyone 2020??

  43. SAMITA

    SAMITA時間 前

    Basically its austins music video

  44. Alex Trevino

    Alex Trevino時間 前

    I love all 4 of you soooo much ♥️♥️♥️

  45. Wallace Runnymede

    Wallace Runnymede時間 前

    I love you guys Elle and Alaia are the cutest thing ever

  46. Camry Jones

    Camry Jones時間 前

    Her hair 🤢

  47. leah compton

    leah compton時間 前

    alaia looks adoreable I wish she was my little sis x

  48. Anqelic Kath

    Anqelic Kath時間 前

    Get better 💕🦋🥺 even tho it’s 2019 🤣💞😭

  49. Birgitte S. Andersen

    Birgitte S. Andersen時間 前


  50. Khurasan Isfahan

    Khurasan Isfahan時間 前

    Elle is very sad

  51. Inas Lamkahouan

    Inas Lamkahouan時間 前

    You are all so niceeeee💖💖💖

  52. Khurasan Isfahan

    Khurasan Isfahan時間 前


  53. Melany Rostro

    Melany Rostro時間 前

    I think the last costume is gonna be ace family merch

  54. Scottish_lass mel

    Scottish_lass mel時間 前

    Poor elle

  55. Melany Rostro

    Melany Rostro時間 前

    Austin take a chill pill

  56. Zaida Coetzee

    Zaida Coetzee時間 前


  57. Mutiara Izcandar

    Mutiara Izcandar時間 前


  58. Cherise Pitout

    Cherise Pitout時間 前


  59. Officially Taylor

    Officially Taylor時間 前

    Omg I remember when they didn’t even have 1 million I love you guys 💕

  60. Kaneisha Taylor

    Kaneisha Taylor時間 前

    They are so cute together but she is way to younge

  61. Lauren

    Lauren時間 前

    what great neighbors u have! first the pup shd b put n the grass in a spot where you want it to pee and train it to go in that exact spot every time or your whole yard will b a mess and your kids will get dog poop on their feet shoes n clothes! plus much easier to clean up one spot than a whole yard! then put the puppy on a thick cushion in a lg basket in a quiet area ie the laundry rm with bowl of water so it can get some sleep poor tired pup!

  62. Moonm Lando

    Moonm Lando時間 前

    Super 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  63. dimpal rabadia

    dimpal rabadia時間 前

    the fruit is called a PAMELO

  64. Graciela Banda

    Graciela Banda時間 前

    The song giddy up is the best ♥️

  65. Joselyn Schultz

    Joselyn Schultz時間 前

    Why is everyone Hating... I Love this Sick Beat 😍😍💝

  66. Ava Bullock

    Ava Bullock時間 前

    Underscore dance4 underscore

  67. Ava Bullock

    Ava Bullock時間 前

    Follow me on tik tok at _dance4_

  68. Aaron Burris

    Aaron Burris時間 前

    Can we trade Austin for Juice Wrld?

  69. loser lamo wannabe

    loser lamo wannabe時間 前

    omg the intro is so cringy I’m sorry

  70. Ava Bullock

    Ava Bullock時間 前

    Elle is like the moon,bigger and brighter than all the stars in the night sky. Aläia is like the sun , she gives us all we need,smiles on our faces. These children have great potential! Teach these children that they are more than people say they are, they are the leaders of this new generation! To beautiful Aläia and wonderful Elle.

  71. Alia Ouassini

    Alia Ouassini時間 前

    love you guys so so so much btw the picture is my favorite part awww it’s so adorable ❤️ can u guys PLEASEE do vlogmas it doesn’t matter if your late 💕 i’ve been watching you guys for 4 years or 3 💗

  72. Jamya

    Jamya時間 前

    Mya eagan [email protected] crash app

  73. Michael Jordan is best

    Michael Jordan is best時間 前

    This shows how disgraceful this goddamn family can be

  74. Stephy Quibedo

    Stephy Quibedo2 時間 前

    maybe they scare when cops came. they took some of the things

  75. Varmila Singh

    Varmila Singh2 時間 前

    Oh oh elle ..looking sick 😪 she so quite

  76. n i k a f i t z g e r a l d

    n i k a f i t z g e r a l d2 時間 前

    I cannot believe he got teens to do too tok danced in the background I'm crying

  77. Cameron Bulcroft

    Cameron Bulcroft2 時間 前

    awww he didn’t wanna say anything! my boyfriend did the same when I filmed this video😂😂😂

  78. n i k a f i t z g e r a l d

    n i k a f i t z g e r a l d2 時間 前

    The things you do for a little but of internet clout

  79. Tiffany & Danya

    Tiffany & Danya2 時間 前

    0:44 is Soo cute

  80. Cati Knapp

    Cati Knapp2 時間 前

    Make your own channel to talk about whatever you want

  81. Sophia Diaz

    Sophia Diaz2 時間 前

    That’s is trasshhh wtf how many times are you gunna say giddy up giddy up 🤣🤣🤣. it’s actually sounds dumb asf..idk why everyone thinks they need “clout” nowadays 🤣🤣being a rapper and shit. it’s not everyone’s calling in life just putting that out there.

  82. Kim O Connor

    Kim O Connor2 時間 前

    What a wonderful family ,amazing parents .I love the way they encourage her and ask her please and thank you . Beautiful way to be .God bless your family

  83. Savage Girl Panda girl gacha Galaxy

    Savage Girl Panda girl gacha Galaxy2 時間 前


  84. aabbeeaarr

    aabbeeaarr2 時間 前

    This song sucks! Please do us all a favor and don’t do music!

  85. Ddgvevgd Tddftedvtde

    Ddgvevgd Tddftedvtde2 時間 前

    Love you

  86. dulce Mendiola

    dulce Mendiola2 時間 前


  87. Daniella Mondragón

    Daniella Mondragón2 時間 前

    Awwwww that is so cute I hope Catherine feels better

  88. Varmila Singh

    Varmila Singh2 時間 前

    Love u all🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰

  89. Rookie Mistake

    Rookie Mistake2 時間 前

    So, uh... What was the point of the horse? 1) flaunt your money 2) damage it's mouth...

  90. keilylikly_ roblox

    keilylikly_ roblox2 時間 前

    I love this one the most

  91. P N V S Sai Puneet mm18b108

    P N V S Sai Puneet mm18b1082 時間 前

    Whos here after they got seperated

  92. Damage Girl

    Damage Girl2 時間 前


  93. Manuel Paulino

    Manuel Paulino2 時間 前

    The 3 costum is 10

  94. james charles

    james charles2 時間 前

    their channel is dying . no one can take them seriously since Austin fucks around behind his girlfriends back. and yes i said girlfriend because he still hasn't married her

  95. Keano K

    Keano K2 時間 前



    IMAAN JAFFRI2 時間 前

    Lmaoaoao the fact they forgot about Aläia. How funny

  97. Sagar raut

    Sagar raut2 時間 前

    Anyone please song name 🙏🙂

  98. Drawing /Gacha

    Drawing /Gacha2 時間 前

    My family knows it’s not easy to be a parent my mom and dad have 2 girls which is me and my sis hannah

  99. Laila Arathoon

    Laila Arathoon3 時間 前

    R U GOING ON TOUR ?!?!?!?

  100. Drawing /Gacha

    Drawing /Gacha3 時間 前

    Is it ok if I stream it on sound cloud