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  1. none

    none16 秒 前

    Umarım tutar

  2. doriot543

    doriot543分 前

    Ive watched this 3 times. Each time hurts and so beautiful that I wanna get all the details in. Over and over again. Brilliant piece!!

  3. 吴一文

    吴一文分 前


  4. dari_ m

    dari_ m分 前

    People: there are vampires everywhere what should we do?! Blade shows up People: nevermind

  5. Kamran Khan

    Kamran Khan分 前

    Thank you Netflix

  6. K Ped

    K Ped2 分 前

    Damn I didn't realize it was Netflix. That's awesome

  7. GuRu

    GuRu2 分 前

    Date Announcement is part of the plan becoz it's not heist anymore it's war Act accordingly

  8. chetan saxena

    chetan saxena2 分 前

    Next in the series: 7 underground. Will mostly end by 9underground with atleast 1 Chinese actor playing a role.

  9. Rudra narayan Dash

    Rudra narayan Dash3 分 前

    Netflix have looooooooooots of money.

  10. Ꮤιɴтʀє noċṭυʀnє

    Ꮤιɴтʀє noċṭυʀnє3 分 前

    -He will lose an eye at the end of the show or sometime in it -Maybe he will get a tattoo on his body that says "Kafir" -Might get killed or ostracized by other Muslims -Definitely is not Jesus or Christ, but the AntiChrist And I can figure out a billion other things because you named him "Al-Masih Al-Dajjal." Thank you Netflix for ruining a show before it even starts because of your exoticization of Arabic names towards an ignorant English-speaking audience.

  11. kashif raza

    kashif raza4 分 前

    Seems like a full fledged Hollywood movie

  12. Mary RNBSN

    Mary RNBSN4 分 前

    The season three jewels and crowns seem cheap. What happened.

  13. thais dantas

    thais dantas5 分 前


  14. Nerdcoresteve1

    Nerdcoresteve16 分 前

    This feels right. Don't make this guy make robot movies he never wanted to make anyway.

  15. Chris Nina Martinez

    Chris Nina Martinez7 分 前

    I watched this last night. Very emotional but very real.

  16. etand d'great

    etand d'great8 分 前

    I'm waiting this for so long

  17. stash kadowski

    stash kadowski9 分 前

    Christmas has come early for pedos.

  18. Marciano Muller

    Marciano Muller9 分 前

    I really would like to see Ryan Reynolds play a different role. I feel like every movie of his now is him playing a sarcastic wiseass Deadpool style. When hé can do really good serious roles as well as in Buried.

  19. Naeem's Bicycleletters

    Naeem's Bicycleletters10 分 前

    The Reynolds Saga: The life of Ryans Reynolds (featuring 9 movies about the day in a life of Ryan Reynolds) 6 Underground: Dec 13 Free Guy: July 3 other 7 tba

  20. Doctor infinite

    Doctor infinite10 分 前

    This seems like a movie that will get put on watchlist only to never watch it for the next eternity

  21. Veronika Žabová

    Veronika Žabová10 分 前

    High Sparow.. a pope.. ok, I need to see this ! :D

  22. Neeraj Gowda

    Neeraj Gowda11 分 前

    Next level🙏🏼

  23. christopher graziano

    christopher graziano12 分 前

    NGL looks pretty good

  24. Xcryptic Garbage

    Xcryptic Garbage12 分 前

    Lol if I was tall I would smack tf outta everybody,dem short ass smurfs I’m stronger

  25. cristiana arrogantaldo

    cristiana arrogantaldo13 分 前

    They are putting him in a negative light.Not positive.There's no need to be offended.Stupid people.

  26. Bri Sea

    Bri Sea14 分 前

    Its was so good. I'm in my 30s and I watched this 3 times already.

  27. Savan Raja

    Savan Raja15 分 前

    My fav movie trailer of 2019

  28. RiderZero

    RiderZero15 分 前

    No matter what role he’s playing, Ryan Reynolds voice always sounds like he’s trolling.

  29. Rinkesh Kumar

    Rinkesh Kumar15 分 前

    This movie hindi subbed release

  30. Akshat Doshi

    Akshat Doshi15 分 前

    Like him or hate him Micheal bay can direct action!!

  31. Erica Joy

    Erica Joy15 分 前

    How many movies is Ryan Reynolds going to do playing himself? When are we going to actually see him act?

  32. It'sMe AlliLee

    It'sMe AlliLee15 分 前

    Oh I binged the show alright and it was great!

  33. Animeci Yasuo

    Animeci Yasuo16 分 前


  34. shane

    shane17 分 前

    Isn’t that storror at 1:22??

  35. Philip Allwardt

    Philip Allwardt17 分 前

    Watch me do this

  36. Elilo07

    Elilo0717 分 前

    Prov: ian is in real a vampire 🧛‍♂️

  37. Michal Przybylowicz

    Michal Przybylowicz17 分 前

    Let me guess: No women and children... right ?

  38. fuse

    fuse18 分 前


  39. Jake Naceri

    Jake Naceri18 分 前

    Wait.. but isn't the dajjal blind with one eye??

  40. I have a life

    I have a life19 分 前

    Finnaly I love this serie and waited so longgg i am so happy

  41. Wilfie Pullen

    Wilfie Pullen19 分 前

    No hate to lost in space I think it’s amazing but wouldn’t ‘Lost In2 Space’ be a better name?

  42. Filipe Geovani Costa

    Filipe Geovani Costa20 分 前

    Michael bay? No thank you

  43. J J

    J J20 分 前


  44. Bmoney Jenkins

    Bmoney Jenkins21 分 前


  45. Tarik Muratovic

    Tarik Muratovic21 分 前

    Ryan's 2020 is going to be popping

  46. SoundLogik

    SoundLogik21 分 前

    *Coming soon, to a theme park near you*

  47. SaintNSinner SNS

    SaintNSinner SNS21 分 前

    *Michael Bay? Here comes fire power*

  48. J J

    J J22 分 前

    this movie is misleading us be aware Read Al Quran You will get all answer about Real Messiah Whom, We call Hazrat Isa (Peace upon him)... But israil are founding the fake messiah (Dajjal)

  49. Yossaran Bodsungnern

    Yossaran Bodsungnern22 分 前

    Where is Dave?

  50. Prithu

    Prithu22 分 前

    Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool wearing a skinsuit.

  51. TheNikolas023 _

    TheNikolas023 _23 分 前

    Suicide squad done right?

  52. Clow00

    Clow0023 分 前

    so the end of the trailer is a big spoiler

  53. Ziaul Khan

    Ziaul Khan23 分 前


  54. Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar24 分 前

    Old upload Hindi trailer

  55. Munu Mono

    Munu Mono26 分 前

    He needa become a vampire I’m not playin ‼️🤦🏾‍♀️

  56. VisiBle

    VisiBle26 分 前

    When you see shitty welding style fireworks & overused slow-mo cinematography, you instantly know it's Michael Bay.

  57. Mems

    Mems26 分 前

    It's simple, now all aggressive Muslims dont get me wrong, ur too hyped, if you know that if u do good ur gna go heaven then why do you care if they make this Netflix series anyway. When you die , I dont think Netflix will reside for you , who cares let them , that just means if we muslims made a Muslim series , then all the non muslims make fun of ours or stay stuff behind our back , we all have diffrent beliefs , respect everyones belief even if it's wrong That's all I'm saying Islam means peace so I'm just spreading peace and to any non muslims reading my comment why I said about being good and heaven is just my belief , I'm not forcing it on you :) feel free to talk about your belief , I love having knowledge about other beliefs , it takes my curiosity away

  58. Ammar Zair

    Ammar Zair27 分 前

    "We all are going to die may as well do it when we are alive" - Ryan Reynolds 2019

  59. There's so much to wait for & see in life - RM

    There's so much to wait for & see in life - RM27 分 前

    Who's the dajjal?

  60. jainish patel

    jainish patel28 分 前

    It's fast and furious staring wade wilson

  61. Blue Banana

    Blue Banana28 分 前

    Michael Bay and Zack Snyder should team up to make a movie. It would be filled with crazy camera angles, special effects, sex, butt shot of muscular men, boobs, and lots and lots of explosion.

  62. Sahil

    Sahil29 分 前

    Ohhh.....thank god....... finally date is revealed........big fan😍😍😍😍😍😍

  63. Raphael Campos

    Raphael Campos29 分 前

    Already was time, is insane the new season

  64. Rosa Marianka

    Rosa Marianka30 分 前

    Fingers : scrolling Eyes : ah wait, there is ryan reynold Heart : hell yeah, just click it Video : start playing Heart and fingers : just click the thumbs up

  65. Hamish Smith

    Hamish Smith31 分 前

    i dont know what it is about netflix films, they just dont make trailers like reliable hollywood does, this film just seems dull and contrived

  66. Orange

    Orange31 分 前

    I was stunned with the first two seasons of the series and Claire Foy's performance as Queen Elizabeth and was looking forward for season 3. I must say I got a little disappointed by Olivia Colman. I mean she's a good actress, but to me she made the role of the Queen so boring and secondary. I mean in seasons 1 and 2, the series was about the Queen herself and in season 3 it's like all the roles are of same importance and the Queen has lost her shine. We only get to see her talking to the prime minister and with philip. I really enjoyed the two episodes focused on Princess Margaret and Prince Charles. Helena Bonham Carter is really talented!

  67. Banana J

    Banana J31 分 前

    There is a Part 3 in 2020?

  68. zedhead90

    zedhead9032 分 前

    I don’t think even Ryan Reynolds can save a movie made by this tasteless, womanizing tool.

  69. Hey Dude!

    Hey Dude!32 分 前

    50% - 60% rotten tomatoes at least

  70. ned block

    ned block32 分 前

    How could they act so depressing in this show but when they mess up in scenes they make look so fun

  71. Nelson Ramos

    Nelson Ramos32 分 前

    Michael bay is amazing

  72. Jason Maxwell

    Jason Maxwell32 分 前

    Disney + release in November.... Netflix say, hold my beer.

  73. XM

    XM32 分 前

    "We're all gonna die, might as well do it while we are alive" makes u think... That might be a good idea actually

  74. Rodesqa ____

    Rodesqa ____33 分 前

    came here expecting to see a Hennesy commercial :/ but wasn't disappointed. this left me thirsty for a Hennesy though.

  75. it’s el

    it’s el33 分 前

    2:47 when you forgot that you’re supposed to die

  76. Swastik Swarup Das

    Swastik Swarup Das33 分 前

    What if he was a time traveller who saved humanity ?

  77. Dimas Naufal Pratama

    Dimas Naufal Pratama33 分 前

    Basically they did a bloopers in every single episodes 😂

  78. Melani Cruz

    Melani Cruz34 分 前

    So its about the antichrist.

  79. alicia terisno

    alicia terisno35 分 前

    Jodi: You think your life is hard? Hellaw, my dear tall Jodi, you have wonderful life. Rich and warm family, beautiful figures, two guys are chasing after you, bestfriend, living in a nice town, have a really nice house and blah blah... Your life won't be hard just because you wear men's nikes size 13. I can't even afford Nikes! DUH!

  80. ade reva ina

    ade reva ina36 分 前

    Alhmdulilah byk yg dislike

  81. Cristina Marques

    Cristina Marques36 分 前

    Holy shit! Ray Liotta! I wish he was in The Irishman.

  82. Manoj Gupta

    Manoj Gupta37 分 前

    Can we just start a petition already to change the meaning of Destruction in Oxford dictionary to Michael Bay?

  83. The Audio Guy.

    The Audio Guy.38 分 前

    Ryan Reynolds is everywhere, he will the Keanu Reeves of 2020!!!

  84. Erwan Beguin

    Erwan Beguin38 分 前

    lens flares lens flares *shaky cam* lens flares *EXPLOSIONS* deadpool

  85. Rakesh Raja

    Rakesh Raja39 分 前

    Ryan Reynolds is a perfect but you can win an argument against him pretty easily all you gotta do is bring up green lantern..

  86. Declan Haptism

    Declan Haptism40 分 前

    "We have the right to live too." Uhhhh no you don't. You gave up that right as soon as you killed someone. Furthermore, you're still killing people. You have no rights. You don't even count as people.

  87. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    s h a d ø w b a n n e d40 分 前

    Why not.

  88. Sara Playz

    Sara Playz41 分 前

    I'm just here for Ben

  89. DcU

    DcU41 分 前

    I like the 2000s feel to it

  90. piyush wahurwagh

    piyush wahurwagh43 分 前

    That guy really wants to get naked 😂


    DICKSON43 分 前

    My grandfather had a heart attack because I was looking at the speakers. 1943-1945

  92. Wade Watts

    Wade Watts44 分 前

    That is how the Michael Bay do.

  93. niengma

    niengma44 分 前

    Although he's the worst. His condescending tone is gold.


    DICKSON44 分 前

    У моего деда случился инфаркт , из-за того, что я смотрел на колонках.

  95. Kraven83

    Kraven8344 分 前


  96. Max Teschner

    Max Teschner44 分 前

    That's some good Michael Click-Bayt

  97. Aburizal Adams

    Aburizal Adams45 分 前

    Bondo Wani copy in dikit cuk 😂

  98. Hyushiroひゅしろ

    Hyushiroひゅしろ45 分 前

    Gimana Nih pendapat kalian trutama Muslim??

  99. whistling jennie

    whistling jennie45 分 前

    i’m a Muslim, and i’m SOOOOOOOO excited