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ELI (2019) Explained
  1. Lando Wilson

    Lando Wilson41 秒 前

    Every time he drinks you drink

  2. Kesshiro Nobi

    Kesshiro Nobi20 分 前

    Why not bring automatic lawnmower?

  3. animeview101

    animeview10121 分 前

    Can you review Netflix's rattlesnake i think the story's premise will interest you

  4. Ultimate Kars

    Ultimate Kars36 分 前

    Of course Annabelle would win, because while Chucky is very dangerous and has a long reach, he’s still only a human soul in different bodies, while Annabelle is the conduit of a literal demon.And we all know how humans fare against Annabelle as opposed to how they fare against Chucky.

  5. Forsak3n Breed

    Forsak3n Breed52 分 前

    but was the van driver talking to her before she mover her toe, if so why?

  6. Anthony Jacobs

    Anthony Jacobs55 分 前

    Imagine if this was Wound, a movie about a demon that spins you to death.

  7. Jblisi LeSueur

    Jblisi LeSueur59 分 前

    Please do an ending explain on Her that features Joaquin Phoenix, lol. My eyes... my ears!

  8. nntnn

    nntnn時間 前


  9. dead maggots

    dead maggots時間 前

    How was the actual ending in the book? Sorry if he already mentioned that maybe i wasn't alert about that

  10. Minecraft McMineface

    Minecraft McMineface時間 前

    The carvings are ancient runes like othala

  11. erika crawford

    erika crawford時間 前

    (my interpretation) . The entire movie shows how drawn out the relationship was & how much pain could of been avoided if they just communicated & broke up.... mark thought he was doing Dani a favour by staying with her but it only caused more pain. The "mating" scene symbolizes that he tries to resist but his desire & human nature take over, & once he is "finished" he immediately regrets it, recall earlier in the movie when Marks friends tell him to dump her and he says (or something along the lines of) "what if i regret it & lose her for good." When they are unable to move or talk it symbolizes that they are watching the relationship fall apart & know that there is nothing they can do about it, & at the end when Dani slowly starting to be able to move again, she smiles.. i assuming to symbolize shes finally free & happy & has found a place that feels like home, & new "family" that support and go through her pain with her.



    Predictive programming!

  13. 에킨이에요 cheekin Vlog

    에킨이에요 cheekin Vlog時間 前

    So in this movie satan 1 human 0?



    Who else heard him say “ hello welcome to found flakes”

  15. You cant beat K

    You cant beat K時間 前

    Old conservative rich white people suck? What's inherently wrong with any of those things? Most of those characters aren't even old.

  16. acciaiomorti

    acciaiomorti時間 前

    stomach injuries are super not lethal, but life will kinda suck from that point on

  17. Anthony Chavez

    Anthony Chavez2 時間 前

    This JPgo video explanation of Midsommar could have been cut down to a couple of minutes. There was minimal analysis of the film. All you really did was retell the movie over again. Having just watched the film and coming here for further analysis, I found this 23+ minute video annoying.

  18. noctis reaper

    noctis reaper2 時間 前

    Sounds like Himiko toga lmao

  19. Dakota

    Dakota2 時間 前

    This movie is a LOL 😆

  20. Hakan Hillgrove

    Hakan Hillgrove2 時間 前

    He milly rocked the old lady so hard. 🤣😂

  21. YoloJoeTheBro347

    YoloJoeTheBro3472 時間 前

    Maybe he did die bye hanging himself at the start of the movie and the rest of the movie is about him in purgatory,having to come to terms with the mistakes and things he made in his life.

  22. steve

    steve3 時間 前

    Hey so I just watched once upon a time in holy wood and I have no idea what on earth to think, do you think you could please please try and explain it? I would love it if you did!!!

  23. adfasano

    adfasano3 時間 前

    Entire life:

  24. Kesshiro Nobi

    Kesshiro Nobi3 時間 前

    Legend has it that the Red Devil is just Darth Maul after he died and waiting for some Jedi niggas to arrive in the further and lightsaber their asses

  25. Christopher Gallegos

    Christopher Gallegos3 時間 前

    3rd film may answer a few questions? Lol

  26. M. Victor Howard

    M. Victor Howard3 時間 前

    Oh God is he going to mispronounce Llarona for the entire video like he does with M Night Shyamalan's name?

  27. Z Miner Gaming

    Z Miner Gaming4 時間 前

    Anyone else noticed that he forgot to censor a boob at 6:17?

  28. ChumptheboarderPlays

    ChumptheboarderPlays4 時間 前

    Is no one going to talk about how Sam just killed a dog. Likes Sam is cute and all but I can’t forgive anyone who kills a dog

  29. TwoBuds Gaming

    TwoBuds Gaming4 時間 前

    The husband was killed by the creature cause he was trying to find out a way to get rid of or detach the creature from his wife

  30. Saspharuss

    Saspharuss4 時間 前

    I understand that the hand cutting seems extreme, trust me I did too, but seeing how young they were and how aggressively they were indoctrinated into the schools belief in perfection in music, I saw why Charlotte thought it was necessary. Lizzy couldn’t just be moved to a mental health facility and made better. She would deny everything and go back to the cult. Charlotte may not have lost a hand, but shock therapy isn’t a tea party either.

  31. Hernandez Rodriguez Axel David

    Hernandez Rodriguez Axel David4 時間 前

    Man i miss this intros and the "jokes" in this there were more entretaning..why did you/he stop doing it? was there a vote or someting i miss these times

  32. Persephone Pomegranate

    Persephone Pomegranate5 時間 前

    This would have been a great ass game!

  33. Aiden Perricone

    Aiden Perricone5 時間 前


  34. crazycat128

    crazycat1285 時間 前

    Two questions pls: 1) How did Cap switch the medication liquids with one syringe? This can only be done either with two syringes or an extra empty bottle 2) How did marta get the blood stain on her shoe

  35. Lone

    Lone5 時間 前

    A plot twist...a god damn plot twist

  36. The Cicada

    The Cicada5 時間 前

    Kinderfänger translates to "children catcher" (that's kinda suspect)

  37. Poopy But

    Poopy But5 時間 前

    I would’ve liked if this was an animated series. Since most regular tv shows have shitty cgi or crappy effects an animated show would have better ways to his show powers and better locations. I would’ve liked it.

  38. iiKvngToast

    iiKvngToast5 時間 前

    La Llorona: ooh brandon bryers, my child bb: im about to end this whole mans career

  39. Edgar Nello

    Edgar Nello5 時間 前

    I thought it was way too slow but thats how all of stephen kings movies are so idk what i was expecting.

  40. Dizzy

    Dizzy6 時間 前

    Bro I’m so confused

  41. AgentSapphire

    AgentSapphire6 時間 前

    My friends know i'm a lovecraft fan so they'll sometimes suggest "cosmic horror" movies to me. Most of them are just decent horror but this one... THIS one feels like true cosmic horror.

  42. day of cool

    day of cool6 時間 前


  43. Anthony Mitchell

    Anthony Mitchell6 時間 前

    Am I the only one that thinks the fake grandparents were aliens or something cause that story was weird that the fake grandma told and the fake grand dad also knew the name of the planet the grandma said. I don’t know that part of the seems like no one pays attention too but I feel it was a hint or something

  44. Pipi Kitten

    Pipi Kitten6 時間 前

    This is why you should’ve stayed with Sherlock, John! *Say hi to Mary for us!*

  45. Werberjerbins

    Werberjerbins7 時間 前

    6:20 Pewdiepie!

  46. Anthony Galdi

    Anthony Galdi7 時間 前

    this was a movie summary and not an explanation of the ending + sequel teaser. still good tho

  47. Boosted Rival

    Boosted Rival7 時間 前

    12:02 this is literally the intro scene to mob the dead

  48. Colton Manley

    Colton Manley7 時間 前

    Scp 096!?!?!? Is that you 8:40

  49. just nobody

    just nobody8 時間 前

    This is a little bit like DS because of the baby,the watch, and the CARGO

  50. Brad Montgomery

    Brad Montgomery8 時間 前

    I live Granisle bc, just watched movie “Gran Isle” with Nick Cage. Very out there ending, you gotta do review on this movie!!

  51. Sensaii Tutz

    Sensaii Tutz8 時間 前

    i am not some cult guy but this movie was AWESOME i got it a while ago, watched it then, and watched it again tonight it gives me creeps when Charlie makes that click sound the movie is for me at least an A++

  52. jeff ghant

    jeff ghant8 時間 前

    Since this movie has no ending, technically you can't spoil it, right?

  53. Saffron Sugar

    Saffron Sugar9 時間 前

    So far I have found 18 movies called silence and 7 movies, and one series, called THE Silence (that’s aside from this one)! Also an uncountable amount of movies with the word silence in it such as Dead Silence. WHY would anyone in their right mind to use this title? Typing in “the silence“ under Amazon prime movies, alone, can make somebody lose their mind.

  54. Amber Reisel

    Amber Reisel9 時間 前

    The ending skit cracked me up😂

  55. Aaron Yeager

    Aaron Yeager9 時間 前

    I love that this is like an unintended sequel to "being john malkovich" such an interesting movie

  56. Noah Brill

    Noah Brill9 時間 前

    just from the first 7 minutes I gonna say this sounds like San Andrea's were a massive earth quake hits the west coast

  57. Justyn Brodsky

    Justyn Brodsky10 時間 前

    Someone get these folks a lawnmower

  58. Justyn Brodsky

    Justyn Brodsky10 時間 前

    So basically, this was a documentary about CNN

  59. ScoobyDooUrMom

    ScoobyDooUrMom10 時間 前


  60. fireninja76543

    fireninja7654310 時間 前

    REAdy or not is great !! I'm a massive horror fan and no not really modern horror I love Italian horror the most and slashers and all sorts But it annoys me that he's complaining about the trailer giving everything away DONT WATCH THE TRAILER I don't watch the trailer !!

  61. David Grajeda

    David Grajeda10 時間 前

    I’m going to come back to this video once I make a cannon that can replace the human arm. mark my words, f o u n d f l i x.

  62. Ryan Coulter

    Ryan Coulter10 時間 前

    I’m guessing DJ’s real name was Halloran

  63. Noobie2k7

    Noobie2k710 時間 前

    Cabin in the Woods has to be one of those only movies to launch someones career from after the actor had became big. Since It's release was dayed for so long Thor ended up coming out before the one that got him noticed for that movie in the first place.

  64. Boosted Rival

    Boosted Rival10 時間 前

    3:18 makin my way down town

  65. Mari G.

    Mari G.10 時間 前

    Could you do a ending explain for the paranormal Activity movies to see what the entire story is. Like what you did with insidious. Please and thank you

  66. mayawilliams35

    mayawilliams3510 時間 前

    Imagine Junji Ito writing this-

  67. Boosted Rival

    Boosted Rival11 時間 前

    12:40 this... fucked me up this movie dude holy crap... insane seriously wtf

  68. Ivy Blue Marlowe

    Ivy Blue Marlowe11 時間 前

    this is my favorite youtube channel , no cap

  69. Niko Snowden

    Niko Snowden11 時間 前

    Video:ending explained When you watch the video:basically the whole movie

  70. Brooke Davis

    Brooke Davis11 時間 前

    i wish he would talk normally and not like a newscaster :P

  71. Christopher Cruz

    Christopher Cruz11 時間 前

    Why does this movie have 5 stars, I just watched now right now in fact and give it a 3 star for that shitty ending and plus that black kids dreams mean nothing to the plot. And that ending made no sense, at least they should have showed Paul shooting Travis because he is sick. 5 stars on Netflix please, I give it 3 Star.

  72. Ember Smith

    Ember Smith12 時間 前

    Flexing your acting skills

  73. Secret Night

    Secret Night12 時間 前

    I would have loved it if shes the ones that caused their deaths at the end in some strange way. Especially with her maniac laughter (I love that laughter so much). Like since she won the game she could choose weather or no to spare them

  74. Su Jing

    Su Jing12 時間 前

    peaky blinders

  75. Dustin Culley

    Dustin Culley12 時間 前

    The dumbest decision was Kaylie's decision to lay out all o her plans and protocols, right in front of the mirror. Because in the end, the mirror bent reality in direct opposition to said rules. It's exactly like a supervillain laying out his carefully and well thought out plan to the hero he's captured.

  76. YT Johnnyplays! FoRTNite

    YT Johnnyplays! FoRTNite13 時間 前

    A ransom what song was that again : ransom: I Got black I got white what u want

  77. Lotors Empire

    Lotors Empire13 時間 前

    $10,000? That is not enough to do this shit.

  78. Masked Mudkip

    Masked Mudkip13 時間 前

    My dude face 2:40 and pause it

  79. Zerolaf TheGuy

    Zerolaf TheGuy13 時間 前


  80. Zerolaf TheGuy

    Zerolaf TheGuy13 時間 前


  81. Zerolaf TheGuy

    Zerolaf TheGuy13 時間 前

    Don’t be afraid of the dark

  82. Zerolaf TheGuy

    Zerolaf TheGuy13 時間 前


  83. OnlyZombie Queen

    OnlyZombie Queen13 時間 前

    The symbol LITERALLY mean BAD. Stupid people

  84. King GamerTamer

    King GamerTamer13 時間 前


  85. The Meatball TV

    The Meatball TV13 時間 前

    Date a live - Black Edition

  86. ada eeva

    ada eeva14 時間 前

    In the beginning I wondered why the monster was called "cancer man". Now I get it. I know kanker means cancer in Dutch because Dutch people basically swear in diseases.

  87. Dat Meme

    Dat Meme14 時間 前

    Dare the demon to give up its power to possess anything.

  88. Dat Meme

    Dat Meme14 時間 前

    This was stupid. She already established in the first game that if given a choice to save her friends of have all of Mexico die that she would choose to save Mexico, AND throughout the film she continually acted selflessly by picking "dare" so others didn't have to. So now we're supposed to believe that she decides to unleash carnage on the entire planet to save not all of her friends, but just her and her buddy? What's the point in taking a whole film to establish a character to then juts violate it in the last 2 minutes? They probably had an ending that made sense but then some executive said it didn't test well.

  89. AYO VICK

    AYO VICK14 時間 前

    damn thats a big ass cat

  90. Aaron Yeager

    Aaron Yeager14 時間 前

    Strap in this is a long idea: It could be the mom had her own twin and their mom died, the twin wasn't around her family much, hence the picture and not knowing certain events their actual mother would know. This would also explain the fact the kids thinking there is something just slightly off about her, the twin wouldn't do things the exact way their mother would. Seeing her twin sister's kid going through the same thing she is going through reminds her of her current situation and brings up painful thoughts like how she can't see her anymore or reconcile so she acts out at the surviving kid. Up until then the mother had been consoling her son by feeding into the fact nothing happened as to protect him since she had a stronger bond towards her kid, but her twin couldn't because she was more driven by the truth than keeping up a facade and thought that it would be healthier for him. The twin is in the hospital for surgery because she feels like she's the "ugly" one possibly over being the reason for the twin boys not knowing of her at all. After being estranged for so long this might be a chance to redeem herself in her own eyes, instead following common movie horror tropes and facilitating the worsening of the kids obvious burgeoning mental illness(s).

  91. who knowz?!

    who knowz?!14 時間 前 knives out confusing review!

  92. Kenneth Walker

    Kenneth Walker14 時間 前

    This isn't a origin theory he just telling us what he looks like

  93. Mramazing 2468

    Mramazing 246814 時間 前

    did anyone else realize that eli is a jumble for lie? i felt it was pretty obvious

  94. jhasmine nychole

    jhasmine nychole15 時間 前

    All the children in the foster system and she chose to make a deal with the devil for a baby ?

  95. EST

    EST15 時間 前

    Me and my homies watched this together and laughed our asses off at this movie

  96. fiestadancers

    fiestadancers15 時間 前

    Another very different genre was Spencer in Instant Family. Very versatile actress.

  97. Jungkooks Moisturising Cream

    Jungkooks Moisturising Cream15 時間 前

    Should've just stayed with Elio

  98. grace eubank

    grace eubank15 時間 前

    so im guessing there were 2 murders? one by delbert grady and the other by charles grady? bc the twins were from the 20s and charles grady’s daughters were 8 and 10, as they say in the movie.

  99. GrizzlyFingers

    GrizzlyFingers16 時間 前

    If Marta actually knew what medicine she injected without reading the label, why would she freak out? Wouldn't she realize right there that drugs were swapped?

  100. paulyn delan

    paulyn delan16 時間 前

    Am I the only one watching scary movies in daylight at public