Joyner Lucas
Joyner Lucas
Joyner Lucas

  1. Artabition Tour

    Artabition Tour日 前

  2. KingSage

    KingSage日 前

    I always wondered what would happen if Joyner Lucas and Crank Lucas worked together. Great to see the acting legend Will Smith inspired the rapping legend Joyner Lucas who used a beat from the engineering legend Crank Lucas🙏🏾🔥🔥

  3. Rant TV

    Rant TV日 前

    This is Will off season

  4. Sanele Ngubane

    Sanele Ngubane日 前

    Honor your legends while they still alive. This guy is legendary just for thinking like that

  5. ASTRO

    ASTRO日 前

    Fuck Eternal Atake ADHD deserves #1❤️

  6. Instant-On 2D/3D Graphic Art & Animation

    Instant-On 2D/3D Graphic Art & Animation日 前

    Ok first it was the "Will" song now this one. I'm going to Google music right now to buy the whole album.

  7. MASK

    MASK日 前

    I'm a small artist, and still relatively new. And I put out an album, and I would love to see some feedback on how I can improve, and also I'd love if I could get some support. JPgo link:

  8. clive Ryu mgc

    clive Ryu mgc日 前

    Joyner goes too hard

  9. Lil BigBoy731

    Lil BigBoy731日 前

    This shit made 2020 worth it.. Thanks Joyner

  10. Dynamic Dopamine

    Dynamic Dopamine日 前

    That 1st 1:48 seconds brought back WAY TO MANY MEMORIES!

  11. Mr Malav3

    Mr Malav3日 前

    This joint is deeper then America's debt

  12. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    EaST CoAsT MaCHete日 前

    Joyner lucas cant go wrong. 508 617🔥🔥🔥 will Smith

  13. The Jeffreyyyt

    The Jeffreyyyt日 前

    This is it chief 🤯🤯🔥🌪🔥🔥🔥

  14. Sway Valentine

    Sway Valentine日 前

    This Bump To -

  15. Dolan Sequera

    Dolan Sequera日 前

    Damn, just listened to the whold album, this man is the future, real smart and has alot to say

  16. CodeNameBlackWolf

    CodeNameBlackWolf日 前

    All we need now is big sean new album and this quarantine wil be fire

  17. Dwayne Hendricks

    Dwayne Hendricks日 前

    We need more artists like J Cole, Kendrick and Joyner Lucas 👑👑👑

  18. njabulo vilakazi

    njabulo vilakazi日 前

    The people making your videos bro, respect

  19. Junior Faber

    Junior Faber日 前

    Lucas need to make a song with em and NF

  20. Nelkon Nsamba

    Nelkon Nsamba日 前

    He forgot Hancock 😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Shane Bruce

    Shane Bruce日 前

    True story ,he lived by a miracle ,the video is like 3 videos up👆🏻

  22. Franz Weinhardt

    Franz Weinhardt日 前

    This song is probably ghost written by Em'

  23. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime日 前

    Have me shedding a tear

  24. gangster paradise

    gangster paradise日 前


  25. Mr. Smash

    Mr. Smash日 前

    CHINA virus mask at 0:58

  26. Rebecca Wilson

    Rebecca Wilson日 前

    On my soul he is becoming the best rapper out rite under em to me anyway

  27. Natty Ngwenya

    Natty Ngwenya日 前

    Man this is mind blowing and refreshing to see a good lyricist doing meaningful music, a great tribute to a living legend so many of us feel the same about Mr Smith. Well done Joyner killed this down to the T bro, even the Moncler tracksuit at the end nice touch bro 🙌🏾👌🏾

  28. Abba one

    Abba one日 前

    Jcole x Joyner Lucas could cure corona

  29. queenofbuttercream

    queenofbuttercream日 前

    That's dope, forreal

  30. chickennuggetpie189

    chickennuggetpie189日 前

    Joyner is my favorite rapper . His flow voice changes every few songs but I still fuck with it hard . Certain songs like a typical mumble rapper intro , then Joyner coming with a hard , deep ass verse. 100% my favorite rapper . No doubts . I can always rely on Joyner to drop fire no matter the slap . Always amazing . Keep up the fire 🔥 Joyner , get that paper and do ya thang . I literally look forward to seeing every song . I check every week see if Joyner dropped a new banger 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. madme gaiden

    madme gaiden日 前

    Can’t liee dope visuals... on another note how old is he?? Nigga looks a young uncle Phil 😂



    "homie's my idol and don't even know it" my favorite line.



    Joyner Lucas is actually very underrated. Man deserves more respect than most of the rappers these days

  34. itsJon skull

    itsJon skull日 前

    Idk why i feel like listening to MGK's el Diablo

  35. Travers McMahon

    Travers McMahon日 前

    That was dope not gonna front.


    MEU EU DEUZ日 前


  37. javan Walcott

    javan Walcott日 前


  38. Brandon The Truth

    Brandon The Truth日 前

    Whole album is great 💯

  39. John Pahl

    John Pahl日 前

    I swear Im doin' The Carlton to this shit !!

  40. Fadzli Realtor

    Fadzli Realtor日 前

    I wish Joyner would've included J Cole's part: "First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil"

  41. Saliyah J

    Saliyah J日 前

    “Just because we blood, dont mean we related” I felt that HEAVY

  42. The 2morroKnight

    The 2morroKnight日 前

    Joyner looks more like Carlton than Will...

  43. Atharva Deshpande

    Atharva Deshpande日 前

    Logic went hard

  44. I AM HUMAN

    I AM HUMAN日 前

  45. enelix

    enelix日 前

    E X T R R R A A AA A

  46. Lilpickejuice Kid

    Lilpickejuice Kid日 前

    Y’all can’t lie Joyner Lucas is the black Eminem even better

  47. Derit Foti

    Derit Foti日 前

  48. Victor Mabhena

    Victor Mabhena日 前

    Wish they shot a music video for this

  49. T.k zz SmithKline

    T.k zz SmithKline日 前

    Will just be super humbled.. .....this was super, loved it. An amazing tribute to a living legend!!!

  50. FrZ

    FrZ日 前

    Que album meus amigos, que album....

  51. Ari S

    Ari S日 前

    I legit cheered when the song ADHD started playing

  52. Zachary Jablonka

    Zachary Jablonka日 前

    Joyner making the whole song without any swearing in true will style. Subtle but fantastic

  53. GoatedOnDaFlicks

    GoatedOnDaFlicks日 前

    Always been my favorite rapper. Hope he gets the respect he deserves in the furture.

  54. Dave Zone

    Dave Zone日 前

    Did he just say take Kelly.... Like mgk bruh

  55. CadillacJak

    CadillacJak日 前

    Nostalgia AF

  56. Carlos Perales

    Carlos Perales日 前

    This is the most fire I’ve heard in a minute 🔥

  57. bob north

    bob north日 前

    What a nice guy to make this track.

  58. Shyst Mon3y

    Shyst Mon3y日 前

    Well worth the wait...

  59. Sir Sam

    Sir Sam日 前


  60. #nozes jk

    #nozes jk日 前


  61. Brian Gee

    Brian Gee日 前

    I dont mean for this to come out hateful but I dont how else to say this, if u dont like, subscribe and share a whole bitch

  62. XXYLUS

    XXYLUS日 前

    Just gained another sub 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  63. poloboy

    poloboy日 前


  64. TheBeetone

    TheBeetone日 前


  65. Drrizzy Dreww

    Drrizzy Dreww日 前

    I wanna see Joyner ft Joyner

  66. Assassin gaming

    Assassin gaming日 前

    Fan boy a bit much

  67. Saad Adam

    Saad Adam日 前


  68. Yared Bekele

    Yared Bekele日 前

    wow this shit is Gold

  69. Tonight’s fattest loser

    Tonight’s fattest loser日 前

    Where is Bright

  70. Jaggy Di King

    Jaggy Di King日 前

    Suh deh yute ya d bad. Tune different and maaadd!!!

  71. Dog Ramen

    Dog Ramen日 前

    Joyner for next Grammy nomination?

  72. Skrilla Irv

    Skrilla Irv日 前

    I bought your album...but thanks for allowing me to witness some one of your caliber to give this masterpiece to us for free...shows Character for ones like me who don’t truly know you.Much Love/Respect.

  73. Rafael Gallardo

    Rafael Gallardo日 前

    I don't who I would be today without Uncle Phil and Will. I learned so much values and morals on that show alone. Rest in peace James Avery!

  74. T. ProJX

    T. ProJX日 前

    You disrespected Will by not mentioning Independence Day. Do your homework boss.

  75. pink cunt

    pink cunt日 前

    Joyner is one of few rappers I respect

  76. johan plombier

    johan plombier日 前

    Where is Mohamed Ali ?! 😢

  77. Michael King

    Michael King日 前

    Here before will dies

  78. Rafael Gallardo

    Rafael Gallardo日 前

    I don't who I would be today without Uncle Phil and Will. I learned so much values and morals on that show alone. Rest in peace James Avery!

  79. Awais Khan

    Awais Khan日 前

    Mask on fukkkkk it mask off bitchssss

  80. Remmy Grant

    Remmy Grant日 前

    Why the illuminati sign in the red jump suite trow me off bro... respect to song still

  81. MrBLACKGSXR1000

    MrBLACKGSXR1000日 前

    Super Dope!!!!!!!!

  82. Руслан Хасанов

    Руслан Хасанов日 前

    Был бы негром, такое же бы замутил

  83. Marcos Leandro

    Marcos Leandro日 前

    Slc, que som foda, q clipe doido, brabo demais.

  84. Jahmonique Jones

    Jahmonique Jones日 前

    Creative 🤔

  85. Finn Conroy

    Finn Conroy日 前

    *its rewind time*

  86. OGofOGz

    OGofOGz日 前

    This is amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. Gabriel Terron

    Gabriel Terron日 前


  88. ANTHONY R.C.

    ANTHONY R.C.日 前

    The MIGOS and Lil Pump need to take a page outta JOYNERS book & take this as advise. No legend should be told to kiss the feet of an up & coming artist(s). (Yes I know MIGOS have been around for a few years) They're still RELATIVELY NEW!

  89. it's me

    it's me日 前

    Ur both racist, like where tf is chinese on this video😂

  90. Obrian Tucker

    Obrian Tucker日 前

    Finally someone BIG UPPING Will Smith. Will Smith is a pioneer. Give him his roses when it comes to HIPHOP.

  91. J B

    J B日 前

    Joyner is hands down one of the most creative lyricists in the game. True story teller, reminds me of Nas' early work

  92. Majesty Gunn

    Majesty Gunn日 前

    Aye that , that was it .



    give this sum type of award that nobody has ever achieved... lyrics🔥🔥🔥 beat🔥🔥🔥 creativity🔥🔥🔥 concepts🔥🔥🔥 havent heerd of joyner lucus or anythang like this quite sum time... sheeesh😲😲😲

  94. YoMrRice

    YoMrRice日 前

    Reminds me of the Jayz video when he transitions. This was pretty dope and shout out to him for going all in with Shark Tales and Alladin

  95. Kryptic G

    Kryptic G日 前

    Tbh never was a big fan of your beats as just way too trappy for me but i do like your lyrics man. And this song is pure fiiire

  96. Shawn Smith

    Shawn Smith日 前

    This nigga tough💯

  97. Marklesh

    Marklesh日 前

    Thank you for keeping hip hop alive, Need to hear you with Talking Kweli Fo real

  98. Bones's adventures

    Bones's adventures日 前

    I wonder who this "will" guy is...... Must be a pretty cool dude 😂

  99. Dj Minz

    Dj Minz日 前

    That dog bark “Oof” just like on Homicide (LogicxEminem)