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Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez

JPgo is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; JPgo now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.

How 2 Be Healthy


4 ヶ月 前

Justin Bieber Why

Justin Bieber Why

4 ヶ月 前

The Weird Side Of Amazon
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Help Let Me Go

9 ヶ月 前

Bad Boys On TikTok
I Am Hot = Comedy?
Greg Family Dinner
  1. Bootyful Boi

    Bootyful Boi24 分 前

    Boi it’s seafome green

  2. the doll under your bed with mobile data

    the doll under your bed with mobile data24 分 前

    10:47 that person... looks terrified

  3. Creative Kitten 4526

    Creative Kitten 452624 分 前

    Lol the title Tho XD

  4. jacksog

    jacksog25 分 前


  5. Devin Rain

    Devin Rain26 分 前

    You should react to the Disney move The Thirteenth Year!! A movie I literally think of all the time...

  6. IX_da dj

    IX_da dj26 分 前

    Kodak rymes with cold hat

  7. ruby gallant

    ruby gallant27 分 前

    17:33 i love how Danny and Drew said different answers lmao

  8. PandaBoi277

    PandaBoi27727 分 前


  9. Disgruntled Cashier

    Disgruntled Cashier27 分 前

    8:57 that Mom absolutely did NOT need subtitles

  10. Thalivewon

    Thalivewon27 分 前

    Wow I am now traumatized

  11. Skol Vikings

    Skol Vikings28 分 前


  12. Universe Cat

    Universe Cat28 分 前

    Are we just gonna gloss over the fact that he tried to convince his young, impressionable audience that he got kicked out of DisneyWorld because Mickey Mouse hates youtubers? What a shitty thing to do. He got kicked out for violence but didn’t bring it up and then made his viewers think that he got kicked out because Mickey Mouse hates him.

  13. Ms. Believer

    Ms. Believer28 分 前

    his BONES are getting SQUISHY

  14. These Bitches Want Nikes

    These Bitches Want Nikes28 分 前

    Goddamnit lmao

  15. robloxgamer7412

    robloxgamer741229 分 前

    ill kick ur butt if i dont like ur tone

  16. robloxgamer7412

    robloxgamer741230 分 前

    i am bad at not doing crack

  17. Dreamcatcher 774

    Dreamcatcher 77431 分 前

    I don’t think Danny understands how funny he is

  18. soyabean

    soyabean31 分 前

    i choked on my water four and a half times during this video

  19. Novark

    Novark31 分 前

    lol ur so gud

  20. player 3

    player 331 分 前

    SA is not what he says it is

  21. Keira m

    Keira m31 分 前

    My my boo boo

  22. Shirley Fukuda

    Shirley Fukuda33 分 前

    4:49 I actually thought there was a truck outside of my house...

  23. zoe madness

    zoe madness33 分 前

    REACT TO SAM AND COLBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Anime Art

    Anime Art33 分 前

    As you can see, what you’re reading right now is an ad. DOWNLOAD POLYSPHERE TODAY! You’ll get texts from your ex! By the way, you don’t actually, WE ARE YOUR EX. BY by the way, you sock.

  25. zoe madness

    zoe madness34 分 前

    React to Sam and colby

  26. zoe madness

    zoe madness34 分 前


  27. DA Productions

    DA Productions34 分 前

    Ratatoing merch B)

  28. zoe madness

    zoe madness34 分 前

    React to Sam amd colby

  29. Aj King

    Aj King35 分 前

    The mom acts like she is a 6 year old trying to role play

  30. abbie 11891

    abbie 1189135 分 前

    I still dont know why he calls us greg

  31. Anonymouse Llama

    Anonymouse Llama36 分 前

    I think ball ice cream is supposed to be mochi

  32. Amanda Rivera

    Amanda Rivera37 分 前

    I hate those fucking hug ones, like no I don’t want to hug you

  33. Callista Cailliau

    Callista Cailliau37 分 前

    Danny: *Makes a video* Tik Tok HiPpItY hOpPeTy ThIs Is nOw My PrOpEtY

  34. Master Kenobi

    Master Kenobi38 分 前

    Drill and drain every last drop of fluid *their talking about America drilling oil is my guess*

  35. Josephine Drake

    Josephine Drake38 分 前

    LOSE- ad: "Cat flea and tick"

  36. a l l i

    a l l i40 分 前

    no one is tiny now but there is a pandemic 🤪✌️

  37. Jonah McGlasson

    Jonah McGlasson40 分 前

    "Morp" is a direct theft of the series finale of "Malcolm in the middle" and, as the one person who watches that show, I don't like that.

  38. Lizzy Gibby

    Lizzy Gibby41 分 前

    “guys my bones are getting squishy” WE LOVE A VIDEO REFERENCE

  39. Jake K

    Jake K42 分 前

    The song goes "caught me sneaking out the back, daddy chased me down the street" lol. It DOES make sense, but it's equally ridiculous that a Disney movie for kids has a character singing a song about getting caught by some girl's dad after presumably fucking her.

  40. JUJAMED_DAY 987

    JUJAMED_DAY 98742 分 前

    here's 3 disney chanel movies for ya: sky high: is about a super hero school frenemies: freinds turned enemies turned friends zapped: *an app that controls boys*

  41. Merissa Rieken

    Merissa Rieken42 分 前

    please watch the disney channel original masterpiece, thirteenth year. I still think about it’s plot to this day

  42. Minnyo

    Minnyo42 分 前


  43. Lauren Ofria

    Lauren Ofria43 分 前

    The color of the sweatshirt matches the Greg on the wall!! Iconic

  44. Unicorn Tanishka

    Unicorn Tanishka43 分 前

    He protecc He atacc But most importantly He bring papa bacc

  45. No But I Got Cheeze Wiz

    No But I Got Cheeze Wiz44 分 前

    It's obviously not about being yourself because they all claim to be the same person at the end

  46. Nasa

    Nasa44 分 前


  47. 로즈골드ROSEGOLD

    로즈골드ROSEGOLD44 分 前

    I got a Melanie Martinez ad

  48. Barbara Dránovits-Kilián

    Barbara Dránovits-Kilián44 分 前

    ok hes fucking irrelevant and shit, but can we talk about the fact that hes tall as fuck?

  49. Yashika Kumar

    Yashika Kumar45 分 前

    I came here to watch Danny roast the dobre brothers but now I’m bored (bc of their videos)

  50. Kristen Sucher

    Kristen Sucher45 分 前

    Greg spelled backward is Greg says the nutcracker in the corner ^o^ anyway time to put on my fairness cream

  51. Crystal Li

    Crystal Li48 分 前

    Instead of them slipping on slime, how about....uh.... demonization symbols. Yeah..

  52. Fallen Evolution

    Fallen Evolution48 分 前

    Hey Danny I wanna inform you that BST(Billion Suprise Toys) brought back daddy and chad isn’t there anymore

  53. Brianna T

    Brianna T48 分 前


  54. Josiah Spicer

    Josiah Spicer51 分 前

    This is actually pure comedy, Danny is carrying yt right now

  55. HappyYellowEmmy

    HappyYellowEmmy51 分 前

    Why is nobody questioning the photo of danny with an inhaler on his wall. NOT TO MENTION HE MOVED THE GREG

  56. Gavyn Brown

    Gavyn Brown52 分 前

    I think you should review zapped. Zapped is a movie about a girl who can use a dog food phone to brainwash and turn men into slaves... I am not kidding jpgo.info/bideo/fYumw2aYtZbLzm0.html

  57. Noble Berg

    Noble Berg52 分 前

    Did this lanky ass bitch just call them mice?

  58. Shajee UllahAbbasi

    Shajee UllahAbbasi52 分 前

    You know if u don't count Danny's hair, his face is as symmetrical as f***

  59. Cahleeb Jamisn'ton

    Cahleeb Jamisn'ton52 分 前

    Beep bopping with Steve krentz or whatever it was needs a sequel, shit made me laugh so hard idk why

  60. Crystal Li

    Crystal Li52 分 前

    JPgo re whine? How bout JPgo re why?

  61. Dana Wood

    Dana Wood53 分 前

    I’d be shocked if I were the first to say this but I legit thought drew was Milton from Kickin It. I found his channel like 3 days ago and have just been assuming he was. A little disappointed tbh

  62. Presley Phillips

    Presley Phillips53 分 前

    why is this movie just a huge terrible roleplay

  63. Ben Durant

    Ben Durant54 分 前

    But is it as good as Shrek 2?

  64. Therealodeyarush Real

    Therealodeyarush Real54 分 前

    But my dad buys a new flashlight every month...

  65. teacup salamander

    teacup salamander54 分 前

    Rats, rats, we’re the rats!

  66. Sensei 1667

    Sensei 166754 分 前

    I now have a discord emote called :eatyourfckinshirt1667: thank you for giving me content whilst also LITERALLY giving me content

  67. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu55 分 前

    someone has got to make a video about "starstruck". disney's forgotten gem.

  68. Hailey Todd

    Hailey Todd55 分 前

    notifications are on am i a greg now ???

  69. Mark Zandiya

    Mark Zandiya56 分 前

    These people are crazy if they like that song

  70. Stephaine Strange

    Stephaine Strange56 分 前

    I actually had a gym teacher who actually just had us go outside and do whatever.

  71. Yashika Kumar

    Yashika Kumar56 分 前

    Is Danny fan girling over this absolute hot coal of a man/ XD

  72. Fawkes the Phoenix

    Fawkes the Phoenix57 分 前

    What happened to the TV at 5:03?!!

  73. dardanatxd ticktock

    dardanatxd ticktock58 分 前

    Watching in 2020 and omg your hair

  74. Nazreen Akhter

    Nazreen Akhter59 分 前

    I love how his using a electric toothbrush as a drawing stick

  75. Yao Creati

    Yao Creati時間 前


  76. Hashbrown

    Hashbrown時間 前

    Only some people will get this joke 1:09

  77. TonightIGrewUP

    TonightIGrewUP時間 前

    Sun comes up: carter: WOAH THE SUN CAME UP!!

  78. Camo Pug

    Camo Pug時間 前

    Greg actually stands for G: Coolest R: Army E: On G: JPgo It’s so deep.. I never knew it had that deep of a meaning.



    ∞ dates ∞ almonds ∞ life

  80. The Crusader

    The Crusader時間 前


  81. Honda Ken

    Honda Ken時間 前

    I scream every time that dude says ice cream

  82. Sun Kissed

    Sun Kissed時間 前

    If you think this is bad look up Cocomelon

  83. Subieguy

    Subieguy時間 前

    The family should call demolition ranch to open that safe

  84. idk_ girl

    idk_ girl時間 前

    Might just be bc I'm Aussie but I couldn't get over pronouncing seagull like beagle

  85. Catherine Abra

    Catherine Abra時間 前

    Minuteman pleaseee

  86. Caitlin The Noodle

    Caitlin The Noodle時間 前

    I used to love this movie and book and my little cousins do now.

  87. Daniel Croser

    Daniel Croser時間 前

    Coulda just called the police on the principal for theft of student property. That’s probably more sensible than an uprising.

  88. John Vito

    John Vito時間 前

    I'm late to this, but its called peaking in high school.

  89. Mona Subramanian

    Mona Subramanian時間 前

    “An Ice Cream man, selling ice cream to children.” Huh. Kinda like when Mr. Potato tells the kids to eat vegetables in Peppa Pig.

  90. Truly Greg

    Truly Greg時間 前

    Yo! Danny actually got possessed. I was fer real spooped

  91. That One Minecraft Guy

    That One Minecraft Guy時間 前

    What if your allergic to almonds?

  92. ba2k

    ba2k時間 前

    The last dance scene with the 5 ovations reminds me of the song Revolution 9

  93. Tinfection

    Tinfection時間 前