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Camping Stereotypes
Dude Perfect Rewind 2018
  1. Abdullah Gamer10

    Abdullah Gamer10分 前

    Manchester Manchester!!!!!!!!

  2. thenha gaming

    thenha gaming6 分 前


  3. Dennon Thornton

    Dennon Thornton12 分 前

    I feel bad for them cuz he took a bottle to the head

  4. Gusest2676

    Gusest267614 分 前

    Rage monster KO’ed both twins

  5. Siti Lestari

    Siti Lestari16 分 前


  6. Jonas Soelling

    Jonas Soelling16 分 前

    no fun anymore because TY is always winning - the most unsympathetic of all 5 guys

  7. Alannah Alraheb

    Alannah Alraheb21 分 前

    Bottle flips are so oldd 👇

  8. Marvin De Mesa

    Marvin De Mesa22 分 前


  9. Inka Jackson

    Inka Jackson25 分 前

    Hoi hoi hoi

  10. Jacob Jensen

    Jacob Jensen26 分 前

    Uh... what was Garrett's rocket height?

  11. Luke Osborne

    Luke Osborne28 分 前

    Like. (For no reason) 👇

  12. Milky Boy

    Milky Boy30 分 前

    Throws penny into piggy bank Me: Loses 20$ of pennies

  13. Rebekah Heart Hernandez

    Rebekah Heart Hernandez33 分 前

    15 bounces i even checked it in slowmo

  14. James Balcom

    James Balcom34 分 前

    I'm the last one

  15. Мерали ОПГ РП БОКС

    Мерали ОПГ РП БОКС35 分 前

    Есть тут кто?

  16. Alinah velasco

    Alinah velasco36 分 前

    i think 12 bonses

  17. Fabian Baller

    Fabian Baller38 分 前

    Pink ponk singsong number one mario Sound or?

  18. Cash Cheatham

    Cash Cheatham38 分 前

    Do y’all remember when that would post every like 3 days! I miss that 🙁

  19. Alinah velasco

    Alinah velasco41 分 前

    if your waching in october leave a like

  20. Thakid _Prince

    Thakid _Prince41 分 前

    Say my name

  21. Critical

    Critical41 分 前

    who here is watching in 2176!!!!!

  22. Alinah velasco

    Alinah velasco42 分 前

    first song um... Mario song

  23. Mathew Chacon

    Mathew Chacon42 分 前

    I am the human controller

  24. Obsidian Olliver

    Obsidian Olliver42 分 前

    Hi leave a like if you see the difference 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😐🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

  25. Thakid _Prince

    Thakid _Prince43 分 前

    Teinkle twinkle luttile star


    KOK AD GEMING44 分 前

    I indonesia

  27. Thakid _Prince

    Thakid _Prince45 分 前

    Up on the rooftop

  28. Thakid _Prince

    Thakid _Prince46 分 前


  29. Jason Kennedy

    Jason Kennedy49 分 前

    That first shot was so photoshopped hahahahahahahahha

  30. Obsidian Olliver

    Obsidian Olliver50 分 前


  31. Moti Tanny

    Moti Tanny53 分 前

    They are running out of ideas


    TTIG GAMING53 分 前

    u guys need me? haha

  33. THE Dvbbninja num420

    THE Dvbbninja num42053 分 前


  34. Yahir Viveros

    Yahir Viveros54 分 前


  35. Brad Onstot

    Brad Onstot58 分 前

    Any Seahawks fans have to like

  36. Tanner Benson

    Tanner Benson時間 前

    Y’all should do another one

  37. Moti Tanny

    Moti Tanny時間 前

    These dudes are like children but with slot of money



    3:46 Hack?

  39. Maria de Jesus Martinez

    Maria de Jesus Martinez時間 前


  40. Preston Junior

    Preston Junior時間 前

    Petition for them to start adding bloopers to their videos 👇

  41. Mr.Wheelmon

    Mr.Wheelmon時間 前

    6:18 is nobody gonna talk about how perfect his claps are timed with the music??

  42. Diggy Longeye

    Diggy Longeye時間 前

    How’s the court?

  43. Corbin Guess

    Corbin Guess時間 前

    As a 6'6 teenager I feel the struggle lol.

  44. pinkerton 20000

    pinkerton 20000時間 前

    Every Time I watch dude perfect I think... How long the video would actually be is no one edited it...

  45. Gaming Y’s

    Gaming Y’s時間 前

    Is it me or are they obsessed with mirrors

  46. Umeyir Akif

    Umeyir Akif時間 前

    Tanesi 12 lira onun

  47. hamba Allah

    hamba Allah時間 前

    Selamat , anda menemukan komentar bahasa Indonesia

  48. Abraham Ibanez

    Abraham Ibanez時間 前

    Who wants sleepover Stereotypes?? | | \/

  49. Michael Sheehy

    Michael Sheehy時間 前

    Lice flot coby LOL🔫🔫💰💰💩💩💩😵🔫

  50. IKUNG Official

    IKUNG Official時間 前


  51. Rishik Korla

    Rishik Korla時間 前

    his face at 3:37

  52. Slash Gaming

    Slash Gaming時間 前

    The poor couch 😥

  53. IKON Strrrup63

    IKON Strrrup63時間 前

    You guys should do volleyball stereotypes

  54. Timster The Greatest

    Timster The Greatest時間 前

    I'm sorry Cody but you never end up liking anybody's as much when yours is the most stupidest sometimes

  55. The MASTER PRO

    The MASTER PRO時間 前

    Cool vid eo!!!!

  56. Hgtre Kalima

    Hgtre Kalima時間 前


  57. Arif CingCing46

    Arif CingCing46時間 前

    Jawa timur hadir

  58. Lesly Brite

    Lesly Brite時間 前

    can you flip a cycle

  59. Gampang Skali

    Gampang Skali時間 前


  60. qbmp001

    qbmp001時間 前

    Now, do the 7 - 10 split.

  61. Deas Playz

    Deas Playz時間 前

    0:09 that voice over though

  62. Michael Lugo

    Michael Lugo時間 前

    4th ping pong sing song:Say your name

  63. JhayR David

    JhayR David時間 前


  64. Michael Lugo

    Michael Lugo時間 前

    The 3 ping pong song song:Twinkle twinkle litte star

  65. mutatedmonster

    mutatedmonster時間 前

    the silver bullet is now the silver bomb

  66. Robert Aldcorn

    Robert Aldcorn時間 前

    This is probably the worst rage monster :)

  67. Conski Odahlen

    Conski Odahlen時間 前

    You guys r the best

  68. Royana Royana

    Royana Royana時間 前

    Oh that cool can you teach my from indonesi city cirebon

  69. Michael Lugo

    Michael Lugo時間 前

    The first ping pong sing song:Mario theme song??



    Whats so soccer abt tht ⚽️

  71. Prasetiah Priyambodho

    Prasetiah Priyambodho2 時間 前

    Sangar cong

  72. Tanakrit Charoenkorn

    Tanakrit Charoenkorn2 時間 前


  73. Rohini Devi Dasi

    Rohini Devi Dasi2 時間 前

    Stop hurting each other!

  74. Ivan Regina Ponce

    Ivan Regina Ponce2 時間 前

    Muchas veces la misma manera se puede ser posible me lo puedes ver el estado actual del país por la fábrica y la mascara de la escapatoria de la escapatoria yo no sé cómo se puede ser posible en un entorno en un momento en que el carro como la mascara de México a la fábrica e internet a todos por su ifkyfgbcbdhdbbdbdbnw la escapatoria de la escapatoria yo le dije que si te parece bien el envío de ser posible en el medio día en el medio de México en cambio i y EU y no sé cómo se puede

  75. MiSs kuαci

    MiSs kuαci2 時間 前

    Teriak2 mcam sakai

  76. ReconFN

    ReconFN2 時間 前

    5:23 when the milk went in the water I wanted to throw up

  77. Dara DeLorenzo

    Dara DeLorenzo2 時間 前

    You should do a video where you do a remake of some old vids however many likes this comment gets equals one 0G trick-shot 🥕

  78. Gavin & Tyler Productions

    Gavin & Tyler Productions2 時間 前

    2019- Zuerlein Kick 60 yard buckets to send the Rams to the Super Bowl

  79. Rene Reyna III

    Rene Reyna III2 時間 前

    Does anyone realize Cody says on the segment guess that guest he said are you a professional sports player then he list A bunch of professional sports

  80. M ja

    M ja2 時間 前

    3ping pong sing song is twinkle twinkle Little Star

  81. russell sathya

    russell sathya2 時間 前

    JPgo recommendation sucks it took the three years to show this

  82. Huh.

    Huh.2 時間 前

    0:13 😂😂 “We can all still have children!”

  83. Christian COUSINS

    Christian COUSINS2 時間 前


  84. Maybe game

    Maybe game2 時間 前

    Snow sports battle 2 ?

  85. Andrew Szenasi

    Andrew Szenasi2 時間 前

    Make dude perfect Oreos 👌🏻

  86. Andrew Szenasi

    Andrew Szenasi2 時間 前

    5 mil likes

  87. Josefina Mota

    Josefina Mota2 時間 前

    And also for wheel unfortunate add to get 284,536 dominoes and drop it off a ramp meanwhile you are roller blading

  88. Andrew Szenasi

    Andrew Szenasi2 時間 前

    Rage monster you gonna have to pay 1000000000000 dollars at the end of your JPgo channle

  89. J L

    J L2 時間 前

    0:49 that beat drop was REALLLLLLLY cringe 😬

  90. Unicorn Sisters

    Unicorn Sisters2 時間 前

    Low to high

  91. MCodex.

    MCodex.2 時間 前

    The third is twinkle twinkle little star

  92. AlphaPlays

    AlphaPlays2 時間 前

    Como vcs nem tem medo ; -;

  93. Josefina Mota

    Josefina Mota2 時間 前

    For the next over time in wheel un fortunate add to buy a iPhone 11 pro and break It in public!

  94. True Intellectual

    True Intellectual2 時間 前

    I’m the guy that sucks but just gets lucky

  95. Panda’s Are So Cute

    Panda’s Are So Cute2 時間 前

    Video idea- volleyball stereotypes

  96. Beata Widyna

    Beata Widyna2 時間 前


  97. MCodex.

    MCodex.2 時間 前

    The first song was the mario theme

  98. Marcus Vinícius

    Marcus Vinícius2 時間 前

    Vcs são geniais!!

  99. Nathan Griffith

    Nathan Griffith2 時間 前

    can you make a video where the song is "Born For This" by The Score

  100. Nathan Collado

    Nathan Collado2 時間 前

    Simultaneous double Pringle can shot.