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  1. Valquiry 07

    Valquiry 0712 時間 前

    Have a.c in car?

  2. Sulverius

    Sulverius13 時間 前

    Another lost year with crashstappen

  3. Alan Caldoza

    Alan Caldoza16 時間 前

    That distance on paved, asphalt and dirt on an F1? Goodluck to your butt

  4. Jontelitooo

    Jontelitooo16 時間 前

    -music +engine sound

  5. Chris

    Chris17 時間 前

    hello redbull racing, we want more, thanks

  6. Ski11ed Pl4yer

    Ski11ed Pl4yer20 時間 前

    Literally looks like a Ford GT on crack. This will be a car that I will always would like but would never be able to get😂

  7. Ashish Agrawal

    Ashish Agrawal20 時間 前

    Imagine Gasly watching this video.

  8. Tom Mack

    Tom Mack21 時間 前

    Not a bad looking car. Looks like a Group C prototype from 1990 with 30 yrs of aero and fully digital OS. Fundamentally similar architecture with modern materials and technology. V12 power in a carbon fiber monocoque with ground effects and double wishbones at each corner. More things change, more they stay the same...

  9. Trần Xuân Đình

    Trần Xuân Đình日 前

    Wellcome F1 to Hanoi -Vietnam 2020

  10. Steve Clements

    Steve Clements日 前

    The pot holes on the roads in the UK would smash it to bits.

  11. Quincy

    Quincy日 前

    i.e. what happens when Adrian Newey cheats road regulations instead of F1 regs.

  12. MrJr

    MrJr日 前

    So sad that this will not be included in the hypercar class of LM in 2021




  14. Dan B Cooper

    Dan B Cooper日 前

    I think Aston Martin advertised it as being as fast as an F1. F1-drivers reaction to the test drive; not so much...

  15. Echnaton Hechtmeister Hering

    Echnaton Hechtmeister Hering日 前

    I like the content but not the video. ...and i didn't hear the real music! Just a bunch of weird screaming sounds, which tried to distract me from the content itself. Humans, you can do better!!

  16. Malvina Sula

    Malvina Sula日 前

    jj gb gb4j ghlhv bbtrrřtfyahs6e6r6r6r6r66uyuucghh

  17. Kratos 0296

    Kratos 0296日 前

    Fucking hell the music on top of everything is such a bad idea, idk how you put music that loud to the point where you can't hear talking/engine sound

  18. cool btohshaiqnddiwjdns

    cool btohshaiqnddiwjdns日 前

    what kind of tires

  19. Ben Rogers

    Ben Rogers日 前

    If kvyat was given this......

  20. big smoke

    big smoke日 前

    2020 we need a new one

  21. Edoardo Picardi

    Edoardo Picardi日 前

    I love music the crew 2

  22. TheDestroyer32

    TheDestroyer32日 前

    You have the best sound track in the world, a V12, and you put some shitty music over it... fire the cunt who did that!

  23. Nick Pallatt

    Nick Pallatt日 前

    why would you put this awful music over the sound of the car? what is wrong with you people?

  24. skconstructions S

    skconstructions S日 前

    Hey Max that's sounds and born from Formula One but from the outside this behemoth can resemble some of the portions of the Lemans Prototype 1

  25. Jack Jeter

    Jack Jeter日 前

    Beautiful livery

  26. X Fade

    X Fade日 前

    "Drive with caution" on the hud.

  27. C Brooks

    C Brooks日 前

    Not bad for a first edit. But next remove that "music" so we can hear the car!

  28. the german

    the german日 前

    it would be cool if it was in the 24hours of lemans

  29. Abdul Don

    Abdul Don日 前

    Should be hibernating in the winter

  30. General Prime

    General Prime日 前

    the COMPLEXity in the creation of a single SIMPLE bolt....

  31. Mickehd00d

    Mickehd00d日 前

    Less music, more of that glorious V12 singing, please!

  32. Adonis Top of Men

    Adonis Top of Men日 前

    great car …….

  33. diggi juri

    diggi juri日 前

    This is the vagner in gta right

  34. Dario DeNiro

    Dario DeNiro日 前

    A road car, really?

  35. blackflagqwerty

    blackflagqwerty日 前

    Fuck that shit awful music off! Let me hear the fucken engine! Thumbs Down, Unsubbed and fuck you video editor!!!

  36. 24 Miles of James

    24 Miles of James日 前

    RIP, thanks Stroll🇨🇦

  37. Shane Jackson

    Shane Jackson日 前

    Why bother? It has been reported today that the Aston Martin Valkyrie has been cancelled and will not be in the Hypercar series. Seems Lance Strolls father is behind this.

  38. Dim Per

    Dim Per日 前

    Lol the vagner

  39. C439672-D

    C439672-D日 前

    He wasnt going very fast. What was it "yes we will shut all the roads for you and remove all the traffic but don't you dare speed"!

  40. Kim Live

    Kim Live日 前

    Less shitty music, and more sound from the car... And just more about the car and the drivers.

  41. Charles Griffiths

    Charles Griffiths日 前

    Engine sounds like a small motorcycle rather than an F1 car. The Valkyrie sounds amazing.

  42. David Quinn

    David Quinn日 前

    What a lush car

  43. 케헹냐

    케헹냐日 前

    The Crew 2..?

  44. marcus_rss

    marcus_rss日 前

    der neue Endgegner ;-)

  45. Orcawhale

    Orcawhale日 前

    0:40 Same guy who was behind the Mclaren P1, so no doubt this will be a proper hypercar.

  46. Ride On

    Ride On日 前


  47. Brian Rose

    Brian Rose日 前

    I bet you can't put shittier music to a video

  48. Jeshkam

    Jeshkam日 前

    I'll miss the LMP1 cars...

  49. Denis Denonovich

    Denis Denonovich日 前

    Bad team .crash crash and crash pls .fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  50. ka i

    ka i日 前

    I love these two but damn my heart hurts seeing that durian wasted like that 😭

  51. Only UPSC

    Only UPSC日 前

    Try in india😜😜😜

  52. And

    And日 前


  53. Chris Hagan

    Chris Hagan日 前

    2:44..... What a teaser. Where's the full video

  54. LamboCoin Cars

    LamboCoin Cars日 前

    So that's where the camo livery went... :)


    GRPR TRPR日 前

    So disappointed Aston Martin pulled the plug on their hyper car program for WEC. I was really looking forward to September & seeing them run against Toyota. That being said, maybe now we can get the LMDH cars in both IMSA & WEC as the top category. Hopefully with quite a bit more power than the DPI cars currently running.

  56. Zeth Loveless

    Zeth Loveless日 前

    This is what f1 cars wish they could be 😈

  57. Joanie E

    Joanie E日 前

    1:40 when Lamborghini’s are in the tunnel

  58. Joanie E

    Joanie E日 前


  59. Joanie E

    Joanie E日 前

    1:21 when my pizza delivery is around the corner

  60. Alex Silva

    Alex Silva日 前

    Salve se quem peder

  61. Makuin :v

    Makuin :v日 前

    Hello from 2020

  62. dark matter

    dark matter日 前

    Couldn’t hear engine, only reason I watched video. 😡

  63. Sebastiao de Andrade Pereira Andrade

    Sebastiao de Andrade Pereira Andrade日 前

    Amo todos seus vídeos são demais

  64. ju ic

    ju ic2 日 前

    Pretty shock that there was no toilet break.

  65. El

    El2 日 前

    What the Senna should have looked like. I still love it's looks though.

  66. El

    El2 日 前

    Isn't the old guy a former McLaren employee?

  67. KierenBOI MUFC

    KierenBOI MUFC2 日 前

    So Aston Martin have now put there car back a year for Le Mans

  68. Jay C

    Jay C2 日 前

    Omg 😮 just loved the video 🍺❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. AlgenCrew

    AlgenCrew2 日 前

    Do you hear this? Yes? Nordschleife is waiting!

  70. Mike Brouwer

    Mike Brouwer2 日 前

    For a much more hyper reaction, just put me in there instead of the 2 cracks.

  71. Ricardo YK1

    Ricardo YK12 日 前


  72. Linda M

    Linda M2 日 前

    That is one hell of a beautiful car. Absolutely stunning. Love the blk red feature. The shape is kool. And I'm assuming it flys like the wind.

  73. Gregg B

    Gregg B2 日 前

    BMW called.. they would like their E46 SMG gearbox back..

  74. The Weaver

    The Weaver2 日 前

    F*ck the music. Geeze.

  75. e r

    e r2 日 前

    Imagine if that car hits a speed bump

  76. Anthony Mitchell46

    Anthony Mitchell462 日 前

    We can not give a shit regards your crappy dubstep music at the best of times especially when we take the time go watch a video of of such an amazing sounding car. WILL YOU EVER LEARN ! never ever use music in the video of a performance car. We didn't click on the video to hear music.

  77. J D

    J D2 日 前

    19 février = tout ça pour ça...projet annulé/ super

  78. Miguel Perez

    Miguel Perez2 日 前

    Cmon ubisoft i rather have this than the vulcan 😑

  79. G DK

    G DK2 日 前

    bring back v12 engines to f1

  80. Lefteri Tahiraj

    Lefteri Tahiraj2 日 前

    I will take to drive and one for my put my chickens on

  81. Anthos Lykos

    Anthos Lykos2 日 前

    Welp building this was a waste of time. Thanks for the dick tease.

  82. Alvin Cornelius

    Alvin Cornelius2 日 前

    Aston martin honda drivers testing Mercedes-Benz hypercar

  83. Andy Gregor

    Andy Gregor2 日 前

    This the new Prius?

  84. paul sticks

    paul sticks2 日 前

    One of the most amazing designs I have ever seen !

  85. paul sticks

    paul sticks2 日 前

    Will this be street legal and will it be for sale?

  86. Rob Brimer

    Rob Brimer2 日 前

    So this was nothing more than a marketing ploy to show us ( and the drivers) what might have been. I’m throughly gutted as a fan that you shelved this project.

  87. Kyle Spence

    Kyle Spence2 日 前

    Please make this the safety for F1

  88. Cunvan

    Cunvan2 日 前

    They got very lucky with the traffic!

  89. Eric Cooper

    Eric Cooper2 日 前

    The Pagani Zonda and 330 p4 had a kid.

  90. Bruce Kim

    Bruce Kim2 日 前

    shame they leave wec hypercar...

  91. Stephen Gamble

    Stephen Gamble2 日 前

    Just a publicity even , they turn up, drive another hyper car, smile, go home.

  92. Daniel Vermaas

    Daniel Vermaas2 日 前

    Lance Stroll smiles.....

  93. JackSwatman

    JackSwatman2 日 前

    why are shifts so shit??

  94. Baker Racer3.006

    Baker Racer3.0062 日 前

    The car is amazing but one thing that keeps on bugging me is front because to me it looks like a duck

  95. Ronald Simon

    Ronald Simon2 日 前

    what about fat rich guys/ above average men, didn't you think of them when designing this car? even these guys can barely fit inside this car.

  96. Andy Smart

    Andy Smart2 日 前

    who edited and produced this? were they told to keep it as short as possible? with opinions of young men and silly music over the top of what we're actually trying to hear? with short clips cutting faster than we can see? if that's what they were told to do, mission accomplished.

  97. WhatupJesus69

    WhatupJesus692 日 前

    Is this a video for horrible music or was I supposed to be able to hear the Valkyrie? There doesn’t even need to be music in this video just Max and the Valkyrie is all that was needed. Can we have a video of just Valkyrie audio?

  98. Addway Chakraborty

    Addway Chakraborty2 日 前

    Can't wait to see Lance Stroll behind the wheel soon😜

  99. Axel Dylan Tatipata

    Axel Dylan Tatipata2 日 前

    Well I bought this car on GTA online last year 🥴

  100. Mitchell Steindler

    Mitchell Steindler2 日 前

    That has an appalling video