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  1. Damonkeyboy

    Damonkeyboy10 分 前

    The grapple gun experiment was rigged the minute you decided to add their respective jokers. That's no longer measuring the strength of the grapple gun from each version absolutely.

  2. Digi-Eye Fandom Prime

    Digi-Eye Fandom Prime25 分 前

    Uhhhhh…. This movie wasn't that bad.

  3. thisdamnthingy

    thisdamnthingy43 分 前

    Zendaria, that was clever.

  4. Jamie Clarke

    Jamie Clarke44 分 前

    Sad predator didn't win but it beat terminator

  5. Duygu Aydin

    Duygu Aydin52 分 前

    I cracked up at the Mike Pence reference hahahaha

  6. Psyperus

    Psyperus時間 前

    My Aunt literally loves this series 💀💀 that joke was too real

  7. Jeb Atman

    Jeb Atman時間 前

    No real Shoutout for Mr. Sunday Movies????

  8. Jeb Atman

    Jeb Atman時間 前

    Who cares about the Spanish being bad? I'm more upset that the "upbeat" voice over lady sucked

  9. Kalina Nikolova

    Kalina Nikolova時間 前

    And casting johnny depp in 99% of his movies

  10. Valkyra Sonara

    Valkyra Sonara時間 前

    Can you do the same with the Superman Animated Series?

  11. Matt Howland

    Matt Howland時間 前

    This show rocks and this sucks 🤮

  12. Vitalis Wesh

    Vitalis Wesh時間 前

    Do Nairobi half life!!(Kenyan movie)

  13. Christopher Fiore

    Christopher Fiore時間 前

    27:25 looks so much like Michael Shannon!

  14. Geoff good gamer

    Geoff good gamer時間 前

    When I think of the Mark hamill's Joker ,I think of the episode The Joker's favor

  15. victor pasta

    victor pasta時間 前

    Joking Phoenix

  16. Jonathan Farrow

    Jonathan Farrow時間 前

    You ever notice Peter Parker is too busy being Spidey to focus on school? Spiderman Episode 3: Homework

  17. Andrew Purdy

    Andrew Purdy2 時間 前

    4:00 LOL!!!!

  18. K 1 R B Ž

    K 1 R B Ž2 時間 前

    Get the bronies crazy, (My Little Pony: the movie, 2017) or Tall Girl (Netflix) for the “life is hard” people.

  19. {Insert Love and Support here}

    {Insert Love and Support here}2 時間 前

    I dare you to do My Little Pony:the movie (2017) *wink wonk*

  20. Liam Munholand

    Liam Munholand2 時間 前


  21. Tylleman JG

    Tylleman JG2 時間 前

    Best Batman serial ever !!! Don't get me wrong : other serials were prety cool (Batman Beyond for example) but the 1992's one was best !

  22. Knuckles Channel 2.0

    Knuckles Channel 2.02 時間 前

    Could've used a "Starring: NOT Julie Mewmar!"

  23. 612Tiberius

    612Tiberius2 時間 前

    I'm the "B-A-T" and the "M-A-N"; I make Crime fear, And you know I can! I got the Batmobile; The Bat-computer; I solve Bat-crimes Like Roto-Rooter! Away goes trouble, Down the drain; About Batman and Robin You can't complain! R-r-r-r-r-Robin's The one-ta Put your fears asunder; That's why they call him "The Boy Wonder"; The Dynamic Duo, The ones you know, Who fight crimes, Rock rhymes, And are on the go!

  24. Yavor Petrov

    Yavor Petrov2 時間 前

    I felt that Turtle description

  25. twy 03

    twy 033 時間 前


  26. The Finish Line

    The Finish Line3 時間 前

    Today's culture would rather destroy the integrity of the good guy, rather than insinuate that people should aspire to be better people, because that would be offensive in today's liberal infused post-modern culture.

  27. Mike DeHart

    Mike DeHart3 時間 前

    joker 2 should be something completely different, different time, and a whole diferent orgin story.

  28. Matthew Conrad

    Matthew Conrad3 時間 前

    Someone please give me the scene where Batman and Joker realize that the other one is in the adjacent stall. Heat it up by having both of them having to deal with the repercussions of eating bad oysters.

  29. Akuma

    Akuma3 時間 前

    guys do brother bear honest trailer, most underrated Disney movie ever and joaquin phoenix is there too

  30. Lucky 360

    Lucky 3603 時間 前

    Bring the Osborne’s in, Peter becomes close friends with Harry again (maybe he got shipped off to boarding school like in TASM2?), then Ned gets jealous and becomes the Hobgoblin

  31. Abdulloh Ahmad Badawi

    Abdulloh Ahmad Badawi3 時間 前

    Do Batwoman Trailer Please.

  32. Elias Mochan

    Elias Mochan3 時間 前

    On question 3 I would have said Sacred Mountain with Silver Surfer

  33. booker dewitt

    booker dewitt3 時間 前

    do honest trailer of the office NOW!

  34. WestNileSnipes

    WestNileSnipes3 時間 前

    Shouldn’t Adam West be considered too? He was in the show and movies.

  35. Owen Dillon

    Owen Dillon3 時間 前

    when video game movie is better than video game movies with story parts in it

  36. The JettTrek

    The JettTrek3 時間 前

    2:49 only good part of the movie, Anthony hokpins hilariously losing his mind

  37. Lucky 360

    Lucky 3603 時間 前

    Nah the shot with Jake Gyllenhaal in the background was before the water elemental attack, not in the airport at the end. That being said, I still think he’s alive

  38. Chris Nelmes

    Chris Nelmes3 時間 前

    After watching the first season , l am still amazed it was renewed .

  39. mung naulak

    mung naulak4 時間 前

    Please say 'How you doin'?

  40. Sam Sanders

    Sam Sanders4 時間 前

    An Oscar!!

  41. Linda Coolbaugh

    Linda Coolbaugh4 時間 前

    That was one of the Best Honest Trailers EVER!! Too Goddamn Funny!

  42. The Magic Poncho

    The Magic Poncho4 時間 前

    Uh, this isn't how you rank power, Bale is best

  43. Nick Taylor

    Nick Taylor4 時間 前

    You know what have been better if micheal b jordon was the thing and the guy who played the thing was human torch only because the guy who played human torch was shorter than mr fantastic

  44. Camp Supreme

    Camp Supreme4 時間 前

    Do an honest trailer for DRAGONBALL Z !!!


    NATHAN WAHL4 時間 前

    say "get that corn out of my face"


    NATHAN WAHL4 時間 前

    do a honest trailer of a honest trailer

  47. Hinarf Narfy

    Hinarf Narfy4 時間 前

    how many people tell you to do non-hollywood movies?

  48. bozo force

    bozo force4 時間 前

    Pathetic. Your research was incomplete. Of the 3 batmobile, the tumbler Was The only one we explicitly see jumping across rooftops. It has an emergency jet boost to enable it jump across rivers without the need for a ramp.

  49. Prudence Ray

    Prudence Ray4 時間 前

    Endgame was pretty blah.

  50. Slade Wilson

    Slade Wilson4 時間 前

    far from home > homecoming

  51. jason wang

    jason wang4 時間 前

    I watched this before watching Dragon Ball Z and thought it was good Then i watched the anime...

  52. Scott Loessel

    Scott Loessel5 時間 前

    “It’s not that we don’t understand it, it’s just really stupid” I’m gonna use that next time someone says BVS is an epic masterpiece.



    This Superman movie had a story



    Loved this movie. Still do. Thought we'd have these people around a little bit longer though.

  55. Tarik Cropper-Bullen

    Tarik Cropper-Bullen5 時間 前

    Do Akira

  56. vfplayer

    vfplayer5 時間 前

    Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, kind of obvious I guess, but I still feel could be pretty interesting. Uncle Ben never gets killed by a mugger, Bruce’s parents don’t get killed by a mugger, Peter never gets bitten by a radioactive spider. Is New York worse off without a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Does Batman’s presence really make the crazy bad guys come out? Or would they exist even if Batman didn’t exist?

  57. walk3rk1ng

    walk3rk1ng5 時間 前

    say the Statue of Liberty is our hottest landmark

  58. sanwayzar

    sanwayzar5 時間 前

    This movie is the cure for Low T.

  59. rdchannels

    rdchannels5 時間 前

    This batsuit is awful. Just terrible.

  60. David Ebhomielen

    David Ebhomielen5 時間 前


  61. NoahBuddysHome

    NoahBuddysHome5 時間 前

    Do Smallville please

  62. Tommy Drako

    Tommy Drako5 時間 前

    the penguin was the bessst

  63. Beth Settle

    Beth Settle5 時間 前

    Need an honest trailer for Hocus pocus

  64. Quinn Kalani

    Quinn Kalani5 時間 前

    The real answer for round 3 was "The Hulk" with heavy influences from "Split"

  65. Aaron Brant

    Aaron Brant6 時間 前

    I don't know why everyone's rooting for Ned to be Hobgoblin. Considering how excited he was to being 'The Guy in the Chair' he'd be much better suited to MODOK.

  66. Arc Engineering

    Arc Engineering6 時間 前

    When he opens his mouth Spaghetti just wont come out my local Vocals are loud just not that good without moms spaghetti

  67. SolarDwagon

    SolarDwagon6 時間 前

    Somehow not your best work. Felt kinda... checklisty in making fun of it?

  68. High5Smacker

    High5Smacker6 時間 前

    3:47 There's a hidden compartment that you would know of if you watch the flash

  69. Abel Enrique Mota

    Abel Enrique Mota6 時間 前

    Do it with Hokages next

  70. IYacobI

    IYacobI6 時間 前

    "I never forget a face, I never forget a thing" had me in stitches😂

  71. Jake The Føx

    Jake The Føx6 時間 前

    "What do you think is coursing through my veins now?" "Cheese whizz?" 🤣

  72. Adam Dwyer

    Adam Dwyer6 時間 前

    What about if pilots got blipped and plane crashed

  73. Ajah Yancey

    Ajah Yancey6 時間 前

    *endless Will Smith riffs* "...DAMN"

  74. Leah Moore

    Leah Moore6 時間 前

    Jordan from Good Mythical Morning!

  75. chesstteerrr

    chesstteerrr6 時間 前

    Yeah this super heroes are stupid on every movie

  76. Lucie Hickey

    Lucie Hickey6 時間 前

    Do Percy jackson

  77. Night Time

    Night Time6 時間 前

    6.66 m subscriber

  78. wIG SNatCHeD

    wIG SNatCHeD7 時間 前

    no one: not a soul: Ed: "aGAin, tHiS iS JUst My OPiniON"

  79. Wild Bear

    Wild Bear7 時間 前

    If we are being honest, Jasmine would have likely fallen for Jaffar.

  80. Juan Alberto Tirado

    Juan Alberto Tirado7 時間 前

    It would be impressive if this movie reaches $1 billion dollars box office worldwide. To start, it would be a first for an R rated movie. Secondly, it would say something since Batman a dark knight, which isn't R rated and has the legendary Heath Ledger version of Joker, made it to $1.005 billion dollars worldwide.

  81. Humphking

    Humphking7 時間 前

    Ed's arguments were on point, and I really liked his Joker 2 idea allot

  82. Alejandro Meraz Moreno

    Alejandro Meraz Moreno7 時間 前

    Batfleck! Batfleck! Batfleck!

  83. R Roth

    R Roth7 時間 前

    U should make one for hannibal

  84. Phial Substance

    Phial Substance7 時間 前

    "I understand we all look the same" Okay, so yeah it was kinda insulting that the guy playing him wasn't really chinese, but if you pretend he was it is a great line for the character. That's the line that made me think 'wow, this guy understands how to manipulate people.' (first time I watched it I had no idea he wasn't actually chinese). I wish TV was brave enough to not shy away from these topics because it makes the characters so multi-dimensional.

  85. Chintogtoh Khash-Erdene

    Chintogtoh Khash-Erdene7 時間 前

    I loved this robin though, "I am Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next"

  86. Holden_D_Znuts

    Holden_D_Znuts7 時間 前

    Please say "Jar-Jar Binks is the best character in all of existence."

  87. Aniruddh Mutnuru

    Aniruddh Mutnuru7 時間 前

    Sees numbers of subscribers: Me: Nice

  88. sonicboom879

    sonicboom8797 時間 前

    Hands down Batfleck is the strongest.

  89. Ibrahim Abubakar

    Ibrahim Abubakar7 時間 前

    Do kingsman:the golden circle

  90. KindaDumb

    KindaDumb7 時間 前

    I dont understand the first 4 seconds of these videos anymore. We all know you're going to make an Honest Trailer for the major blockbusters, so why act like it's fan service?

  91. Christopher Kwiatkowski

    Christopher Kwiatkowski7 時間 前

    The hishe short seriously makes me laugh way too hard 😂😂

  92. J PL

    J PL7 時間 前

    Adam West & Cesar Romero FOREVER bitches

  93. Gail Luther

    Gail Luther7 時間 前

    2:13 🤣🤣🤣🤣omg

  94. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson7 時間 前

    Kevin didn’t do Jack justice

  95. Not Enough Love

    Not Enough Love8 時間 前

    You can either do San Andreas, Joker, (2017) My Little Pony, orrrrrr say: “Stay out of my shed okay?”

  96. Joseph van Wyk

    Joseph van Wyk8 時間 前

    This honest trailer was as lame as the movie itself - no hard feelings. Can't blame you at all.

  97. Marina G

    Marina G8 時間 前

    Let me see that Toooom that Tom Tom Tom Tom Tooom ahhahaha

  98. booker dewitt

    booker dewitt8 時間 前

    i love how the cute voice guy said the d word cutted.

  99. thank your bloodline, next

    thank your bloodline, next8 時間 前

    These keep getting better and better, see if you can spice up the tragic my little pony movie (2017)