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  1. Backinblack Bunny

    Backinblack Bunny14 時間 前

    No more star wars!

  2. Radiatun Zidnee

    Radiatun Zidnee14 時間 前

    Do every David Fincher Movies

  3. Lisa Melroy

    Lisa Melroy14 時間 前

    Thanks for the spoiler alert - I'll come back to this in a few days. 😉

  4. Backinblack Bunny

    Backinblack Bunny14 時間 前

    Jurassic park shows why billionaires are bad

  5. One on One with Lp

    One on One with Lp14 時間 前

    Singer got way too much credit

  6. Lorelei T {The musical}

    Lorelei T {The musical}14 時間 前

    the stefon part is literally amazing

  7. AustinMorganMMA

    AustinMorganMMA14 時間 前


  8. July 24 Pictures

    July 24 Pictures14 時間 前

    I love the The H8ful 8

  9. Liam Duk-Stolting

    Liam Duk-Stolting14 時間 前

    “The force may be around until 2001!” People in 3056 coming from the theaters after seeing Episode CXXXVIII: Ha

  10. Umang Deep Rai

    Umang Deep Rai15 時間 前

    I lost it at "act circles around the rest of the cast"

  11. Liam Duk-Stolting

    Liam Duk-Stolting15 時間 前

    4:11 wait was that a reference to seagulls atop it now by BLR

  12. pralineys

    pralineys15 時間 前

    I'm just here for parasite

  13. Eric Knockuhmoto

    Eric Knockuhmoto15 時間 前

    Um.. "a decent Terminator movie?!"

  14. gokalp kolenoglu

    gokalp kolenoglu15 時間 前

    Do juggernout vs thor !!!!! This would be epic

  15. crash 147

    crash 14715 時間 前


  16. John Mclain

    John Mclain15 時間 前

    Sorry, this was a godawful movie, at least plot/story wise. The special effects were admittedly great though.

  17. AJ 1998

    AJ 199815 時間 前

    Hum the tune to healing incantation? Sure . Not a problem. No need to wait.

  18. David Gentry

    David Gentry15 時間 前

    Kronos new groove was hilarious, y'all only say that because Disney pays you to.

  19. AJ 1998

    AJ 199815 時間 前

    Apparently Flynn Rider was 21 in tangled, not 26.

  20. PunchFor Pound

    PunchFor Pound15 時間 前

    Shut up and make Sonic the Hedgehog already funny guy clown

  21. Ridhu Benjamin

    Ridhu Benjamin15 時間 前

    Man this honest trailer is boring 😾

  22. hammerhead 007

    hammerhead 00715 時間 前

    Look I'm just gonna say I liked dark shadows

  23. Tyler Hanks

    Tyler Hanks15 時間 前

    You should do The Soloist!

  24. Diego M-A

    Diego M-A15 時間 前

    "Brolo: a Car Wars story" 😂😂😂😂

  25. Brainly Juice

    Brainly Juice15 時間 前

    Better watch brazzers

  26. MQ

    MQ15 時間 前

    We live in a society meant to keep us in our place while the rich keep theirs, mental illness is wholly ignored and people with it are shamed, and the mentally insane Joker just did what some people may imagine at times, or sometimes wish we could do.

  27. DIANAMAE_ 22

    DIANAMAE_ 2216 時間 前

    The fact that Jaeden isn't mentioned here breaks me

  28. delugesofgrandeur

    delugesofgrandeur16 時間 前

    "Hank Azaria" XD

  29. Diego M-A

    Diego M-A16 時間 前

    Loved this movie!!

  30. John Paolo Rodriguez

    John Paolo Rodriguez16 時間 前

    honest trailers: old deuteronomy me: don't give me false hopes, ht

  31. Tyler Peters

    Tyler Peters16 時間 前

    Please do a Super 8 honest trailer

  32. Fumikage Tokoyami

    Fumikage Tokoyami16 時間 前

    “UNCUT GEM” I died

  33. delugesofgrandeur

    delugesofgrandeur16 時間 前


  34. H. Anthony Ribadeneira

    H. Anthony Ribadeneira16 時間 前

    Superman: do you bleed? Ben Affleck: yes, a week every month. (in bat man voice)

  35. Tyler Bettineski

    Tyler Bettineski16 時間 前

    Someone I know things the last Jedi is worse than the holiday special. No joke.

  36. TsumTsum Marvel

    TsumTsum Marvel16 時間 前

    For Paul

  37. Liam Duk-Stolting

    Liam Duk-Stolting16 時間 前

    Taika Waititi is a genius. First ragnarok, then jojo rabbit and I have a good feeling about his upcoming Star Wars movie

  38. Benny Moonwalker

    Benny Moonwalker16 時間 前

    Disney is a total wreck!!!

  39. Liam Duk-Stolting

    Liam Duk-Stolting16 時間 前

    I AM THOR, SON OF ODIN AND THE GOD OF THUNDER *Gets electrocuted* Me: Ironic If you’re a Star Wars fan you got that reference

  40. Torrs

    Torrs16 時間 前

    Oh yeah, that rug sure likes to watch...

  41. Andri Adipura

    Andri Adipura16 時間 前

    Bernie Sanders approves this movie

  42. Dick Dastardly

    Dick Dastardly17 時間 前

    Interiors in the 90’s were kinda hazy. Must have been the lighting. Or the pollution.

  43. Andri Adipura

    Andri Adipura17 時間 前

    4:06 The reason behind UK's Brexit: EU

  44. Maryland Girl

    Maryland Girl17 時間 前

    Oh my gosh, you're right. Prince Eric is white Aladdin. Or Aladdin is Arabian Prince Eric. Either way, it's the same guy.

  45. Matthew Watkins

    Matthew Watkins17 時間 前

    Now I just want to hear Micheal Bolton sign the actual songs AND get full versions of the joke songs.

  46. Big Brain Productions and their Superhero Friends

    Big Brain Productions and their Superhero Friends17 時間 前


  47. Seacrest Outlaw

    Seacrest Outlaw17 時間 前

    He said God please stay away from Blade Runner. Definitely didn't feel like a prequel.

  48. Goge Jaja

    Goge Jaja17 時間 前

    Do miraculous ladybug next

  49. Maryland Girl

    Maryland Girl17 時間 前

    😂😂😂 This is one of the best.

  50. Rodrigo Serrano

    Rodrigo Serrano17 時間 前

    The film is very bad but Wiseau's acting is even WORSE!!

  51. Goge Jaja

    Goge Jaja17 時間 前

    Cool cool 😎 But it's time you do miraculous ladybug

  52. Goge Jaja

    Goge Jaja17 時間 前

    Miraculous ladybug... Do it

  53. Thomas Ginos

    Thomas Ginos17 時間 前

    So the bonds

  54. abby H

    abby H17 時間 前

    Say: how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

  55. Luis Umana

    Luis Umana17 時間 前

    Please say in your best Vin Diesel voice: We are a family, and family is a verb.

  56. Matthew Newman

    Matthew Newman17 時間 前

    BTW this is how you subvert expectations. I thought I had the whole thing figured out.

  57. SIKE01

    SIKE0117 時間 前

    JOHN CARPENTER is the spiritual Godfather of THE PURGE.

  58. Nate Norris

    Nate Norris17 時間 前

    Do The Toy!!!! Richard Pryor

  59. Ary Tiwari

    Ary Tiwari17 時間 前

    Could have been better.. This one was not even close to being good

  60. Goge Jaja

    Goge Jaja17 時間 前

    😄😄😄 Do miraculous ladybug next

  61. Jons T

    Jons T17 時間 前

    *The Greater Good*

  62. MisterDrgn

    MisterDrgn17 時間 前

    I know this wasn't a great movie, but I really enjoyed it. It felt like a gift. And the Shining scene was way more fun than remembering a bunch of lines from War Games.

  63. vinodh john George

    vinodh john George17 時間 前

    Do one episode about the movie Titanic & Jack Sparrow sequels 😎😀

  64. Goge Jaja

    Goge Jaja17 時間 前

    Yeesh... Now do miraculous ladybug

  65. Budupula Radhaiah

    Budupula Radhaiah17 時間 前

    ఫుల్ మూవీ తెలుగులో లేదా

  66. Goge Jaja

    Goge Jaja17 時間 前

    Plz do miraculous ladybug

  67. robizzlor

    robizzlor18 時間 前

    Staring: "Diversity". Yeah, every movie now. And every ad for anything. And everything.

  68. K Stee

    K Stee18 時間 前

    Please say 'ONE breakfast, yes, but what about SECOND breakfast?'

  69. K Stee

    K Stee18 時間 前

    Please do the Witcher!

  70. Siena Parr

    Siena Parr18 時間 前

    JoJo Rabbit Honest Trailer please

  71. Liam Duk-Stolting

    Liam Duk-Stolting18 時間 前

    I wish I was born in the 80’s

  72. Henriette (Student) BAUDET

    Henriette (Student) BAUDET18 時間 前

    do Honest trailers Percy Jackson !!!

  73. Matt S

    Matt S18 時間 前

    This was soooooooo shity. I remember people laughing throughout the whole thing.

  74. Jason Bowser

    Jason Bowser18 時間 前

    Damn...Reeve WAS Superman!

  75. Marco Quiroz

    Marco Quiroz18 時間 前

    This trailer needs redone in the new awesome voice

  76. C Hopkins Hickman

    C Hopkins Hickman18 時間 前

    4:02 😂😂

  77. Juan Herrera

    Juan Herrera18 時間 前

    When a girl is too timid to admit she wants to get spit roasted. Is what this love triangle should be called.

  78. mysta02

    mysta0218 時間 前

    Please Honest Trailer-ise THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH.

  79. Aashman Bajpai

    Aashman Bajpai18 時間 前

    Omg i hate you so much

  80. Juan Herrera

    Juan Herrera18 時間 前

    You can splice in scenes from "Vampires Suck" and no one would notice. It's the same horrible movie almost scene per scene.

  81. Laura Reyes

    Laura Reyes18 時間 前

    XD Space dementia part XDDD

  82. Marcus Detroit

    Marcus Detroit18 時間 前

    They should have stopped at one more regeneration.

  83. Dylan Yilmaz

    Dylan Yilmaz18 時間 前


  84. Dylan Yilmaz

    Dylan Yilmaz18 時間 前


  85. Venom Benchmark

    Venom Benchmark18 時間 前

    So Katana is basically Arrhas with frostmourne 😂

  86. Le Darrawr

    Le Darrawr18 時間 前

    Eat your cereal

  87. Henry Stine

    Henry Stine19 時間 前

    I loved these movies I don't care what anyone else says they were the greatest movies to ever exist except for 9

  88. Juan Herrera

    Juan Herrera19 時間 前

    Should have added some grunting sounds from Lawless for added measure.

  89. just your average joe

    just your average joe19 時間 前

    IT was awesome

  90. BVBNewHampshire

    BVBNewHampshire19 時間 前

    You should do freddy VS jason

  91. Seth Organ

    Seth Organ19 時間 前

    That little girl was so annoying but it wasn't a bad movie.

  92. BVBNewHampshire

    BVBNewHampshire19 時間 前

    You should do Freddy VS Jason

  93. Z-ink :P

    Z-ink :P19 時間 前

    why is he so good at explaining things?

  94. Antaine Ó hÓgáin

    Antaine Ó hÓgáin19 時間 前

    Hey, I actually liked "Saving Private Ryan: WWI Edition" -- I mean, 1917!

  95. Shane Moose

    Shane Moose19 時間 前

    Could you The Mask?

  96. PureGOOD Evil

    PureGOOD Evil19 時間 前

    Oi, don’t diss evanescence like that

  97. Molly Kisthart

    Molly Kisthart19 時間 前

    To me, Harlan seemed a lot like Dumbledore in Harry Potter, where he thinks he is the puppet master, using his powers of manipulation for good instead of evil, but in the end, it comes down to something random that they would never have anticipated, beyond their death. Harlan was supposed to be suicide so that Marta could get the money and Dumbledore convinced Snape to murder him so that the Elder Wand would be his but in the end, the smallest human detail changes the end result from what the expected.

  98. KM Zoilus

    KM Zoilus19 時間 前

    wow this guy's voice sounds like he's pushing out the world's biggest turd while talking! its horrible!

  99. Josh Sacrison

    Josh Sacrison19 時間 前

    WTF?! Where is the Mr. Sunday Movies plug?!

  100. Mike Zerker

    Mike Zerker20 時間 前

    18:15 - the blood on Marta's shoes is a plot hole! She is nowhere near Chris Plummer's character when he slits his throat, so how does the blood even get on her shoe... also like they mention, she's a nurse and could have gotten blood on her shoe from injecting him with medication every night.