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I will be uploading cartoon and maybe anime I like

  1. Kitti Chan

    Kitti Chan6 時間 前

    This whole thing is breaking the fourth wall

  2. NAKACWA Cathy

    NAKACWA Cathy11 時間 前

    2019-2020 anyone here 👍

  3. Nora Martinez

    Nora Martinez13 時間 前

    Brave is so unrated..

  4. ben

    ben14 時間 前

    S H E S F R O M T H E O T H E R S T U D I O

  5. gachakittenlover825438 Casillas

    gachakittenlover825438 Casillas16 時間 前

    And test

  6. gachakittenlover825438 Casillas

    gachakittenlover825438 Casillas17 時間 前

    Wat does lunch and recess stand for

  7. Golden Chi1d

    Golden Chi1d日 前

    Everybody gangster until Merida starts talking.

  8. Ethxrille _

    Ethxrille _日 前

    "She's from the other studio" I know this is kinda 'old' but it always make me say oof, like damn girl

  9. Mai2727

    Mai2727日 前

    I think Aurora actually understood Merida!

  10. Blake Jordan

    Blake Jordan日 前

    ...Hold up... C3PO makes a cameo, and *PRINCESS* Leia isnt in this scene? ... Explain this decision disney. I need to know why.

  11. Hrist Q-P

    Hrist Q-P日 前

    The poor thing is angry and upset.


    FRUIT3RSUP2 日 前

    This. Is my spirit aimal

  13. Rico and Eyepatch

    Rico and Eyepatch2 日 前

    Jodi Benson (Ariel) Paige O'Hara (Belle) Jennifer Hale (Cinderella) Linda Larkin (Jasmine) Irene Bedard (Pocahontas) Ming Na Wen (Mulan) Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) Kelly MacDonald (Merida) Anika Noni Rose (Tiana) Pamela Ribon (Snow White) Kate Higgins (Aurora) Auli'l Cravalho (Moana) Kristen Bell (Anna) Idina Menzel (Elsa) Sarah Silverman (Vanellope)

  14. Hannibal King

    Hannibal King2 日 前

    Vanellope is a queen among princesses.

  15. vaporrub

    vaporrub2 日 前

    3:05 omg when Mulan did that hand motion thing my gay ass found it attractive😳 am I the only one???

  16. Z Zuiderzee

    Z Zuiderzee3 日 前

    C3PO--taking one last look at the Princesses.

  17. EIF EIF

    EIF EIF3 日 前

    Love Venelope

  18. I safe ih

    I safe ih3 日 前

    So you mean to tell me that orphan's could he classified as Disney princesses. This had just brought some hope into their lives. Well my dreamed died of being a disney princess lol like i had one😐😄

  19. James

    James3 日 前

    Does anybody wanna see all the Disney princesses compete all together on a season of the Bachelor? 🤣

  20. Bessie

    Bessie4 日 前

    I hate all these new modern princesses . why are they so rough and unfeminine? Look how they react just because a little kid girl appeared in the room. Everyone just rushing to attack or kill. Stupid. Must be new millenniums or younger adults working in Disney now, messing up the princess image. Every girl has to act tough and cool now. Move too fast, talk too much. It's stupid. No one is sweet and gentle and feminine anymore. And look at Pocahontas, she looks like the ghost from that movie 'mama' where her stupid hair is always flying and floating about even when there's no wind. All stupid!!!

  21. JamesBOfficial

    JamesBOfficial4 日 前

    Bitch Cinderella wasn’t for NONE!😭

  22. Black Cat

    Black Cat4 日 前

    Theres things that are more important then school, hm did teachers forget we have LIVES too

  23. GamerFuziion H

    GamerFuziion H4 日 前

    I like how everyone is sitting on a bean bag and Rapunzel just sitting on her hair lol

  24. FNL :C

    FNL :C4 日 前

    When she sang "steering wheel” was she referring to Micky Mouse?

  25. GX Shatering

    GX Shatering4 日 前

    Fan service at its finest.

  26. My Thoughts Exactly

    My Thoughts Exactly5 日 前

    anyone else notice at the beginning, cinderella just stood up and freezed a bit

  27. Michael Buchan

    Michael Buchan5 日 前


  28. Ricky Marckstadt

    Ricky Marckstadt5 日 前

    Since Disney is bought Star Wars Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) could have been in the room with the rest of the princesses. Technically Mulan is not a princess cause she was not born into royalty nor married to royalty in the traditional sense. Mulan is a warrior.



    But technically she was trapped by king kandy in sugar rush

  30. iCaliver

    iCaliver6 日 前

    Then Disney’s Star Wars storm troopers marched in to escort Thumblina and Anastasia into the room a new fight ensued earning Disney an Oscar for best fight sequence.

  31. Dont Visit My Channel

    Dont Visit My Channel6 日 前

    Calhoun is the Big Spoon during Sex

  32. Aidan Davis

    Aidan Davis6 日 前

    But... some of their problems... Or at least the most important problems... were solved by... big... strong... men...

  33. Nightshift10000

    Nightshift100006 日 前

    You know I wanna say it’s one of the redheads, or Belle who’s my favorite, but my favorite will always be Pocahontas. I’m just a sucker for Native Girls

  34. Grandfather Lupus

    Grandfather Lupus6 日 前

    Anyone translate that last part

  35. Nikki Panes

    Nikki Panes6 日 前

    Can someone please explain what Merida just said???

  36. Purple collection

    Purple collection7 日 前

    Is no one gonna talk about Cinderella breaking her glass slipper into a sharp weapon so she can take someone down?

  37. TheOMGsee

    TheOMGsee7 日 前

    2:31 Merida is literally me sitting in a boring lecture

  38. Solid Snape

    Solid Snape8 日 前

    Let's play another game this time I get to win! (Deku is terrified at the knife) PERFECT!

  39. HJ Y

    HJ Y8 日 前

    1:20 What is “As would I”? Is it old english? If it isn’t, can anyone give me an example used in daily situation?

  40. El Gweedy

    El Gweedy8 日 前

    We dinny talk like that ya wee pricks

  41. Davis Cruz

    Davis Cruz8 日 前

    1:11 Merida's face when Snow White sings. Throw-your-head-back-slap-your-knee-laugh-out-loud-funny

  42. funny bracelets

    funny bracelets8 日 前

    I dont know which is funnier:merida speaking in scottish accent, belle's face expression,elsa in the end shaking her head like a thug or anna saying she's from the other studio 😂 (merida is made from pixar actually not from walt disney studios)

  43. Ca’jaya Haith

    Ca’jaya Haith9 日 前

    That is true

  44. Mystical Cupid

    Mystical Cupid9 日 前

    1:01 ur delusional if u thought u saved urself Penelope

  45. Gyumin Kim

    Gyumin Kim10 日 前

    Lol, Mulan and Merida are the only two with actual weapons 😂

  46. Discolobster915

    Discolobster91511 日 前


  47. gunblader518

    gunblader51811 日 前

    Hottest one in normal clothes is Anna.

  48. Jacob Berry

    Jacob Berry12 日 前

    My Great Gran' da talked like Merida. It would piss 'im right out when folk couldn't understand 'im.

  49. Benso

    Benso12 日 前

    Why does rapunzel have her long hair though ?

  50. blubryy

    blubryy12 日 前

    **when you understand everything Merida said cause you’re also scottish**

  51. Georgia vandenberg

    Georgia vandenberg12 日 前

    Or sum

  52. Georgia vandenberg

    Georgia vandenberg12 日 前

    Aren’t these girls married...

  53. russell5078084

    russell507808412 日 前

    Well she just spoke in English a few minutes ago when she said the same thing the rest of them were saying.

  54. Basket Of Kisses

    Basket Of Kisses13 日 前

    I want a movie just about them

  55. Basket Of Kisses

    Basket Of Kisses13 日 前

    I hate Gene.


    P0LYCHRYLICS13 日 前

    I think Merida said something like “You don’t need to sing to be a princess.”

  57. Nolan Pham

    Nolan Pham13 日 前

    “She’s from the other studio.” DAAAAAMN ALRIGHT

  58. gaya rap challenge

    gaya rap challenge13 日 前

    0:08 Elsa's face! All of their facial expressions! but the way her face like goes up and down like LMFAO

  59. HPanda

    HPanda13 日 前

    "we cant understand her she is from another studio" I am dead😂😂

  60. Jamael Williams

    Jamael Williams13 日 前

    I like how you combine other friends from Steven Universe with my hero Academia

  61. Aleli Dacanay

    Aleli Dacanay13 日 前

    Do you have daddy issues?

  62. Noah Davis

    Noah Davis13 日 前


  63. 1m Subcribers with no video challenge

    1m Subcribers with no video challenge13 日 前

    For me it’s 19 hours wwwah

  64. Christina

    Christina14 日 前


  65. Mario Fan 2000 Strange

    Mario Fan 2000 Strange14 日 前

    3:43 Is that scottish? Cool.

  66. Amber

    Amber14 日 前

    They did Merida so dirty!

  67. Daffa916 TheDisneyPrincessFan Est. 2003

    Daffa916 TheDisneyPrincessFan Est. 200314 日 前

    Jasmine (Berlin, Germany) Arab-German Mulan (San Francisco, CA) Asian-American

  68. Vladimir Protonov

    Vladimir Protonov14 日 前

    Is this an insulto a Pixar o a Escocia? Cacadisney, caca

  69. LoKGames

    LoKGames14 日 前

    this is trash

  70. Wisdom Omon

    Wisdom Omon15 日 前

    I love the way Venellope says important water.

  71. Iliya Rahmati

    Iliya Rahmati15 日 前

    I love it how all of them have some kind of weapon to fight with Snow White: probably has an apple Cinderella: has a glass sharp shoe Aurora: has a needle Arial: has a dinglehopper (fork) Bell: has a book Mulan: has a SWORD Pocahontas: has a big like stick Jasmine: has a lamp Tiana: has a rolling pin Merida: has a bow and arrow Rapunzel: has a pan Moana: has a paddle Elsa: has her powers But all ana has are her fists

  72. Bryan Mae

    Bryan Mae15 日 前

    Only mulan has a parents

  73. DaWhiteWolffie

    DaWhiteWolffie15 日 前

    OKay....what DID Merrida say? I gotta know!

  74. DogDad 2008

    DogDad 200815 日 前


  75. Padfoot

    Padfoot16 日 前

    I couldn’t not stop laughing at this

  76. Oliver Douglas

    Oliver Douglas16 日 前

    Merida got so dissed in this film 😆

  77. Dead

    Dead16 日 前

    1:24 wh... why is there a batman disney transition?

  78. Dead

    Dead16 日 前

    I love how Pocahontas' hair is blowing in the wind at the beginning.

  79. The mobile User

    The mobile User17 日 前

    I mean...he’s not wrong

  80. Benjamin

    Benjamin17 日 前

    All of them have some sort of weapon or magic and then Ana is just standing there about to throw hands lol

  81. Cris Urban Jacques

    Cris Urban Jacques18 日 前

    Merida giving BIG gay vibes, im here for that

  82. Doc Lombardi

    Doc Lombardi18 日 前

    3:05 *horse trough* I'm dead. 😂🤣

  83. David Campuzano

    David Campuzano18 日 前

    3:42 You're welcome

  84. The slimy ni-

    The slimy ni-19 日 前




    Dont do acid kids this is why

  86. •WhisperingPisces•

    •WhisperingPisces•20 日 前

    I told this to my Math teacher. I goT 10 PoiNts ToOk off MY t e s t :v

  87. Heatwave619

    Heatwave61920 日 前

    You would think they would include Princess Leia in this scene as well, since she’s part of Disney at the time.

  88. Peniel Lockward

    Peniel Lockward20 日 前

    But most of there Problems where solved by guys.... But Yeah what ever

  89. Vision Boi

    Vision Boi21 日 前

    The only reason why this movie was watchable

  90. I am bad at the vidogame

    I am bad at the vidogame21 日 前


  91. I am bad at the vidogame

    I am bad at the vidogame21 日 前

    For me it’s 8

  92. Sandy _cuklad

    Sandy _cuklad21 日 前

    Merida: aisnndiaowijsndjx Vanellope: uh huh...what she gotta say? Tiana: we don't know Moana: we can't understand her Anna: SHE FROM OTHER STUDIO IN MY MIND: ALL PRINCESS THEY STUDIO IS DISNEY ONLY MERIDA IN DISNEY PIXAR.... ALONE!!! :V

  93. ethanjvantol

    ethanjvantol22 日 前

    Every other princess: pulls out a weapon Belle: BoOk

  94. Technus

    Technus23 日 前

    Technically Vanellope was Cursed when Turbo removed her code from the game, and was Kidnapped/Enslaved or rather captured and locked in a dungeon. And I'm surprised Pocahontas didn't mention she stares at the Riverbend.

  95. Winston Carelse

    Winston Carelse23 日 前

    for me its seven thousands seconds

  96. Jenn Wal

    Jenn Wal23 日 前

    Mulan is fu****ing hot 💞👌🌈

  97. Cory Kingbreaker

    Cory Kingbreaker24 日 前

    I haven't seen this "princess" until this video... As soon as it started singing I knew it was played by Sarah Silverman....

  98. Cory Kingbreaker

    Cory Kingbreaker24 日 前

    Christ... Princesses sure are aggressive..

  99. Rainy Jekkar

    Rainy Jekkar24 日 前

    I have a question where is princess odette? The swan princess?? Isnt she a Disney princess?🤔🤷‍♀️

  100. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah24 日 前

    it's been a month and I still don't know what Merida was talking about