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  1. Markus E

    Markus E時間 前

    Man, I thought Garbine would become one of the top three players for years. It's too bad.

  2. Li Xvan Chan

    Li Xvan Chan時間 前


  3. Blank oish

    Blank oish2 時間 前

    football alwayes wins ....

  4. Bundes Luftwaffe

    Bundes Luftwaffe4 時間 前

    Harashow Roske!! Sharapova is smarter than Williams as well.

  5. Greg White

    Greg White4 時間 前

    I think Federer is the best tennis player ever but I want to watch other people. JPgo doesn't seem to understand this...

  6. Theo Berman

    Theo Berman7 時間 前

    2019 peeps here

  7. Joe Marshall

    Joe Marshall7 時間 前

    Boy, Pete had a couple of good chances at 4-4 in the fifth.

  8. olaraay

    olaraay10 時間 前

    what round?

  9. Lynda B

    Lynda B11 時間 前

    Kyrgios is talking too much? Not even close! A match that really went off the rails was the McEnroe and Nastase match at the US Open (back in '79 I think). The crowd began to riot and get into the circus act...check it out.

  10. Roland Supersaw

    Roland Supersaw11 時間 前

    Just look at these silly fedtards cheering... They have set a new benchmark for disrespect.This could be maybe the most satisfying match in my life watching tennis. Too good to be true... Look at them when Fed breaks in 4th set, in 5th set and at match points. The most hostile crowd we saw. Disrespectful...Unbearable...Im only sorry for Fed. Not for them

  11. Suresh Mavuduru

    Suresh Mavuduru14 時間 前

    My college day collection...

  12. Sudarshan sridhar

    Sudarshan sridhar14 時間 前

    who else got goose bums when they announce sachin's name.

  13. Juan Javier Mercado

    Juan Javier Mercado15 時間 前

    Bjorn look to Tsipsipas 🤔

  14. Zeljko Crljenica

    Zeljko Crljenica16 時間 前

    Last two games of this match had more drama, excitement, emotions and quality shots than all Djokovic vs Murray matches put together

  15. Chad Love

    Chad Love19 時間 前

    Kyrgios looks like a Turkish transplant into Greece.


    #M.A-CHRONICLES19 時間 前

    5:46:24 thank me later!

  17. Boysbe

    Boysbe22 時間 前

    I watched the live in that year when I was quite young. The match impressed me so much. There was no tiebreak at that time. The two players both exhausted.

  18. Pasu Pathy

    Pasu Pathy日 前

    This 2 gentlemen makes the tennis to reach its heights...

  19. C.J. Carney

    C.J. Carney日 前

    The one magical day at Wimbledon that I think people will remember for decades to come.

  20. MIKE LU

    MIKE LU日 前

    Please post all Williams sisters Wimbledon doubles final matches..

  21. Robert Wolff

    Robert Wolff日 前

    The men should be paid more.....a lot more.

  22. Chuck Smith

    Chuck Smith日 前

    The only FACTS needed to be discussed about this match are these: Connor's TORE A KNEE LIGAMENT earlier in the tournament & had a worsening STRESS FRACTURE. He was advised not to play the final. Within a week he was back in California with his LEG IN A CAST. End of match analysis. Connors OWNED Ashe. Connors beat Ashe in all 8 other ATP recognized matches. After his 1st win age 20, nrver losing a set, excluding this match that never should have happened, til a 5-7 set in his last win. Overall, including non-atp matches, many of which were serious competitions, I think Connors record over Ashe was 16-3.

  23. EEE EEE

    EEE EEE日 前

    2:57:19 excuse me mirka, there might be a wardrobe malfunction

  24. Devdip Ghosh

    Devdip Ghosh日 前

    Bekham is famous than all of them

  25. Kriel

    Kriel日 前

    billie jean is not my lover

  26. psichoparano

    psichoparano日 前

    to people still crying about the championship point get over it already...the guy is the undisputable GOAT he's got nothing prove !watching him play is rewarding enough we dont need him to win anymore do we..

  27. Fillius Awusi

    Fillius Awusi日 前

    Coach Becker, Edberg along with Roger and Novak has off season ending 2019.. 18 Wimbledon Titles.. Bravo..

  28. Khaled khalil

    Khaled khalil日 前

    and novak was only 70% and imagine if the crowed was with him he could play much better

  29. Faaz Khan

    Faaz Khan日 前

    Who is here after reading about her in beehive book ....😜

  30. Oz A

    Oz A日 前

    6:30 that’s almost impossible for anyone to hit.

  31. Edwardzara

    Edwardzara2 日 前

    I just got 18!! It took me like 3 hours

  32. muhhamad terrorist pig

    muhhamad terrorist pig2 日 前


  33. sheru4444

    sheru44442 日 前

    Legend vs Ghetto

  34. madeOfClay

    madeOfClay2 日 前

    Ya pues dejen jugar...

  35. 1lionmurrill

    1lionmurrill2 日 前

    Did I really hear the announcer say he eventually died from aids that was given to him by a hospital? What?

  36. Matthew Trotman

    Matthew Trotman2 日 前

    I think the commentator maybe was not sure if the other girl won a point early on . Either that or he is clueless .

  37. winford evad

    winford evad2 日 前

    Look like two men to me

  38. jox29

    jox292 日 前

    Este rafa es tonto hasta pa calentar

  39. Pranav

    Pranav2 日 前

    Eerily similar to the final exactly ten years later. The guy who arguably had the advantage for most of the match (Roddick never dropped serve till the very last game, won most of the rallies from the baseline, had 4 opportunities to go 2-sets to love...) lost in a gruelling, heartbreaking manner.

  40. SerLat

    SerLat2 日 前


  41. Te3time

    Te3time2 日 前

    boomer commentators

  42. Linus 6626 Feynstein

    Linus 6626 Feynstein2 日 前

    Sampras just 28...people keep saying that he was too old and thus lost against Federer. Federer 37 when he almost defeated Djokovic in Wimbledon 2019. Soooo...

  43. Zina Stanescu

    Zina Stanescu2 日 前

    Both my favourite

  44. Zina Stanescu

    Zina Stanescu2 日 前

    I like the way Simona lift up the trophy 🏆 like a true champion

  45. deepak mahajan

    deepak mahajan2 日 前

    Her shoulder injury ruined her serve which was her weapon and also her flat free hitting. So after injuries she had success on clay because it favoured her tweaked style of constructing points and opening to hit winner..

  46. Lul Luliwic

    Lul Luliwic2 日 前

    2:46 reminds me of Jesse Pinkman hahaha

  47. Tony  Odwyer

    Tony Odwyer2 日 前

    Does halep not have a first name ? The commentators don't seem to to think so,totally biased

  48. Jaejoeki Katjoeng goa

    Jaejoeki Katjoeng goa2 日 前


  49. Johan Ananda

    Johan Ananda2 日 前

    Mr. Roger deserved to win this match and the title, he plays better than novak for entire match, he just lost because lack of mental strength at crucial time like the tie break and that two championship points, so unlucky...I believe as Rafa fan he gonna revenge at next year Wimbledon match if he meet Novak again..but I also hope Nadal could win the Wimbledon title for the third time, one more AO and US Open, then 3 more FO to complete 25 Grand Slam titles. Vamos Rafa

  50. jiin5993

    jiin59932 日 前

    1:06:51 What does Federer say? "How much ???? if it's out"

  51. Isaac RJ

    Isaac RJ2 日 前

    7:09 Just pause it and see all the space to hit a down the line forehand. He doesn't have the guts or courage needed to defeat Djokovic in Slams like Wawrinka does. Nerves of playing against Djokovic kill him everytime. Also the next point, very stupid choice from Djokovic, if he goes crossed, he needs to run to cover all the space left in the forehand side, usually and normally an approach shot should go down the line

  52. DONI ツ

    DONI ツ2 日 前

    wow - I waited 8 minutes 19 seconds for a funny moment.

  53. AngryBill

    AngryBill3 日 前

    Even now, I would consider Sampras serve (1st and 2nd) to be the best of all time.

  54. dinh

    dinh3 日 前

    Zina was a slow server, sometimes I thought the video froze for a moment.

  55. xx xx

    xx xx3 日 前

    Djo AKA "The anti-hero"

  56. Tom Bryant

    Tom Bryant3 日 前

    Rosol is the GOAT. 😂

  57. Mino Patel

    Mino Patel3 日 前


  58. R T

    R T3 日 前

    There is NOTHING bad u can say about this guy lmao. Top bloke

  59. Isaac RJ

    Isaac RJ3 日 前

    _"It's 5 in a row, fantastic Federer"_ It's great to know that this phrase is more remembered like _"La décima is his"_ BTW, maybe for shots like 12:02 is the reason why Nadal started to do the buggy-whip even more often, since then his forehand power and ability to hit winners went a little bit down Buggy-whip not even helped a heavy top-spin player like Nadal. Made him put more balls in the court but his power decreased and it's easier for the players to attack that wing

  60. MobyDick

    MobyDick3 日 前

    2:24:19 Now that’s the Real Highlight.

  61. MobyDick

    MobyDick3 日 前

    Remove Ugly Women’s part.

  62. Donald Draper

    Donald Draper3 日 前

    if Nick would've given his 100% he would've smashed Nadal into pieces

  63. Roger Seebald

    Roger Seebald3 日 前

    serena looks/acts/talks like a battered baby mama.

  64. Basavaraj C

    Basavaraj C3 日 前

    Useless, dirtiest and shameless crowd in the history of tennis.

  65. Ville Metsola

    Ville Metsola3 日 前

    Are those returns sharp or what?!

  66. tashi palden

    tashi palden3 日 前

    These 2 and Djokovic are tennis big 3 ambassadors. 💪💪💪💪

  67. tashi palden

    tashi palden3 日 前

    Wat a moment. Hats off to both players. Rafa deserved totally 💪💪💪💪

  68. tashi palden

    tashi palden3 日 前

    Wat a moment. My my my. Hats off to both. Rafa deserved totally 💪💪💪💪

  69. Matheus Nader

    Matheus Nader3 日 前

    Another level of tennis

  70. 匿名

    匿名3 日 前

    Excuse me,I’m Japanese . Why do so many people hate spectators ?

  71. Domenico Dolce

    Domenico Dolce3 日 前

    Serena is the Queen of runner up😙😉😁 She never fit in Grandslam Final.. I love her .. I think she need to rest for long time to restored her mental #serenawilliams

  72. winford evad

    winford evad3 日 前

    That don't look or move like a female that's a dude

  73. winford evad

    winford evad3 日 前

    This coco look like a boy to me

  74. Amore SDMN

    Amore SDMN3 日 前

    I thought they learned not to put Serena on her backhand... She'll win the point

  75. Diya Srivastava

    Diya Srivastava3 日 前

    Can someone seriously pls tell me what music they've used in the background tho'? Its killing me on the inside....

  76. Vishal Kharat

    Vishal Kharat3 日 前

    They are the greatest rivals of all time.

  77. hydrolito

    hydrolito3 日 前

    Martina Hingis matches 6 wins 7 loss to Serena Williams and 11 wins and 10 Losses to Venus Williams so was even in her career to the William Sisters in Singles matches.

  78. Hari Haran

    Hari Haran3 日 前

    --Respect left the chat.

  79. Shanmugam Selenagomez

    Shanmugam Selenagomez3 日 前

    Sachin sachin.........😄😄😄

  80. Mandy Guest

    Mandy Guest4 日 前

    Fantastic play of tennis from great icons...... . Much love💖💖💖💖

  81. ksisgreat

    ksisgreat4 日 前

    We don't need BGM ! Remove it!

  82. Bulma

    Bulma4 日 前

    Presque plus a boire Djokovic sur la fin Lol

  83. Duncan W. Lievi

    Duncan W. Lievi4 日 前

    4:58:09 A legend basking in probably his biggest mental victory on a tennis court after defeating the greatest grass court player of all time and the entire Center Court. Respect!

  84. saanvi mallya

    saanvi mallya4 日 前

    Guys they both are legends let's stop comparing them. Leta have some time to appreciate their hard work, it's easy to compare but hard to play.

  85. Vernelle Douglas

    Vernelle Douglas4 日 前

    The way these two chose to compete left viewer k

  86. Sasha Minin

    Sasha Minin4 日 前

    Ummmm its coco gauff

  87. Sethu Pathy

    Sethu Pathy4 日 前

    Beating nole in Wimbledon final with straight sets.. It's unbelievable...

  88. Sri Charan

    Sri Charan5 日 前

    Plot twist: it's victor from future gave the advice

  89. Ndnx dnsnsn

    Ndnx dnsnsn5 日 前

    NO ONE: Nedal: “AHHHHHHHH”

  90. 2Clarence47

    2Clarence475 日 前

    10:55 Serena was like f that call I wanna win!!! 😂😂😂😂

  91. salahosama el nady

    salahosama el nady5 日 前

    02:39:08 federers style

  92. Hawkins

    Hawkins5 日 前

    man... Federer not being able to realize 2 match balls in the final still hurts....

  93. Onder Profoe

    Onder Profoe5 日 前

    Simona halep a 50às

  94. Playing Violin

    Playing Violin5 日 前

    Should be called - funniest of Murray...

  95. Sethu Pathy

    Sethu Pathy5 日 前

    Can he win another Wimbledon??

  96. delo tehniki

    delo tehniki5 日 前

    Какая у машуни потресяющеюся фигура

  97. Marguerite Greter

    Marguerite Greter5 日 前

    RF the King of Gras for ever and always

  98. JordanjamesX

    JordanjamesX5 日 前

    It is very nice to see the comments section from around the world supportive of Novak Djokovic. The bias of Tim Henman and the other British guy is gross. Boris Becker was fair.

  99. faq u

    faq u5 日 前

    game set match ball Federerrrrrr

  100. Rodomon dater

    Rodomon dater5 日 前

    Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary.