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  1. Clutch_City_Beauts

    Clutch_City_Beauts17 秒 前

    Lmao, i wonder what he named his dog in order for them to bleep its name out 🤣🤣

  2. Rick Timmons

    Rick Timmons分 前

    women in uniform - yum.

  3. ChemsRus

    ChemsRus分 前

    9:31. "What I did bro?" Classic.

  4. Tyler Elliott

    Tyler Elliott2 分 前

    Weed isn't a narcotic! Wtf.



    never come out to Salinas keep driving 10 more minutes to Monterey lol

  6. Chuck Finley

    Chuck Finley3 分 前

    That woman showing her disgusting big belly is a heinous criminal act all by itself!!!

  7. IamMoth

    IamMoth3 分 前

    That is the nicest murderer I have ever seen, the guy with the dreads wants better for the kids and himself.

  8. Mr Wonderful

    Mr Wonderful3 分 前

    Does Leland even lift? The dude is looking very small.

  9. Jesper Clemmensen

    Jesper Clemmensen3 分 前

    If you're drunk, in possession of narcotics, have warrants etc. - make sure there is something wrong with your car that catches attention!

  10. For The Love Of The Truth

    For The Love Of The Truth3 分 前

    so he didnt have any right to search the car despite telling the guy he did.....always hold on to your rights remain silent and refuse any search if its your right to do that.

  11. Kendall T

    Kendall T4 分 前

    After watching this show on Hulu, only on the first season I could tell Jeff was gonna get picked on. He seems way too nice and too scary acting, people can see right through that. Giving away your lunch tray? Commissary? No. I could tell Martin didn’t really have his back or much of any of the guys really. He’s just gotta get himself in shape, get some confidence, and toughen up.

  12. soratwin

    soratwin6 分 前

    Cop1: yup, yup Yup yup Cop2: yupyupyup...yupYup


    CAMIZKiNG6 分 前

    You telling me you this “big bad too tall” “mr untouchable” but you can’t fight your own fights??? Hmmmm🤔

  14. Nancy Padilla

    Nancy Padilla6 分 前

    I felt those speed bumps

  15. The Try Hards

    The Try Hards7 分 前

    This is beyond amazing.

  16. Bethlehem Eisenhour

    Bethlehem Eisenhour7 分 前

    People can't pee for God sake??? For a free country, you need 50 million laws, and millions that break them.

  17. Fresh Prince Of BR

    Fresh Prince Of BR8 分 前

    That take down was uncalled for 😂

  18. Logan L

    Logan L8 分 前

    I like how he makes him break and destroy the drugs.

  19. rayamoroso126

    rayamoroso1268 分 前

    I guess these cons are in the "extra tray program"

  20. Juugy Juugz

    Juugy Juugz9 分 前

    James looks like young dolph!!!

  21. Scorch428

    Scorch42810 分 前

    why why WHY let them search when you have cocaine in your car? Omg, stop being dumb and just say no....

  22. Claire Mora

    Claire Mora10 分 前

    This lady is the definition of schizotypal personality disorder.

  23. Grace-Divine Machingauta

    Grace-Divine Machingauta10 分 前

    Cut him some slack the person who disciplined him isn’t there

  24. gtlip

    gtlip11 分 前

    Drug and alcohol treatment is a place you go, spend a lot of money to find out AA is free. Money grab is all treatment is, especially if it is 12 step based. They hire folks in recovery and pay them nothing to do a very hard job. You have techs running groups, showing movies and taking the clients to meetings. Counselors who are in recovery with little to no training. Clients on suboxone flopping around - just a racket - OBTW SUBOXONE isn’t clean

  25. Lenox Wheat

    Lenox Wheat11 分 前

    Burglary that's a dopefiend offense. Hit the weed spot?🤔 Now u a target.

  26. Dante Regaspi jr

    Dante Regaspi jr11 分 前

    4:40 he has a PHONE WTF

  27. sushi roll

    sushi roll11 分 前

    " i was sober for 17 years then i left my husband" "alright, watch your feet" *slams door and walks away*

  28. Tina Marie

    Tina Marie12 分 前

    Omg! THAT poor mother😭 AND family😭

  29. samuel smith

    samuel smith13 分 前

    When you say there is no room in your home to live as a family, you are a hoarder. When you say you have so much stuff it is a breeding ground for cockroaches, you are a hoarder.

  30. Maki Coronado

    Maki Coronado13 分 前

    Mexicano tenías que ser !

  31. PacSmacks

    PacSmacks13 分 前

    Satisfying to watch I can’t lie

  32. Kydrick

    Kydrick13 分 前

    that louisiana accent heavy 💀

  33. Hazard=the best

    Hazard=the best14 分 前

    How’d he get a white whale to fit in the passenger seat?

  34. Fredrcg

    Fredrcg14 分 前

    All of a sudden I want a modelo chelada 🍻

  35. MaryCR

    MaryCR14 分 前

    Ron looks like Gomez Adams.

  36. Shartnado

    Shartnado16 分 前

    "Pursuing a Nissan sedan..." Aaaaaand it's a Pontiac.

  37. Zain Rasheed

    Zain Rasheed16 分 前

    I love how Doris is wearing a mask, but regularly doesn’t 😆😆😆

  38. Milly

    Milly16 分 前

    Parents are junkies so is their son

  39. Zari

    Zari16 分 前

    This family went on the Dr. Phil show a few years after this Hoarders episode.... She was still hoarding

  40. other h

    other h18 分 前

    I love all the side eye from Dr. Green whenever Laura opens her mouth.

  41. mursal ibrahim

    mursal ibrahim19 分 前

    When did Roddy Rich change his name to "Little Shorty"?

  42. Fun4Faize Entertainment

    Fun4Faize Entertainment19 分 前

    Fake show

  43. Killer-Bee

    Killer-Bee19 分 前

    6:49 Golden Voice ! he should be working in Radio Station

  44. TheDeathwish38

    TheDeathwish3820 分 前

    "Breast tests"

  45. gtlip

    gtlip20 分 前

    Both them girls had nice TC’s

  46. Halibut 1

    Halibut 120 分 前

    Philly might have weird parking laws but NY is the absolute worst: the tickets are over $100, the signage and street markings are impossible to understand, and it gets worse every year.

  47. medicalmarijuana4all

    medicalmarijuana4all20 分 前

    Typical . I thought itwas a bad stop at first

  48. John Ly

    John Ly20 分 前

    “Too Weak”

  49. Mario

    Mario21 分 前

    0:31 cop just parks in the middle of the street?😂

  50. justsomeguytoyou

    justsomeguytoyou21 分 前

    "Expired license, running a stop sign, possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernailia"---on what planet other than California does that NOT include a free trip to jail? You try that here in Florida and you are DONE.

  51. jacob blackwood

    jacob blackwood21 分 前

    Possession of meth is a misdemeanor in California 🤔

  52. Milly

    Milly22 分 前

    Drinking at the age of 16 is just common in the Netherlands.

  53. Daily Struggles

    Daily Struggles22 分 前


  54. Tony Gbaya

    Tony Gbaya23 分 前

    Never knew their was a 2nd and 3rd season of this.

  55. Vareyl Morvain

    Vareyl Morvain23 分 前

    “Oh SoRrY wE ThOugHt yOu waS tHe bAd gUY” friggin dumbasses Poor guy was trying to tell the cops he was a witness They yelled at him and his girl told them to shut up and threatened to put them in cuffs “Serve and protect “😒

  56. Grace-Divine Machingauta

    Grace-Divine Machingauta23 分 前

    Being a prison officer is my type of job

  57. Mykhal Perry

    Mykhal Perry24 分 前

    What a mental case. In the beginning when he found out that she lost her three children, should've been a red flag. It's serious when a mother loses her children.

  58. 271 pbg

    271 pbg24 分 前

    I just wonder do these people living in hoarder take baths or showers, because they bath tubs be filled up.

  59. Emissary Of Peace

    Emissary Of Peace24 分 前

    “You stoke a police in front of three police officers...” that’s not funny that’s them being stupid and and her being stupid in thinking she could get away... MERICA’

  60. Jadrian Tyler

    Jadrian Tyler25 分 前

    I would have to fight her, she can’t take accountability for anything. Not even the first 3 kids being taken away

  61. Fenrisúlfr Hródvitnir

    Fenrisúlfr Hródvitnir25 分 前

    Sounds to me that she blames everyone else for her own problems and refuses to take any responsibility for her own issues and then blames people for wanting to take control over their children because of her unclean and clearly dangerous lifestyle that can have serious consequences for others around her. She clearly doesn’t care about the safety of anyone else around her and she pushes anyone away that doesn’t agree with the way she wants to live. She then uses manipulative behavior as well as verbal abuse and lies to push her native and attempt to manipulate people against her husband. Clearly she has suffered some form of loss in her lifetime and is obviously hiding something that she possibly suffered from in her life that she refuses to confront and fix about herself and it’s having a clear affect on her entire family and she doesn’t care that she is going to lose them all because of the issues she refuses to fix about herself... Her behavior sucks, her attitude sucks, she clearly doesn’t need to be in a relationship and clearly needs some serious mental help before she can even expect to continue to have anyone in her life and that’s totally clear. If you’re not well either physically or mentally or even both then you cannot be their for a family that should be able to depend on you when they need you. After a failed marriage of my own and several failed relationships and going through an absolute living nightmare over the last 10 years of my life and having similar experiences of my own, I can see these things about others but unfortunately I can’t apply it to my own life as I know that my physical and mental health are not and never will be well enough to ever have a relationship due to the disease I have and since it’s incurable, there is no one willing to understand and be patient enough with me to actually stay with me. People who have these issues can easily fix their problems with dedication, a willingness to get their life and family back and to be there for them. People like myself with incurable diseases who will never have a family are envious of people like this because it makes us so angry to see someone with a family that cares about them and they’re so selfish and don’t care about anyone but themselves.

  62. VRONEM

    VRONEM25 分 前

    Officer: holds down arm to prevent movement Also officers: *PUT UR ARM BEHIND UR BACK NOW!!*

  63. Hilario Garcia

    Hilario Garcia26 分 前

    He was gone af

  64. Cascade Wealth

    Cascade Wealth26 分 前

    Im conflicted. I respect what good samaritans did but at the same time, y u snitching

  65. Braden White

    Braden White26 分 前

    If a cop pulls you over with that haircut and those glasses, 100% getting a ticket or going to jail lmao

  66. brandon hilliard

    brandon hilliard27 分 前

    Inmate 1 cops 0

  67. Sharon Alabama

    Sharon Alabama27 分 前

    They want to take that sh it with them! Lol

  68. Scorch428

    Scorch42827 分 前

    "I know what's going on all DAY" "so, Chivalry's not dead" "what's that mean?"

  69. Dat nigga Roger

    Dat nigga Roger27 分 前

    Joining a gang never leaves you it’s the brotherhood the homies who hold you down being apart of something you know it’s crazy i haven’t been active in 5 years and I still sometimes want to go back and lash out it’s a crazy life that’s hard to leave behind the mind set stays with you

  70. Jennifer John

    Jennifer John27 分 前

    "oils, hair, and turds"- Kirk

  71. Susie Varnado

    Susie Varnado28 分 前

    Everyone of the videos are the same. They need to take the person to a hotel for a few day , Clean her up. Buy a few clothes. Then bring her back to a sanitized house and she can’t live alone. If she doesn’t have anyone to stay with her then she needs to be in a state/government home. Our mentality ill people without family helping need to be taken care of.

  72. Natalia Spamer

    Natalia Spamer28 分 前

    omg seeing those poor wittle rats :( makes me wish she didn't get help they didnt ask for this. reminds me of my favorite movie ratatoille

  73. Maniac_Mike64

    Maniac_Mike6429 分 前

    I love how everytime theres a wasp/bee problem, Ricky’s always there but with any other job here no where to be found😂

  74. Richard Lopezalvarado

    Richard Lopezalvarado29 分 前

    Dude said help me to help find who did this to you I’m alright bro ... 2 min later hey so what’s your side of the story straight snitches 😂😭

  75. PacSmacks

    PacSmacks29 分 前

    John Jones the UFC fighter!? Bruh worst fake name you could have possibly given

  76. ッMxnty-Solar

    ッMxnty-Solar30 分 前

    He sounds like blue face kinda

  77. Copy that10_4

    Copy that10_430 分 前

    You can’t charge him with stupidity 🤣

  78. Rvngo

    Rvngo30 分 前

    4:17 what the fuck...I gave them a pass for being excessive on the guy..but slamming her head in the ground because you can’t control your adrenaline?? Yeah...ticking time bomb of a cop. I bet Nye County sheriffs absolutely hated the introduction of body cams.

  79. Orlando murillo

    Orlando murillo31 分 前

    "How do you feel rn?" I just smoked some good rock😜🤟

  80. wendy king

    wendy king31 分 前

    Yuck a handsome young man where, you're someone's grand pappy make me want to BARF! 🤢

  81. Deshawn Mills

    Deshawn Mills31 分 前

    4:16 was unnecessary bruh...

  82. ikingbeasti

    ikingbeasti31 分 前

    What's up with Brown's sideburns tho wtf

  83. Frank Izzo

    Frank Izzo32 分 前

    Aww man I bet everything I own that Timothy room smells like a dumpster on a hot day 🤢🤮

  84. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams32 分 前

    Say fam if anyone every been caught with any kinda drugs .....thay not letting you walk unless you working with them people

  85. jOe LeOn

    jOe LeOn32 分 前

    no tienes bombas... no tienes señoras... wtf 🤣🤣🤣

  86. OJpreuss

    OJpreuss33 分 前

    Someone get this guy to battle rap RipnDip

  87. Darwin Greenvoss

    Darwin Greenvoss33 分 前

    but like, legally cant they not detain someone if they didnt do something illegal that the officer can name at that very moment. so like them grabbing the kid and cuffing and throwing him to the ground is very illegal. i mean i know this show is fake but like...

  88. Fernando Rodriguez Jr

    Fernando Rodriguez Jr33 分 前

    Officer: Do you know what time it is? Drunk guy: Modelo time foo!

  89. 916KiNGS4LiFE xx

    916KiNGS4LiFE xx33 分 前

    Who else got sad when they arrested the guy with the dog? Poor guy

  90. Kirin Spirit

    Kirin Spirit34 分 前

    Thank you for taking the doggo home, she looked like a pro in the rig tho ;)

  91. Sneaker Head

    Sneaker Head34 分 前

    At 5:50 that’s Daequan

  92. Los Angeles Life Living

    Los Angeles Life Living35 分 前

    Nice truck tho looks like is use to rob banks

  93. Katherine Wolfert

    Katherine Wolfert36 分 前

    Yall texans cant handle dabs with a natty light lmfao

  94. Leon Courtney

    Leon Courtney36 分 前

    "Lady was parked outside of a vehicle " ok?

  95. Coletha Albert

    Coletha Albert37 分 前

    There is more to it.

  96. Coletha Albert

    Coletha Albert37 分 前

    A disgrace. Rest in peace.

  97. red violet

    red violet38 分 前

    i feel like people in jail can sometimes be better people than others...

  98. Josla

    Josla39 分 前

    That woman on the last gets me, and him to. It was right out her soul.

  99. What’s My Name

    What’s My Name41 分 前

    He said culture shock

  100. Folsom Anna

    Folsom Anna42 分 前

    Well l would say everyone hates evil Peggy. Her daughter needs to save herself and kick the 😈 out