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Winter Bear by V

Winter Bear by V

2 ヶ月 前

  1. ليالي ابو السعود

    ليالي ابو السعود2 秒 前

    #btsinpalestine 🇵🇸💔

  2. 김정아

    김정아7 秒 前

    꼭 가봐야지*^^*

  3. حًےـٱجَےـزِّ ٱلَصِےـمِےـتُےـ

    حًےـٱجَےـزِّ ٱلَصِےـمِےـتُےـ16 秒 前


  4. Prithula Sikder

    Prithula Sikder43 秒 前

    Seriously? Why big hit can't give us English subtitles? Is it really hard to find a translator in Korea? I am dying for English subtitles. Please!!!!!!!!! we global fans also want to understand what our boys are talking about .plzzzzzzz 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Sasaa bilput411

    Sasaa bilput41155 秒 前


  6. Nermin Quliyeve

    Nermin Quliyeve分 前

    태(V)는 아직😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰JK👍

  7. تغريد المطيري

    تغريد المطيري分 前

    ابي افهم شسالفه؟

  8. ʀᴀᴄʜᴇʟ ᴘᴀʀᴋ

    ʀᴀᴄʜᴇʟ ᴘᴀʀᴋ分 前

    يا خراميز انتبهوا ع تاتا من تحت😭😂💔

  9. bts jongkook

    bts jongkook分 前

    please add english subtitles I can't understand.... Who else want to??


    첫눈CHEOTNOON分 前

    오빠들 기대하고 ! 다음에 꼭 찾아갈께요오 💜💜 힘내요 오빠들 !

  11. jane제인

    jane제인分 前

    Jungkook cut your hair pleas 😩😩😖😖😢😢😭

  12. huyền vo thu huyền

    huyền vo thu huyền2 分 前


  13. Meg D

    Meg D2 分 前

    Bighit finally putted a caption!! Oh wait they’re still in korean 😭😭😭😭

  14. huyền vo thu huyền

    huyền vo thu huyền2 分 前

    thích quá

  15. mùa Đông

    mùa Đông2 分 前


  16. aliah6002

    aliah60022 分 前

    Omoop jungkookkk long hairsss


    JUST FOR ARMY2 分 前


  18. min Yoo

    min Yoo2 分 前

    It is about pop up store of bts

  19. David Caqui

    David Caqui3 分 前

    Owwewwe!!!!bts forever with armys!!!

  20. Min Yoonji

    Min Yoonji3 分 前

    Tae is am I what are they saying??

  21. Bts Army & Lisa

    Bts Army & Lisa3 分 前

    If bit hit put english subtitle then i dont have to waste my time Scrolling down all the comments to see the translation but still no one have any idea what they are saying

  22. خبلة وخبل

    خبلة وخبل3 分 前

    LOVE 💗💗💗😍

  23. Kookie EatJin

    Kookie EatJin3 分 前

    No one: Literally no ONE: 0 2 3 4 5 6 7 KIDDING❤

  24. Nawal 1385

    Nawal 13854 分 前

    احبكم واتمنى انكم تجوا تبوك 😍😄

  25. Kim Reem

    Kim Reem4 分 前


  26. Adile Palit

    Adile Palit4 分 前

    BTS please kindly add your language option when shooting or oploading videos because you are famous in the world only in korean I am turkish army please add turkish and other languages please WE LOVE YOU TURKEY 🤗🤗😉🤩🙂😊🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐🧐

  27. Naina92 143

    Naina92 1434 分 前

    Love the way u are..... Pls don't change and be happy........

  28. Norasfaliza Md Noor

    Norasfaliza Md Noor4 分 前

    Just watch 😁 hope 1 day I will understand korean language

  29. shanika puspakumari

    shanika puspakumari4 分 前

    BTS BTS gogogo

  30. somebody please kill me :]

    somebody please kill me :]4 分 前


  31. Ivana Anjayani

    Ivana Anjayani4 分 前

    Wah abang V,bikin aku meleleh😰

  32. Sandersofi Liung

    Sandersofi Liung4 分 前

    BTS I PURPLE U💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖



    *88% of people doing this 👇* *99% about them doing that* Come on people this is not like festival this is House of BTS and We are here to like their stuff if you can do this 👇 than you can like The House Of BTS or at least do homework

  34. Zesco Debajo de la luna

    Zesco Debajo de la luna4 分 前

    Los amo BTS love, Saranghae,señorito TAE ese pelo parece una ovejita negra muy simpática

  35. myliltaetae

    myliltaetae5 分 前


  36. I have stolen Jimin's jams👀

    I have stolen Jimin's jams👀5 分 前

    I dont understand what they are saying but i enjoy seeing them

  37. Blank †æ†æ

    Blank †æ†æ5 分 前

    Me watching the video Me:oh,okay I can understand it!*nodding*yeah very very much *Sigh*

  38. Jade ARMY :D

    Jade ARMY :D5 分 前

    V: idc He's just staring lol

  39. Vfe Taehyung

    Vfe Taehyung5 分 前

    Ngomong opo to mas.. untung ganteng ganteng

  40. 신짱구띠

    신짱구띠5 分 前

    와 원래 아이돌에 관심없는데 안무가 멋있다고 유명해서 봤는데 진짜 너무 멋있고 춤선도 좋다.. 방탄 너무멋있어요

  41. ᴊσσяɪ𓆪.

    ᴊσσяɪ𓆪.5 分 前

    اخخ بس تعالو جده يا وصخينن😔💔💔💔.

  42. Srey Ma

    Srey Ma6 分 前

    i'm regret ............ that i'm not Army from the beginning ! I'm Sorry and I Love you so much Bangtan .

  43. 류땀곤듀

    류땀곤듀6 分 前


  44. Sammy roxxs

    Sammy roxxs6 分 前

    All I see are Jin and Jungkook's forehead 😂💕

  45. myliltaetae

    myliltaetae6 分 前

    0:14 my daegu boys 🥺💓

  46. باردة كالثلج و صامدا كالجبال

    باردة كالثلج و صامدا كالجبال6 分 前

    Hi BTS Honestly I am Iraqi girl I think you must change date of launch of the new album because of thet Army Iraqis they can't watch the song because of the interruption of the internet in Iraq because of severe demonstrations in Iraq in the end, I know that nothing can be changed for the Iraqi army so I hope you will read my commeny it is true that I wrote these words in JPgo because I do not hare social networking programs I wish you success in their next album and I am sorry 😔 if my words bother, Saranghi💜💜💜

  47. فتاة BTS

    فتاة BTS6 分 前

    BTS احبكم كثيرا أنا من العراق مين معي عراقي الايك يا حلوين

  48. Moonchild Dreams

    Moonchild Dreams6 分 前

    * Missing JK's long hair hours open

  49. Neha Palanivelu

    Neha Palanivelu6 分 前

    Help me I can't take my eyes off of Jimin

  50. Я Человек

    Я Человек6 分 前

    Somebody tell me what they say💕. You are welcome)))))

  51. recehan017

    recehan0176 分 前

    Yeah, JK, hide that knuckles, JK 😘🤣

  52. Taekook army 4 life

    Taekook army 4 life6 分 前

    We couldn’t see kookie’s tattoo😢

  53. Namjoon's sticker on his dimple

    Namjoon's sticker on his dimple7 分 前

    I don’t understand anything but it makes me so happy 😭😭😭😭

  54. huyền vo thu huyền

    huyền vo thu huyền7 分 前


  55. Leïla

    Leïla7 分 前

    Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS !!! 💜💜💜 👇

  56. huyền vo thu huyền

    huyền vo thu huyền7 分 前

    thích quá trời lun

  57. •-Kim Ella-•

    •-Kim Ella-•7 分 前


  58. لا اسم حتى الان

    لا اسم حتى الان7 分 前

    ليش ماكو ترجمه😞😞😞

  59. mystic cookie

    mystic cookie8 分 前

    no one: not one soul: bighit: *i want armys who dont understand korean to suffer so no subs for them :)*

  60. Ji Sami지사미

    Ji Sami지사미8 分 前

    song title puhleaassee🥰😍

  61. Aislinn.C New

    Aislinn.C New8 分 前

    When you wish you knew Korean just for this

  62. bts jongkook

    bts jongkook8 分 前

    I want this drwafs and snow white



    Please can u keep in eng sub we are not able to understanf

  64. Zandaya Y Taziz

    Zandaya Y Taziz8 分 前

    All I can said is Yeayyyy

  65. Benjawan N

    Benjawan N8 分 前

    Jungkook’s long hair is sooo gorgeous

  66. Rulo A

    Rulo A8 分 前

    Yeah guys. I did not understand anything, but everything that did😆😁. What supreme power they have, that just seeing and hearing them makes me smile😙

  67. kareena aubeeluck

    kareena aubeeluck8 分 前

    Omg tae is cute.

  68. Jennifer Moreno

    Jennifer Moreno8 分 前

    Jungkook why you gotta cut your hair 😩 but like it’s ok cause you still be looking fine 💜

  69. قناه للتصاميم

    قناه للتصاميم8 分 前

    Love you tie😂😭😉🍎👽👽 like you tie👽👽 Tie do you love me I love you tieeee👽👸🏻

  70. Gigi Diverte

    Gigi Diverte8 分 前

    BTS my life 슈가 ㅔ 시민 my bias ♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆

  71. Love LUV

    Love LUV8 分 前

    아니 이보시게들 거 호석이 손키스를 편집하면 어떡합니까!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 팝업 쓸어담으러간다

  72. غدير كيوته

    غدير كيوته8 分 前

    O nice but what the idea idont understand🤔🤔

  73. Gamergirlxo

    Gamergirlxo9 分 前

    Ma boys <3 Plzzz tour too South-Africa :(((((

  74. Pury Mulyani

    Pury Mulyani9 分 前

    Are you have a reason, why you did not put translate for this chanel?

  75. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY9 分 前

    Кто-нибудь перевидите что они говарят я не понимаю😅

  76. 윤성환

    윤성환9 分 前

    정국지민 둘이서운동해봐요

  77. DenisKKa

    DenisKKa9 分 前

    Я вас не понимаю,мне плохо

  78. norh alshehri

    norh alshehri9 分 前

    Love 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  79. Samarah Al Ali

    Samarah Al Ali9 分 前

    I don't have any idea 💡 what they're saying but I like their speaking


    PERSONA KEY9 分 前

    Пацаны, ничего не поняла, но посмотрела все видео. Берегите себя!

  81. •ahmed• avakin

    •ahmed• avakin9 分 前


  82. Jdjdjdjd Jdjdjdj

    Jdjdjdjd Jdjdjdj9 分 前

    I love you and yours my life

  83. lovepinkmermaid

    lovepinkmermaid10 分 前

    *Does anyone else always go back and watch the video 7 times, so each time you can watch a different member* 😅💜 Lol NO SHAME

  84. Ruby Saleshe Canoy

    Ruby Saleshe Canoy10 分 前

    Love you BTS!! Wish I can understand you guys. I love looking at your faces so much tho!

  85. taekook's trash bag

    taekook's trash bag10 分 前

    This was in Riyadh 😞

  86. sharon nemhe

    sharon nemhe10 分 前

    #4:56 that smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  87. Nana Lili

    Nana Lili10 分 前

    I wanna go😫🥺

  88. Mk Uchiha

    Mk Uchiha10 分 前

    Yes yes this is all right. Yes this is correct 😅😅😅

  89. Kim Zouze

    Kim Zouze11 分 前


  90. reddot_ xxx

    reddot_ xxx11 分 前

    Stop making Kookie cover his tattoo, it really looks good on him :c

  91. Leen Satheuanthep

    Leen Satheuanthep11 分 前

    I don’t speak Corean ! Sorry BTS ! I don’t understand

  92. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream11 分 前

    I just can't get enough of Jungkooks hair😍 love it ...

  93. i-army frvr

    i-army frvr11 分 前

    BTS : speaks in Korean Sub : in Korean Me : why ? I need english

  94. Adnan Aladnan

    Adnan Aladnan11 分 前

    مبروك بي تي أس (^_^"bts)❤

  95. Cinthya Army BTS

    Cinthya Army BTS11 分 前

    I LOVE YOU BTS!😘😘😘😅😊army de México latina!😍

  96. わんこ

    わんこ11 分 前

    BTS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ JUNGKOOK🐰❤

  97. Jhonas Soler

    Jhonas Soler12 分 前

    V is so Cuteeee Jin is so Handsome


    STAN STRAY KIDS!12 分 前

    I don't understand anything but its ok😁

  99. Fernanda Sanchez

    Fernanda Sanchez12 分 前

    I love you BTS 😍❤️

  100. lulu bts

    lulu bts12 分 前

    Les army français vous êtes la ??? ❤️