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Gemini Man Review
  1. Great

    Great42 秒 前

    I wouldn’t have celebrated very long myself, I would’ve just gotten over it.

  2. Danny Stevens

    Danny Stevens58 秒 前

    Tbh I don't think it's that great of an idea Venom would destroy Spiderman.

  3. JBounce24

    JBounce243 分 前

    they should be remaking the non-classics like Treasure Planet and Atlantis

  4. kevin vang

    kevin vang3 分 前

    Great... this freaking trailer basically spoiled the whole movie for me already! Pass!

  5. Empathic Paradox

    Empathic Paradox4 分 前

    We will just name it something else... Maybe loot plant pots..

  6. Fredbear14 SFM

    Fredbear14 SFM4 分 前

    Can i earn trophies again when i load up a back up save that doesnt have cheats on?

  7. The ZX

    The ZX4 分 前


  8. Cheyanne Hawkins

    Cheyanne Hawkins5 分 前

    How about making origional movies rather than poorly done remakes? I get your trying to introduce these movies to a younger audience but...the reason people love them is because their timeless. They dont need to be remade for people to love them

  9. Anatta

    Anatta6 分 前

    Looks like a great crouching simulator!

  10. donnell brown

    donnell brown6 分 前

    the only problem with this is. they are only going to show their own shows. the thing that made Netflix great was it showed a lot of other people shows

  11. Valentino Luggen

    Valentino Luggen6 分 前

    so there is only the option to kill monsters together or is there an option to fight each other?

  12. Ponyitous

    Ponyitous7 分 前


  13. Vaikhesh Putrevu

    Vaikhesh Putrevu7 分 前

    So this is his afterlife...ok...

  14. Adhenn Akbar

    Adhenn Akbar7 分 前

    In 10 years the nex generation kid be like : ewww it can only do 8k under 70 fps, when do you think this is? 2020?

  15. Edward Lee

    Edward Lee7 分 前

    Tokyo ghoul?

  16. Christian Tyler

    Christian Tyler7 分 前


  17. Choco Prince

    Choco Prince7 分 前

    That shadow announcer bro dude reminds of Samuel Hayden from Doom 2016

  18. Pete TRc

    Pete TRc9 分 前

    Where's his hood


    SAMURAI9 分 前

    A film about CGI talking dogs? How original

  20. Switch_Ghost

    Switch_Ghost9 分 前

    Plot twist: His hands are actually just huge

  21. Richard B

    Richard B9 分 前

    I hope the comment about micro-transactions was a joke.

  22. Alonso Leyva

    Alonso Leyva10 分 前

    Imagine all ? Hahah yeah sure kids

  23. Fredbear14 SFM

    Fredbear14 SFM10 分 前

    If i activate a cheat code i cant earn trophies anymore Unless if i load a backup save?

  24. Despacito Ethan

    Despacito Ethan10 分 前

    I cried.. like if you did too..

  25. Rikishi

    Rikishi11 分 前


  26. Aaron Conway

    Aaron Conway12 分 前

    Bring venom to the mcu, instead of keeping him in the scu.

  27. K-Dawg Playz

    K-Dawg Playz12 分 前

    Can’t wait do get a hell in a cell stoppage with this character...

  28. J

    J12 分 前

    So why has IGN completely ignored this show and its first 5 episodes when it has released?

  29. SwtorMagic

    SwtorMagic12 分 前

    Hes dying in halo 6 because halo 6 takes place in the year 2560 and she said on 2560 master cheif died



    Ironman, Spiderman and Freddy Mercury...hell yeah I'd watch that!

  31. Sombre Plays

    Sombre Plays13 分 前

    New Vegas in space anyone?

  32. Serum Zero

    Serum Zero13 分 前

    IGN basically uses a 5 point scale where they start at 5 and end at 10. Have they ever gone below 5?

  33. Zebrave

    Zebrave15 分 前

    The most boring game i've seen in a while

  34. comedy lover64

    comedy lover6415 分 前

    Oh oh I forgot is their light sabers in the game?

  35. Ammar Khan

    Ammar Khan16 分 前

    I didnt know ps2 was 4k?

  36. Jacklyn Gates

    Jacklyn Gates17 分 前

    Switch is fuzzy like I need my glasses yet I have them on lol still it's like playing the on Low or medium settings on PC. I am amazed that the game plays really well on the switch!

  37. MrCrayonBoy 911

    MrCrayonBoy 91117 分 前

    We should have stared at that low res picture of a black hole from earlier this year

  38. Roel Demiza

    Roel Demiza18 分 前

    Imagin in parallel universe What if the allies won the war and they make same game but alternate

  39. Dia Zuzuni

    Dia Zuzuni22 分 前


  40. Pinda Kaas

    Pinda Kaas22 分 前

    Hey, he's wearing 'Believer' glasses. 👓

  41. Cassandra Anne

    Cassandra Anne22 分 前

    I don't like tom hardy as venom in general

  42. Valerio Greco

    Valerio Greco23 分 前

    We can turn off DOF during dialogues?

  43. Josiah Anderson

    Josiah Anderson24 分 前

    Jared joker look like a white rapper that got face tats to get famous.....

  44. Cassandra Anne

    Cassandra Anne24 分 前

    I'm not ready to watch the spaghetti scene

  45. Hanka Precision Instruments

    Hanka Precision Instruments24 分 前

    Why are u killed this creatures? They just rinsed their mouths after they brushed their teeth. That all. Why kill for that?

  46. shit's classic X

    shit's classic X25 分 前

    Why would you "charge *at* a defender and *press* the *TACKLE* BUTTON?" And how?

  47. Gaby Nicole Bailey

    Gaby Nicole Bailey25 分 前

    Can I really insert my PS4 disc in PS5 and it'll work ?

  48. Crisp Nugg

    Crisp Nugg25 分 前

    At least you can see the emotion in the faces unlike the lion king

  49. Farland

    Farland26 分 前

    The question that we should ask nowadays is ”Will there ever be any lootboxes” with an emphasis on ever.

  50. rtswift

    rtswift26 分 前

    Scorsese is right there is a difference between art and entertainment.

  51. VoxCudaRadio

    VoxCudaRadio27 分 前

    I'm getting New Vegas, Half life and Halo 3 ODST vibes from this

  52. WJ Bee

    WJ Bee27 分 前

    The gun play looks bad

  53. Knvkl

    Knvkl29 分 前

    If it's not even a AAA title why does it cost €60?

  54. And then I fired And I missed

    And then I fired And I missed29 分 前

    No I don't want that shitty franchise to have anything to do with the MCU. Thank you.

  55. Major Danger83

    Major Danger8329 分 前

    Almost like a Ps2 that doesn’t read the disc 😂 💯

  56. javis88h

    javis88h30 分 前

    the lamp looks a little stretched but other than that, it's pretty cool

  57. Dj Nelson

    Dj Nelson30 分 前

    Haha woah is that another recycled susasnoo ult hahaaaaa

  58. Max SMoke

    Max SMoke30 分 前

    I wonder if he can politely ask all of those animals to use the toilet?

  59. Gazzapper Games

    Gazzapper Games30 分 前

    Scrolling is messed up - love AoE 2 though!!

  60. Andrew Spong (Lordzhuge)

    Andrew Spong (Lordzhuge)30 分 前

    Just gonna play as the Fiend and destroy the entire roster

  61. Raccooneggs Fan

    Raccooneggs Fan31 分 前


  62. PlatinumState

    PlatinumState31 分 前

    Why do the effects of T2 from 28 years ago look better than this?

  63. Peter Shuttleworth

    Peter Shuttleworth31 分 前

    he looks the part and am interested in seeing a better trailer this teaser, but i am unsure about the accent.

  64. rtswift

    rtswift32 分 前

    Hardy vs Holland, who is the better Tom?

  65. hey dude

    hey dude32 分 前

    where is siamese cat

  66. Paul Bowler

    Paul Bowler32 分 前

    A Venom & Spiderman crossover movie would be great, especially if they do a Maximum Carnage style storyline.

  67. Jason Waterfalls

    Jason Waterfalls33 分 前

    Yeah sure...

  68. Major Danger83

    Major Danger8333 分 前

    There just doing this for Attention because Fortnite gets so much hate

  69. aldy rumbi

    aldy rumbi33 分 前


  70. Nathaniel Hoban

    Nathaniel Hoban34 分 前

    There lying it's all over reddit and angry Joe had already covered this there is loot boxes

  71. GoldBatman10

    GoldBatman1034 分 前

    That's the wrong Claire.

  72. Diego Lopez

    Diego Lopez34 分 前

    “The numbers mason, what do they mean?”

  73. Vatn Ormr

    Vatn Ormr35 分 前

    Nowhere near done.

  74. 100 M

    100 M36 分 前

    for PUBGM like For CODM comment

  75. Alexis

    Alexis37 分 前

    Wwe 2k19 ?

  76. Raiden Po

    Raiden Po37 分 前

    That's why I buy this game once every 5 years

  77. Conqueror

    Conqueror37 分 前

    The patch is here!

  78. Super Fun Rajoir

    Super Fun Rajoir37 分 前


  79. Andy Jame

    Andy Jame37 分 前

    Press x to doubt

  80. 100 M

    100 M38 分 前

    PUBGM is still best then call of duty mobile i download CODM and play 1 week and know i delete the game and start playing pubgm again

  81. Valxiya’s Old Channel

    Valxiya’s Old Channel39 分 前

    Who else thought this was fake at first lol

  82. Bobueno

    Bobueno40 分 前

    Nobody: The naruto runner from area 51: 8:50

  83. FastBladeXB

    FastBladeXB41 分 前

    Ign can finally stop sucking epic game's d*ck for once

  84. Roberto Durante

    Roberto Durante41 分 前

    Trying to check the comments for spoiler warnings....

  85. Impending Doom

    Impending Doom42 分 前

    I miss my dogs, lost them after the divorce.

  86. Conqueror

    Conqueror44 分 前

    Omg! I think the update is happening today. Like I was watching the black hole. And I suddenly got kicked out. Saying it's under maintenance. Guys I can't log in to see the black hole anymore. Please let this be it.


    ARC•SQUAD YDA44 分 前


  88. Scaleatin Boneyoho

    Scaleatin Boneyoho45 分 前

    Like mixing chocolate with a turd in the wind...

  89. Shattered Enigma

    Shattered Enigma46 分 前

    Also just saying TeamFourStar also has been playing D&D.

  90. Blurange Boy KM's see

    Blurange Boy KM's see46 分 前


  91. TheCivildecay

    TheCivildecay46 分 前

    This game is basically "10000 ways to die in the most epic way" :) But it saddens me to see all those people dismissing the game because they thought it was "the outer worlds", because this game is seriously a gem. It's so unique and compelling.

  92. Jim B

    Jim B47 分 前

    The commentary is so bad

  93. GN NaraKa

    GN NaraKa47 分 前

    can you create your character?

  94. Ricardo Mendez

    Ricardo Mendez48 分 前

    When Byron starting talking 🥴

  95. Jastin Balanquit

    Jastin Balanquit48 分 前

    Please don't give us false hope just like Overkill's Walking Dead Game 😑

  96. Hugo Sandoval

    Hugo Sandoval50 分 前

    All we need is budokai tenkaichi 3 remaster but with BT2 story mode.

  97. yourissues

    yourissues50 分 前

    I really enjoyed the beta but realized it wasn't a looter shooter at all. Liked the drone, gun play and a few other things. However it just wasn't what I was looking for, luckily it made me want to try division 2 out and that game is a ton of fun.

  98. Hotaro

    Hotaro50 分 前

    first of all not gonna lie the shadows look like bo3 zombies.

  99. Petr Váňa

    Petr Váňa50 分 前

    John Wick withou blood? Yeah, that makes sense.

  100. Findbyme

    Findbyme50 分 前

    Быстрее уже несите его сюда