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  1. Aurik Kal-Durin

    Aurik Kal-Durin11 秒 前

    They should just call it the Xbox II.

  2. Darrell Rod

    Darrell Rod46 秒 前


  3. Darrell Rod

    Darrell Rod分 前


  4. Ninja way

    Ninja way分 前

    Why last jedi is even here and why its upper then the vader rogue one scene and why that scene is at 10



    Look like. Double dragon🤣


    N00BNATI0N GAMING2 分 前

    Um excuse me, what? This game comes out on my BIRTHDAY?? 😍

  7. abhiraj sandhu

    abhiraj sandhu2 分 前

    Overlord🙄 should have been on list

  8. Mara Sov

    Mara Sov2 分 前

    Why this ign reporter has girl’s hands?

  9. Xgamer2462

    Xgamer24622 分 前

    This is dank

  10. Kanzuki

    Kanzuki2 分 前

    How the fuk is this game still being updated with DLC?

  11. Der Mikro M -_-

    Der Mikro M -_-3 分 前

    Guys they literally deleted my comment because i said that the list was disappointing

  12. Roll tide Roll

    Roll tide Roll3 分 前

    So it kinda looks like red dead redemption but with way better combat 🤔

  13. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat3 分 前

    Im calling it. Cartoon network it's going to end up getting a lot of backlash for this and is going to end up getting sued by Nintendo. OK, maybe that much backlash but you still get my point

  14. tensa Zangetsu

    tensa Zangetsu3 分 前

    Xbox one X-X

  15. Justice and honor

    Justice and honor3 分 前

    WTF JPgo... WTF Universe... I was just playing the first one on a SEGA emulator yesterday o_O

  16. I.R. Azzam

    I.R. Azzam4 分 前

    It has a little something for everyone

  17. Kevin J

    Kevin J4 分 前

    Who is Geralt of Rivia? He's Joe.

  18. It Came from the Sky

    It Came from the Sky4 分 前

    It’s a video game

  19. Pure Garbage

    Pure Garbage4 分 前

    Egg bok

  20. Carry Me Anego

    Carry Me Anego5 分 前

    Nintendo will not like this.

  21. Kenneth Fernandez

    Kenneth Fernandez5 分 前

    Damn this looks great Pokémon is terrible this year can’t wait to try this out

  22. Nj Njhjh

    Nj Njhjh5 分 前

    She looks terrible, where's Julia Voth?

  23. TheSameDufus

    TheSameDufus5 分 前

    Anno 1800 Buy it asap. Use a 20% off 100 UPlay credit code once it goes back on sale. Best $24.00 I ever spent. A bit of a learning curve but the moment you get past that it's tough to put down.

  24. Angel Monzon

    Angel Monzon6 分 前

    I really wished it had taken place b4 the first Avengers film!!😫 i wanted to see her go from an assassin to working for shield. I wanted to see her burn down orphanages and stuff

  25. Obama bin Laden

    Obama bin Laden6 分 前

    Idk Xbox Delete My Feet Pics From My Searches kinda has a nice ring to it

  26. Neon CraftX

    Neon CraftX6 分 前

    Is this loomian legacy?

  27. Heneral Luna

    Heneral Luna6 分 前

    December 28 daylight, the monster had overtaken the city, somehow I'm still alive.

  28. No Body

    No Body6 分 前

    It'll be called "Just buy a damned PC already"

  29. Charlie McLean

    Charlie McLean6 分 前

    They filmed one of the scenes in my home town, the turner Valley gas plant. You can see it at 1:04

  30. Heneral Luna

    Heneral Luna7 分 前

    December 28 daylight, the monster had overtaken the city, somehow I'm still alive.

  31. Stephen Gomez

    Stephen Gomez7 分 前

    It be cool to play as dutch!

  32. Raul Ramirez

    Raul Ramirez7 分 前

    His role as spectre

  33. EpicMelons

    EpicMelons7 分 前

    Anyone know if it’s going to be released to Xbox 1 later or is this a ps4 exclusion?

  34. Mr. Snake

    Mr. Snake8 分 前

    The "xbox no more" sounds better.

  35. 3brosthatsk8

    3brosthatsk88 分 前

    Damn you cant ki dash/rush

  36. Rahul krishnan

    Rahul krishnan8 分 前

    Xbox 420

  37. Angraj Singh

    Angraj Singh8 分 前

    Great job! This video brought me back to my JPgo binges video game and industry lore from middle school. The tone and attitude of this video charmed me back to those days of awe in gaming, before I became cynical about the current market. Keep it up

  38. Scare Bear

    Scare Bear9 分 前


  39. VinMode

    VinMode9 分 前

    If this man was wearing the Deadpool suit, this would be some deranged version of Deadpool part 3

  40. Alex Merrill

    Alex Merrill9 分 前

    It's so disappointing to read the descriptions of the Pokemon :( That was one of my favorite features of the games. It made the creatures feel more real and it added personality and life to the character. Now they're all so vague and bland

  41. THE AlienHunter

    THE AlienHunter9 分 前

    Xbox end game

  42. fpshooterful

    fpshooterful9 分 前

    hmmmm..... Jill looked better in the original... and that has more pixels!

  43. Juicedoughnut

    Juicedoughnut10 分 前

    xbox first, xboxdia, xbox 180, xbox 2

  44. NDN KEN

    NDN KEN10 分 前

    Can this game come out already

  45. big bacot

    big bacot10 分 前

    remake parasite eve please.

  46. otherlego

    otherlego11 分 前

    I like this

  47. Entertainment

    Entertainment11 分 前


  48. TroydaBoi

    TroydaBoi11 分 前

    So it's Elf with guns...

  49. Russell Masc

    Russell Masc11 分 前

    Waiting for Martin Scorsese to talk about Death Stranding and how its not a theme park like the Avengers

  50. UDAY Satya Kartik

    UDAY Satya Kartik11 分 前

    Finally game creators on Predator's side. Then where is Arnold?? His character is mandatory. But I like this plot..


    NAHOM YARED11 分 前

    HTC 2 😂

  52. Aucard The 3rd

    Aucard The 3rd11 分 前

    GTA online the movie starting the rogue npc Deadpool

  53. Carbonifed

    Carbonifed12 分 前

    This movie is like gta online and Ryan Reynolds is the level 1632 who comes back from the game after a break

  54. Predatorage

    Predatorage12 分 前

    My boy didn't even talk about the music

  55. Sonow Gamer

    Sonow Gamer12 分 前

    I cant help but feel bad for the Focus. Just seems to get absolutely destroyed every scene its in.

  56. KingHenryXCV

    KingHenryXCV12 分 前


  57. CosmicToasty

    CosmicToasty13 分 前

    I'm surprised. I liked it. But, I wouldn't even put it in my top 5, personally.

  58. Borderlands808

    Borderlands80813 分 前

    Fortnites gooder.

  59. Michael Harland

    Michael Harland13 分 前

    What an annoying video

  60. Impending Doom

    Impending Doom13 分 前

    I’m sure there will be a launch edition called Xbox Scarlet Edition

  61. Niki Wonoto

    Niki Wonoto14 分 前

    Will there be MP bar/level every time Jesus perform His magic, I mean miracles?

  62. Cool Nugget

    Cool Nugget15 分 前

    Give the number 2 some love Microsoft come on lol

  63. Sassy Saddles

    Sassy Saddles15 分 前

    dont like this new jill but ok

  64. Liam Meek

    Liam Meek15 分 前

    Xbox Swift Xbox Ultimate Xbox Infinite Xbox Next Xbox Ex (short for Extreme)

  65. Simone Johnson

    Simone Johnson15 分 前

    I gotta admit this is well acted

  66. Alex

    Alex16 分 前

    1:52 he said “we’re out of kimchi.” Wife: :O

  67. jack62397

    jack6239716 分 前

    The fake generation 8 starters that were lease were taken from this!

  68. PTL FG2

    PTL FG216 分 前

    That's funny cause I just finish re-watching all Resident Evil movies

  69. Unicronus Prime

    Unicronus Prime16 分 前

    Xbox 2 is fine really I like the name for it

  70. Swetty Tears

    Swetty Tears16 分 前

    Quiero uno de jojo's

  71. YoYoGangsta 6

    YoYoGangsta 616 分 前

    Ahh yes enslaved torture of barry

  72. Joshua Whelan

    Joshua Whelan17 分 前

    Xbox V

  73. Red King

    Red King17 分 前

    Please stop repeating Please I Beg RE or Umbrella co-op or Capcom. JUST Re-make RE4 thought.

  74. Jonah Koop

    Jonah Koop17 分 前

    Who gets that emotionally damaged when their game shuts off?

  75. Redmage 77

    Redmage 7717 分 前

    Xbox: it’s just a gaming PC with a sticker on it

  76. Josh Bortolotti

    Josh Bortolotti17 分 前


  77. Branthebuilder87

    Branthebuilder8717 分 前

    The “NEXT BOX”

  78. MoonCatcherENT

    MoonCatcherENT17 分 前


  79. weepingguitars

    weepingguitars17 分 前

    Great review, but the game seems boring.

  80. MrBeast

    MrBeast17 分 前

    Who's been a true fan of *"IGN"* before 2019? 🥰 👇 👇I'm gifting my next 100 loyal subs🎁

  81. Grant Bennett

    Grant Bennett17 分 前

    "THIS Man is iN CHARGE!!!"

  82. JTAC Bluemansonic

    JTAC Bluemansonic17 分 前

    Wait they are not shield exclusives?

  83. Fabiano Peres

    Fabiano Peres18 分 前

    6/10? I really don't know I still watch IGN videos, you seem so dumb. One of your complains is about being hit by object that seemed not so close. Do have any idea of how big is space helmet. Honestly, I feel ambarrassed for you.

  84. RedTalledFox 420

    RedTalledFox 42018 分 前

    Why tf r u asking this now is called xbox scarlett

  85. JTK_Em3ry

    JTK_Em3ry18 分 前

    Xbox 10

  86. Jad F

    Jad F18 分 前

    Yeeeees !!!!

  87. alex goldblum

    alex goldblum18 分 前

    does it matter where you preorder to get the bonus ?

  88. Carlos Oceguera

    Carlos Oceguera18 分 前

    Only available in Europe

  89. Random

    Random18 分 前

    I knew they'd turn it into something cool

  90. Hansen Weh

    Hansen Weh19 分 前

    Hahahah finally

  91. Redmage 77

    Redmage 7719 分 前

    Xbox no xclusive

  92. Crimson Black

    Crimson Black19 分 前

    We all know what comes after "X", so obviously it will be Xboy

  93. Ritwik Singh

    Ritwik Singh20 分 前

    Xbox-Game Pass

  94. Tarique Anwar

    Tarique Anwar21 分 前

    man is this 1st person or 3rd person?

  95. The Bowser one

    The Bowser one21 分 前

    If they want it to sell? Playstation 6

  96. Devon Montoya

    Devon Montoya21 分 前

    Cool jacket. Wonder how much it was Atleast someone at ign has a sense of style

  97. krispy

    krispy21 分 前

    My favorite james bond movies has to be Casino Royale Skyfall

  98. James Evans

    James Evans21 分 前

    They should call it the Halo Box

  99. Chilton Stuart

    Chilton Stuart21 分 前

    For those who can't afford Pokemon Sword