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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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  1. Biggus Ficticious

    Biggus Ficticious13 秒 前

    0:30 "I'd say I'm sorry little guy but OMAEWA MOU SHINDERU"

  2. Eric S.

    Eric S.11 分 前

    Jesus is coming soon no time left call upon the Lord now ask him to forgive you of all your sins. Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved Say Father in Heaven, I believe that Jesus died for my sins And God will impart eternal life to your spirit.

  3. Yasmin Roberts

    Yasmin Roberts11 分 前

    In the Caribbean we make the roti and paratha different.

  4. Tuba Toprak

    Tuba Toprak12 分 前


  5. Luka Muren

    Luka Muren27 分 前

    Love the fact there are still amazing youtube contents like this... Thank you sir

  6. anubhav acharya

    anubhav acharya32 分 前

    I was confused. Then I saw the date it was uploaded


    RAGE DEMON35 分 前

    That was naan it was a puff not like a naan Edit that laccha parantha was ok His roti making skills are not up to standards

  8. Perry Lee

    Perry Lee36 分 前

    yeah, that looked so much better with the cheese than the actual taco shell..!

  9. Doc Roid

    Doc Roid39 分 前

    For me personally home cooking is all about eyeballing shit. But if you have the responsibility of sharing recipes. You gotta have measurements.

  10. Sameoljess

    Sameoljess44 分 前

    Dear babish, My name is jessica Moreno and I have never asked anything from you cause I enjoy your content the way it is. But I have one request! And for you to make the dinner from the office you know what dinner the one where one poor dundie award gets chucked at a plasma screen. Sincerely, A loving fan! Jessica :)

  11. Nathan H

    Nathan H50 分 前

    Can you do a watch collection video

  12. Error Error

    Error Error51 分 前

    once again filipinos have conquered the comment section

  13. JG 2004

    JG 2004時間 前

    3:21 He is... He is... He is... HE IS HITMAN!

  14. ComicalOrange

    ComicalOrange時間 前

    They had a team of engineers to make pancakes. This doesn't seem real and I absolutely love it.

  15. LickleLadKrispyy

    LickleLadKrispyy時間 前

    damn. your fridge must have hella leftovers in it huh

  16. Ty’s Nation

    Ty’s Nation時間 前

    I like how you said “let’s get this out onto a tray. Nice.” Using your best impression of Steve1989 lmao

  17. Simone Herrera

    Simone Herrera時間 前

    i literally have 6 tabs of your videos open rn

  18. SpongebobMeBoy

    SpongebobMeBoy時間 前

    Why’d you have to pop up in my feed man?! I’m hungry now but I’m a coward and it’s dark af in my house. 😔 But good vid tho 👍

  19. Davanthall

    Davanthall時間 前

    .......the hell is California style pizza????

  20. Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen時間 前

    Yum yum yummy!!

  21. Ryakin Barton

    Ryakin Barton2 時間 前

    That's a pretty good name for it "deep fried cake for breakfast"

  22. RockGamma

    RockGamma2 時間 前

    Should make black butler curry buns

  23. revydmat

    revydmat2 時間 前

    Pickle Rick! I am a Pickle Morty, Pickle Rick!!!

  24. dead inside

    dead inside2 時間 前

    Its funking raw

  25. Rocky Sargent

    Rocky Sargent2 時間 前

    I was trying to go to bed early to go to the gym in morning. Yet here I am at 3:42am watching someone make deep dish pizza.

  26. Arcaniac

    Arcaniac2 時間 前

    Little does he know but he is a teacher himself. But on youtube, with no classroom. But hey, got me into cooking.

  27. Ty’s Nation

    Ty’s Nation2 時間 前

    Babish you should do gotcha pork roast from Food Wars

  28. Danthememerman

    Danthememerman2 時間 前

    How could you not eat black widow venom

  29. Sebastian Shultz

    Sebastian Shultz2 時間 前

    Hey Babish There are many other popular types of bread in my India This is kinda incomplete information

  30. Marine Boopity

    Marine Boopity2 時間 前

    Hell yess champorado! My childhoodd

  31. David Ellis

    David Ellis2 時間 前

    I love how open he is about smoking weed. Plus, jazz cigarettes is the best name for weed lol

  32. Adrian Coleman

    Adrian Coleman2 時間 前

    Haha watching old videos makes you sound baked

  33. SirNovaway

    SirNovaway2 時間 前

    An eggplant parmasean sub is the most orgasmically delicious thing in the world. Every time I eat one I get upset because eventually it's going to end.

  34. chunky soup

    chunky soup2 時間 前

    I’m still waiting for final fantasy XV food.

  35. Shay Slayer

    Shay Slayer2 時間 前

    This bread flat. YEAST

  36. Kirutical Fun

    Kirutical Fun2 時間 前

    They forgot one more bread. The bhatura. Also I really loved the video!

  37. Perry Lee

    Perry Lee2 時間 前

    10 nuggets for 5 cents? holy crap , 20 nuggets where i live is around 10 dollars...

  38. Jacob Hord

    Jacob Hord2 時間 前

    Can you do a few meals that only require a handful of ingredients? Maybe like a 1 pot slop? I can't keep spending $200 a day on ingredients/spices and using 4 days to make breakfast.

  39. Nicholas Ethridge

    Nicholas Ethridge2 時間 前

    Do some secret life of bees recipes

  40. Deep Press ion

    Deep Press ion2 時間 前

    *vladimir poutine*

  41. abselby

    abselby2 時間 前

    When you remake it, make the meat sweet.

  42. Brooke507

    Brooke5072 時間 前

    “The moistmaker” that sounds so wrong but hilarious lol

  43. Lick Narson

    Lick Narson3 時間 前

    Gyro video???

  44. Mewsey goosey

    Mewsey goosey3 時間 前

    implying jon had the time to do this while being a cartoonist. He orders out. lol

  45. Anthony

    Anthony3 時間 前

    *_which we're going to shape our balls._*

  46. Plebeius Vox

    Plebeius Vox3 時間 前

    please do episodes from "Today's Menu for the Emiya Family". It is a great anime that where the main character is known for his good cooking then they made a side show of him just cooking for people, complete with explanation



    Ay Babby, a trick for the cooking, when you go to cut the cabbage for the filling, take about 6-8 leaves off the edge of the head, use the leaves in the steamer for no added oil stick-free cooking!

  48. TreasureHuntr713

    TreasureHuntr7133 時間 前

    this is the most genius way to prevent demonetization.

  49. MrChrist741

    MrChrist7413 時間 前

    Babish become his mini me Babish 😂

  50. L mor

    L mor3 時間 前

    "You ready" "I was born ready... I am Ron fucking Swanson"

  51. Avent Christ

    Avent Christ3 時間 前

    It must be Stando Mixer doing

  52. Aimee Zuccarini

    Aimee Zuccarini3 時間 前

    really love your videos, but gotta ask why do you use so much plastic wrap for your bread risings? I feel like a damp cloth over the top of the bowl works so much better and doesn't add another layer of toxic plastic to the environment.

  53. Robert Day

    Robert Day3 時間 前

    I remember watching JP for the first time and thinking "that don't look like chilli and sea bass" when i saw the food.

  54. Ender Gaming

    Ender Gaming3 時間 前

    As a proud Appalachian, I can say impartially that almost all pizza is great, regardless of whether it's Chicago-style or New York-style. Both are pizza, and both are great in their own way. I say "almost all" pizza is great because putting pineapple on pizza is heresy, as is all that "American-style" BS that foreigners think is what we eat. Corn does not go on pizza, and that's a fact.

  55. Adrian Aye

    Adrian Aye3 時間 前

    lmao the end of this video is hilarious

  56. Dave Post

    Dave Post3 時間 前

    Your friend totally nailed it in the montage.

  57. Kukuburra

    Kukuburra3 時間 前

    You forgot the hot mustard you donkey!

  58. Joey Clemenza

    Joey Clemenza3 時間 前

    This was the video that got me inspired to make jam and homemade muffins and scones. Next, I work on the butter!!

  59. The Grouchy Geek

    The Grouchy Geek3 時間 前

    What kind of psychopath puts the marinara atop the cheese?

  60. Talani Greywolf

    Talani Greywolf3 時間 前

    Alternately, you can substitute the lard with vegetable shortening 😉

  61. Zicky Kane

    Zicky Kane3 時間 前

    That lasagna is one of the very few things Babish has ever cooked that truly looked like it could kill you if you enjoyed too much of it.

  62. Connor Tremblay

    Connor Tremblay3 時間 前

    I was really hoping that each cocktail would end up in the clean plate club (or clean glass club) and that Babish was going to get more and more blasted as the video went on.

  63. Brooke507

    Brooke5073 時間 前

    “And as Donald Duck says” but you sound more like Gollum XD

  64. Edin567vfx

    Edin567vfx3 時間 前

    No one literally nobody. Flying onions:ight I’m a head out

  65. Codeine

    Codeine4 時間 前

    A Gordon Ramsay steak🔥

  66. DapperJazz

    DapperJazz4 時間 前

    Babish: **Making his own glass of water** Babish: First what we want to do is make god.

  67. Wesley Thao

    Wesley Thao4 時間 前

    Why did you rate a panini with the Doug score for? The Doug score is for card not paninis

  68. freeloader9000

    freeloader90004 時間 前

    You got a Mistake "This doesn't look very good. Restores 1HP and 1FP."

  69. mincraft, lonely

    mincraft, lonely4 時間 前

    Can you make the sandvich from TF2 (Team Fortress 2)

  70. Dub-J Scrub-J

    Dub-J Scrub-J4 時間 前

    Babish, I would’ve been so proud of you made mozzarella. PLZ DI BASICS ON CHEESE

  71. Mortadah Asaad

    Mortadah Asaad4 時間 前

    4:32 DEMONETIZE!

  72. Cubs Popply

    Cubs Popply4 時間 前

    Ahhhhh.....hahahhaahahhaahhahahherrrrrrrrr de ooooooze of de cheeeeeese

  73. Emxx 7ww7

    Emxx 7ww74 時間 前

    Naco means tacky B)

  74. Luke Chudoba

    Luke Chudoba4 時間 前

    My Grandma would yell at Babish for not removing the eyes from those potatoes.

  75. emily benyamin

    emily benyamin4 時間 前

    Should make Oogie Boogie's Snake and Spider stew from The Nightmare before Christmas -w-)

  76. George pig

    George pig4 時間 前

    Its midnight on a Monday for me

  77. _SealedKiller_

    _SealedKiller_4 時間 前

    For a second i tought i was watching VSauce

  78. Nether Dominater

    Nether Dominater4 時間 前

    Me: **cant sleep, it's 3 am** "I hope nothing on JPgo makes me hungry at this hour." Babish's entire channel: "Oh boy, 3 am!"

  79. Biggie Cheese

    Biggie Cheese4 時間 前

    Life will be completed when I can have Scarlett Johansson stare at me like that, half-naked in a bed.

  80. panchotocino

    panchotocino4 時間 前

    Now I know what the Italians felt like in the Carbonara video. FYI in the north of Mexico (idk if in the south too) we use Oaxaca Cheese (I know it’s hard to find in the US) but it really makes the difference. Also I love your videos, keep on the hard work 🤠🤟🏼

  81. Nathan Chiu

    Nathan Chiu4 時間 前

    Can you do the breakfast chicken chalupa??? pls


    Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION4 時間 前

    Wait did Altan Brown actually star in Archer?

  83. leanna s

    leanna s4 時間 前

    Anyone else thought that the sugar in the beginning scene was milk?

  84. MasonMinePlayz

    MasonMinePlayz4 時間 前

    "...Epic Gamer move."

  85. Your Classic MacBook

    Your Classic MacBook5 時間 前

    I have waited and waited and I’m very offended that not a single JoJo reference has been typed in this comment section 😩

  86. Deez McCoy

    Deez McCoy5 時間 前

    I'm hoping they made good with the left over meat. I'm only half way through but I'll bet this burrito is the worst.

  87. Riley Kouf

    Riley Kouf5 時間 前

    Imma fight Trevor Noah im from Chicago

  88. Lily

    Lily5 時間 前

    eye ROLL

  89. Badtodabone 2345

    Badtodabone 23455 時間 前

    Why do you not want to show you eating a whole head of garlic?I mean who doesn't want to see a grown man eating a whole head of garlic anyways?

  90. Lala

    Lala5 時間 前

    You forgot to make the poisoned cannoli that Connie gave Don Altobello in The Godfather Part 3

  91. Max Aycock

    Max Aycock5 時間 前

    Shoulda made dosa

  92. mui robson

    mui robson5 時間 前

    Dudeeeee Isaac needs to be on the show like a lot, the chemistry between you two is hilarious

  93. pls no

    pls no5 時間 前

    R.I.P backburner cam.

  94. Loya Frostwind

    Loya Frostwind5 時間 前

    Chinese cuisine uses a lot of corn starch.

  95. Kevin Rowley

    Kevin Rowley5 時間 前

    She’s hot and charming, Babs. Did you get her coffee I mean number

  96. Comet Demon Wolf

    Comet Demon Wolf5 時間 前

    Whipped cream is better

  97. Adam Welch

    Adam Welch5 時間 前

    I touch gooey bread and noodles doughs all the time!🙄

  98. Goldengirl159

    Goldengirl1595 時間 前

    Is Captain America Cherry Starburst?

  99. Tristan Maben

    Tristan Maben5 時間 前

    Now I want to search some muffin cookie recipes.

  100. Daniel Valdez

    Daniel Valdez5 時間 前

    Always loved this episode. DicemanCometh