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  1. balaji spd

    balaji spd28 秒 前

    This is the complete 5 star match...Fully awesome

  2. Elinda Madiun

    Elinda Madiun31 秒 前

    Yg dari indonesia like

  3. Nitin Hardy

    Nitin Hardy33 秒 前

    I loved the six sided rings, more so when we get high flyers.

  4. Ashwin Bhartia

    Ashwin Bhartia37 秒 前

    Funniest thing is Becky thinks she hid her laugh😂😂 Sami is hilarious


    HUNGER PAINS49 秒 前

    Too much inside information No surprise returns anymore So much access to wrestlers personal lives Reason why WWE is losing it's greatness day by day

  6. Everlyne Namaemba

    Everlyne Namaemba分 前

    Who is the fourth member of new day

  7. Zaman Muhamad

    Zaman Muhamad分 前

    بەخوا ئەو کچە جل سپییە بەقووەتە

  8. Muskan Chhetri

    Muskan Chhetri分 前

    Sahi kiya

  9. Bhavesh Panchal

    Bhavesh Panchal分 前

    Adding power metal track in background is just icing on cake 💥, PS : What's the track name 😥

  10. balaji spd

    balaji spd分 前

    Look that peoples chants....They are enjoying....wwe....pls Fix one more match very soon.....

  11. Iashad Shirley

    Iashad Shirley分 前

    This team is why I watch Smackdown even though I’m team Raw.

  12. Oscar_Supremo GamerXD

    Oscar_Supremo GamerXD分 前


  13. Λnιmαzє

    Λnιmαzє分 前

    i wish john cena was there

  14. Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins2 分 前

    Who else wishes that Mauro Ronallo was commenting this match?

  15. Wwe The Fiend

    Wwe The Fiend2 分 前

    Funny match ever

  16. king Mohanzo

    king Mohanzo2 分 前

    Since juice wrld died am so happy

  17. MaverickBoy 303

    MaverickBoy 3032 分 前

    It’s nice to see these guys together again

  18. Tahasin Ahmed

    Tahasin Ahmed2 分 前

    It should've been Table for 5 Including Somea Joe & Kurt Angle on it..

  19. Leon8499

    Leon84993 分 前

    Lol Botch Bella as annoying but entertaining as every time.

  20. SergO PlaY

    SergO PlaY3 分 前

    Ну КОПЭЦ

  21. The Rock

    The Rock4 分 前

    Rock thala verithanam

  22. Андрей Андреевич

    Андрей Андреевич4 分 前

    Не хватает комментариев Фоменко.

  23. Jubli TV

    Jubli TV4 分 前

    সাবাই আমার চ্যালেনকে সাবস্ক্রাইব করবে।

  24. MBS DE4D3YE

    MBS DE4D3YE4 分 前

    already ridiculous what WWE does with Kane his role

  25. Shubham Mishra

    Shubham Mishra4 分 前

    Well one more reason six side ring was more hard. But it's ring, entrance and crowd made tna unique in mid 2000s along with one of the best roster and great gimmick matches

  26. No Mercy

    No Mercy4 分 前

    If The New Day would have to include a fourth member, it should been R-Truth. He has the charisma and is funny enough to be in the group.

  27. Zoul Dortmund

    Zoul Dortmund5 分 前

    The fiend is shit,i hate him

  28. Reena Thakur

    Reena Thakur5 分 前

    Mhh fav.. Roman ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️😍😘😍😍😍😍😍

  29. shaina friend

    shaina friend5 分 前

    Kawawa naman yung security

  30. Zoul Dortmund

    Zoul Dortmund5 分 前

    It's just acting right?😕

  31. YaBoyNinja

    YaBoyNinja6 分 前

    Titus Being A Member Of The Day Will Certainty Getting Him Pushed

  32. Aliullah Hayat

    Aliullah Hayat6 分 前

    Edge looks like Thor Odinson , The Germanic God . PS: Edge is even A little bit Hotter than Thor Odinson .

  33. Malik And

    Malik And6 分 前


  34. Muzamil Mzm

    Muzamil Mzm6 分 前

    ROMAN IS REAL STAR & wwe royal rumble win 2020

  35. Mr Railguns

    Mr Railguns7 分 前

    Triple H: Kofi your are fired Kofi: I don't work here :D

  36. FredX10

    FredX107 分 前


  37. Malik And

    Malik And7 分 前


  38. Rakesh Kiki

    Rakesh Kiki7 分 前

    Love you roman

  39. Davide Matera

    Davide Matera7 分 前

    Alexa Bliss Sexy e Bellissima

  40. james niño Olegario

    james niño Olegario7 分 前

    El torito vs aj styles

  41. Denver James

    Denver James8 分 前

    Tamasso has wrestle for a long time. Doesn't need them



    Я одна русская?)

  43. Reza Berau

    Reza Berau9 分 前

    2017:Matt Hardy greatest return 2019: old jobber 2015: Rhyno surprise return to WWE 2018-2019: old jobber 2019: JoMo return 2022: we wait and see what happen next 🙄🙄🙄

  44. ARTHUR

    ARTHUR9 分 前


  45. Andeo Novelli

    Andeo Novelli9 分 前

    Imagine suicide from tna impact wrestling debut in wwe nxt.

  46. The Cosmos Tv

    The Cosmos Tv9 分 前

    If Ur true Indian then u must check my channel once Jai hind

  47. Somegowda Swamy

    Somegowda Swamy9 分 前

    Roman reigns super

  48. Brandon Bechtold

    Brandon Bechtold10 分 前

    I don't like Lacey evens,but I kinda feel sorry for her!!!! All she did was stand up for herself last week and Sasha ran her mouth and she gave her a well deserved slap!!! To bring up her child was just wrong!!!

  49. Lone2011Wolf

    Lone2011Wolf10 分 前

    Hour later he got hit by a tractor trailer 😂

  50. Luigi Boccia

    Luigi Boccia10 分 前

    Nikki bella is sexy

  51. Efrain Huayrac

    Efrain Huayrac10 分 前


  52. ARTHUR

    ARTHUR10 分 前


  53. Muzamil Mzm

    Muzamil Mzm10 分 前


  54. dasallmaechtigeJ

    dasallmaechtigeJ11 分 前

    The Concept has a ring to it

  55. valdineia pereira

    valdineia pereira11 分 前

    Adoro seus vídeos ❤️

  56. சாதிக் பாஷா

    சாதிக் பாஷா11 分 前


  57. roman reigns

    roman reigns12 分 前

    The new day fans like here

  58. Eric Melendez Battle

    Eric Melendez Battle12 分 前

    Titus the fourth member

  59. VAP Royals

    VAP Royals12 分 前

    Nice video i am from india 🇮🇳😘



    We want Ambrose

  61. Alex Kostov

    Alex Kostov13 分 前

    Me Brock, me talk normal for fallon

  62. B renegadde

    B renegadde13 分 前

    Jerry the only wrestler from my hometown of Memphis to get a wwe championship match I will be there soon I'm deciding should go independent or to impact once I get enough training

  63. WhiteN44

    WhiteN4413 分 前

    Oi deixa o like BBB deixa

  64. Umer King

    Umer King13 分 前

    Wwe ?? Where is muatafa ali vs cesaro ?? New m fight ?? Vedio 🤨 nd mustafa ali wns the fight 🇵🇰🇵🇰❤

  65. The Game Hub

    The Game Hub13 分 前

    First to comment

  66. Lezlie Vargas

    Lezlie Vargas13 分 前

    Love wwe I would do anything to go to Friday night smakdown🤪

  67. Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins13 分 前

    The best tag team ever after The Shield...😌😍😘

  68. Fanatic Gamer

    Fanatic Gamer14 分 前

    The Reach some WWE stay doing

  69. Seth Colby

    Seth Colby14 分 前

    i love the fact that this team started as a gospel team lol

  70. LocalJax ASMR

    LocalJax ASMR14 分 前

    I really love to watch WWE so much.

  71. Muzamil Mzm

    Muzamil Mzm14 分 前


  72. Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins14 分 前

    Feel the power of the new day...😌😌😌😌😌😌

  73. Abhishek Goud

    Abhishek Goud14 分 前

    The new day fan's like here 👇 ❤

  74. NURA_ KZ

    NURA_ KZ14 分 前


  75. Muhammad Umar

    Muhammad Umar14 分 前


  76. منير الموسيقار التصميم

    منير الموسيقار التصميم14 分 前

    بصمه ✌️💔😥

  77. Umer King

    Umer King14 分 前


  78. anime kane

    anime kane14 分 前

    Who else is excited for wwe’s future and happy how for it’s come

  79. Shiny Daniel

    Shiny Daniel15 分 前

    Did you like new day then, 👇👇

  80. Canacklez

    Canacklez15 分 前

    May never happen, but I’m waiting for the day one of them turns on each other.

  81. CPF cancelado

    CPF cancelado15 分 前

    Salve salve galera MGTOW

  82. Bobby Wayne

    Bobby Wayne15 分 前

    Xaviers wife broke his leg

  83. Devon Donte' Campbell

    Devon Donte' Campbell15 分 前

    I listened to this this earlier at 5 i love the newday

  84. Family Best friends

    Family Best friends15 分 前

    Мне кажется она бы была отличной актрисой боевиков и триллеров

  85. Lego boy123

    Lego boy12315 分 前

    Its is a new day I know it is its Monday

  86. thunder bolt

    thunder bolt15 分 前

    It's a new day yes it is

  87. Mahin abdul salah cover

    Mahin abdul salah cover15 分 前

    New day always be 3 people

  88. Tamzid Mohsin Khan

    Tamzid Mohsin Khan15 分 前

    Happy Birthday Kurt Angle 🎂

  89. Jose Dominguez

    Jose Dominguez16 分 前

    Nice 👍

  90. Say What

    Say What16 分 前


  91. Ansh Arora

    Ansh Arora16 分 前


  92. Mika play

    Mika play16 分 前

    Ронда без рук машину водила😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  93. Garima Kaushik

    Garima Kaushik16 分 前


  94. Dufster Bruh

    Dufster Bruh16 分 前


  95. Omar’s Vlogs

    Omar’s Vlogs16 分 前


  96. Alyssa YT

    Alyssa YT16 分 前


  97. Ayad Ali

    Ayad Ali16 分 前